Sandy, Mommy and boyfriend Pt. 03


Rink pulled up just after 3 PM, ready for his fuck dolls. He was carrying a backpack, and he had some surprises in store. Since his hotboxed high schooler Sandy, and her very fuckable Mom Joanne, had displayed their cunt licking talents on each other, time for the next step. He had a stiff, hard 8-inch strap on dildo and harness, and they were now going to fuck each other. He also intended on taking Sandy’s last vestige of virginity, he was going to pop her asshole cherry. The thought of breaking open her tight bunghole made his cock throb with lust.

He entered the bungalow as if he owned the place, which in a way he did since he felt that he owned the two fuck dolls that lived here. In Joanne’s bedroom, Sandy and Mommy were both naked, legs up and spread apart, their cunts all shiny and horny with their natural lube. Rink was pleased to see his fuck dolls were more than ready to be fucked.

“Mommy, over here! Got a little surprise for you.”

Joanne quickly did as she was told, and soon, she had the dildo and harness secured around her, the scene looking a little surreal. Here was this 45, real hot looking Mommy, her blond hair was cut in a short shag, nicely framing her face, her tits were enormous, and stuck out like eggplants, her hips, nice and wide, but not fat, her ass was awesome, nice and shapely, and her long legs tapered down perfectly, with a stiff 8-inch dildo rising up from between her legs.

“Mommy, you will now get the pleasure of fucking your hot daughter’s tight teen cunt! You are going to ride your hotboxed daughter!” Turning to Sandy, he said, “And you baby, it’s time you lost your last bit of virginity Your hot Mommy and I are going to double fuck you after I pop the asshole cherry you have!”

Sandy felt a bit of fear, the thought of Rink’s hardness opening her tight asshole. Still, she knew better than to object, Rink would make sure he had his way, she only hoped he’d be as gentle opening her ass, as he was when he popped her first cherry.

“OK baby, on your hands and knees,” Rink ordered.

Sandy did so, trembling a bit. Rink noticed the tremble, and even though he was hard and demanding, he would go slow, he was not going to rape the ass of such a willing, and horny bed partner.

“OK Mommy, you come over here, lick and finger your daughter’s tight hole, get her relaxed and loosened up a bit.”

Joanne quickly did as she was told, she could see her daughter’s tight little asshole, and she felt a bolt of pleasure as she lowered her head, yalova escort and ran her tongue along Sandy’s tight hole. She could feel it twitching with excitement, and she licked at her daughter’s tight asshole again and again.

Sandy was almost in orbit, the exquisite sensations were shooting through her, making her cunt a sizzling, bubbling cauldron of lust. She gave out little gasps and moans of pleasure as her Mom lovingly licked her asshole. The sensations of that sensitive tight hole left her speechless. She felt her Mom apply a finger, and push gently. She worked on relaxing, relaxing, and she felt her tight sphincter relax just a bit, and Joanne slid her finger inside Sandy’s tight hole. Her Mom gently finger fucked her tight asshole for a few minutes.

“OK Mommy, let me take over! I’ll tell you when to join in!”

Getting behind Sandy, and lubing up his stiff cock with KY, he placed his cock head against the tight hole. Grasping her hips, he started to very slowly enter her. His thick head popped inside, and Sandy hissed at the initial entry.

Rink paused, and he stroked her back, and whispered, “Relax baby, just relax, I’ll go real slow.”

Sandy was somewhat surprised, she was seeing a softer side of Rink, he’d always been so forceful and demanding, basically ordering her to do things, but now, he was being a very considerate lover.

Sandy worked hard, on relaxing, relaxing that tight sphincter, and she felt it loosen. She nodded, whispered, “Yes, keep going,” and Rink worked his cock into her tight ass, inching slowly up her tight virgin cling.

Sandy could feel twinges of pain, but they were not unbearable, and she grunted, “yes, yes” as he entered her tight back door. With a final push, his 9 inches were buried deep up her chocolate tunnel. Rink held the position, letting Sandy’s tight asshole adjust to the stretch. The initial pain of entry was fading quickly and Sandy felt a rush of lust, her boyfriend had popped her last cherry, he was the one that had busted all 3 of her cherries, and her asshole was throbbing, but it felt so damn good, and she was eager to be fucked up her ass.

“Yes, oh yes, fuck my ass Rink, it feels so good!” Sandy whispered.

Rink did exactly that, sliding his stiff prick in and out. Sandy’s hole was oh so tight, and Rink grunted with pleasure at the extra tight hug around his shaft. After a minute, he stopped, time for Mommy to join the fun.

“OK Mommy, come and join us,” Rink instructed, “Lie down below your daughter, yalova escort bayan Sandy, you lower your cunt down, then slide your hot cunt down Mommy’s stiff dildo, ride her while I fuck your asshole, and enjoy your first double penetration fuck!”

