Rough Misconduct at the Gym


Rough Misconduct at the GymIt was my first job.  It was close enough to the apartments that I could walk, which was good because I didn’t have a car.  It wasn’t the best area, almost run down, and this gym fit right in.    There was no L.A. Fitness around, but there was McDonald’s and Subway and a few other restaurants that I did not want to work.   So, when I was cutting through the nearly empty strip mall and saw the ‘Now Hiring’ sign, I took a chance and went in.  There was a film over the windows, so you could not see inside.  When I opened the door, I was a little shocked.   It was small inside, mostly free weights, a few weight machines, and a few each of treadmills and ellipticals.  The were only men inside there, nobody my age, so it felt a little awkward.  I noticed I was still standing in the door way, with the door open.  I was about to turn around when a man asked how I was doing.   I looked over to the counter, and saw someone you would not expect to own a gym.  He was older, obviously used weights, but he had quite a few extra pounds on too.   He was leaning on the counter with both hands smiling at me kind of made me feel a intimidated. “Hi there, are you coming in for a membership?”I pointed to the sign and said “I saw you guys were hiring.”He looked at where I pointed, then back to me and said, “yes, of course!  What kind of job are you looking for?””Something part time,on the weekends and once or twice during the week.”He just smiled and said “Perfect, I’m looking for someone to answer the phones and help wipe the machines.   Also, On Sundays, we close at 2pm for a good weekly cleaning that I would need you available for.”  As he was talking,  he was not really looking me in the eyes, he was looking me up and down.  Staring at my chest, and my boobs were not even that big. I was not that big for that matter.  5’4”, small frame, not quite skinny, Dark brown, straight hair,and fair skin. He continued “My guess is you are not a weight trainer, but your are welcome to use any of the equipment you like.  As far as I am concerned, job is yours if you want it.”I smiled all of a sudden an said “Yes, I will take it!” so quickly that I got embarrassed when he laughed. “Come on, I will show you around and get you some paperwork to fill out”.   He showed me the equipment.  He peeked into the men’s locker, then waved me in.     He showed me a a small room of lockers, a 3 sinks, 3 shower stalls and a small sauna room. As we were walking out, a man was hurridely walking in, but seemed friendly when introduced.   He was also leering at me, thinking who knows what.   I didn’t really know how to act, but I did like the attention.  I have also güvenilir bahis been a little shiy, and used to hiding in the back and going unnoticed. Next, the women’s locker room was almost exactly the same, just much more cleaner, mostly from disuse.  Then we went into a small office where I filled out the paper work.   We set my schedule for the first week and I left there with my first job!  and…it wasn’t until he brought it up in the office that I would be making $9.00 an hour!.  I hadn’t even asked!After  month, things were pretty routine, Ron the owner was there most of the time.  Ron liked to make embarrassing comments about my shorts, or skinny legs or anything that he could make slightly sexual.   The members were mostly men, so I got used to they way they treated me. Stares, flirting, odd questions just to ask questions I think.   It was intimidating, but also kinda flattering.  Around that time, Ron also hired his friend, Ben, to clean the bathrooms and mop the floors each night after closing.   Ben was kinda like Ron, older, heavier.   However, he was a little creepier.   Sometimes I would catch him staring and smiling at me.  Other times he would just be staring straight faced at me.  That always made me a little uncomfortable, when Ron did, it was like in good fun.  When Ben did it, it was serious.   One of the things Ron always teased me about was how I need to try the sauna out after a work out.  I wouldn’t even shower there, I would usually just change after work, work out, then go home.  Ron was always encouraging it though, and pushing it.   Once Sunday, he wore me down and I finally tried it.I had just finished on the treadmill when Ben and Ron were finishing the gym area.   They both started telling me how good it was for me to sit in the sauna after a work out.   Ron said he has turned it up earlier for me.   So, I finally agreed. and they laughed victoriously.   as I was walking to the woman’s locker room, Ron yelled “Make sure you rinse off all that sweat before going in!”So I did, I felt a little weird, since I hadn”t ever really showered or anything there before.  But I took everything off and showered, then grabbed a towel and went over to the sauna.   It was a big white door with a window at the top, and it was super steamy inside.   It was all white tile, about the size of a long closet, with a bench long enough for about four people.  It really did feel great, so I sat in the corner, put my feet up on the bench with my back against the wall.   It felt so warm, like a steamy shower, I just closed my eyes and relaxed.   That’s when I heard the knock and the door open.  I jumped up to a sitting position güvenilir bahis siteleri real quick, pulling the towel over my chest.  