September, Chapter 2


Meg stretched her legs out along the length of the hammock. ‘I really need to get some sun on those legs,’ she thought. College was done, over. She had returned home last night and was taking advantage of the quiet of an empty house. Everyone was gone running errands, working and she had the place to herself.Unless you have lived the dorm life you have no idea what “alone” means to a person. No more sharing a bathroom, no more listening to techno music whether you want to or not, no more listening to the roomies down the hall fight over dirty dishes… again!It felt good to be back home. She’d missed this old hammock. For the past four years, she had never had enough time when she was home to relax. It was always a rushed visit before heading off to a job or, if she was lucky, an internship at the Smithsonian.Down at the bottom of the garden, her hammock was a secluded spot. At this time of year, the smell of the star jasmine filled the warm air. The drone of a motorboat out on the creek lulled Meg into an almost nap. But her thoughts were circling around one thing… what next?It had been four years ago when she and her two best friends had come to this spot to say goodbye before they went their separate ways for school. It didn’t seem strange to her that her best friends were boys. They had all met as high school freshmen. Not being jocks or cheerleaders, they formed a friendship based on shared interests. As they weathered the storms of teen angst they grew close.That last evening Meg had raised the idea that the three of them could lose their virginity together. They trusted each other and this would be a safe and loving way to check off that milestone.It had been a wonderful and satisfying experience for all three. But over the past four years, there had never been an opportunity to repeat it. Holidays were filled with family events and summers spent working, sometimes out of town. And, though no one wanted to admit it, they shared a reluctance to try to recreate what seemed to have been almost a dream.Meg had lovers while at school. None were serious, more of a diversion from the routine of professors, projects, and papers. One of these diversions had been memorable. Jerome was an exchange student from the islands. His golden-brown skin and his lilting accent enchanted her. He was also a very capable lover, practiced in all the things that would make any woman weak with desire.She asked once, as they lay relaxing almanbahis şikayet on the futon in her rooms at school, how he had become such a skilled lover. “There are not many ways to make a living back home,“ he said. “But cruise ships would dock and many unaccompanied women would debark looking for… excitement.”He went on to explain that most were older, widowed or divorced. There were also young ones looking for an exotic hook up before settling down to their middle-class lives back home. The men of his island soon learned that a good living could be made just by offering to show these women the sights. They were polite, respectful and a soft touch here or there would suggest a more private tour, if ma’am so wished. Needless to say, the more skilled in pleasuring a woman you were, the more tips you would make.As he spoke he stroked her hair. She lay resting against his chest. Soon his hands were softly moving the collar of her shirt aside and sliding down to her breasts. Small circles drawn with his fingers around her nipples soon caused them to swell and harden. A tweak, a twist then Jerome moved to kneel in front of her.He unbuttoned her shirt, kissing her lightly with each button undone. Using both hands he lifted and squeezed her tits till the nipples stood out bright red. Taking one in his mouth he sucked and bit just enough to make her sigh. Meg began to twist and wiggle where she sat. She was getting wetter by the minute.Jerome never expected her to return touch for touch. He insisted she just simply receive the pleasure he gave her. He moved on to the next nipple that had felt neglected. Then he pulled her to her feet and slid her jeans down to the floor. The lacy panties she wore stood no change against his searching hands and fingers. They were soaked through, anyway!As they stood body to body Meg suddenly giggled. “Am I doing something funny?” Jerome asked.