RIM JobThe first time I rimmed my wife was an experience we both will never forget. It forever changed our sex life for the better. This event took place on the Valentine’s Day before I proposed to her. Let me explain a little bit about us.For a very long time, I had sealed my heart away. I dated some fucked up bitches when I was young and dumb. I was raised in Hawaii with influences from Eastern culture. The whole concept of respect is something valued in many cultures of the Pacific, more so than individualism, which is highly valued in American Western society. Any Pacific Islander reading this can back me up here. This upbringing molded me into a very kind respectful gentleman. I ended up with girls who took advantage of me and manipulated me ruthlessly. After a while I said “Fuck this bullshit.” I just worked on my career and fucked girls on the side. Later on down the road, I met Jenny. When we first started dating, I was very cautious. I was on guard to make sure she didn’t hurt me. Day by day, however, Jenny had melted the ice cold attitude my heart once had and I’ve been a happier man since.Jenny dated girls before me. She’s bisexual, but says she’s a ‘former lesbian.’ She gets off to watching lesbian porn with me. I’d say that’s enough justification to classify her as bisexual. Despite her being what I like to call a ‘bisexual in denial,’ she’s very intelligent and mature compared to other women her age. Hell, she acts more mature than people who are ten to fifteen years older than her. She was a shy girl growing up and didn’t really date until college. She was raised with a conservative background and was taught to be very modest. She’s always been seen as the ‘good girl’ or ‘innocent girl’ type. She never considered anal sex or rimjobs until we dated. Day by day, however, I had helped Jenny to unleash her wild side and she’s been a kinkier woman since.We changed each other for the better. We’re both science nerds. We like to say, “We neutralized each other’s flaws like an Acid and a Base.” If you don’t understand that joke, then it’s okay. Not even the nerdiest chemist would laugh at that. It’s sort of an inside joke in a way.You’re probably going “Well what the fuck do you two look like?!” Well for me, I’m just an average looking guy. My figure’s toned from weight lifting and I do cardio to keep in shape. My skin is brown, my hair is black, and my eyes are brown. I guess you can say I’m moderate. Jenny, on the other hand, is beautiful beyond belief. She has blonde hair and lovely blue eyes. Her skin is pale and smooth. I can never get sick of her natural D’s. Her ass is nice too. She’s not the tightest or biggest back there, but I still love her ass. Like me, she stays in shape by doing cardio. Sometimes we do it together or alone depending on how busy we are. That’s about it. Now let’s get to the story.I was driving back home from dinner with Jenny. I was excited for when we got back because I set something up. It’s nothing fancy, but I knew she’d like it. I had put roses and a box of chocolates on the living room table. I also had a poem that I made for her. I unlocked the front door and held it open for her.”Why thank you sir, you are such a gentleman.””Of course milady.”Once she stepped into the house, she could already see what was on the living room table. She turned to me and gave me this adorable expression of shock.”Babe…””What? You didn’t think I’d just end it with dinner did you?””Oh honey, I love you so much.”She took hold of my head and gave me a kiss. I caressed her sides as I kissed back. The warm soothing touch of Jenny’s lips made me feel happy. We broke our kiss and I told her,”Go get some chocolate.”Jenny loves chocolate. I always joke with her calling it her cocaine. I walked with her to the table; she was excited to open the box. However, before she grabbed the box of chocolates, she looked over to the roses. The one in the center had a tag attached to it. She noticed that this rose was a fake one. The rest were real. On the tag it read ‘I will love you until the last rose dies.’ I can’t even begin to explain how touched she was when she read this. She turned around to kiss me again.”You are so, so sweet.”She gave me small kisses and did not want to stop. However, I stopped her so I could get down on one knee in front of her—no I’m not proposing. I mentioned earlier that I had created a poem for her. Whenever I make poetry for Jenny, I always memorize it beforehand. I gently held her right hand. I began to recite the words I had created and maintained in my head. By the time I finished, she actually shed tears of joy. I got back to my feet and she kissed me immediately.”I love you. I love you. I love you so much.”Every Valentine’s Day, I always try to outdo myself. It was really nice to actually have someone special to treat like this. Before I met her, I always hated Valentine’s Day because I was a bitter asshole. After Jenny recovered from my poem, I let her eat some of her chocolates. She was having orgasms in her mouth as usual. She offered me some, but I told her to hold it in her mouth. She knew what I was going to do. We basically reenacted that iconic scene from The Lady And The Tramp, but instead of a spaghetti noodle, it was a piece of chocolate. I moved my lips to the chocolate and parted them slightly. Half of the chocolate was in my mouth while the other half was in hers. It was one of those rectangular ones. She used her tongue to push the rest into my mouth. I chewed and the flavor hit my taste buds instantly. Delicious caramel and nut.’Damn…that is some good chocolate.’ I thought.Jenny put a mint flavored chocolate in her mouth and enjoyed. However, she did not swallow it. Instead, she grabbed me by my head and kissed me. We both closed our eyes and enjoyed the touch of each other’s lips. While she held me by my head, I wrapped my arms around her. She shoved her tongue in my mouth to let some of the mint chocolate go inside. I didn’t swallow the caramel yet, so I gave her some of mine. We made out while swapping chocolate and saliva. The wet sensual touch of Jenny’s tongue was starting up my erection. My tongue was making her moist down below at the same time. We both stopped, opened our eyes, and swallowed the delicious mixture.We looked each other in the eyes and had the same idea going through our heads. We both picked up a piece of chocolate and put it in our mouths. We chewed with haste, wanting to make out with each other again. I had chocolate with coconut inside. When Jenny and I felt that we chewed our chocolates enough, we put our lips together and opened for each other. Our tongues wrestled again as we exchanged our chocolates. She had a peanut butter flavored one. The coconut, peanut butter, and chocolate mixture was very tasty. I was already fully erect from the second time I felt her tongue playing around with mine. As much as I was enjoying this make out session, I wanted to move on to tasting her pussy.”Baby, I’m ready to taste…” I looked down below her waist. “…something else now.””Ooh.” she smiled with lust. She leaned her head in to whisper in my ear, “My pussy’s really wet right now.”That did it for me. I bent down and grabbed her back with one arm. My other arm lifted her legs. I lifted her up and carried her. She screamed playfully and giggled while she wrapped her arms around my neck. I walked to the bedroom. The door wasn’t closed fully, so I kicked it open.”Babe, you’re gonna break the door!””It’s fine.”I threw Jenny to the bed and forced my shirt open. It was a buttoned shirt. It turned her on to watch me pull it open as opposed to unbuttoning slowly. She likes the idea that I can’t wait to take off my clothes to fuck her. Another reason was because it was very savage and wild. She loves it when I act like a wild b**st driven by lust. By the time I was completely naked, she removed all of her clothes except for her undergarments. As she was removing her bra, I took a few steps towards her slowly. I was a lion about to pounce on its prey. She was loving the smile on my face and lust in my eyes. She removed her bra and was about to remove her underwear. However, I reached for it and pulled it off of her forcefully. I jumped on top of her causing her to scream. I kissed her neck lovingly and gave it a long wide lick. This made Jenny gasp. I stopped kissing her neck and moved to face her. We made out passionately as she caressed my face and I touched her body. Once we broke our kiss, I moved to her right shoulder. I opened my mouth and gave it a hickey. While I did this, I played with her left breast. I felt the sensual touch of her hands rubbing on my back as she moaned from the sensation.”Oh honey…honey…”The moist heat from Jenny’s moans was making me hornier. I released her shoulder from my suction and saw the mark I had left. I smiled with pride and then moved my face to her cleavage. I began to smother my face in her big white tits. She giggled and moved her hands to her breasts. She squeezed them together with my head caught in the middle. I was in heaven with her twins hugging my face. The soft feeling on my cheeks was incredible. The smooth touch of her warm skin against me made me wish I could live in there. When she let me go, I grabbed her left breast to play with it while putting her right nipple in my mouth. Jenny caressed my hair and moaned while I sucked on her nipple. I moved my tongue in a circular fashion around it. As I was doing this, I