Sally’s New Life- Chapter 11 – Harriett’s Sunday Lunch Invitation (Part One)


Sally climbed into the passenger seat beside Sarah. Both started to talk at the same time as they had a million things to say.Sarah could see that Sally had been crying so she gave in and let her new Little Mistress speak.Sally summarised in a few brief sentences the main happenings of her day at school.She was shocked and visibly distressed when Sarah told her that she had been caned by Mrs Higgins that morning as soon as she returned from delivering Sally to school.Sarah made little of it. “Ah it was okay my dear Sally, she did it in my bedroom and not in the kitchen where she usually punishes the staff. She believed me when I said that I was certain that Hilda had deliberately hidden your books and she will be watching her extra carefully for a while. She gave me twelve and I shouted a lot but really it was nothing like as hard as she normally canes.”Sally took Sarah’s hand and squeezed it. “Still, I’m very sorry darling Sarah.”Sarah grinned broadly and squeezed Sally’s hand back saying. “It’s okay, I needed a reminder, she left me alone for quite a while after.” Her grin broke into laughter which Sally understood immediately.As soon as they got home, Sally hurried to the study room. She had a lot to finish off for tomorrow. She had found the inspiration she needed for English and got quite lost in what she had been writing so nearly jumped out of her skin when she heard her aunt’s voice approaching from behind.“Here is my daydreaming niece.” Sally got up immediately and turned to face her aunt. Addressing her respectfully, “Good evening Ma’am,” then added, “Oh good evening Mrs Lee, I thought you’d be well on your way home by now Ma’am.”“Good evening to you Sally dear. Your aunt very kindly asked me to stay a little longer and as my husband will be delayed in the US, I gladly accepted her kind invitation. How was your day at school dear?”“Let the evidence speak for itself, Girl. I have had reports from both Mrs McDonald and Mrs Higgins about your behavior today. Lower your knickers, lift your dress up over your waist and bend over the back of your chair”.Shelly had already witnessed the submissiveness of the young lady but was nonetheless amazed by her lack of resistance in having to humiliate herself in front of her aunt and practically a stranger. Within seconds, her host’s instruction had been carried out and the girl was doubled over the chair, nude from the waist down.“Spread those thighs Girl, you know very well how I want you to present your bottom.” Saying so, Harriett inserted her palm between Sally’s upper thighs and exerted sideways pressure. The Korean lady sucked in güvenilir bahis a breath. She had of course witnessed last evening’s caning but this was so much more severe. From the upper buttocks right down to the thigh-tops was a mass of parallel deep red and blue tramlines.Harriett was smiling broadly as she fondled the punished orbs. None too gently either as the girl moaned in pain as her aunt pinched some of the tender folds between thumb and forefinger.“I must compliment Mrs McDonald on a job well done. The girl deserved every stroke. I am relieved that I put her in charge of the school. “She unceremoniously took a full handful of scorched bottom flesh and squeezed hard. “Will you delay getting to school again Girl knowing that if you do, there will be a repeat plus extra for a repeat offence?”Sally screeched in pain and responded, “No Ma’am.”Her aunt relaxed her grasp and then rubbed the abused area.She glanced at Shelly whom she saw was staring at the bottom on display.“Come feel it, Shelly, it’s still warm.”Shelly hesitated only a split second but then decided she would let go of her inhibitions and take full advantage of the occasion offered.“Am I imagining things Harriett or is it even bigger that it was last evening. Has it swollen from today’s trashing?”Her host laughed. “Maybe yes Shelly but it is anyway the most massive bottom I have every seen on a European.”Shelly was now caressing the beaten flesh with nervous fingertips. “Absolutely enormous by Asian standards.”Sally was taking this humiliation without protest. She was just relieved their touches were now soft.She sucked in a breath in anticipation of new pain as Mrs Lee took hold of a handful of her lower right cheek. There was no squeeze, however.Shelly lifted the handful and then filled her other hand with more bottom-flesh from the spot right beside that. She seemed lost in thought, so Harriett offered, “Enormous by any standard on a girl who has yet to reach her eighteenth birthday.”“Yes, Harriett of course but I was thinking something else.”“What is that dear, Shelly?”“I, well, it’s that I would like to.” Her voice trailed off and she blushed.