Subject: Shawn is Spreading His Wings 2 Disclaimer: Story, fiction, boys and men, don’t read if it’s not legal. Thanks to those of you who reached out after part 1, I’ve enjoyed talking with you. I apologize for how long it took to write this finale, but life got in the way, yet again. No one seems to want to pay me to write boy-smut! Also, I don’t have plans to add to this, although it’s very hard for me to leave Shawn and Uncle Mark behind. If you like the story, I’d love to hear about ail and coloradotex on Wickr. Also, I have an author listing under Tex Colorado. Please consider donating: fty. Please enjoy, and please cum while reading, it’s the highest compliment. Best, Tex Shawn is Spreading His Wings 2 by Tex Colorado (mm/bb(11), oral, anal, incest) It was one week after Shawn had an encounter with his baseball coach, Kipp Smith, which he described to me while I was fucking him after he got home that evening. During that week I had been turning the situation over and over in my head. They would have had practice once, so the two would have seen each other, did anything happen? Like I mentioned before, 10% of me was jealous of the other man in the picture. But either way, I felt like there was enough awareness of things, since Kipp knew that Shawn was experienced and I obviously knew about Kipp’s perversions, and, apparently, his son Elliott’s too, that we should come clean on some level and maybe that could be rewarding for everyone involved. Babysitting on Saturday was common enough that I just assumed that I was watching Shawn unless I heard otherwise. He was an only child, so the family attending the baseball game was the norm during the day, then I’d go home with them and my brother and sister-in-law would get ready and head out for the evening. As you know, this was the most likely time for Shawn and I to get some sexy time in. There were other opportunities, for instance, he slept over sometimes. During those times the guest bedroom stayed pristine as he slept in my bed after getting thoroughly railed by me. He always slept like a log after getting fucked, it really took everything out of him, but he’d always wake up ready for some milder play. If I slept in, I would invariably be awoken by a suckling mouth on my morning erection. He knew that I liked the naughty aspect of my young nephew being my fuck-buddy, so he would immediately give me a sly look, still keeping my dick between his lips. What glorious times we had. Driving to the game that next Saturday, I was curious how things would go. The last time that I had seen Shawn was when I left him in his bed, my cum soaking his pjs after our hasty retreat to his bedroom to keep my brother from finding us in an incredibly compromising position. I hung out for a bit that night, very concerned that I reeked of sex, but couldn’t find an excuse to leave and no one seemed to sense anything out of the ordinary. We rarely talked when we weren’t together, it would have been odd to others if we did, so I had literally fucked him and then didn’t talk to him for a week. The biggest question was if he had hooked up with his coach since last weekend, or another man now that the can of worms was open. In my own youth, I had been exclusive for a few months, but became a complete whore when I realized how many men wanted to fuck my little ass. I didn’t expect any different from Shawn. When I saw him warming up, it was just like any other day. He saw me and waved, came over to say “hi” and gave me a high five; our normal interactions. We were right by the bleachers, so bedroom talk was not possible, but I was definitely searching his actions for any clues about the past week. The game started and I settled into my usual routine of perving on Shawn and his teammates, spending extra time on the coach’s son Elliot who I was 95.7% sure was being molested by his studly daddy. He was cute, not Shawn gorgeous, but cute in a younger-kid way. He was small for his age, he must have had a growth spurt in his future judging by his dad. His hair was jet-black, longish, but more just a “needs a haircut” shaggy look, not down to his collar like Shawn’s. The boy’s face was very sweet, it had even looked that way when he was scowling at Shawn last Saturday night. It made him look more like a pouting toddler than a moody tween. Watching the two of them interact, it didn’t look like they harbored any hard feelings. Elliot and Shawn had been pretty good friends for years and I was glad to see that things had worked themselves out. It was nearly impossible to image what I knew was likely true about him and I spent much of the game looking at him and thinking, “What has this boy done with his daddy?” The one who wasn’t doing a great job of acting normal was Coach Smith. I’m sure that everything seemed natural to most observers, but I witnessed at least five unusually intimate interactions between the coach and Shawn. One, that ended with a pat on the butt, caused Shawn to glance my way sheepishly. I felt more and more sure that there was something extra that my nephew would be telling me about after the game. Just like the week before, I was horned-up thinking about being with my boy soon. Counting down the time as the game progressed, it was hard to keep my erection in check. That’s why I was crestfallen when the game ended and Shawn ran up to the three of us and announced that he wanted to go to Elliot’s house. They had been defeated pretty handily, so no team celebration, just one boy