“No,” Meg replied. “I was just remembering a phrase from English Lit. Marlow, I think, about the ‘beast with two backs’. I never could picture it but now I know what he meant!”Jerome lifted her to the edge of the bed and lay her down, legs dangling over. His fingers parted her swollen cunt lips and stroked them from bottom to top. When he reached her clit, he gave it a flick. Meg groaned and her breathing became rapid and shallow. He inserted his fingers into her and drew back some of the dewy moisture that had soaked her panties. His cock almanbahis canlı casino was now at full staff. It was long AND thick, a combination not often found. And it stood straight up pointing to the skies.Before he could enter her, the daydream vanished. Meg was back in her hammock and so hot. She quickly undid her shorts and thrust a hand down to her cunt. Yes, she was wet. A touch and she would come! One finger circled her clit. It was hard and swelling, begging for attention. Another finger, down inside her cunt. Yes, there was that spot. Working from within and without her cunt, Meg brought herself to a crashing orgasm!Later, she would be grateful for the noise of the motorboat out in the creek. ‘At least I didn’t scare the fish!’ she thought.oOoStretched across the backseat of a friend’s car, Alex let his thoughts drift. Four years. What next? He was glad he had not formed any romantic attachments, had no tearful good-byes that might hamper his decision making about his future. He had the offer of a job with an environmental studies consortium. Not exactly a nonprofit but close.But before he made any decision he wanted to talk things over with Meg and Greg. Hadn’t seen much of them… parties at their parents, quick coffee before going off to summer jobs, at the reception after…One afternoon in October of his sophomore year, Alex was called to the Dean of Students, not someplace students were often summoned. It was in her bright, sunny office that a gaping hole was made in the fabric of his life. His older brother, Fred, had been killed in Afghanistan. His hero, fighting a war that had been going on since he had been in kindergarten, died when an IED went off under his jeep. He had been on his way to help install a generator in a small village. That would have given the villagers enough electric power to run a refrigerator and a modem for internet access.It seemed that the whole town was there for the memorial service. Meg and Greg came home from school to be there beside him as he shook hands with dozens of people. And when he looked as if he might pass out, they each took an arm and steered him out into the warm fall afternoon.When he returned to campus most of the girls he knew seemed to feel he needed physical affection. He really didn’t want the attention. He never knew when there would be a knock at his door and a girl with wine, smoke, and condoms would be there. But despite his grief, almanbahis casino his male instincts were stirred. Was this disrespectful to his brother? A few sessions with the counselor helped him see that Fred would take no offense at his little brother receiving comfort from willing females.This went on for about six weeks. But then the female population must have decided they had extended enough comfort and, after all, it was getting close to finals.One of these comforting sessions was very enlightening. This particular young woman, Sally, stated that she wanted to help him in his sadness but she was a virgin and intended to stay that way till her wedding night. She offered an alternative.“Have you ever had anal sex?” she asked. Alex had, of course, heard of this, but never done it.“It’s really great for people who want to have fun but still stay a virgin. Do you want to try it?”It started out in the usual way. Deep kissing with dueling tongues; touching all the sensitive places; clothes discarded. When both were naked and both were obviously stimulated, Sally took a tube of lubricant from her bag.“Here. Rub some of this on that beautiful cock of yours,” she said, handing it to Alex.Alex did as instructed but then stopped. “What about you? How are you going to get anything out of this?” he asked her. He argued, “I don’t like having you just service me. I want you to enjoy it too!”“Ah, that will be taken care of. Just follow my directions,” Sally replied.She turned over onto her hands and knees with her ass lifted up. “Take some lube and make my asshole slick. Spread it all around and even down inside. Now slide your fat dick in slowly. Not too fast! Give me time to adjust.”Alex did as he was told. He was amazed at the tightness. It was almost painfully tight but the lubrication allowed him to penetrate her right up to his balls.“Now, I want you to reach around me and finger my pussy. Nice circles around my clit. Feel how hard it is? Take your other hand and spread my pussy lips. Yes, just like that. Finger me up and down, circle the clit. “Alex could feel her wetness as he stroked her cunt. He wasn’t sure if he could move while in her ass but Sally soon began to rock back on his dick herself so he began pumping in and out.It took only a few strokes in that incredibly tight ass for him to explode what seemed quarts of come. When the room stopped spinning, Alex’s dick slid slowly out of Sally’s ass and he lay on his back waiting for his heart rate to return to something like normal. He felt a warm washcloth on his limp dick. Looking up he saw Sally sponging off his private parts. The warm cloth felt good on his cock and balls, “The Boys,” as he referred to them!

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