Subject: Sexual Adventures chapter 24 TRUE SEXUAL ADVENTURES By Rev. Jesse Penfield Gibson, MDiv, DMin DISCLAINER: The following are based on true experiences. It consists of consensual sexual experiences between consenting adults, including barebacking and other unsafe practices. All episodes are homosexual between gay men. None involve romance of any sort. For the most part they are random encounters. If this offends you, stop reading. If you find homosexuality erotic, I hope you enjoy. Complaints, compliments and comments to ail Please remember to donate to Nifty to keep the stories coming TWENTY FOUR Fucking the Same Guy Three Times Island House, Key West I drove down this time. It was incredibly fucking stupid. The airline reservations got fucked up. It’s a long story. I drove, that’s the important bit, and it took five fucking hours from Vero Beach. It was after 2 when I got there and frustrated as hell. US 1 is mostly two laned for 126 miles through the Keys and the average speed is probably 45 mph. The scenery can be spectacular but it is in the aftermath of Irma and the destruction was incredible too. I had big plans. Go work out, be back for the pool party. That didn’t happen. I’m a litle too jazzed from the drive to take a nap, even though I am tired, so I figure I can burn off some of that in the video lounge. There is a guy in there, not bad looking, stroking his cock, looking at the porn. I go and look the situation over. ‘Mind if I suck your dick?” I ask. Might as well be direct. I wanted to suck his dick. I assume he likes having his dick sucked. “That’d be all right” he says. Well, fuck you, I guess. Don’t sound so excited. It’s a blow job, ass hole. You can cream in my mouth. Since this guy isn’t the point of the story, I’ll just say that I did blow him and drank his cum. With that, I head back and take the nap I deserve. I wake up, naked and hard. There is porn on the TV of course. For as long as I am here, the TV only plays porn. But I am still horny so I head back. It’s a litle ways, up past the outdoor jacuzzi and around and I have an erection that the towel barely covers. Later in the week, I’ll just go naked and hard, unconcerned but it takes a little while to get to that point. That first pass, nothing. So I grab my book, sit by the pool. Unfortunately, Irma has sheered away a lot of the foliage and the poolside is much less shaded and lush but that’s it for damage. Eventually the pool party starts and I get a free drink, flirt with the host’s, chit chat but I’m not into it that much. Plus, it is pretty subdued, which should be a hint for how subdued the week is going to be. Mainly I am just horny. I don’t mind getting groped in the pool and last time it happened a lot. Of course, it was busier then and a friskier crowd. But, it is what it is and we are in paradise and in the most sex positive gay place imaginable. If you can’t find what you want, you’re not trying. So, the wind blowing and just a bit nippy getting out of the pool, I go by the room to pick up some Astroglide silicone and head off for the red room. This time, there is a guy there. Hispanic, probably Cuban. Shorter than me but fit, about the same age, mostly bald and the rest shaved back. He is reasonably sexy. He is naked and he is hard. These are good signs. I go inside and plop down on the bench opposite. I spread my legs and stroke my dick. You sense the vibe pretty quick. I want him. He’s hot enough and I haven’t had sex in 4 days, other than giving the one blow job. Neither of us are watching the porn on the monitors above us. I am looking at him and him at me and we are both hard and stroking it.One of us will have to make a move. I would. I have no problem with it. I am queer. I have been on my knees many times. He isn’t overly hung and is uncut and I figure I would let him fuck me if he wanted. But then he gets up and comes toward me. He is on his knees. My dick goes in his mouth. It is a more than competent blowjob. I will say that. It felt pretty fucking right. Which, let’s face it, blowjobs do. At this point, I am okay with dropping a load down his throat. Definitely okay. But, he has his own designs. ‘Fuck me in the ass” he says. I smile. “Yeah, okay” I say Yeah. I will fuck you in the ass. Since I was here in July, they have changed the orientation of the padded platform in the center of the room so that if you are draped over it, your ass out, it will be pointed toward the entrance. tuzla eve gelen escort I think the change a bit