having another over. The bad part for me was that I was pretty sure that I would have a well-fucked boy returned to me later that night, if he didn’t call and ask to sleep-over and not come home at all. Then he would want to go right to sleep when he got home, leaving me with my right hand alone to satisfy me, another man taking my place. “That sounds fun,” my brother answered while I tried not to sulk. I chimed in, “When should I pick you up?” “Actually,” Shawn said, “Coach said that you should come too.” “Oh,” I responded, not quite sure what that meant and looked at my brother, “that would be fun, I guess.” Then I looked at Shawn, “That way I won’t have to sit around by myself this week,” I joked and poked him in the ribs drawing out a series of giggles. “Sounds fun,” my brother said, “do you need to go to the house first?” he asked Shawn. “No, we can just go right there,” he said, “Coach Smith said to come right from the game.” Arrangements made, we said our goodbyes to his parents and loaded into my car. As soon as the door was closed I started to pepper him with questions since we only had a ten minute drive: “Ok, what am I getting into?” I asked, “does Mr Smith know about us?” “He’s probably figured it out,” he explained, “he knows that I do stuff with someone, duh, and he asked if my dad should come over. I told him that he couldn’t, then I said, `My Uncle Mark could come,’ so, unless he’s dumb, he probably guesses who taught me.” This made sense, this was also new territory to me, so I didn’t really know how it would go. “Not to pry, but anything happen this week that I don’t know about?” I asked him. I looked at Shawn in the passenger seat and he just stared straight ahead but had a knowing smile cross his lips, “Really?!” I asked in shock. He nodded his head, “Are you mad?” he asked, now looking at me expectantly. “No, not at all, jealous for sure, but not mad,” I told him, “do you want to share? You know that you don’t have too.” “If you don’t care, I love telling you!” he admitted. “Then go for it, but make it quick, we’re almost there,” I urged. “Ok, so coach told my dad that there was an extended practice this week and that he’d drive me home,” he started, “so, you know, we drove to a spot without anyone else, kinda in the woods,” he explained. “It wasn’t even dark, but we got in the back of his minivan and he took off his pants and then I gave him a bj,” he said matter of factly. “Mr Smith must think that he won the lottery,” I said, then just before we pulled into the long driveway of their secluded house I asked, “Did you make him cum in your mouth again?” As we came to a stop, Shawn nodded his head, “Yep!” he said gleefully, “he was pretty fast too, but he said that it was hard to hold back since it was so hot having me blow him while Elliot licked his balls.” He dropped this bomb on me as he opened the car door and giggled, knowing full well what he had done. My jaw was on the floor as we walked up to the door of their big house. Shawn slid his hand into mine as we walked, then he looked at me and said, “Oh, you should know that Elliot doesn’t like to kiss,” and then the door opened, Kipp standing there with a big smile. We had met several times before, so we greeted each other and he ushered us inside, “Elliot is out by the pool if you want to run back there,” he told Shawn who hustled away, “can I get you a drink?” he asked me. We headed into their family room where he had a bar and we mixed ourselves a cocktail before adjourning to the patio. It overlooked the pool, and whenever the boys surfaced it was apparent that they weren’t wearing suits. I wondered if I should acknowledge the fact and finally decided to say, “They both seem very comfortable with their bodies, that’s a great thing for a growing boy.” “I couldn’t agree more,” Kipp said. He was a good-looking guy; strong, friendly. He had a beard, which was the current thing, but I was clean shaven so it probably gave Shawn a thrill if I were to guess. Those varieties were some of my favorite things when I was a kiddo getting fucked by lots of handsome men. I was the more, “In-the-know,” of the two of us, so I thought that it made sense to just come clean and admit what I knew and what went on between us. “Listen,” I started, “I’m sure that you’ve guessed, but I have a more than innocent relationship with Shawn,” I explained. “Uh huh,” he said, “I kind of guessed.” “And I know that you probably guessed because you have let my nephew go down on you twice,” I added. “Wow,” Finn said, “um, I’m not sure what to say.” “Well, I think that we can let things play out,” I offered, “maybe the boys lead,” then I realized that we hadn’t clarified one thing, “I guess that I’m assuming that you and Elliot have done similar things.” “You assumed right,” he said, “and he’s interested in trying it with someone else,” he added with raised eyebrows. “I think that we’re all going to have a great night together,” I said and held my glass up as we toasted to our impending good times. “Listen,” he said, sitting up and leaning toward me, “I want us to have fun and just want to see if anything is off limits,” then cautioned, “it’s fine if there is.” “As long as you respect Shawn and any of his wishes, everything as ok,” I told him, then qualified it, “as long as it’s what he wants.” “Same for Elliot,” Finn told me. The drinks must have started to have an effect, loosening our inhibitions a bit, because he said to me, “I’m so excited istanbul travesti about this. Shawn