“Like to do what, Shelly? You are my very welcome guest and friend. Anything I can do to make your stay happier, I will very gladly.”Shelly let go of Sally’s bottom, took Harriett by the arm, and guided her a little distance away. Where she believed Sally could not hear, she whispered, “I’d love to take her over my lap and spank her huge bottom for a long time.”Harriett laughed and said in a tone that made no attempt at keeping their conversation private, “Of course, you güvenilir bahis siteleri can spank her, Shelly. She needs a constantly warm bottom to keep her on her toes. After dinner, however, when she has had her cream treatment. Then she can go off to bed with a nice hot bottom that will oblige her to sleep on her tummy tonight while you and I can have a nightcap.”Saying so, she moved back close to her niece and said as if she were speaking about some inanimate object rather than a young sensitive lady, “look here Shelly, she’s sopping wet with all the attention.” Shelly had noticed but had intended to speak about it when they were alone. Now that her new friend and host had highlighted it, she joined in the game. “Oh, do you think it’s all the fondling we have been doing, or is it the anticipation of being spanked later?”“You may get up Sally. Keep your dress up though and face us.”She obeyed her aunt’s instruction red-faced.“Head up and look me in the eye girl.”“Well, answer Mrs Lee’s query please.”Sally was on the point of tears, “I don’t know Ma’am.”“Oh goodness me Sally, don’t talk nonsense. Of course, you know. Do I need to add six with the cane on that enormous bottom to help you answer honestly?”Sally sobbed her response, “It’s everything you and Auntie have been saying and doing Mrs Lee. I can’t help it.”Handing the teenager a tissue Harriett replied, “Good girl Sally. In this house at least, honesty is always the best policy. Now dry those tears, fix your things, and off to your room to get washed and changed for dinner.” Her new and now sole, best friend, Sarah, appeared like magic as she was heading towards her room.As she showered, she reflected on what had just happened. How she had been obliged to reveal her innermost self. In a very strange way, she was almost glad they knew. Then she scolded herself. Of course, her aunt had already known. Her aunt seemed to know everything that made her tick. How on Earth did she? Maybe her own mother had been like Sally in ways that her aunt knew about?Sarah blocked her latest wanderings and literally pulled her out of the shower. During the glorious fifteen minutes or so while Sarah attended to her cane-marks with the special cream, they exchanged the key facts on their days.  Then, as Sarah helped Sally dress in the fashion her aunt required for dinnertime, Sally told Sarah what was about to happen after dinner. “No reason, Mrs Lee just wants to spank me and auntie has given her permission.”As they went downstairs, Sarah said what Sally had been just thinking, ”Mrs Lee is a lot smaller in build than Mrs Higgins so surely iddaa siteleri her spanks would be light by comparison.” It was just her aunt, Mrs Lee, and Sally to have dinner. Small blessings thought Sally.Mostly the conversation was about what the two older ladies had done that morning at the shop and at the factory but then Harriett asked Sally whether she was satisfied that she had done her very best with her assessment preparation. Sally explained that she had not quite finished her English preparation as she had been at 90% there when they had come into the study.“Good girl Sally, then right after dinner you can run upstairs, get what you need and finish off either in your room or in the study. How long will you need?”Sally asked for 30 minutes and that was acceptable to her aunt who then added, “Then back here for our after-dinner appointment.” Dinner had been, as usual, delicious. Despite all the comments about the size of her backside, she could not resist the dessert and then hurried upstairs. While she was gone, the host and her guest had coffee and liqueur. Sally had to push herself extra hard to concentrate on her preparations for the English Mistress. It was difficult to push aside what was about to happen when she returned downstairs, but she reminded herself that matters would only get worse if her preparation was inadequate or that she did not stick to the 30 minutes she had agreed with her aunt.  As she approached their table, the two ladies were laughing which, given the purpose of her return, scared Sally somewhat. Her aunt looked at the time and said, “Well done Sally, you are only two minutes late but given that we were the cause of your not being able to complete your work earlier, I’ll turn a blind eye. Now, let’s not crease that dress, off with it, and bare your bottom for a good hard spanking from Mrs Lee.”She undid the zip and pushed off the sleeves and dropped it to then step out and place it on the chair she had sat upon earlier. Mrs Lee smiled as the girl’s black lacy bra and matching girdle were revealed. She was looking forward to this special experience.  “Let me help you, dear.” Sally came to her and was gently turned as the Korean lady added, “I’ll undo the back suspenders, you can undo the front ones.”She was thrilled by the submissive, “Thank you, Ma’am.” And looked to see that Harriett was also smiling.   Sally pushed down the girdle and knickers and put them with her dress. As she turned back towards Mrs Lee, she did not attempt to cover her vulva as she knew too well that it would cause, at the very least, a reprimand from her aunt. The Korean lady was smiling at her and patting her lap, she had raised her own dress so that it did not get creased. Her purchases with Harriett that morning had evidently included a girdle and stockings as it was over these, she wanted Sally to lay.

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