problematic. It’s cool if you are a take all comers bottom waiting to get plowed. But this guy goes to the other side and drapes over the platform backwards. Not that I think he wouldn’t take most cummers but whatever. At this point, I am pretty fucking horned up and there isn’t much foreplay. Not at all. I grease up a finger and ram it in. He’s not super tight. He’s been fucked many times, I figure. It’s about to be one time more. I grease up my dick and get behind him and ram it in. Well, okay, goddamn. That does feel good. ASs fucking is great. It is part of why straight people don’t like us, the ass fucking. But most straight males, if given a chance, would love to ass fuck a chick. So it’s hypocrisy anyway. None of that matters because I am banging the shit out this guy. As I hump him, I give him a reach around and stroke on his cock as I pound on his ass. About half way through, an older guy walks in and sits down on the bench right at the platform to get a good look. I don’t give a shit. I am not shy. I certainly don’t stop fucking just because somebody walks in. “Oh yeah. Nice, Niiice” he says with a faint trace of a Cuban accent. He is bouncing back on my dick, trying to get me in harder and faster, trying to be a power bottom I guess. I am cool with that too. It’s skin on skin and I am going to town. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, nice, nice” he groans I speed up. Harder and faster now. He is hard in my hand as I tear up his ass. He bucks back against me. We have to get the rhythm going so we can both be pleasured. I know the pleasure is building within me as I wail on it in his ass. In a wave, I feel it coming on. Greater and greater urgency and then it is time to shoot. With a gasp, I unload on him. I cream his ass. I lwan over him, give him a peck on the cheek in thanks and then grab my towel and my small bottle of lube and head out. That should have been it. I don’t see him around the pool or on the sundeck. But I wasn’t looking for him either; it’s just that sometimes you see someone you fucked and have a conversation later. For instance, that week I blew the hotter of a married couple even though before and after we chit chatted in the pool and pretended nothing happened. So, this guy was just a guy I fucked. It has no greater significance than that usually. A pump and dump and that’s it. We didn’t pledge our love to one another after all. On Monday, before happy hour and the free drinks, I head for the video lounge to see if there is some trouble to get into. It was empty but I decide to hang around for a while and see what happens. For a long few minutes, nothing. But then an older guy, distinguished looking but not one I am that into, enters the room. I figure if nothing better happens in a few minutes that I would let him blow me. He sits on the bench opposite me. I have it out and hard, stroking it. He opens up his towel and begins to jack. Just then and not 2 minutes after that my little bottom from yesterday enters the room. He goes immedately the cross bench at the head of the room. He spreads out a towel and lays down on it, ass up. I recognized him from before and figure him to be a total bottom and I know where this is headed. I stand up and walk over there, slapping him on the ass. He looks up at me. I don’t know if he recognizes me but I am naked and he likes what he sees. I play with his butt hole. A little teasing. I rub on it and barely get a finger in and pull it out. Just playful. Then a finger in and another. Foreplay doesn’t take long. He is a bottom and looking for fast hard and anonymous sex. It ain’t for love. He stands up and heads over to the platform to get in position to get fucked. I decide I am going to eat his ass. He’s cleaned out and bottom’s usually like it and I figure I ought to give him as much pleasure as he is going to give me. Besides, be a fucking fag. Rim some. Eat some ass. I am going to fucking enjoy plowing his ass. I want him to enjoy it too. Ass tastes like nothing. Well, that’s not true totally. There is a metallic taste. Either way, I have my tongue at his honey hole, trying to get it in past the sphincter. “Oh yeah” he purrs. I keep going. He’ll let me know when he’s had enough and wants to get driven. Until then I eat ass. I am eating him and giving him a reach around as our audience of one spanks his monkey watching tuzla otele gelen escort us instead of the porn on the monitors. I don’t care. If you are having sex there or in there for the