noticing it wasn’t even really wrapped around me, I was only sitting on a small part of it.  I noticed Ben was just standing there staring and smiling.  “How do you you like it?!?”   He asked, standing there with just a towel wrapped around his waist. “It feels good” I managed. Wondering how he could be doing this with Ron out there cleaning.  I felt my body tense up, feeling nervous.He asked “Do you mind if I join you?  I have already scrubbed and shut down the men’s sauna.””Oh…no” I said “Go ahead, I …I was just about to get out.” I say I standing up, trying to wrap the towel around me, I noticed my hands were shakingHe stands in the way, blocking the path “Whats your rush, we just got here?” I look up at him as he said that, not knowing what to  say when Ron opens the door behind him.”Is this man bothering you Claire?” Ron askedI quickly say “No, It’s fine” I say “I was just about to get out though” as I say that, Ben steps to the side a little, and I try to squeeze past.   I turned my back to Ben’s front side.  As I squeezed passed, I felt him pressing into me butt at the same time, I notice that Ron is standing in the way too, also wearing just a towel.   He holds his hands up and says “Don’t let Ben worry you, we just wanted to join you for a few minutes before ending the day” and then, pointing to the bench “Don’t leave me alone in here with this guy” he says as they both laughA little reluctantly, I sit down, and Ron sits to my right and Ben sits down on the other side of me.   Ron starts talking about the show Survivor, which was one of the things we had bonded over.   While talking to him, Ben on the other side kept putting his hand on my knee. I tried pulling it away, but he was holding my knee firm.  When I looked back to Ron, he was looking down at Ben’s hand, then back up to me and whispers “it’s Ok,.  tell me, why did you really want to work here.  You like the attention from all these men huh?”as he asks that, he places his own hand on my other knee.  I didn’t answer, I couldn’t answer, I just sorta chuckled and nodded my head. I had never really felt so powerless, this man held it all.  Ben started sliding his hand up my leg, pushing my towel up.   As I pushed it back down, Ron reached his hand up to squeeze my left breast.  My hands went back to my chest, and they both just kinda laughed and started pulling at the towel.   “Just a little Peek” is what Ron was asking for.   and then “Are you a good girl?”  as I nodded my head and quietly answered yes, they both pulled the towel iddaa siteleri away.  Once it was pulled away, I felt a little embarrassed sitting there naked, so I just kind pulled a leg up, and tried to cover up with my arms.   and they were just rubbing and squeeziing my all over.    Ben grabbed my wrist, and held it down to my side, leaned down and started sucking on my boob, kinda biting it.  I looked over to Ron, and he was just staring at me,  put his hand on the side of my neck and leaned in to start kissing me. After that, things moved quickly, both of them stood up in front of me, and pulled my head towards their cock, their towels on the floor.  Ron start rubbing his hardening cock on my closed mouth.  Then Ben grabs my hair and pulls my face over to him.   I let out a gasp when he did that, and he was the first to push his cock in.   But they both kept sharing,  pulling me back and forth.  Reaching down and grabbing at me.Ben was more aggressive, Ron was more firm.   Ben, with a handful of hair, pulled me up to a standing position.  I was standing between them, with their groping and licking.  Ben reached around to squeeze my ass, then he picks me, holding the top of my thighs, trying to wrap them around his waist.  I  feel his cock on my inner thigh.  I shift around a little, but Ron grabs my shoulder from behind, and he also grabs a leg to steady me. Ben was getting frustrated that he couldn’t quite get in the right position, so, he sets me down, grabs my arm and takes me out of the sauna, into the locker room area where there was a long table like bench.  He pushed me down to on my back and he basically falls on top of me.   Once he was between my legs, he quickly pushed his way in, fucking me furiously.   I look away from him and see Ron standing there, stroking his own cock and watching.   After a minute or two, Ron tells Ben to get up, Ron climbs on top of me and he pushes in to, though not as quickly as Ben, Ron was pushing in hard, as if he liked the gasps and moans when he pushed in.  Ben was commentating, telling him to fuck me harder, and saying what a good little slut I was being. while he stood over my face jerking off.   He kept leaning down, rubbing his cock on my face, or tunic my head to push it in my mouth.   Eventually, Ben starts breathing real heavy, and started cumming.  aiming for my face.  Ron had my wrists pinned down, I just closed my eyes while I felt Ben’s warm cum shooting onto my face.  Shortly after Ron grabbed my legs and put them in his shoulders.  and he leaned in and down over me and started fucking faster until he too finally came inside me, The whole time staring  straight into my eyes.   It was quiet for a minute, and then Ron told me to get up and hop in the shower, cause it was getting late.  On my way in, Ron reach over to grab my ass again, and pull me in for a sweet kiss, telling me I did good.   And that may be why I yearn to be good 🙂

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