She Knows What She Wants Ch. 03


I’m drawing attention to myself as I make my way from the entrance of the building to my office. I’m now at nine months and four days, I draw a lot of attention normally, but today is worse. I have absolutely nothing to wear any more. None of my friends, family or I thought I would end up being this large. My belly extends out in front of me, greeting the world long before I do. When I was four and five months pregnant it was all “Oh, you’re pregnant, I had no idea! You are looking so good!” but now it was wide eyes and a shocked expression, “Oh wow honey, you look like you’re fixing to pop!”

And damn their eyes but I felt that way too. Ever tear out a maternity dress? Yeah, one of the most horrifying moments of my life. So since I was using my vacation time for some needed rest before I went into maternity leave, I’d taken to just staying nude around the house, or this little ensemble for a walk around the park or trips to my OB/GYN. A red sarong skirt that now clung like a second skin, a black sports bra that fit fine two months ago before my milk came in, and a sky blue gauzy kimono style cardigan. That’s right, my belly could no longer be contained so why bother trying? Never expected to have to go back to campus to fill out some final forms for my medical leave.

Normally I appreciate the attention my body draws. I’m not a prude and since deciding to become pregnant, I’ve been more sexually active this year than in the last five. For most of my time being pregnant this go round, being a mature woman with experience as well as my new delicious curves, and the amount of men out there with a thing for pregnant women, I’ve been horny as fuck. So much different from when I was in my early twenties and married to my jackass ex who was repulsed by the sight of me. Or at least it was till a couple weeks ago. Right around eight months and two weeks the exhaustion hit. I love my little girl, I’m just done with being a living duplex.

Still, can’t help but notice the attention I’m getting as I’m walking to HR. Some are disgusted, they see this open display of the pregnant form as gross. Yet other eyes linger, feeling the heft of my nearly cantaloupe sized breasts, caressing the swell of my expansive belly, gripping my now thick thighs in their lusty gaze. College students and faculty, males and even some females attracted to a body proved bountifully fertile.

I went into the office for HR and filled out the necessary forms. The plan had been to just turn around and walk out, but I remembered I left my copy of The Pursuit of the Millennium in my office and relaxing in a hot bath with candles and reading about crazy medieval religious movements while sipping a glass of sparkling water sounded heavenly. My doctor said he wasn’t ready to induce yet, that I should just reduce my stress and let it come naturally. Easy for him to say. Though it was hard to be too upset with a cute doctor with warm hands. Recalling the way his hands lingered a fraction of a second longer than strictly needed put me in a slightly better mood.

Opening the door to my office, I’m surprised to find Brandon sitting at my desk busy grading papers. I hadn’t hoped for this, things had been a bit strained between us of late. On finding out that I was pregnant and he was the father he tried to be all chivalrous and noble. I even heard he’d broken up with his girlfriend, expecting to be with me now that he’d made me pregnant. That was sweet and all but I’ve been a single mother for thirteen years and while I had decided I wanted another child, I was not looking for another man. Men had their uses, obviously, but quickly wore out there welcome. Besides I was quickly approaching the big four oh, did I really want a new baby and a man-child at the same time?

No, it was better we stay separated, though as he looked up from kaçak iddaa the stack of papers to lock me in his gaze, it sometimes felt different. Brandon had been attracted to me before, I used that fact to get to this point. Now though he couldn’t keep his eyes off of me. Knowing that my belly was full of his child had turned me into his supreme object of desire and right now as I felt huge and gross that felt wonderful.

“Ms. Ohara, I didn’t expect to see you today.” His tone is pleasant even as his eyes do their best to devour me. It was that hungry look that got me into this trouble, could it be what would get me out of it? How many friends of mine told me that a good fucking would send me into labor? How fitting that the man who put it in would be the same to get it out.

We made idle chit chat as I moved around the small office, making a production of looking for the book I came for. It was in the top right drawer of the desk, but I thought it might set the right tone if Brandon could see the changes he was responsible for creating in me.

“You’ve got one student this year who I think is going to be a handful.” Brandon said distractedly. I looked over my shoulder to see him staring at my ass, his right hand was no longer visible on top of the desk.

“Oh, how’s that?”