multimedia experience. then you have no right to complain about people watching you fuck I figure. Besides, my bottom is hard as I stroke him, my tongue pushed back against the sphincter. He wants it now. He crawls up on the platform for me to fuck him. I push my bare dick into his hot hungry hole. All the way in. “Ohh, niiice, nice” he says in a soft chant as I have mounted him up and am fucking him hard. I reach around again. Still hard. “Ohh fuck” I say as I fuck him hard and fast. He is rocking back and too, trying to get me further up end ihim. “Mice, nice, ooohhh nice” he says, his hispanic accent an bit more pronounced. Yeah, it is nice. Nice as fuck. I mean, fucking a man, no questions asked and no excuses given, should get you a medal.I pound on him as he bucks back onto it. You can hear the slapping of our bodies coming toghether. Now, the thing is that it is cool and I was enjoying it but it was also early in the day and I don’t want to cum just yet. So I am going up to the point where I need to stop before it is too late, suck the maximum of pleasure out of it but edging, not too much. And that moment is too soon. A couple more hard stokes and that was that. I pull out. I slap him on the ass and lean over to kiss him. “I wish we were at home and I could get in the sling” he says I take it as a compliment to my fucking skills. I think at that point, I didn’t really realize that he wasn’t a guest but was here on day passes. In retrospect, I should have taken up the hint of invitation if for no other reason than a possible certain hook up in Key West. Oh well. As it happened I had more sex that day and night, eventually getting fucked by one of the Nathans, a trio of boys there separately, but all in their 20’s. I didn’t get the sexiest one of them or to break in the newbie but my Nathan was fine and he fucked me fine. The next day, again in the afternoon, I made a lazy day run into the video lounge, as usual to just see what was going on. Well. My man is bent over the platform and a thick bear, taller than me and stout but muscular and perhaps my age or little older, is going to toun on that ass. The room reeked of sex, that musky, sweaty, odor that has a hint of semen in the air and the noise of their bodies coming together slapping filled the space. I don’t mind a show and who knows? Maybe this guy blows and I take his place. I don’t mind sloppy seconds or sloppy thirds. It is what it is. I sink into the bench right at the platform and undo my towel. I am hard. The guy looks over at me, perhaps recognizing it or me but perhaps not. Doesn’t matter. He is getting what he wants and I am going to stroke myself a little until the situation clafifies itself. The stout man has stamina. I mean fucking stamina. He pounds on it, hard and hard and hard and on and on. Bam, bam, bam. I stand up and get to the edge of the platform. The bottom opens up and I push my cock into his mouth. His ass is hot but his mouth is fine. Even with a suboptimal angle, he is quite the cocksucker. As I say, I am okay with this arrangedment. Whatever happens, happens. Then the stout man gives him three or four hard slow savage strokes and then pulls out. I figure he came. I don’t make a move immediately and the stout man sits down on the bench opposite. After a long minute, I figure the ass is open for a new cummer. So I get behind him and mount up. The stout man may have cum but his still hard sitting there. It looks like we are going to trade off. That’s cool. I fuck him slow at first, just to pace it but pick up steam. Stout man is watching me as I fuck him, stroking his thick cock, not super long, but meaty and big around. The kind of dick a true bottom craves. I don’t sense that he is impatent for me to leave or begrudges my cock in that ass. I figure we are all the same, if an orgy happens so much the better. I know I am not going to cum, not yet. We are going to let this play out for a while. I fuck him hard and savagely. “Oh, nice, nice. Niiiicce” he says, again bucking back. “Oh baby, feels nice” “Oh fucking hot hole” I say. “Two men to fuck your hot hole” ‘Baby fuck me hard” So I do. He likes it too. Muttering about how nice it is, we are in a groove: he bucks back and I drive it in. tuzla sınırsız escort Slap, slap, slap. Another man comes in. He sits on the bench next to the platform and begins to stroke it. It’s a nice sized dick from what I can see in the low light and he is lean and fit, probably around my age. Nice. I began to feel more