Shadow of a Doubt Ch. 08

Big Dick

Chapter 08 I tried to smile back at all the excited faces surrounding me. I mean honestly, the last thing I felt like was a lingerie and toy party. What I needed was a glorious body-wrenching orgasm, a cuddle, and a blissful, long sleep. I was pretty disappointed I wasn’t going to get an early night. I was sitting on a single sofa chair in the lounge room of my house. Around me was a semi-circle of ‘munch’ friends, women who were all members of our ‘lifestyle’, as it’s called. I had other friends too, and very good ones, but the things Johan and I got up to were not on their usual list of dinner conversations. If they knew the sorts of things we did, they’d think I was crazy and disown me! They just don’t understand… But this group was way different. We talked openly and explicitly about anything and everything. I’d known each of them for at least a couple of years and without them I’d have gone crazy. But they’re also like terriers with a bone. Once they had hold of something, they just won’t let go, and the more embarrassing the better! So anyway, there I was, in the middle of this group of smiling and giggling girlfriends. I was still dressed in my tiny white cotton skirt and little pink tank top and I was covered in salt and bits of sand from the beach. With my curly blonde hair dishevelled, I must have looked like something out of Shipwrecked. Someone put a marguerita in my hand and thankfully, it was delicious. Olga, the one who usually arranged these parties, stood up and squealed as she spun around. The silk baby doll outfit she was wearing flared out from her hips, revealing I wasn’t the only one in the room not wearing panties. Or the only one that shaved! “Don’t you just love this outfit? I’ll be taking orders later!” “Olga, you certainly will be taking orders, if you don’t sit down and let Shannon relax for a minute,” said Martelle firmly. We all giggled and Olga pouted. “I’m sorry, I’m just excited. That’s all,” she said, sitting cross-legged on a cushion. “We can tell!” cried Fi, causing everyone to laugh all over again. For some reason they all seemed as nervous as I was. “Okay, okay. Let’s all relax, have a drink and settle down. There will be a lot of flesh on show tonight,” Martelle said, looking right at me. “I’d like to see a little decorum.” “And so would I,” said Helen quietly, her eyes flashing. Helen was one of the other Dommes. A beautiful woman who tied her straight blonde hair in a very severe ponytail, she was about thirty-five, and ten years older than me, but didn’t look like it. Her eyes were cat-like and she was very serious but also very sexy-looking. It was also common knowledge she was strict, lesbian, and ‘between submissives.’ She sat back in her chair, quietly sipping her drink through a straw with a wry smile on her face. I realised my knees were about an inch apart and she was glancing between them. Snapping them shut, I averted her eyes and pleaded with Martelle, “May I have a really quick shower, please?” “In a few minutes, Shannon. We are all very excited to hear about your day,” Martelle said and chuckled. She flashed a wicked smile that said she knew what I’d been up to. I sighed and blushed, and my stupid nipples started to harden. Throwing back the last of my marguerita, I put the glass down on the coffee table in front of me. “Someone refill that,” directed Helen. “I’ll do it,” said Olga happily, standing and twirling the baby doll outfit all over again. “Olgaaaaa!” cried all the subbies. She just giggled and grabbed my glass, bending right over in front of Sandy and wiggling her tush. Sandy smacked her bare ass so hard it made a loud ‘crack!’ noise and everyone laughed as Olga walked out pretending to be chastised, her eyes dancing. Martelle and Helen just looked at each other and shook their heads. Georgina, the last of the Dommes, asked Sapphire, her submissive, to help Olga refresh the drinks. She rose soundlessly, following Olga into the kitchen. Sapphire was the youngest of us subbies, and she had the slimmest, longest legs of anyone in the room. I glanced across and saw Georgina’s eyes following her hungrily. Even Helen could barely tear her eyes from Sapphire’s little bubble-butt as it swayed in her tight, low-rider jeans. Everyone else sipped their drinks and watched her enviously. She and Olga soon returned, Olga with my refilled glass in one hand, and a new pitcher of margueritas in the other. Sapphire carried another pitcher. I was glad I wasn’t driving. They refilled everyone’s glasses and I started to relax, no doubt due to the tequila, and the fact that everyone was chatting and I wasn’t in the hot seat. But of course that wasn’t going to last long. About ten minutes later, Martelle interrupted the chatter. “Okay everyone, I know you are all pleased to see each other, but