is so fucking hot, I love being with him,” then explained, “I’ve dreamt about being with another boy for years, and can I tell you something?” “Sure,” I told him. “I love the idea of sharing the boys,” then decided to get more specific, “I’ve been picturing Elliot sucking your cock ever since Shawn said that you’d come over.” The boy’s father admitting that he wanted his own son to take my penis in his mouth was about the biggest turn-on that I could image. “That’s so fucking hot,” was all that I could reply, “and I know that you don’t know this, but I got off while I was fucking Shawn last week when he told me that your load was in his little belly.” “Oh, fuck!” he blurted, “Dude, let’s go get the boys,” he suggested with lust and need in his voice. I agreed right away, “Fuck yeah,” as we stood up and headed into the secluded backyard. They lived in a fairly open area, so their house lay on a big piece of land, the whole thing meticulously landscaped and fenced in. No one lived close enough to even attempt to see in, but couldn’t if they did. Knowing what I’d do if this was my place, I suggested, “I bet that you guys have a lot of fun out here.” He laughed, “Don’t you know it,” he told me, “since my ex left us, having guy time out here in the pool, well, also beside the pool and under the sun, moon and stars has been one of life’s biggest pleasures.” The boys were climbing out of the pool as he said this. When we were on the patio looking out, you could see the general shape of them, but getting up close to the naked boys was a sight. When the littler boy climbed out, I was surprised by his long, skinny cock hanging down over a tight ballsack. I could definitely picture the father and son together out here in the sunshine like Kipp was describing. His small body was baby smooth and he really could have passed for an even younger boy. Allowing myself to openly linger when my eyes passed over his body, by the time that I returned to his face I was greeted with a goofy grin and the first sign of swelling in his slim cock. “Hi Mr. Wilton,” he called with a wave as we approached, “I’m glad that you came.” On the pool deck was a pile of towels that Kipp reached for and grabbed two, handing one to me while he held out the other. Elliot surprised me by going straight into my opened-up towel and letting me wrap it around his little body, holding it closed behind his back as he let me rub him dry. He purred as I ran my hands all over his body except for his groin, even drying his butt and pushing a little into his crack drawing a silly giggle. Next to us, Shawn hesitated at first, then allowed his coach to wrap him up from behind after turning around and presenting his gleaming, wet backside. More familiar with each other, Finn went about methodically rubbing every inch of his body, especially the most important few inches in front. I was certain that if the towel was dropped there would be a throbbing sausage pointing up at us. Shawn was enjoying the brief massage and was leaning back into the large man with his eyes closed, sighing every few seconds in satisfaction. Looking back at the boy in front of me, he was staring up at me with his patented grin and said, “Let me show you my room!” It was such a normal offer from a very small child, seeming like he just wanted to show me his toys, but we all knew better. I looked at Shawn first, who seemed less enthused for a second, but Finn spoke up, “That would be nice, honey,” he told his son, “be sure to make our guest feel at home.” “I will, daddy,” he answered in his squeaky voice. Looking at my nephew, I asked, “Is that ok with you Shawn?” He hesitated. I think that, like me, he pictured the four of us at least near each other, but gave me the go-ahead, observing, “It’s fine, I trust Coach Smith,” and the two of them smiled at each other. I thought for a couple of moments, wondering if I was abandoning Shawn to this powerful man who could very easily harm him. But he had been fine with him so far, the boy trusted him and, most importantly, this was what the horny little demon escorting me to his room wanted. I completely understood and said, “Sure, show me your room,” to Elliot. Before we left them, I reached over and touched Shawn on his head, then gently brought him closer, “I love you, kiddo,” and we instinctively kissed. Not a long French kiss, but not a peck either. When we broke apart, Shawn answered, “I love you too,” then he answered my fears by telling me, “don’t worry, I’ll be ok.” I looked at Finn. It was apparent that this was a little pre-planned by the Smiths, so any reservations that he had about sending his son off with a man who had admitted to fucking his own nephew had been dealt with already. Still, I could see that he understood my hesitance. “I would never hurt a boy,” he said to me, then addressed Elliot, “right buddy?” “Only if he wants you too!” the kid joked, his silly personality apparent and making my mind wander picturing what these two get up to. We laughed and then Elliot took off his towel and draped it over his shoulder. His long little worm was indeed rock hard in anticipation of our time together, and he took my hand and led me inside as we made a small wave goodbye. We had barely gotten in the door when he stopped and turned to me, pulling down on my arm so that I was forced to lean down to his level and surprised me by planting a kiss on my lips. Shocked, when we broke apart I told him, “That was nice, Shawn told me that you don’t