Sexual encounters 1


Sexual encounters 1It started when i was 16 years old when this tall goodlooking married Australian jock type followed me everywhere i go inside the shopping mall. I wasn’t even attracted to guys that time but this guy exudes sex appeal thats hard to resist that made me question myself that time.. after some few uncomfortable talks while walking, he just suddenly invited me to come with him in his car but asked if im okay with it cos eventually he needs to go back to his family which got me pressured..but he was so goodlooking that its hard to say no at all. When we got into the car, he got my left hand and put it on his leg far from his crotch but I’ve felt a hard bump that got me nervous cos as i guy though it is my first time with a guy in that weird situation i kinda know its a hard on but still second guessing cos its so unbelievably long and big to think it his dick.. i Was guessing its a bottle of perfume but I didn’t notice earlier.. So to my surprise.. he just kissed me and said he was attracted to me.. and then he opened his jeans güvenilir bahis And pulling it out with difficulty from his tight jeans.. to my surprise its the biggest cock ive seen, its like the same size of my forearm when it got really hard.. I remember he said im not sure if its 11 or 12 inches with no sign of being cocky and arrogance to it… he drove right away heading to the motel.. he said he’s very horny since his wife just got operated and cant have sex that’s why he picked me up, he said no sex for more than a month that he’ll go crazy. i got offended initially but he said regardless he is horny or not, he will still follow and woild like to know me… he’s the type of guy that you’ll be mesmerized with his charms goodlooks esp when he talks, manly sexy bedroom voice.. inside the motel room, he started to undress his shirt as he said just do nothing.. he undressed me slowly and closed my eyes, he hung my clothes and he came up to me still wearing his jeans but his cock is already out as it cant fit when he got fully engorged. güvenilir bahis siteleri he opened the zipper and its so sexy as he wasn’t wearing any underwear, as if im seeing a pornstar come to life with his hairy muscled defined chest, flat stomach, strong hairy log like legs, sexy forearms, big biceps, chiseled hot manly face.. and ofcourse… the unbelievable big and long cock hanging in between his legs…. he treated me like a girl kissing all over my body as i can feel his ginormous cock touching me everywhere as I resisted myself from touching it though it got turned me on, i still find it weird and a bit uncomfortable with what’s happening.. he said if i wanted it inside me but I replied with a clueless answer.. saying what do you mean? he said, is this your first time? I nodded saying yes and said no wonder you are uncomfortable.. he said definitely you are still a virgin.. he asked me to turnaround and he put his body on me… inserting his enormous cock in between my legs as i said what are you doing? Replying don’t worry, iddaa siteleri i will not fuck you, i assume you dont also suck as i can tell you look straight and barely touching my cock as he said im the first guy he met that barely touched his cock at all to the point he thought im not into him and not interested at all.. He said relax and said he’ll just slide it in between my legs as if he is fucking, adding.. make sure to squeeze your legs if you can.. so he did the dry humping in between my legs as im trying to squeeze it but its painful, his cock is so hard and long going in and out but I didn’t complain as i hear his grunts, voice gets excited and got me horny in that moment.. eventually, I started to feel my legs a bit wet thinking from our combined sweat.. he said, he already came but he still want to continue as it felt good… he cummed 3x, my legs were drenched in his cum…. it kinda amazing seeing that kind of amount of cum coming from just one guy… it’s exaggerated like porn that its so surreal that i didn’t believe it can be really happen.. i got home with a smile on my face imagining of everything that happened… I jerked off 3x prior to cumming once after he came 3x… we kept seeing each other for 3 more years till they finally moved out in the Philippines..

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