Sandy was more than ready, her cunt had become a raging volcano of hot lust, and she felt that if she didn’t get something long and hard to fuck her cunt, she’d go crazy.

As Joanne got into position, Sandy grasped the hard dildo, lining it up, and she impaled herself, sliding down that hard, stiff shaft. She grunted with pleasure as she sank down to the hilt. As she began to ride her Mom’s stiff dildo, Rink started to fuck her ass again. Rink’s cock was rubbing against Joanne’s hard dildo through the membrane that separated them, Sandy’s body was shaking, she’d never felt anything as good as being double fucked, the dildo and cock rubbing against each other deep inside her was out of this world fantastic. She could feel Rink’s cock swelling up tight, ready to explode.

Just before he did, Sandy howled, “Oh my fucking god, I’m cumming, oh fuck, fuck, yes, yes, FUCK YES!!”

A scream of raw sexual pleasure tore out of her throat, filling the room. Her cunt was spasming wildly, and her asshole was throbbing, clamped down on Rink’s cock. Rink grunted as the spunk streaked up his shaft, and he exploded, his cock buried deep up Sandy’s tight asshole as his cock pulsed wildly, gushing a thick flood, losing a huge load up Sandy’s tight dark backdoor.

After Rink had pulled out, he ducked into the bathroom to wash his cock and balls off. Returning to the bedroom, Joanne and Sandy made room for him in bed, and then cuddled in next to his side. Rink was very comfortable, it had been a tough day at the factory, and for the first time ever, he dozed off with his two fuck dolls cuddled against him.

Rink awoke with a start and felt the hot wet mouth around his cock. He reached down, caressed the short shag haircut of Joanne, as her mouth glided up and down his stiff shaft. He looked to the right, saw Sandy standing with hands on hips, the stiff dildo strapped around her hips, a teasing smile on her lips.

Before Rink could even say a word, Sandy barked, “Mommy, time for you to get a double fuck! Rink, I want you to fuck my Mommy’s tight ass, then I’ll ram the dildo up her, and we’ll double fuck her! Rink, you lie back and watch, as I get my Mommy’s tight ass loosened up!”

Rink lounged back, starting to enjoy the new scene. Sandy escort yalova had learned from Rink, how to be demanding and ordering, and now, she was using that knowledge to orchestrate the scene, and Rink was cool enough to know a good thing when he saw it.

“Mommy, on your hands and knees, right now!” Sandy barked.

Joanne quickly did as she was told, and getting into position, Sandy could see the tight little pucker of her Mom’s asshole. The knowledge that she was going to lick it, finger it, and let Rink fuck her ass while Sandy fucked her Mom’s hot cunt was beyond exciting, and Sandy quickly lowered her head down, her tongue snaking out, and licking up and down the tight rim of Joanne’s ass. Sandy felt a zing of pleasure at doing such a naughty, forbidden act, and it just made her want to do it, over and over. Which she did, her tongue licking at the tight rose-shaped pucker of her Mom’s backdoor, again and again.

Joanne was almost delirious with pleasure, having her ass rimmed was a pleasure beyond measure. She felt her daughter worm her finger in and gave a grunt of pleasure as her daughter buried her finger as deep as possible, pulling her finger back, she gave Joanne’s tight ass a finger fucking. Joanne could feel her pussy steaming, full of heat, and she was so ready to get a DP fuck.

Sandy ordered, “Rink, get over here, and plug my Mommy’s tight asshole!”

Rink was happy to do so, and soon his lubed-up cock was slowly sliding up Joanne’s tight ass. Having had her ass fucked by Rink the other day, she was a bit easier for Rink to slide into. The fact that Joanne had been ass fucked before didn’t stop the second penetration of her tight rose-shaped pucker any less exciting, and Joanne grunted with pure pleasure as her asshole was plugged with Rink’s 9 inches, right to the balls.

Sandy quickly slid under Joanne, and with no need to tell her Mom what to do, Joanne quickly impaled herself on the stiff dildo, grunting with pleasure as the 8 inches slid up her. Her cunt had become a raging, soaking torrent of lust, and Joanne was almost wild, she needed her brains fucked out.

Rink started to ream out her tight ass, buggering her back door as Joanne rose and fell on the stiff dildo. Again Rink could feel his cock and the dildo rubbing against each other, and his cum quickly reached the boiling point. Joanne was letting out wordless cries of pleasure, and she just let out a huge, lust-filled scream of pleasure. Joanne’s cunt exploded, clamping down and spasming wildly around the stiff dildo. Rink felt the tight clamp of her ass on his cock, and he felt his cock respond, the hot semen bursting out, and flooding Joanne’s tight back passage as he lost his load deep inside Joanne’s tight ass.

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