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Following on from our couple of nights of dirty fun with Jason and Liam, Shelley had to take it easy for a day or two before her orifices stopped aching. Our holiday was now drawing to an end though, with only two days left, so time was running out if we were going to have any more fun before heading home. But two days was still more than enough time for one more fuck session.During our stay, we’d often seen another English couple around the hotel who had arrived at the same time as us, who, as we later found out in conversation, were also married. James and his wife Michelle were both in their mid-thirties, so a few years older than Shelley and just slightly younger than me. They were a nice-looking couple; Michelle was a pretty blonde and James was quite a well-built guy who obviously did a bit of working out. Two days before the end of the holiday, we ended up next to them for the day by the pool, and once we got talking, we found we were hitting it off in no time. I liked looking at Michelle as she got in and out of the pool. She had a very nice body that glistened in the sun as the water ran down her smooth, tanned skin. And James, with his large frame, had obviously caught Shelley’s eye, as I noticed her looking him up and down whenever she could.After spending most of the day with them by the pool, we decided to go out for the evening together, to some of the local bars in our resort. They were good company, and we had a nice evening, all four of us gradually getting tipsy on cocktails. Michelle, who was wearing a short, fitted blue dress, looked really hot, and I found myself eyeing her up probably more than I should, with Shelley next to me, but she was happily flirting with James and getting more and more touchy-feely as time went on.After a few hours, we headed back to the hotel, Shelley and Michelle both in a very light, giggly mood by that point. They walked along arm-in-arm, then split apart to take hold of the opposite partners, so that Shelley and James were walking together, and Michelle and myself. I was really hoping for things to lead to a heated climax – I was desperate to get my hands on Michelle properly – and as we bundled bahis siteleri into the lift together, Michelle turned to Shelley and asked if we wanted to come back to their room for a bit.“A bit of what?” I joked, which made Michelle laugh as she ran her hand down my arm.“Ooh, that’s cheeky,” she giggled.We got to their room, and Michelle led Shelley in by the hand, giggling like naughty schoolgirls, with James and I eagerly following. I think he also had similar hopes as me.“The girls are in a very fun mood tonight,” he said with a wink. I agreed, adding that I hoped more fun was still to follow. Michelle and Shelley stood facing one another, hand in hand, gently swaying together to some music we could hear from one of the neighbouring bars.“This is nice,” Shelley said, putting her arms around Michelle, as James and I moved behind our respective partners.“You’re a very pretty girl,” said Michelle, stroking Shelley’s hair.“So are you, you’re gorgeous,” said Shelley, slowly taking hold of her face and pulling her towards her for a kiss. The two girls were quickly locked in a tight embrace, snogging passionately as James and I stroked their bodies, pushing up their dresses and groping their arses, before they broke apart and turned back to snog us.“I feel so fucking horny,” said Michelle, “and your sexy wife has really got me going,” she added to me.“I think the feeling’s mutual,” I replied, turning Shelley back to face her.As the two girls resumed kissing, James and I stepped back to give them full access to each other, enjoying the girly show. We watched eagerly as Shelley took off Michelle’s dress and gently stroked her skin, making her gasp at the sensation of Shelley’s fingers on her body. And as I predicted, Shelley’s hard nipples were pressing through her dress, as Michelle ran her hands over her body.Michelle was naked in a matter of minutes, her amazing body on full show in front of the rest of us, who were all still fully clothed. My cock was rock solid as I watched the two of them getting ready for some serious action. Shelley bent her head towards Michelle’s tits and made Michelle gasp as she sucked her nipple into her mouth, canlı bahis siteleri teasing it with her tongue. Gently Shelley pushed her back onto the bed and parted her legs wide, kneeling on all fours between them, while I pushed her dress up over her hips and tore off her knickers so James and I could see her pussy getting slick with wetness.Shelley kissed all over Michelle’s gorgeous smooth body, and then, pinning her thighs open with her hands, she slithered her tongue up and down her lips, sucking cum juice into her mouth.“Oh fuck, what are you doing?” Michelle gasped dreamily. As Shelley probed her clit, I slid my hand between Shelley’s legs, and slipped my fingers up her slit. She groaned in pleasure and began thrusting her hips back against me, forcing my fingers deep into her fanny. By now James had stripped off and was wanking his throbbing prick as he watched his wife being eaten out by my wife, and positioned himself on the bed so that Michelle could suck his cock. Grasping her head, he pushed his knob towards her, groaning as she took it into her mouth. By now, Shelley was very wet indeed, and wanted to let Michelle taste her juice, so she moved up, licking Michelle’s body and snogging her again as she turned back to her.James’s hard cock was inches from Shelley’s face, and he urged her to take it, saying, “Go on, you sexy thing,” as he offered it to her. Without a second’s hesitation, she leant forward to share it with his wife as they both licked his shaft.I quickly took off my clothes and got down between Michelle’s legs as she lay there parting them for me. I kissed along her gorgeous thighs, moving further in towards her crotch, then started lapping up her creamy cunt, causing her to groan as I ate her out. Shelley hitched up her dress and manoeuvred herself right up so that she was sat on Michelle’s face, giving her no choice but to eat her pussy (as if Michelle needed a choice). James stood up by the bed, running his hands through Shelley’s long blonde hair as she sucked on his dick. I think he’d virtually forgotten his wife was even there, as he now concentrated all his efforts on Shelley.“Oh, fucking hell,” he moaned canlı bahis as she licked and sucked his long hard tool, grabbing her hair and forcing her backwards and forwards down onto him, filling her throat with his meat. “You fucking gorgeous little slut,” he panted. I briefly glanced up and saw Shelley looking James right in the eye, and I knew what that look meant – I knew what she wanted next. And so did he.He stepped back and pulled Shelley up and around the bed, shoving her down on all fours at the end of the bed aggressively as he moved behind her, pushing her dress up over her hips. He started finger fucking her for a few moments from behind, making her groan heavily, then pulled her up towards him, running his hands all over her before grasping her dress between her tits and fiercely ripping it open, tearing it off her body. She gasped as he did so, clearly turned on by his forcefulness, and tilted her head back to snog him. Then he pushed her back down onto all fours again so he could fuck her doggy style, his strong build dominating her sexy little body.“So you want to get fucked, yeah?” he asked, before she nodded in agreement. Her back arched in ecstasy as he thrust his massive cock all the way up her creamy pussy. Michelle and I watched as he fucked her hard, her whole body rocking back and forth as his cock penetrated her.As they fucked, Michelle took my cock in her hands and firmly massaged it, teasing it with her tongue for a few moments before sucking it deep into her mouth, sliding her lips up and down my shaft. Groaning with pleasure, I reluctantly pushed her head away.“I’m going to make you cum first,” I said, pulling her on top of me. She guided my prick to the entrance of her juicy hole and slowly pushed me inside her, groaning as she felt me stretching the walls of her throbbing fanny. While Michelle slid up and down slowly on my cock, I watched James thrusting his tool frantically up Shelley’s pussy, urging her to cum for him. She moaned and gasped as her slot tightened and throbbed around his dick.“I’m going to spunk into your beautiful cunt,” he groaned. But before he could, Shelley pulled herself away from him, panting in exhausted pleasure.“Sorry, James,” she said, “but I really want to see Michelle get fucked by both of you at the same time. I bet she’d love to have a hot cock up her arse at the same time as having one in her pussy.”

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