I am still very interested in Shannon’s day, and I think the rest of you will be too.” I blushed all over again and dropped my head, shaking it behind my blonde tresses. Everyone immediately realised something was up. “Well???” “Come on, we want to hear!” “Yeahhhh… what did you do?” My best friend, Leah, leaned up from where she knelt and ran her hand over my hair, whispering, “You’re among friends here, Shannon. No need to be bashful.” She smiled into my eyes and I thought she was the nicest friend I ever had in the whole world. I leaned against her hand a little and took a deep breath. At that moment she reached out and gave me a wrenching nipple twister that made me gasp! Well, I was out of my seat and tickling her in about a second. I moved so quickly that in moments I had her pinned to the ground with my knees on her elbows. She squealed, “Let me gooo!!! Let me gooooo!!!!” Everyone cracked up laughing and I think even Helen was smiling. Leah is really ticklish so I didn’t tickle her for too long or she’d have been in tears. She really hates it too because it makes her so wet. No one else knew that, but they all were a bit surprised when I leaned down and apologised, kissing her softly on the lips. When I let her almanbahis şikayet up, she climbed back onto her cushion, breathing as hard as I was. “Okay, no more time wasting,” said Martelle, though she was smiling too. Sandy piped up in her little voice. “Yeah, I want to hear about Shannon’s day!” “Okay, okay,” I said, leaning back in the chair and sighing heavily. “I’ve had a day I’ll never forget.” I bit my lip and glanced at Martelle. “Oooo, do tell then!” cried Leah with a smirk. “What happened?” Fi asked, smiling. “What did that horrible Johan do to you?” “Well, it wasn’t so much what he did to me,” I replied. “It was more what he made me do.” “Oooo, like what?” asked Denise, always the inquisitive one. “This is so embarrassing…” “Why? What did he make you do?” whined Sandy. “Well, first he made me take my toys and put them in the glove box of the car.” “That’s not very exciting.” “I had to carry them in my hands!” “In the driveway?” Leah gasped. “Which toys?” I nodded. “My butt plug and my dildo! I was so turned on by the thought of being caught, I was literally um… you know, making a mess.” “You were dripping,” corrected Martelle. “Um, y… yeah. God, you guys, I’d barely shoved them in the glove box before a school bus drove by. It was so embarrassing, and so exciting. Anybody could have seen.” “And then what?” asked Leah, enthralled. “Then we drove to the beach.” “It was an interesting drive, wasn’t it?” asked Martelle. I blushed and nodded slowly, wondering how little I could get away with telling. I could feel my nipples screwing into little points. “We took the Mustang,” I began. “Oooooo, I love that car,” piped up Fi. “Was the top down?” “Yes,” I replied, continuing. “And Johan made me um…” “Go on. We’re all friends here,” urged Leah. “I know, but I’ve never done adventurous stuff like this. It was hard enough doing it, let alone telling you all about it while I’m still hot and bothered.” “That’s her good girl talking. Someone get her another marguerita,” said Amy-Lee, giggling. Leah refilled my glass and I threw it back with a flourish, almost immediately feeling the colour rising in my cheeks. “Woohooo! Johan better watch out tonight!” said Fi, laughing. I giggled too. Oh, what was the use? They were going to get it all out of me eventually. I may as well just get it over with sooner, rather than later, and then we can get this party over with and then… “He made me kneel up in my seat facing backwards and slide my plug up my ass!” “Oh my God!” cried Leah, giggling. “He didn’t!” “Yep. And I had to wear it the whole time I was at the beach!” “No way!” cried Sandy, doubling over backwards. “In a bikini? God! Was it a thong?” shrieked Amy-Lee. “YES!” “What about sand?” asked Fi. “Ouch.” “I don’t like things in my ass,” said Sapphire. “Except my tongue. Right, little one?” Georgina said, tugging her hair. Well, everyone’s jaw dropped and we all looked at Georgina with our mouths open. She never said stuff like that, at least not when I’ve been around. Then the deathly silence was broken by unrestrained laughter. Poor Sapphire went redder than I think I’ve ever been and we were all apologising, but oh goodness the tears were rolling down our cheeks. Georgina was even chuckling and I thought I could see a little blush in her cheeks too. Soon enough we all settled down again and Martelle asked to see the bikini I wore. “Um… I don’t have it on,” I replied. “You don’t? Where is it?” she asked, smirking again. “It’s in the beach bag,” I said, blushing and thinking about how scandalous they’d all think it was. “I’ll get it!” said Leah, who took off for the kitchen and was back in a flash. I rummaged through the bag