like to kiss.” “I don’t like to kiss my dad!” he clarified, “that’s too weird,” then added, “and he’s got that scratchy beard,” while making a grossed-out face. “But I like you being different.” It was a sweet admission and I loved the thought that Elliot, like Shawn, was seeing a new world open up to him. He wasn’t forced into this by an evil father. “Different is good,” I told him, “I liked variety when I was your age.” “Yeah?” he asked in surprise, “you did stuff too?” I decided to go for it and scooped him up, cradling him like a baby, or a bride being taken across the threshold to be deflowered, “Why don’t I show you what I’ve done and you can show me?” I offered with a smile as he squealed in surprise. Used to Shawn, he seemed tiny to me in my arms. He couldn’t have weighed more that 70 pounds and I was beside myself with lust imagining what he had in store for me. His silky skin broke out in goosebumps, whether from the cold of the air conditioning or excitement at being held, either way his solution was to wrap his arms around me and hold me tight as I carried him up the stairs. His move made me decide that it was easier to let go of his legs and have him hold onto me from the front, one leg on either side as I supported his bare butt with my hand and his tween boner poked insistently into my stomach. He directed me to his room and I was delighted to find it in need of a redo. It was still a little boy’s room. There were toys that weren’t age appropriate, picture books on the shelf and a twin bed in the shape of a race car. His small stature, silly nature and babyish room made me feel like I was bedding a much smaller child. In my mind I was getting to fuck an eight year old, even though I knew better. We stepped in and I tossed him down onto the little bed, Elliot once again squealing joyously. Just before I followed him down to the bed, I noticed the window that overlooked the backyard. Curiosity got the better of me and I stepped over to look out and see what the others were up to. When I got to the window and spread the blinds I found them laying on one of the lounge chairs. Still dressed the same as when we left a couple of minutes before, Kipp was on his back, fully clothed, while my naked nephew lay on top of him. The two were very passionately making out and Shawn was noticeably grinding his groin against the big man. Noticing movement, I realized that Elliot had joined me and was looking through another opening in the blinds below me. I looked at him and said, “That’s pretty hot, huh?” as we watched them break apart and Shawn work his was down to the man’s crotch. “Mmm, hmm,” he purred, “I didn’t like them doing that at first, but now it’s ok,” he admitted. “As long as you still get taken care of, right?” I asked. “Right!” he blurted. We took another look and saw Shawn pull what looked to be a very big cock out of his coach’s shorts and proceeded to take the large piece of meat into his small mouth. “Do you like doing that?” I asked him. “Yeah,” he said with a smile, “I like it all.” “Have you ever done it with anyone but your daddy?” He shook his head, “No,” he said, “just him, but I asked if you could come over and play with me,” he explained. “Really?” I asked in surprise. “Yeah, you make me feel tingly,” he announced. “Well, let’s see what we can do about that,” I said, taking one last peek and seeing Finn vigorously fucking my willing nephew’s mouth, the well-practiced youth gamely keeping up. We stepped back to the bed and Elliot sat down on the edge. I stepped in front of him and said, “Why don’t you help me get undressed?” He eagerly complied, working my belt open and lowering my zipper. I helped a bit, helping the small boy to wriggle my pants and underwear down. I was hard as could be when my heavy dick plopped out in front of him, flicking a string of precum across his face. “Ack!” he exclaimed and started laughing, but didn’t back away, instead he bent his head around to take a look at me from every angle before wrapping his tiny fingers around me and pulling gently on my boner. “Oh, man does that feel good,” I said, looking down on the little cutie. His touch was so light and gentle but soooo stimulating at the same time. “How about this,” he said slyly, then leaned forward and took a significant portion of my dick between his lips. “Oh my god!” I replied in surprise, “you go right for it.” He slid his wet lips off and said, “I gotta catch up to Shawn,” then added, “I like your juice, it tastes better than daddy’s.” This was the second boy to make the same observation, I must have been doing something right. I cupped the side of his face in my palm and told him, “Baby, you doing any of this with me is amazing. There’s no competition with Shawn.” While I spoke I kicked my pants off of my feet and pulled my shirt over my head, leaving me just as naked as Elliot. He seemed to like what he saw, because he looked at my chest and smiled. “You’re not hairy like daddy,” he said. “Is that good or bad?” I asked with a chuckle. “Very good,” he said in a naughty tone, “I can kiss you everywhere.” The implication made me groan. “How about we kiss here?” I proposed, leaning over him and placing my lips to his while I lowered myself to the bed, using my hand to brace him as I lowered the little guy onto the bed and hovered over him, my cockhead laying on his stomach kadıköy travesti as we made out. Elliot proved an eager kisser, what a nice surprise, making a small noise when I opened my lips and