rubbed her left nipple with my left thumb.”Oh Jack…”Jenny took her left breast from me and put her left nipple in her mouth. She now had both nipples being sucked on. After some time, I ended with a gentle bite on her nipple. She gasp while she grab and tugged my hair. I released her nipple from my mouth and gave it a couple of loving licks. I moved my face to her stomach. I kissed at the area of her belly button and rubbed my nose on her gut a couple of times. Jenny played with her breasts while I did güvenilir bahis this. I gave her abdomen a quick lick and then moved down to her pussy. I could already smell how excited she was. She spread her legs to give me easier access. Her beautiful pink pussy was wet and her clitoris was swollen. It peaked out of her clitoral hood. I started slow; I kissed her thighs and then moved to her pussy. I inhaled deeply to take in the smell of her natural scent again. The smell was turning me on.After I got a good whiff of her scent, I put my tongue at her perineum. She felt my tongue touch below her vaginal opening, but just above her asshole. This made her very nervous. For a moment, she thought I was going to lick her asshole. When we first talked about anal sex and rimjobs, she told me she wasn’t interested in such sexual activities. However, Jenny gradually became more curious about anal sex after I told her how much I loved it. In this point in our relationship, she had already started liking the idea of getting a rimjob from me, but had not told me yet. She was too ashamed to admit it. She had secretly masturbated while rubbing at her little pink star, fantasizing that her finger was my tongue. When I placed my tongue in between her two pink holes, she had extreme ambivalence. Part of her wanted me to lick her asshole. Another part of her didn’t. To her partial disappointment, I licked upward from the perineal area to the opening of her pussy up to her clitoris. It was all in one swift motion. She gasped at the sudden sensation.Some of her vaginal secretion was on my tongue. I gladly kept it in my mouth to enjoy its taste. That one quick lick was just a teaser trailer. Now it was time for the previews before the movie. I didn’t start to attack her clitoris full force right away. I licked at her labia, first the outer portion, then I worked my way into the inner portion. While doing this, I would quickly give her clitoris some discrete licks. Jenny moaned as she watched me lick her pussy. She enjoyed the sight of me eating away. When I felt the time was right, I stopped licking her labia. I moved to her vaginal opening and gently pressed my tongue in. More of her secretions got on the tip of my tongue. I took in the taste and savored it now that the taste was stronger. I was about to repeat this when Jenny begged,”Oh honey please! Please stick your tongue in my pussy!”This time, I forced all of my tongue into Jenny’s pussy. She moaned loudly as I wiggled it around inside. I moved my tongue in and out as best as I could. After some tongue fucking, I pulled my tongue out and finally gave her what she was waiting for. I moved my tongue up north to stimulate her clitoris. I stuck my pointer and middle finger in her pussy to start fingering her G-spot. The previous actions made it easier for me to bring Jenny to orgasm. I had properly warmed her up. I moved my fingers in a ‘come here’ motion. While I fingered her, my tongue was making circles around her clitoris. After a minute, I moved my tongue in a sweep-like motion on her clitoral hood. I added extra variation by occasionally sucking on her clitoris like a vacuum.”Oh honey, I’m gonna cum!”I continued without a word. I felt Jenny leaking so immensely that her juices were going from my fingers onto the palm of my hand. I could feel that internal pressure, which signaled me to pull out and expect that she was going to squirt. I pulled out to let her squirt on me. She moaned in ecstasy as she squirted. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth the moment it hit my face. I opened my mouth in hopes of getting some in. Fortunately for me, some of her squirt did end up in my mouth. I closed and gladly swallowed it. By the time she finished, she was panting heavily.’Eh, why the fuck not?’ I thought.I stuck my fingers in her pussy and stimulated her G-spot again. Jenny let out a loud gasp, not expecting this. I worked my fingers in the same fashion in hopes of making her squirt again. I was not met with failure or disappointment. I pulled out, feeling that pressure again, and opened wide. She squirted on my face and in my mouth again. Whatever was in my mouth went down my throat. I’m sure the inside of her pussy was spasming violently. Her body did. Jenny had uncontrollable body spasms. I smiled, proud of my work. I would have tried this a third time, but refrained to be safe. At the time, I reasoned in my head,’It might be too intense…In any case, there’s always next Valentine’s Day to do this three times in a row.’I got off the bed and grabbed my shirt to wipe off the cum. It was all over my face and on my hair. Once I finished wiping off what I could I got back on the bed and put my face back to Jenny’s pussy. I gave it one last good wide lick. It was like a goodbye kiss. Her body spasms had calmed. She let out a soft moan. The mixture of her squirt and secretion was delicious. I wanted to swallow it, but I had a better idea on what to do with it. I moved my face back up to Jenny’s and moved in for a kiss. I could see a her peaceful expression. It showed she was on cloud nine and was unable to lift her head to kiss me. I moved in so she didn’t have to move at all. When our lips touched, I shoved my tongue in her mouth. I fed her her cum and she happily took it. It always turns me on when Jenny eats her own cum. After we finished swapping our saliva and her cum, we laid in bed together and looked each other in the eyes. We smiled happily at one another.”Honey…I feel good.””Good.””I love you honey.””I love you too baby.”I stroked Jenny’s cheek with my fingers while admiring how beautiful she looked. Her cute little nose, her sensual lips, those beautiful blue eyes, the blonde hair on her head, everything was perfect. We stayed like this for a while; I knew she needed to recover from those two intense ejaculations. When she finally regained her strength, Jenny’s happy expression turned to a troubled one.”Honey?””Yeah baby?””Can we…try something?””Okay. What did you wanna try?”Jenny broke eye contact with me and sighed. She was turning red with embarrassment, so she turned her back to me and asked,”Can you hold me honey?””Of course.”I wrapped my arms around her and we remained quiet on the bed for a bit, cuddling. It would be around this time that Jenny would pleasure me back, but something really was bothering her. I patiently waited for her to tell me. She blurted out fast,”I…I want you to give me a rimjob!””Wait what?”I tried to let go of her to face her, but she clung to my arms so I wouldn’t move. She was hiding her face, trying to prevent me from seeing how embarrassed she was. Although she did this, I could still see the side of her face. I could see just how red she was getting.”Jenny, did you just say that you wanted me to give you a rimjob?””…yes.” She coyly answered.Although Jenny and I never saw it, I’m pretty sure the devilish smile on my face was priceless. I had wanted to rim her for a very long time. My thoughts about her at this point in our relationship was,’Man, my friends and family say she’s a keeper. She makes me laugh, she enjoys my jokes, she’s not a dumb chick, sex is great. There’s no red flags but…I wanna do butt stuff to her.’I always used to joke with friends in high school, college, and grad school that if I get married, then she has to take it in the ass. I enjoyed doggystyle with Jenny because I got a good view of her cute little pink asshole. Any form of pussy eating from behind was something I loved because I could not only see her little pink star, but it was right up in my face.Later on, I found out that a factor that contributed to Jenny’s hesitation for telling me was me being the dominant and her being the submissive. She likes being humiliated, but she didn’t want me to embarrass her about this. She expected that I would poke fun at her and make her feel embarrassed for wanting such pleasure—it’s a humiliation thing. However, I decided not to do that on this unforgettable night. I stayed within the role of the romantic caring boyfriend. It was Valentine’s Day after all. I kissed her shoulder and said,”I love you baby, if this is what you want, then I’ll do it.”She turned to me and kissed me passionately.”Thank you honey.”She appreciated that I didn’t try to embarrass her or give her a hard time. I got up and she let me go. She was on her back while I was kneeling on the bed. She lifted her legs to present her two holes for me. I could see that she was very nervous, so I decided to give her a massage first to relieve her body of its tension. The two previous orgasms were most likely enough, but it didn’t hurt to add a massage. I had a friend who was a masseuse. She showed me a thing or two and I can’t thank her enough for it. Jenny loves when I massage her back.”Baby, lay on your stomach.””Okay.”She let her legs down and turned over. Her beautiful white ass was just begging for some rimming, but I knew better than to just assault it right away. She lied on her gut and put her head back on the pillow. I moved towards her, reached out, and put my hands on her upper back. She jumped the moment my hands made contact.”Sorry, I didn’t know you were gonna touch me there.””It’s alright baby.””Honey…can we turn off the lights?””Baby, no. Don’t worry. I’m gonna give you a massage first.””Please honey, can we turn off the lights?””Baby, there is nothing to be embarrassed about. You don’t need the lights off.””