and found the bottoms, holding them up between my fingers. “That’s not a bikini! That’s tissue paper!” laughed Olga. “I’d buy that as lingerie!” said Denise. “You can see right through it,” added Leah. “I can’t believe you wore that on a public beach.” “I know!” “Weren’t you embarrassed?” asked Fi. “God, yes,” I managed to say. “Between wearing this and being plugged, I was pretty far gone for most of the day.” “But you don’t have it on now, do you? So what happened?” asked Martelle again. “I took it off. In the car park!” “No way!” cried Leah. “Oh, my God! Shannon!” laughed Amy-Lee. “Add one butt plug… instant slut!” giggled Denise. We all cracked up again and I think the margueritas were doing their job. I was starting to feel much more relaxed. I was even starting to enjoy being the centre of attention. Like I’d done stuff others hadn’t. It was kind of fun! “I think you left something out,” said Martelle. “I did?” I asked innocently. “You didn’t actually wear your bikini bottoms to the beach, did you?” “No, Ma’am. Oh, my God. You won’t believe this! I had to hang them from the mirror all the way to the beach, and when we got there, I had to ask this hunky young surfer guy to help me put them on!” “No way!!!! I don’t believe it!” squealed Fi. “Johan made you do that? Oh, my God!” laughed Leah. “It was so exciting. I was shaking like a leaf!” “And where did you go after the beach?” Martelle asked mercilessly. “We um…” I whispered. “We went to Ernie’s.” “That’s a strip club, isn’t it?” asked Leah. “Yep.” “I’ve never been to one before,” said Denise. “Me either,” chimed in Amy-Lee. “I have, it was fun!” squeaked Sapphire. “But did you dance there?” I asked, grabbing back the spotlight. “Don’t tell me you danced in a strip club?” asked Martelle, with a wicked grin on her face. “Naked?” “Um, no. I um, I didn’t take off my clothes.” “So you danced in a strip club, but you didn’t strip.” “Yes, Ma’am.” I blushed. You see, I was dressed just like this and had my plug in my um, my ass. It was nasty and hot but strangely tasteful and safe.” “Safe?” “Yes, Ma’am. I wasn’t ready to take my clothes off in front of strangers.” “I see… Well even so, I can’t see how it could have been a very good dance, without taking off your clothes. Why don’t you show us?” “Oh, do I have to?” almanbahis canlı casino I whined. “I’m all sandy and salty and-” “I said, I’d like to see the dance please, Shannon,” asked Martelle, frowning. I gulped and stood up while Leah went over to the stereo, giggling madly. She turned it up loud and I blushed scarlet. “Give her some room!” Martelle called out, and the subbies all scooted backward on their cushions. Fi even pulled the coffee table out of the way. “Dance! Come on!” urged Martelle, starting to clap. Soon they were all clapping and I sighed and started dancing. I was shimmying and bumping and grinding and trying to get into it. I even tried some of the moves I’d seen the other girls do. I had to put on a good show or they wouldn’t believe I danced at Ernie’s, let alone danced sexy and had money thrown at me and that woman wiped a fifty over my wet cunt and stuck it in my mouth and… The music was thumping and my imagination was kicking in as my friends’ wooohoooed and clapped in time with the beat. Leah turned down the overhead lights in the big room and turned one of the wall lights on me and was almost like I was back there. I wished I had a pole! Squinting through the light as I danced, I saw Leah kneeling next to Martelle. Martelle leaned down and whispered something in her ear. Leah then tapped Debbie on the shoulder and pointed at me, saying something I couldn’t hear. Debbie looked up to Martelle and nodded slowly. Then she stood up and walked between Sapphire and Fi to join me on the ‘stage’. I was wondering what was going on as Debbie slipped her arms around my waist and pressed her breasts into mine. In moments we were swaying together and bumping pubic bones. Her hard nipples rubbed across my chest and when they caught on mine, I purred. It felt so good and I was wishing I’d seen two of the girls from Ernie’s dancing together so I would have known what to do. Catcalls started again when I slid my hands down from Debbie’s hips onto her ass and pulled her into me. When Sapphire whistled loudly, I stuck my tongue out at her. She had always playfully said I was wasted on a man and she winked at me like she always did. I was distracted by a movement in her lap and realised she was stroking her pussy while watching us! I couldn’t believe it. She was being more brazen than I was! A thought hit me like a train. She was doing it because we were turning her on! I was just about to say something when Debbie kissed me insistently, devouring me with her sucking and licking mouth. Her hands groped my ass too as we ground against each other. I swooned in the