pressed my tongue against his, but he quickly got the idea an let me in. Our tongues wrestled while he laid his arms to the side of his head, his body twisting around on the bed, seeming to be getting off to this new connection to another man. I broke the kiss and started to moved to his slim neck. He turned away to give me access as I kissed, nibbled and licked my way down, leaving his neck and tracing to his flat chest. I sucked in the hard nub of his left nipple and flicked at it with my tongue while I ran my thumb over the right one. He cried out, “Wow, that’s good!” Nipple sucking must not be part of Finn’s routine, which made me confident that I may take this boy places that he’d never been. Drawing a wet line down over his belly, I thoroughly bathed the bare skin of his pubic area which was pouched up, unlike the rest of his thin frame. I paid extra attention to this awesome pad of flesh, one of my favorite things on a pre-pubescent boy. Even when I moved on I continued to caress this soft spot with my fingertips. His penis was longer than Shawn’s but thinner. I inspected it for a moment; smooth, almost translucent skin stretched tight. I adored the incredible hardness that young boys achieve, fucking glorious! The head was pink and perfect, aren’t they all? His balls had relaxed after warming up from the pool, the twin jelly beans hanging slightly between his legs, but still pretty short. I couldn’t resist a swipe along his hairless sack before I took his missile between my lips. His reaction to nipple sucking must have been spontaneous, because he didn’t comment about the dick-sucking that I knew I was doing a damn nice job of. “Tell me how it feels,” I instructed, pulling off of him briefly but still manipulating his unit with my fingertips, “tell me what you like and don’t, it makes it so fucking hot.” He giggled and said, “You said the f word.” This conflicting innocence was so sweet. I’m sucking his cock, he’s sucked mine, but he’s scolding me for swearing? Too cute. “With Shawn, we say it’s ok as long as it’s only when we’re messing around,” I told him. “You mean, `Fucking around!'” he blurted then erupted in giggles. I just laughed and went back to sucking him off. He changed his toon, groaning loudly and telling me, “I really like how you suck me,” then he got specific, “lick the top more, ok?” I answered with my actions, holding him up with two fingers while I spun around and around his spongy tip. I’d suckle on it, lick it and then flick across the little piss slit while he squirmed. “Oh…like that…yeah!” he gasped, so I continued to torture his immature glans. He was flinching almost constantly when he finally announced, “Too much!” and laughed hard as he rolled side to side, “too much, stop!” I complied by taking him inside me again, pressing my lips to his groin, his overlong dick tickling my throat, and swabbing it’s length with my tongue. He started to sigh, “oh, that feels so nice.” My hand was manipulating his scrotum and I knew that it was time to sample his little eggs. He was small enough that his whole sack wasn’t even a mouthful, so I could happily explore each nugget without having to ever let go of his warm, smooth sack. “I love your balls, so cute,” I told him after I let them pop out. He smiled down at me, I’m not sure that he received the worshipping treatment that I was used to providing, so it was a joy to introduce these pleasures before I moved down, licking behind his balls, then slid my hands under his thighs and urged them up. I didn’t stop until he was holding his legs to the side of his chest, the boy looking over his throbbing erection at me between his thighs, anticipating my next move. “Hold your cheeks apart,” I instructed and Elliot complied, splitting his buns and revealing his puffy hole. Pink and beautiful, it was not the asshole of a virgin. The realization that I would very likely be fucking this tiny boy soon was crazy and I proceeded to dive in, swiping up his crack with my tongue, tasting his chlorine-clean pucker then I went back and attacked his entrance. Elliot laughed and flinched at my attention, “What are you doing?” “You’re dad doesn’t lick your butt?” I asked. “No!” he replied like I was insane, “I’m not licking your butt,” he insisted. Laughing I said, “You don’t have to lick my butt, but see if you like being licked,” then I threw in, “I think it feels amazing and I love licking hot boys like you.” “Ok,” he said, “do it.” Permission granted, I took a more nuanced approach to rimming. Taking gentle tastes around his hole, I used my hands to run up the backs of his legs as I worked. “Mmm,” he sighed after a few seconds, then admitted, “that feels weird, but I kinda love it.” This was the perfect assessment in my opinion, so I prodded harder at his wrinkled muscle. His anus was twitching and even began to loosen, so I sucked on my index finger and slipped it easily inside of him, “Oh, yeah,” he moaned loudly, “that’s what I like. Do another one.” Following orders, I momentarily removed my digit from his steaming tunnel and got my middle finger nice and wet. Returning them to his slackened sphincter, I was delighted by his groans as two fingers easily opened him, immediately free to rotate them and slowly finger fuck him. He seemed to enjoy this as much as anything that we’d done, not that he hadn’t enjoyed the others, so I wondered how often he received attention to his back door. Throwing subtlety aside, I decided to ask, “When was the last time that you