She cucked him on the phone


She cucked him on the phoneMy friend Brad told me a story about him and his coworkers wife. He said he used to party a lot with his coworker Ben and his wife Jenny pretty often. He said Ben would get drunk and talk about how good Jenny was at sucking dick and a few times he even said he could get her to suck Brad off if he wanted. Brad always declined even though he though Jenny was sexy as hell. At the time Brad thought it would be weird hooking up with his friend’s wife. Jenny was a short white girl in her early twenties. She was a little chunky, which Brad liked and she was into the goth scene so she often wore black lipstick and black eyeshadow to accent her jet black hair. Ben was in his late twenties and was generally a timid guy until he got drunk and wasn’t much taller than his wife. He was a pretty average white guy visually. Brad wasn’t very tall either, only about 5’9” or so but with a pretty dark complexion and he was in good shape. Brad told me that once when Jenny was drunk she told him she was always into black guys but never dated them because her parents wouldn’t let her and then she met Ben, got pregnant on accident, had his daughter and got married. Anyway, he said Ben was out of town for a business trip for a week and he ran into Jenny and her daughter at the grocery store and they started chatting. Jenny told him he should swing by her house later and have some drinks since they were all friends and Ben wouldn’t mind. Brad agreed and said he’d text her later. Brad had a busy day so he wasn’t free until around 8 pm when he texted Jenny and asked if she still wanted him to come over and have drinks. She told him she was about to put her daughter to bed so he could head over. Brad had always secretly liked Jenny so he couldn’t pass up an opportunity to be alone with her so he immediately got ready and made his way to Ben and Jenny’s place. When he got there Jenny was wearing a pair of tight black leggings and a black t shirt straight off the shelf of hot topic. It was obvious she had already had a few drinks and was she had been watching a horror series on tv. She offered to make Brad a drink and he of course took her offer and they sat on the couch watching the show and chatted together. After a few hours and several drinks a sex scene came on and Jenny said to Brad, “I wish I had somebody to rail me like that guy is doing her.” Brad told her, “If I had the chance I would pound you a hundred times harder than what the girl on tv is getting!” She giggled and blushed a bit before she said, “Tonight is the perfect chance.” Brad was kaçak iddaa stunned and wanted to take her up on the offer but at the same time he didn’t want to cross his friend. Jenny could sense his inner conflict and followed by saying, “Ben honestly wouldn’t mind.” Brad nervously replied with, “Well if he doesn’t mind neither do I.” They both stared at each other not saying a word until Jenny finally said, “Well we can start whenever you want.” Brad couldn’t believe what she said and he couldn’t pass up on this opportunity. He said, “Let’s do it then!”Without hesitation Jenny sat her drink on the coffee table, got on her knees in front of Brad and started unbuckling his belt. She then unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down to his feet revealing his soft black cock. She wasted no time grabbing it and stroking it while kissing the head. Brad just sat back in disbelief in what was happening. He was in awe that his coworkers wife was about to suck his cock less than ten feet away from her sleeping daughters room while her husband was gone. Once she got him hard she started sloppily devouring his cock, pumping her mouth up and down on his shaft while fondling his balls with her hand. Ben wasn’t lying. She was a master at using her mouth! She was wetting up every inch of his cock and making loud slurping noises the entire time. After a few minutes she told Brad to stand up so she could suck his balls. He stood up, stepped out of his jeans, and spread his legs so she could easily get under him.She grabbed his cock in her hand and started stroking it with a twisting motion while she sat on her butt underneath him tonguing his balls. He couldn’t do anything but gasp in pleasure. Jenny used her hands to push his legs wider and sat directly under him to lick just behind his balls and eventually made her way to his rear and started licking his ass while still jacking him off. This was a new sensation to Brad but he welcomed it with no protest. Jenny’s tongue was buried in Brad’s ass for about 30 seconds when they heard her phone start buzzing on the coffee table. Brad looked down and saw it was Ben. He told Jenny, “Ben’s calling you.” She momentarily stopped her tonguing and stroking long enough to say,”Answer it then.” Brad tried to argue but Jenny absolutely insisted he answer it and she moved back to his front to continue sucking him off. Brad reluctantly answered the phone, “Hello?” Ben quickly replied, “Brad!? Oh shit are you with Jenny?” halfway laughing. Brad said, “Yeah what’s up?” Ben said, “It’s kinda late man, what the hell are y’all doing?” kaçak bahis Brad looked down and Jenny slurping on his cock and felt like he was at the point of no return. He told Ben, “I’m over at your place and she’s giving me head.” Jenny managed to make a smile while still sucking her new treat. There was a long silence on the phone and Ben finally said, “Ohhhhkay.” Brad was in a panic and a million negative thoughts went through his mind before Ben finally said, “Its pretty damn good huh?.” Brad still wasn’t even sure if he should respond but he finally said, “Yeah. She’s everything you said she was.” Jenny took the cock out of her mouth long enough to look up at Brad and smile at him. Ben asked, “So she got a babysitter and came over?”