“He seems to think the Middle Ages were a better time, more morally pure. Something we should try to get back to, when men were men and women were women.”

I couldn’t help but laugh, which had the added benefit of sending all of me to bouncing for Brandon. “Sounds like time for some research assignments. One subject for each student, but for Mr. Purity, I want a report on the Winchester Geese.”

“I’m afraid I’m unfamiliar.” Brandon said finally pulling his eyes away from my body to look me in my eyes as I turned and walked over to him. I was much too broad to sit in the small chair available, so instead I sat on the edge of the desk by him.

“Oh, just a funny little historical anecdote about how a lot of the brothels in London were owned by the Bishop of Winchester. He should like that, good moral figure debasing himself with the wanton women of the night. Or day. A whore could go out advertising her wares in the streets at all times like any other merchant. That’s how they got the name geese, their competing come-ons was likened to geese honking at each other. Just imagine, some fresh faced lad, just off the boat with some coin in his pocket, suddenly accosted by an army of whores, showing their bodies to him and promising him all the pleasures of the flesh for a reasonable price. And all with an almost blessing from the church.”

Brandon’s eyes had taken to wandering over me as I spoke but always came back to the creamy skin of my bare belly. “But I thought the church looked badly on prostitution?”

“Yes and no. If you died a whore you were buried in unconsecrated ground, sure. But any woman who wanted to leave her wicked ways behind her seemed to have been readily accepted back into society. Men were even encouraged to take prostitutes as wives to save their souls! Just imagine, a young man finding a woman with that kind of experience. And even when in the profession, they were seen as a necessary evil. A release valve if you will. So much better for a man to lose himself in debauchery to a woman. Without her willingly sacrificing her body for him, he might perform the much more grievous sin of masturbating.” I couldn’t keep the wry smile from my face as his right hand appeared on the desk as I finished that last sentence.

I reach down and take his hand in mine, bringing it up to place on the swell of my belly. “Was I leading you to sin, Brandon?”

His face turned crimson as he looked away from me, “Every night since I first saw you.” He said almost too low for me to hear.

“Brandon, kaçak bahis I’m not looking for any commitment or help or involvement from you. I’m doing just fine on my own, I’ve been raising my daughter just fine and will do the same with this child. I want to make that clear.”

“I know.” His voice was still quiet, his eyes are still down.

“Brandon, I’m not insensitive. I know you are the father of this child, and that brings up all kinds of feelings for you. After the birth we can talk about your role more. I’m carrying your first child, I understand the complex emotions that must be surging through you.”

He finally began to look up, his eyes slowly moving up my thighs to my belly to my breasts to at last settle on my face. He opened his mouth to speak but I extended my hand and placed my index finger across his lips and shushed him, “All that can wait, I have a much more pressing question.”

He looked up at me so enthralled, “Would you like to fuck the mother of your son?”

He was out of the chair and cradling my head in an instant and I was pulled into the most intense kiss of my life. All of this fine young man went into his lips and I could taste all of his need and desire as he claimed my mouth. His touch was like fire as his hands ran over my body, caressing yet demanding everything. I found myself fully nude in my office, this young man still fully clothed and his lips had never broke contact with mine. He stood over me now, his tongue still claiming my mouth as one hand braced my back and the other went under my legs and I squealed into his mouth as he picked me up and sat me down in my chair.

Breaking our kiss, he knelt down before me. A hand on each knee slowly spread me open for him and he pressed himself close, his hands and mouth claiming my belly. The skin is so tight and sensitive I can’t keep a moan from escaping, which gets louder as he gets lower. His lips and tongue move down the curve of me till I feel his chin in the forest of my pubic hair. He doesn’t even give me a moment to feel self-conscious about how overgrown everything is, he’s kissing, sucking and petting his way down to our ultimate goal. I let out a scream as his mouth finally touches my hood.

I forgot just how good Brandon is at eating pussy. His lips and tongue travel all over me, kissing, sucking and licking. I’m completely at his mercy as he plays me like an instrument, never letting up, seemingly never stopping for breath. If there’s anyone out in the hall they can’t help but hear me scream and moan as he sucks my lips between his or plunges his tongue in deep. I can feel myself let go, the juice flowing from me to coat his face as my body trembles in delight. Then he brings his fingers in to play. I lose coherent thought as he strokes inside of me while sucking my clit or holds me completely open while his tongue works magic over every millimeter.