were fucked?” “Thursday,” he answered plainly, indicating two days prior, “daddy was still so horny after Shawn and I sucked him on Wednesday that he wanted to go all the way.” “Do you do it a lot?” I asked, then in response to a satisfied groan I observed, “You seem to really like having something in your ass.” He was breathing heavily, his anus dilated, it was easy sailing into his silky treasure trove, but he gained enough clarity to answer, “About every week.” “And you like it?” “When daddy’s easy on me, then I love it. But sometimes it’s not as good.” I got up off of the floor, still keeping my fingers buried inside the small boy and squeezed into the bed beside him, “I’m gonna do it good,” I offered, “I guarantee that you’ll love it when Uncle Mark fucks you.” Elliot moaned, seeming to get hornier at the acknowledgment of where we were going and turned toward me for a kiss, his legs still pulled back and his ass gripping me. We were distracted when we heard the sliding door open downstairs and slam shut. We both stared at the open door as we listened to two giggling males scramble up the stairs. There was a slap of skin followed by a yelp from Shawn, “Hey!” he shouted, not sounding serious. “Scoot, little boy,” Finn’s deep voice with an obviously fake sternness, “get in my bed you little tart!” A second later the smiling couple appeared in Elliot’s bedroom, both naked, rock hard and covered with wet streaks of saliva. It was my first time seeing Finn naked and he was a very hot guy in a guy’s guy kind of way. He was very hairy, strong and fit and Shawn was right, he did have a bigger dick than me that throbbed as he stood with his arm around my naked nephew while watching his son be prepared to be taken by me. “That looks familiar,” Finn said, “except Elliot’s not moaning so loud that we have to come inside!” he joked, Shawn smiling guiltily at the accusation. “You always say to let you know what I like and don’t,” Shawn addressed me. “That’s right, sweetie,” I told him. “Why don’t you guys join us in the main bedroom?” Finn suggested, “it seems like we’re arriving at the same point of our little games.” This was true, so I looked at Elliot who nodded, then I slipped my fingers out of his body and we got up to follow them. Shawn’s butt was so familiar as it swayed in front of me, but it was also so exciting to see him pressed into the side of another man. The size difference was something that I got to experience but never see, so the visual was a treat. The bedroom was large with an oversized bed. The boys both ran to the bed and jumped on, wrestled for a second, neither losing their erection before separating and flipping on their backs and watching us in anticipation. “I’ve got an idea,” Finn said, “Elliot, why don’t you get me ready to fuck Shawn and Shawn you get your Uncle Mark ready to fuck Elliot?” He was already moving toward his son, who actually licked his lips subconsciously as he watch the swinging cock of his father approach him. “Why don’t you show them how good you suck daddy’s dick?” the man said with a leer. The two of us stared as the man straddled his son and fed his big head into the child’s little mouth and groaned, “Fuck, that feels good!” Not to be outdone, Shawn stopped gawking and turned to me, grabbed my cock, rolled onto his stomach and started to blow me as I stood beside the bed. He was such a great cocksucker, and watching him lift his legs off of the bed like a little kid watching cartoons was orgasm-inducing. “That’s it, baby,” I sighed as I stroked his hair, “get me all wet for Elliot’s cute little butt.” Shawn didn’t skip a beat, but Elliot looked out of the corner of his eye at me and tried to smile, but his dad was too forceful feeding him a good portion of his big dick from above. Finn picked up on it too, “Whatdya think, Elliot? You gonna let Uncle Mark fuck that sweet ass of yours?” he said as he continued to slip in and out pretty aggressively, “it’s gonna feel so good, your warm hole clamping down on his big dick,” he urged. The other man’s rough treatment of Elliot was rubbing off on me slightly, taking Shawn’s head in both of my hands I started to really thrust into him, my nephew drooling around my cock, gagging slightly a couple of times when I touched the back of his throat but gamely gobbled me back up. Looking up, I realized that Finn had leaned over to grab something out of his nightstand. When he tossed a bottle of lube between us I realized that this had all been for show, a chance to make the boys go down on us some more. “I think that it’s time to switch, don’t you?” he asked me. I responded by sliding out of Shawn’s mouth, leaning down and giving him a kiss. “I love you, baby, have fun, I won’t let anything bad happen,” I whispered. “I know,” he answered with a smile, “I’m good Uncle Mark.” I stood back up and then got onto the bed with the other three. Finn and I both crossed to the opposite side and it was then that I realized the genius of having us spend a few moments with our familiar partner. Not only did we get to reconnect with them and reassure them before sending them off to the slaughter, it also served to disconnect us from the other boy. If I had continued when I was in Elliot’s room, it would have been amazing, bakırköy travesti but it wouldn’t have been as suspenseful and the anxiety and urge wouldn’t have been so great. As I shuffled on my knees to the prone, smaller boy, I was greeted with a look that I knew so well: scared to death mixed with so excited he could explode. I could not wait to get my dick back into this boy. He sat up as I approached, but I led with my lips and kissed him while I pushed him back onto the bed. I let a small amount of my weight lay on him this time, I wanted him to feel me against him, to press my abs into his turgid spear. This time he was all in from the get go. Cooing and groaning when my tongue twisted around his, each of us alternating between stabbing at the other and sucking on each other’s tongues and lips. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the bottle of lube get tossed back to the bed. “It’s time,” I whispered, “tell me that you want me inside you.” He was panting, looking me in the eyes and saying, “Yes, it’s what I want.” I smiled at him and reached for the bottle as he instinctively raised his legs and lifted his ass in the air. I spread a tiny bit of lube on my fingers and touched them to his anus. He flinched from the cold then moaned as I slid them inside his twitching hole. “Ah, fuck!” I heard from beside me and looked over to see Finn sinking his cock, bit by bit into his star pitcher’s little rectum. Shawn was wincing as the big dick stretched him, but just like always, he soldiered through, knowing the feelings that were on their way. Turning my attention back to Elliot, I handed him the bottle and let him lube my cock. I slid a pillow under his ass, his sweet pucker pointing up at me, and I lined myself up, pressing my glans against the tender, young flesh. He stared at me as my head breached his hole, his eyes scrunching with effort for a moment, then with a little surprise as I kept sinking in. He was somehow able to be completely open from the start and I was surprised to find my pubes pressed against his cheeks as his gyrating tunnel flexed and twisted, working to accommodate me. “Oh, god, baby!” I moaned, “you’re so good.” Looking down at the little child, it seemed impossible that my entire penis was buried in him. I rocked back onto my heels to watch as I slid slowly in and out of the tiny boy. He was very active, pushing back against each thrust, rotating his hips as we fucked and groaning loudly. I took his arms and pulled him up to me and we stayed there for a minute, me on my butt thrusting up as I held him to me while he moaned and tried to lift himself to meet me. Finally I lay back and he put his hands on my chest, his feet flat on the bed and started to slam himself down on me, my cock getting squeezed and massaged by his narrow passage. Flipping us over like this had moved my head closer to the other couple and for the first time in a few minutes I was aware of them as I turned my head to see a view from behind as Kipp held one of Shawn’s legs up against his chest while he straddled the other, pounding into him in a scissor position. I hadn’t even noticed Shawn’s groans and pleas, “Oh…Coach…oh, fuck me…ugh, ugh,ugh,” as the big man’s ballsack slapped against his butt and thigh making a smacking noise that filled the room. Turning back to my current fuckee, I took Elliot’s still hard wiener between my fingers and masturbated him while he rode me. He shifted himself so that he was on his knees and put his hands behind him on my thighs. This position must have hit the right spot because he became a mess of gasps and groans while he bounced happily on my prick. This stretched his little torso in front of me and I couldn’t help but run my other hand up his body while he did most of the work. Elliot quickly grabbed my hand with both of his and dragged me around his upper body, a series of sighs augmenting his chorus of groans. Sitting up again and taking the boy in my arms, we were able to kiss for a minute while he continued to bounce. Then he stopped and lifted off of me with a gasp. Turning away from me, but facing directly at the other two, he lay his head on the bed, his ass in the air, “Do it like this, finish like this,” he explained. “My boy likes it from behind,” I heard Kipp say and focused my attention on the others. Shawn was experiencing the same, he had his hands on the headboard while his coach continue to rail him mercilessly from behind. I’m not sure that I’ve ever fucked him so hard, but I knew my nephew and the sounds that he made meant that he wanted more. Getting on my knees and lining up behind little Elliot, I touched myself to his gaping anus and watched in renewed amazement at his small, child’s body’s ability to devour my adult cock. One slow push had me buried inside him again as he grunted while I pressed myself to him. The whole room was a rising crescendo of groans, squeaks, grunts and squeals as we all reached our end. Shawn looked at me briefly and in a nod to our bedroom talk last week, started to shout, “Fuck me, coach! I want your big, huge cock to stretch me!” he begged, almost line for line a repeat of our role play. Watching Shawn fulfill his fantasy in front of me was so hot, adding to the delirious pleasure provided by Elliot’s smooth tunnel. He was still able to squeeze me with his sphincter, involuntary it seemed, because he was done with, a ragdoll as he grunted with each slam into his welcoming hole, his arms splayed out beside him. Eventually the pounding was too much and he started to lose his ability to keep his butt up. For three strokes he lowered until he gave out and collapsed onto the bed, me following, laying right on the child. More than ever I felt the difference between us, his head so far below my own, my whole