arms of another woman for the first time in my life. Her skin and hands were soft and she smelled divine and God, she could kiss. She gripped my ass tightly and pulled my legs either side of her thigh. Her skin was as slippery as my wet little cunt in moments and I groaned as my eyelids fluttered. I was starting to get really turned on and tried to focus on my friends, wondering what they would think if I came right in front of them. I was almost there. With one hand, Debbie turned my face to kiss me again, but before she did, I saw Fi blushing and Leah licking her lips. Licking her lips? Oh my God. In my fantasies, I always hoped it would be with Leah. Maybe she always wanted to do this with me too? Debbie’s mouth consumed me again and my thoughts faded into oblivion. She kissed so aggressively and yet softly, it was demanding and she did this thing with her tongue that made my mind swirl. My clit was crushed and throbbing and I flexed my thighs, grasping Debbie’s thigh between them and squeezing even tighter. She wedged one hand under me from behind to keep a good grip and I was so wet her fingers pushed straight into me! “Ohhh, Goddd,” I moaned into her neck as she firmly took my breast in her other hand and pinched my nipple hard. I was seconds from coming when the song stopped and everyone stood up and cheered wildly. Gasping for air, I couldn’t believe I had juices running down my thighs all over again. Once the cheering died down, Debbie gave me a peck on the cheek and left me standing there on wobbly legs. “Go and have a shower, Shannon. You must be feeling very dirty,” Martelle said. “She can’t help it, she’s a naughty girl,” said Leah, returning to the group after turning down the stereo. “She dances in strip clubs!” Sandy squeaked. Everyone giggled as the lights came up. “Leah. Take her,” directed Martelle. I swallowed as Leah approached and took me by the elbow. Olga placed fresh margueritas in our hands and Leah led me upstairs. I was getting so smashed I was glad I had Leah to lean on. We entered the main bathroom and she fixed a shower for me. After slipping my pink top over my head, I wormed my skirt over my hips and kicked it at the laundry basket. “Leah, is there anything going on I should know about?” I asked, standing by the shower and cocking my hip unsteadily. “Uh huh! It’s going to be your job to help Olga demonstrate the toys. It is a toy party, remember?” she explained, turning me around and pushing me under the freezing cold water. “Ahhh!! Leah!!” I squealed and squirmed. After that I didn’t get a word in edgeways. She grabbed shampoo and washed my hair thoroughly. She was so fast, working without regard to my comfort. I had to shut my eyes and mouth to keep the lather out of them. She rinsed and rinsed and the icy water flowed over my body, invigorating my skin. Then she scrubbed me firmly from head to foot with a scrubbing brush. She was really rough but very quick and the only thing she said the whole time was, “This is for your own good.” I must have looked like a drowned rat, standing shivering in the shower cubicle while Leah grabbed a thick fluffy towel. She soon had me buffed dry and sitting in front of my vanity. She brushed my wet hair and tied it in a ponytail and it dripped down my back. She put blush on my nipples and they puckered. “Put your hands behind your back.” I looked at her in the mirror. “Why?” “Because Martelle told me to cuff almanbahis casino you. I also remember Johan telling you to do as Martelle says.” Leah crouched down and I didn’t resist as I felt her attaching fur-lined leather cuffs to my wrists, clipping them to each other. “Please, Leah,” I said desperately. “This is me talking. Your best friend!” “Stand up,” she said, ignoring me. “Let me take a look at you.” I did as she asked, pushing back the stool with the back of my calves. “Leah? Please?” She paid no attention, dropping to her knees and attaching matching cuffs to each of my ankles. It was really weird looking down at her, sitting back on her ankles and gazing at my pussy with a satisfied look on her face. I could feel how wet I was and tried to hide it by squeezing my thighs together. It wasn’t a good move. She stood and put her hands on my shoulders, looking me straight in my eyes. “Shannon, I’ve been wanting to see you like this for so long,” she said, sliding her hands slowly down my arms, almost to my elbows, then back up again. “I think we all have.” “Who? I… I mean, why?” She glanced down, a lingering glance that meandered back up to my eyes. I felt more than naked. She whispered, “Because you are so fucking untouchable.” She reached out and drew a nail around my nipple. Mesmerised by her forwardness, I watched as my nipple lengthened and hardened, little bumps rising on my areola. “Ohh…” I gasped involuntarily. “Look at you. You are fucking