I’m a quivering mess when he finally stands over me, his face is dripping and the collar of his shirt is soaked. I just quiver with pleasure still coursing through every vein from what he’s done as I watch him strip. Those well defined muscles on his chest and abs, showing he was keeping his swimmer’s form, tapering in to his thin waist before revealing that magnificent cock which had put me in the state I’m in.

From my reclined position all he had to do was spin my chair a bit and I was at the perfect level to properly greet the instrument that had impregnated me. I stuck out my tongue and licked the broad head of him, still stuck in my euphoria enough to have trouble moving. It was his turn to shiver as I lapped up the precum that oozed from him as I lazily lifted a hand to grasp his shaft and began to lightly stroke him.

He let me do that for awhile, closing his eyes and relaxing as I worked him with hand and tongue. He illegal bahis swelled to his full length and was so hard that I idly wondered how that never sprained anything. He moaned as my hand slid down that long shaft and then cupped his balls.

“Please Ms. Ohara.” he whispered. I was surprised as I felt his hands in my hair and then he was slowly but insistently driving me down on his cock. He moaned as my mouth filled with him till he was tickling my tonsils. I felt my eyes bulge as I did my best to keep from gagging, grateful that he was as hairless as I was hairy. Once he had my nose pressed against his waist, he withdrew till just the tip of him was against my lips, then slowly pulled me down again. He fucked my face in slow motion, allowing me the full oral sensation of him that he’d enjoyed of me.

While his left hand was still entangled in my hair, guiding me forward and back, his right came down to stroke my full breasts. I moaned as he caressed them, knowing intuitively how sensitive they were. His fingers traced a pleasing fire along the swell before coming up to just put the softest but most exquisite pressure on my hard and thick nipples. I moaned along his shaft and he groaned as we both enjoyed each other.

Finally he withdrew and reached down to gather me in his strong arms and hoisted me out of the chair. Our lips found each other and neither of us minded tasting the other in that deep kiss. When we parted I looked up at this younger man, it felt so right standing here, our nude forms pressed against each other. Without a word he helped me get on top of the desk and lay on my right side. He drank the picture of me in, lying prone like I was with my dark hair falling behind me, my large breasts sagging against the desk, my bulging stomach on full view and my pussy on display if I lifted up my meaty thigh.

It seemed he was stuck there so I decided to help him out, “I need you Brandon. I need that thick cock in my hungry pussy. Are you going to give me what I need? Are you going to fuck me? Please Brandon, be a motherfucker, I need you to fuck me so bad.”

His fingers gripped my hip hard enough I knew it would leave bruises but I didn’t care as I felt that fantastic dick fill me completely. With other lovers I’d had to reassure them that I could take a full fucking, sometimes resorting to begging them to please just rut like an animal. Not with him, he knew instinctively how I needed to be fucked and he went about it with gusto. His eyes didn’t miss a ripple of my flesh as the only sound louder than the slap of our thighs were the moans and grunts we let out. He only paused long enough to grab my left leg and throw it over his shoulder. I screamed as I was stretched so much and I felt his thrusting reach even deeper inside me. I reached down and fanned my clit as he plowed me, felt that familiar tension and knew I was close.

“That’s it babe! You are fucking me so good! I’m going to cum! You’re going to make me fucking cum!”

Our eyes locked for a brief moment and I sensed just how close he was too just before he welded himself against me and I felt him begin flooding my pussy like he had before. Something about that, the reenactment of creation, I lost it in a powerful orgasm that shook me so hard only his powerful grip kept me from falling off the desk.

We stayed together for awhile, wordlessly enjoying each other’s company. Then he finally stood and dressed before helping me back into what passed for my clothing. I hadn’t quite made it to the door for us to say our goodbyes when I felt it. That sensation that let me know our son was on his way.

It all went the way these things normally do, hours of pain and screaming before joy conquers all. Brandon stayed the entire time. Still not sure what all the future holds exactly, how everything will work out, if I want the full relationship I know he would give me willingly. There’s a lot to consider, but I think I want one more child in a month or so and he’s not going away for the summer.

The End.

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