Subject: Scoutmaster, Mr Conroy 4 This story is a compiled fantasy story of my scout days with the scoutmaster I had the hots for. Please, if you like this story or any of the ones you’ve read on this site make sure you donate. Let me know how you liked this story at ail I awoke from my sleep feeling a light but wet kiss on my shoulder. I then arched my back and drive my ass to his groin. I could feel his hard dick pressing against my tight ass. Moaning I didn’t want this to stop but I asked “what time is it?” Mr Conroy responded saying “early enough we won’t get interrupted like yesterday.” “Oh good I responded. I don’t want this to end.” I said back. I wiggled me ass against his cock and he moaned. As I wiggled his cock feel right into my ass crack poking the hole. I moaned when I felt his cock push against my hole, “oh yes daddy Conroy. I want you inside of me.” He held me tight and started to kiss my neck from behind. He was kissing me all over until I rolled over so I could kiss his back. Tongues were swirling and our cocks were rubbing against each other. I reached down and grabbed his cock. I started to stroke it and said “I want you to fuck me. Please daddy Conroy.” He replied. “We will get there. Let’s just enjoy this. And let me get you ready.” “Ok” I replied. With that we went back to kissing. He kissed me lips and then my neck. Making his way down to my nips. He continued to kiss my body all over. I had an instant erection and was so horny. I needed this so badly. He kissed my belly and then made his way down to my thighs. Kissed and licked my thighs and gave me a nice long lick from my balls to my cock and cleaned up the precum that was drooling out of my cock. I thought he was going to take my cock into his mouth but instead he licked back down to my balls. Then his tongue didn’t stop going down. He lifted my legs and continued going toward my ass. His tongue reached my hole and it felt incredible. I let out a glorious moan telling him I approved. And he must have gotten the message because he didn’t stop there. He was swirling his tongue all around my hole, up and down my crack. He stopped. Came up gave me a kiss and then told me to get on my hands and knees. I did not question anything and immediately got on all fours. He moved behind me and started rubbing my asshole with his fingers. He then spread my cheeks and dove down with his tongue again. He was getting my ass all wet and then I felt it. His tongue dove into my ass. He shoved it as deep as he could and then back out. I let out another incredible moan and was moaning “don’t stop daddy Conroy. I want this to never end.” He continued to lick bursa escort and please my hole and that’s when I felt it. His finger was pressing into my and next thing I know I could feel it inside of my. He shoved it deep, down to his knuckle and then brought it back out. Then did it again. And again. Pretty soon he was pumping my ass with his finger. Soon I felt a second one enter. I moaned in pleasure and in pain. “Daddy” I moaned. “Stop it hurts.” He replied. Just relax. You will get use to it. And I will add more lube. I felt a drop of spit fall onto my ass and his fingers. They started to slip in a bit easier and all of a sudden something switched. There was no pain and it started to feel amazing. “Yes Daddy Conroy. Finger my ass. Oh it feels so good. Don’t ever stop.” I was moaning and playing with myself slowly. I couldn’t take this. I wanted more. I needed more. “Please fuck me daddy. I want your cock in me. Oh daddy Conroy. Fuck me please.” I pleaded. Next thing I know there is a third finger entering my hole. And his tongue is tickling the outside lubing that third finger up. I couldn’t take it anymore. I thought I was going to explode. I needed his cock. After a few minutes of him loosing up my right ass he pulled his fingers out and I just moaned “yes fuck me now.” I was on all fours. I felt him behind me and he slapped my ass with his cock. He then said “turn around and lube my cock with that hot mouth.” I turned and immediately took his cock into my mouth. I sucked on it and sucked on it. Tried to get it nice and wet. I was trying to get all 8 inches into my mouth and throat. I tried to relax just like Daddy Conroy said but I gagged, making Mr. Conroy moan. “Keep that up and my cock with be wet enough.” He said. I kept trying to take that hairy 8 inch cock down my throat and and gagged a few more times. I looked up and him and he knew I was ready. He pulled his cock out turned me around and dove his tongue into my ass one more time to get it nice and wet. He slapped my ass again with his cock and then I felt the head of his penis in line with my hole. I was so ready for it. I slowly backed onto it because I was so horny. He told me to be careful because this is bigger than his fingers so it might hurt a little. I felt the tip enter and it wasn’t bad. And then he pushed it in a little further and I felt it. I felt the stinging pain that came next. I pleaded with him to stop and he told me to just relax. It will get better just like the finger did. I took a deep breath and relax he told me to push out my ass and as I did his cock slowly crept further into my ass. I again cried out please stop and he assured me I was bursa escort bayan doing that. It was just from me pushing my ass out. I wanted it but it hurt so bad