gorgeous, Shannon. And you don’t even know it. Oh, you know you are pretty. But you are so reserved…” Resting her fingertips on my hip, her touch was so light, and so gentle. She whispered breathlessly, “You have the prettiest pussy I’ve ever seen, honey.” She reached up with her other hand and gently rolled my nipple as I held my breath. She licked her lips before continuing. “I think all of the girls downstairs have, at one point or another, wondered what you might be like.” She plucked each nipple firmly, making them throb. “Ohhh…” I breathed. “I bet every one of them has wanted to see you naked. Except maybe Fi.” She smiled. “She’s the only one who doesn’t admit to being at least… bi-curious.” “Are y… you bi-curious too?” I asked quietly, wetting the inside of my dry mouth with my tongue. “Well, I’m Shannon-curious.” “I… I’m Leah-curious,” I whispered. She smiled and leaned into me, slipping her arms around me and pressing her lips against mine. My mouth opened to her gently caressing tongue. She was sweet and mmmmmmm… God, I’d never been kissed so gently. Her soft hands held my hips and I could feel her nails pressing into my skin. It was all I could do not to moan aloud as my pussy gushed. My nipples ached and my legs felt weak. “Oh, Leah, please…” I breathed. I wanted to ask her to make me cum, but I just couldn’t do it. Wasn’t this wrong? “Please what, dirty girl,” she asked, flicking her eyes downward then stepping back and pointing. “What’s this? Have you made a mess of yourself?” Shamelessly she reached out and ran her fingers through my glistening cunt. “Ohhh…” I moaned, unable to think. I pushed my hips forward, trying to follow her fingers but they were gone. My mouth was open and my face felt hot. I watched astonished as her fingers came up to her mouth. She hesitated for just a moment, then slid them into her mouth, closing her eyes and moaning softly. I barely had time to swallow before she had withdrawn them and winked at me. “I’ve always wanted to know how you tasted,” she said. “And now I know.” I almost asked her if she liked it. God, I was so horny. “Come on, let’s go,” she suddenly decided. “But my clothes?” I protested. She took me by the elbow, guiding me out and down the hall towards the stairs. “What do you need clothes for?” she asked mockingly. “And how is Olga going to demonstrate the toys for us if you’re wearing clothes?” Leah giggled. It suddenly struck me that I was about to be naked in front of my friends for the first time in my life. At the top of the stairs, Leah stopped and turned me toward her. “Now you just be a good little submissive and do as you are told. You’re good at that, aren’t you Shannon?” she asked, smiling deviously. “Yes, Leah,” was the only thing I could think to say. Everyone would know I was turned on straight away. My nipples were so hard and my thighs were shiny with my juices. It was utterly obvious and I was breathing hard, adrenaline pumping through my veins as we started down the stairs. I had no idea how they might react. The coffee table was back in place and everyone was relaxing, chatting away. It was like the dancing had never happened. Under my breath I cursed the air conditioning as my nipples screwed tighter. On the low table was a vast array of toys, and Olga stopped rearranging them as we entered. Leah guided me to the edge of the group and I looked at the floor, peeking through my lashes. They all stopped talking to look at us. “Shannon says she would be delighted to be involved in the demo,” she announced, releasing my elbow and taking her cushion, leaving me standing there. “That’s wonderful,” said Georgina, looking down at Sapphire kneeling beside her. “Isn’t that wonderful, pet?” “Oh, yes, Mistress,” she replied, giggling. “What are you doing?” Martelle asked evenly. As one, they all turned to look at me. “Huh?” I mumbled unintelligently. “Do you have ants in your pants?” Martelle asked seriously. “I um,” I said, hesitating. I didn’t want to admit to anything! “She isn’t wearing any pants,” Leah teased. They all giggled and I blushed, biting my lip. Smirking, Martelle nodded in my direction. “She seems to like being naked.” They all looked me over, nodding and commenting on my body. I was so red I must have looked like I was about to explode. Eleven sets of eyes, and they all looked hungry. I’d never seen that look from a woman before. Not like this. Not like… prey. My world folded in on itself as I looked from face to face. Even Fiona had a strange look in her eyes. Her gaze was riveted between my legs and I looked down. Oh, my God, I thought. My clitty is sticking out! Hot humiliation prickled my skin. I was shamelessly turned on in front of them. Olga stood and handed out brochures to everyone but me. Instead she gave me a kiss on the cheek.

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