Secret Lives Part Two. Chapter Four.


Over the next week, Dave noticed a sudden and dramatic change in Brittany but he had no idea what to make of it. Brittany had gone from looking despondent and only talking when it was necessary, back to the excitable chatterbox she had been when she was younger.Some people didn’t like this aspect of Brittany’s personality and people who didn’t really know her often made the mistake of thinking she was a bit of an airhead. The reality was that she was just excited by life. It was one of her personality traits that Dave loved the most. She seemed to have an unbridled enthusiasm for new experiences and was genuinely excited about things that others found mundane and boring, it was also one of the things that made her love her job so much. It was the thing that Dave had missed the most about her lately.He didn’t want to question as to why, all of a sudden, she had returned to being her old self because he was afraid she might get upset and that was the last thing he wanted.Lately, he had gotten into the habit of coming home from work and sitting in the car for a few moments to collect his thoughts before going inside. He had the expectation of the same old routine that they have had for months but today isvecbahis was to be different.He was surprised to see Brittany waiting at the door for him with a big smile. She was looking like a glamour model in the dress he had bought for her a year ago that she had only worn once since. He thought he had done a good job surprising her with it and to be honest she looked drop-dead gorgeous in it and it really showed off her sexy legs.She had obviously spent some time getting ready, her hair and make-up, not that she ever wore much, was perfect. He must have been staring because she laughed and waved him in. He stepped out of the car and couldn’t take his eyes off her.“Come on Dave. You need to get dressed up, we’re going out.” He racked his brain trying to figure out what event he had forgotten. Anniversary, birthday, He couldn’t think of anything.“Where are we going?”“Out. It’s a surprise, now go get ready.”As he walked through the door past Brittany she slapped his ass.“Come on, go get naked and get that sexy ass in the shower.”He had to laugh but this was just so unlike Brittany. In fact, this was more like her friend Lisa. Not that he minded, this was a vast improvement from the disinterested isveçbahis giriş Brittany of late.She was chattering away about which restaurant they were going to as he hopped in the shower. She hadn’t really hung around while he showered since they were teenagers so it felt a little awkward. He started to soap up his body and she went quiet, put the lid down on the toilet and sat there and watched him washing. He felt almost like he was putting on a show for her and the thought excited him a little. His cock twitched in response and Brittany let out a low purr of approval.Suddenly he felt really self-conscious so he turned around to rinse the lather off.“God, you’ve got a sexy ass, Dave.” Dave laughed as he turned off the shower. Before he could stop himself he asked her, “What’s gotten into you today? Not that I’m complaining.”Inwardly he cringed; worried that he may have burst the bubble of happiness that had sprung up around her.Brittany smiled and thought to herself that Lisa had definitely gotten into her but what she said was.“Not you…..yet.”She winked at him and handed him his towel as he stepped out of the shower. He felt himself begin to harden again. He loved it when she was feeling isveçbahis yeni giriş flirty. He reached the towel up to his head to dry his face and hair. As he covered his face he felt Brittany’s small hands delicately grab hold of his semi-hard cock.Brittany couldn’t keep her hands off him. The whole time he was drying himself she was running her hands over his body gently touching different, sensitive parts of him. Dave was thoroughly enjoying himself in spite of the fact that their lovemaking recently had been mundane and routine, almost clinical. He was enjoying the fact that Brittany was actually turning him on without any other agenda and she seemed to be getting pretty turned on herself. There was no greater aphrodisiac for Dave than to see Brittany getting turned on.He stood before the mirror with just the towel wrapped around his waist as he lathered his face to shave. He had always preferred to shave with a razor, he owned an electric shaver but he always felt he needed to shave again ten minutes after shaving with that. He was not a vain man but he did like to look his best for Brittany and he was a little proud of the fact that he was still in good shape. Admittedly this was mostly due to the fact that his job was very physically demanding; that and good genes certainly helped. A lot of his friends from school were now developing beer bellies but Dave just never got into the whole pub scene and thus avoided it.

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