body dwarfing his. My ass was a blur as I hammered his sweet anus, the familiar feeling of power when a boy has wholly submitted to being fucked hard. A quivering mess, his body was limp as I took him to new heights while I experienced the tightest, warmest embrace of my dick imaginable. This also put me right next to Shawn’s head. He had been thrown on his back and was looking sideways at me with heavy, delirious eyes as his coach fucked him, “I’m gonna cum,” Kipp announced, “I’m gonna cum inside of you.” Shawns eyes popped open and through his panting managed to say, “Cum on my face so Uncle Mark can see.” This must have done it for Kipp, because he roared as he slipped his oversized dick from my nephew’s tight chute and quickly straddled his chest while stroking himself. “Fuck, yeah!” he yelled and the first explosion of thick cum splattered across Shawn’s face, setting off a chain reaction. Watching each rope of jizz fly out as Finn shot his copious load all over Shawn, I couldn’t hold back any longer. The feelings welled and I took the last, erratic thrust until I couldn’t stop the tide. “Oh, Elliot!” was all that I managed when suddenly I felt his little sphincter start clamping down and relaxing repeatedly while he moaned and moaned. Realizing that the boy was cumming from getting fucked and his cock rubbing against the bed was the last straw. I joined Finn in bellowing out as the first, amazing shot blasted the warm rectum of my tiny lover, “Yes, Elliot…fuck that’s good, take my cum,” I blurted over and over, still slapping into him as each glorious shot of my semen filled the little boy until I was spent, leaving me pressing myself to his sweaty body, both of us depleted. Looking over at the other two, I saw Finn flop down on the bed while Shawn continued to stroke his hard little cock. He looked at me and, realizing that he was the only one not to get off, I tried to gesture with my head. Shawn understood and smiled as he spun around, stood on his knees and presented his dick to me which I gobbled up. It only took a moment for him to reach the peak, his familiar boner twitching in my mouth, trying so hard to fill me up before he too collapsed on the bed, a mess of sweat and semen. Finn’s bedroom seemed to be purposely designed to hold a multi-partner fuck session. Aside for the accommodating bed, he had a huge walk-in shower with multiple heads which provided lots of room for the four of us as we took our time cleaning the boys off and letting hands and lips explore at will. When we were done, we didn’t bother dressing, but headed downstairs for a drink and to hang out. Two hours later I was sending my brother the text that I had worried I would get the week before: “Shawn wants to stay the night at Elliot’s. Is that ok?” “Sure, but is there any chance that Elliot’s dad can give him a ride home?” I showed my reply to Finn before I sent it, which received a thumbs up: “I can swing by in the morning and grab him, I don’t have anything” “Great, you’re a life saver!” If only he knew that later that night his son would be in my lap, holding me and kissing me tenderly as he slowly lifted himself and then lowered again, over and over, my cock smoothly exiting and entering his silky rectum. Surprisingly, this night may have brought us closer. It had been great to be with the other two, but rejoining with my nephew made us both recognize what we had, “I love you, Uncle Mark,” he said softly and sensually, “you’re still my best.” My heart welled, and I replied, “Oh sweetie, I love you too, you’ll always be my favorite,” and then we continued to make love, not fuck, for maybe the first time. When we started to move faster, Shawn’s head lolling around as he surrendered to the sensations coursing through him, he was able to say, “C…cum…inside,” and I responded by unloading in him, the two of us panting and sweating as we recovered. Shawn lay his pretty head on my shoulder, my cock still hard in him, his butt resting on me, he told me, “I wanted it to be you that came in me. You’re the best, I love you Uncle Mark.” “Love you too, buddy. Love you too.” On the short drive home the next day we had a chance to quickly rehash the night before. Shawn had loved it, he liked how men wanted him, he loved them playing with his body and shyly admitted that, even though it was scary, it was cool having another man fuck him. “But he’s not as good at it,” he observed, much to my pleasure, “I always cum when you do it, but he just left me when he came.” I laughed, “Get used to it, buddy. That won’t be the last time that a lover only worries about himself.” “And it’s still ok?” he asked. “You still don’t mind?” “First off, I can’t mind, because it’s your body, you’re going to do what you want.” I pulled the car to the side so that we could chat for a minute, “But I like that even though you’re spreading your wings a little, you still want me. That’s all that I can hope for, that you keep coming back to me.” “So it’s ok if I meet coach on Tuesday?” he asked, “Because he arranged with my dad for me to come by his house for extra practice.” I laughed again, “That’s fine,” I said, then admitted, “I guess that’s why Elliot asked if he could come over after school on Tuesday.” Shawn’s mouth hung open as he realized that we both had our tiny secrets, then smiled. “I guess so,” he answered with a chuckle. I could only wonder who would be the next lucky man to help Shawn spread his wings.

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