. Brad told him, “Nah man. We’re in the living room at your place. Your daughter is asleep though.”. Ben replied, “Well you better not wake her up then.” and laughed. This put Brad at ease and emboldened him. He told Ben, “And she ate my ass too”. Again Ben laughed and said, “Yeah I never told you about that.” Knowing Ben was okay with what was happening put Brad at ease and allowed him to once again enjoy the oral onslaught Jenny was giving him. She was still pumping and twisting her head and hand back and forth on his cock, covering him in saliva. Brad, now knowing Ben was elated at what was happening started telling Ben how good she was and how hot she looked down on the floor worshipping his black cock. He told him how long he’s been waiting for her to come to her senses and suck a real mans dick. Ben was on the other end of the line in silence. Brad held the phone down low long enough to let Ben hear all the sloppy slurping noises Jenny was making and told him, “Cherish that sound. You’ll never hear it again if the two of you are alone.” Brad added, “I just might fuck her too man. She deserves to finally cum after all these years.” Ben finally spoke up and said, “As long as you wear a condom.” With the way Jenny was sucking Brad had no intention of fucking her but he knew if he ever did he wasn’t going to wear a condom. Ben asked Brad if he was going to fuck her but he didn’t answer. He just told Ben how much of a slut she was and how he was going to keep using her mouth from now on. Ben’s voice started to sound a little worried as he said, “Look man I’ve always been down for us to share her but there’s gotta be some rules.” But by now Brad was having none of it. The alcohol mixed with his friend’s permission gave him confidence and he told Ben, “I don’t think you understand man. She’s mine now. Maybe you can illegal bahis watch or whatever but that’s pretty much it.” Ben just sat in silence and accepted his new place. Jenny’s mouth had taken her toll on Brad and he was now fighting back the urge to cum. He told Ben, “Fuck! This bitch is about to make me cum!”. Jenny took that as her cue and started pumping her mouth back and forth faster than before. Within seconds Brad knew he was going to cum and he dropped the phone to the sofa to grab Jenny by her jet black hair with one hand and jack off with the other until he shot several spurts of cum over her pale white face. Jenny happily welcomed every drop and after Brad was done she started wiping it up with her fingers and tasting it all. The whole time Ben could be heard on the phone yelling, “Did she make you cum!?”. When it was all over Jenny sucked the last few drops of cum from Brad’s dick and told him he could clean up in the bathroom. As Brad walked to the bathroom Jenny walked to the kitchen and cleaned her face with a dish towel before walking back to the living room to grab the phone and talk to her husband. Brad could hear their conversation and from what he could gather Ben and Jenny had talked about Brad booking up with her but Ben was disgruntled about her not telling him she was going to seduce him while he was away. After cleaning up, Brad was looking down the hallway at Jenny’s plump jiggling ass begging to pop out of her leggings as she walked back to the kitchen. He stared and rubbed his dick for a minute or two before coming up behind Jenny who was now leaning over the kitchen counter telling her husband that Brad was about to leave and asking about his trip. While Jenny was looking away Brad grabbed her by the waist with his semi hard dick against her ass and started kissing her neck. She was surprised but she continued her conversation with Ben and reached one hand down to her pants and started to peel them down on one side. Brad moved her hand, grabbed her pants with both hands, and pulled them down to her knees revealing her juicy white ass with no panties. Jenny continued to have a wholesome chat with her husband about his trip as Brad was squatted down gripping her ass cheeks and kissing them. Then Jenny told Ben, “Hold on Brad is about to leave.”. She held the phone down and said, “Yeah I had a good time too. Next time we can do some more. And remember to bring a condom next time”. Then she laughed and said, “Bye!”. Then she continued to talk to Ben on the phone. Ben was completely convinced that Brad was making his way home even though he was worshipping Jenny’s phat ass in the kitchen. Jenny was enjoying the new attention she was receiving and knew Brad was going to fuck her that night. In fact, she eagerly awaited it….

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