I began to pull away. And he said “don’t pull it all the way out or we will have to go through this pain again. Just slowly ride it back in.” And I did. I began to push back and his cock entered me again. I could feel my ass stretching as he said “ok let me do the work. Be patient and relax it will feel good.” I stopped moving and felt him slowly fuck me. He spit on his cock as he pulled out and got more lube on my ass. He pushed back in. Slowly he started to get in a groove and all of a sudden I felt it hit the spot. I moaned and said yes. Don’t stop. It had finally moved from pain to pleasure. And with that assurance Mr. Conroy picked up the pace slowly. I could feel him moving in and out of me quicker. “Oh daddy. Daddy Conroy this feels so good. Keep fucking me. Yes.” I moaned and moaned. I reached down and took my cock in my hands and started to yank my meat as I had 8 inches of meat inside me. I knew I was taking it all because I felt Mr. Conroy slow down and push into me harder. I moaned and then I felt his pubes against my ass. He bent down gave me a kiss on the back and said “you have all of me inside you now. Do you want me to keep going.” “Oh yes daddy. Mr. Conroy fuck me and fill me up. I want your cum inside me. I want you in me and don’t want you to leave.” I responded. He started to fuck me again this time picking up the pace. He was fucking me and we were moaning in sync. “Oh daddy Conroy. I’m gonna cum soon.” I said He moaned back “yes son shoot your load. Give it to daddy. Oh God you are so tight. This is the tightest ass I have ever add. Oh God son.” He fucked me and kept going and I didn’t want this to end. He took my hands off my cock and brought both of them behind my back like I was in handcuffs. I had no control. He held both of my hands with one hand and wrapped the other around to fondle my balls. Oh yes son. I’m not going to last much longer. Oh God.” He bent down and kissed my back and I reached up and pinched his nipple with one of my hands. “Oh yes son. Keep pinch. Oh God. I’m gonna Cum. I can’t last.” He plunged deep into my ass and moaned “oh son. I’m cummming. Take it. Oh yes. You are so hot. Oh fuck. Son. Yes take my cock.” I could feel his load filling me up and the warmth dive into my ass. I moaned back. “Yes daddy give it to me. Fill your son up. Yes daddy. I have wanted this for so long. Oh daddy. Give it to me.” His cock soon started to deflate he pulled it out and I could feel some cum escape with my cock. I reached escort bursa around and wiped the cum up with my fingers and brought it to my mouth. I picked my fingers clean and flipped over so I could be in my back. My hands plunged to my cock and I started to Jack off. He quickly hit my hands away and took my hard cock into his mouth balls deep. He then enter to fingers inside my ass as he was sucking my cock. I was moaning and pulling his hair and he bobbed up and down on my cock and fingered my ass. Next thing I know he started to wiggle his fingers and I couldn’t hold it in any longer. “Oh daddy Conroy. Oh fuck I’m cumming. I can’t…” and my cock twitches in his mouth and shoot my load deep down his throat. He sucks me clean as I am convulsing from my orgasm. My cock becomes sensitive with the sensation and him sucking begins to tickle me. I pull out of his mouth and he looks up at me and I down at him. We smile at each other and he comes up and starts to kiss me. He has my cum in his mouth and he shares my own cum with me. “Oh daddy.” I say. “That felt amazing.” I hope we can do that again. “Me too son. Me too.” He responds. “For now though let’s gets cleaned up before the other campers awake.” He grabs his underwear to clean his cock and I push his hand away and go down a lick the sticky cum off his cock. I lick it clean and he laughs and says “that works, as his cock starts to grow again, don’t get me to excited because we don’t have time this morning to have round 2.” I give his cock one last lick and then kiss him one more time. I take my underwear to clean my ass from the cum drooling out of it Mr Conroy slaps my hand away pulls me to him and dives back down with his tongue and licks my ass. He laps up all the cum that drooled out and I let out one more moan. Mr. Conroy spins me around and kisses me again. We both let out a sigh of relief and smile at each other. I look at him and ask if this can happen again. He said “don’t you have merit badges that we can work on together.” And gave me a wink. Maybe at my house. With that I smiled and said “What about your wife and son Timmy. Won’t they be around.” “We will just have to do it when they are around. Won’t we.” He replied. “Yeah I guess so. Unless we want your son to join. He gives me fantasies as well. Probably because he looks like a younger version of you.” “Ok now son. Don’t go to crazy. I don’t know if my 16 year old son would go for fun play like that.” “Ok. Well as long as I get to kiss you again daddy and have fun like this with you naked. I will be satisfied and I think you will too.” “Yes. Now let’s start packing up. I think I am starting to hear other campers rustling around. So up and at um” I look down and my growing cock again and say ok done with some laughter in my voice. He gives a chuckle and says oh son. And kisses me one last time before he leaves the tent.

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