than the usual good feeling of a dick in an ass, the feeling of an impending orgasm. It’ll take a while, a couple of minutes to come to fruitation but it is unwelcome. I stop and pull out. As I do, I put my hand on my hard cock to stroke it. There is at least one load up in there all ready as my dick is all cummy as it comes out. Stout man was on the on-deck circle. He is now up to bat. Pop and in it goes. Slap, slap, slap. Groaning and grunting. I head around to where the new meat is and sink in next to him. Without speaking he reaches up and takes my dick in his hand. I reach over and take his in mine. Well, this has possibilities. He only lets me stroke him a short time before he takes back over. But he continues to stroke my cock, nice and slow, just enough to stay hard and in the mood. Then I lean over and take it in my mouth. He rubs my hair as I blow him. But that lasts for a few minutes before he gently moves me away and takes over stroking his own cock. Stout man is fucking the bottom good. But as I take over on my own dick, he pulls out. I nudge the guy next to me, the guy with the glasses on. “Go on” I tell him. “Go for it” Stout man jerks his head too, encouraging him. Glasses isn’t having it. “I’m more of a bottom” he says very softly. Okay. Two tops and now two bottoms. This might get interesting. However, for right now, there is a bottom in position and no top in his ass so I get up to do my duty. I slide it in and just go to town. After several minutes, Glasses gets up and lets the bottom suck him. So, this is good. He is warmed up and getting involved. I fuck him for 5 or 10 minutes, long enough that I need to quit for a minute. Stout man is there to take over. I move over to where glasses is and start groping him as he gets sucked off. I have a bottle of silicone lube on the bench and I get some, smearing it on my hand. A finger goes in between his butt cheeks. Right to the sphincter. I play with the butthole. He isn’t stopping me so I go a little farther. One finger in. He gasps. He likes that. Two fingers. Still not stopping me. Soon a dick I think. I guide hin to the head of the platform. It is easier for bottom to suck him there. I get behind him, push his legs apart. No protest. Bend a little at the knees. Then, my hard cock gets in between his buttcheeks where my finger has been, pressed up against his butthole and then through it. Tight. Not super tight. Not virginal. But not wore out either. Feels good. “Aww fuck” I groan. “Fuck” He is silent. I move slowly back and forth, a little wiggle and back. I have my hands on his torso as my dick is in his ass, fucking him slowly and gently, the bottom on the bench swallowing the manhood as stout man fucks him. A four way. An honest to God fourway. Fuck. Both me and Stout man fuck our respective asses for a nice long clip, him hard and me more gentle. But I sense that stout man wants to switch and have a go at the new meat. I understand that and he has done me a righteous by being so willing to share. It is working out for all of us. I pull out and head around as Stout man goes the other way. I may have been gentle to Glasses but Stout Man isn’t. Not by a fucking long shot. He sodomizes him roughly and begins to fuck the ever loving shit out of him and he was right and I was wrong. Glasses loves it. That drives me fucking crazy, horned up and fucking hot as fire. I really start pounding my bottom too. By now, nobody is speaking. It is grunts and groans and that’s it. And the sound of bodies coming together. And stout man is close, I think. He has the O face. But Glasses, his cock still in the mouth and a big thick dick in his ass, is closer. He unloads into my bottoms throat but that doesn’t stop Stout Man, even if he is aware of it. He fucks the shit out of him. “Aww Fuck” He yells and then starts shivering all over. I laugh. It is too cool. But I still have work to do and I am close too. I pound away, harder now, the blood boiling, knowing that they have gotten off. “Goddamn” I groan. I mean goddamn too. Goddamn hot as fucking shit and it has me turned on. I pound him, harder and harder. It builds and there is nothing quite like cumming in an ass as your hips buck. It is so much more satisfying that jacking off. And I think I am going to die, die from the pleasure of it. Then, boom. I dump my load to join whatever others there are. “That was fun” I tell him. I get my shit and go. That was the last time I saw him.

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