…””There is nothing that’ll turn me off about your body. You know that. It’ll be fine.””…Okay.”I had an ex-girlfriend who asked me the exact same question. I turned off the lights and didn’t know where the fuck my tongue was. I would not repeat that with Jenny. I knew that if I massaged her, then she would eventually relax and drop all of her worries. The massage served to not only relax her physically, but mentally as well. I gave her upper back a good rubbing. I applied pressure where I needed to and did my best to relax her muscles. I was gentle in the güvenilir bahis siteleri right areas while firm when I needed to be. She gradually started to relax just as I predicted. It was very quiet in the room. She would occasionally moan in relief, “Oh honey…that feels so good.”I moved down to her lower back when I felt no more tension. I repeated what I did with her upper back. I was gentle, but firm when needed. My hands moved from the bottom of her shoulder blades to just above her butt cheeks and back. Again Jenny moaned,”Oh yeah…that’s so good.”Once I massaged her lower back enough, I moved to her ass. I could feel her tense up again. I knew she was getting nervous again, but I could tell that she was much more relaxed than how she was prior to the massage. So, I took it slow and waited for her to relax again. I massaged her soft butt gently and lovingly. The more I rubbed, the more she relaxed again. I would unintentionally spread her butt cheeks open from massaging it. Her little pink asshole looked back at me. I was excited to taste it, but I was patient. I wanted to make sure that Jenny enjoyed her very first rimjob. You don’t rush when it comes to a woman’s first time with anything sexual. It’s times like these where I’m glad I’m experienced. I’ve rimmed quiet a number of girls before I met Jenny. I had both experience and knowledge and I was going to use everything I had to make her cum hard.As I rubbed, I admired the white complexion of her cheeks. The contrast of the brown skin on my hands with the white of her ass was always something I liked. I enjoyed the sight, but what I was loving more was the soft smooth feel of her wonderful buns. I was getting hornier by the second. It was driving me wild to see the white color of her cheeks slowly turning pink as my eyes wondered to her asshole. While I enjoyed the sight and touch, Jenny was relaxing as she was getting her ass massaged.”Oh honey…” she moaned.I moved in to shower her butt cheeks with kisses. She reached down and began to play with her clitoris. My slow and steady approach had destroyed her anxiety and she felt nothing but arousal. She felt very naughty knowing that I was about to explore her most private area of her body. Feeling so exposed to me made her feel embarrassed yet excited. It would be around this time where I humiliate her by calling her a ‘dirty bitch,’ but I refrained once more and stuck to being silent as I worshipped her ass. This night was all about Jenny and her ass. I wanted her to beg for more by the time I was finished with her.I moved my lips to where the crack of her ass started to form. I kissed at that area tenderly. I spread her butt cheeks as I made my way down. I inhaled and took in the scent her ass was giving off. I smelled nothing but Irish Spring. She cleaned her ass. Not surprising, considering it’s her first rimjob. She wanted to smell nice when I lick her there. I knew how self-conscious she was about any part of her body smelling bad. I personally don’t care if it smelled like soap or ass. Jenny’s my woman and I’d worship any part of her body until kingdom come.Nonetheless, I sniffed and kissed around her little pink anus. To finally get intimate with this part of her body was so liberating it hit me on an emotional level. Extremely happy was not even close to describing how I felt. I purposely kissed around her asshole, but not directly on it to tease her. This did the trick; it made Jenny want my lips on her asshole even more. She moaned softly and stroked her clitoris fast while I did this. After a few more kisses, I gave her what she wanted. I puckered my lips and gave her asshole a kiss.Jenny’s little anus clenched at the touch of my lips. It was extremely adorable. It was like her ass was giving me a kiss back. She let out soft moans again when I finally laid my lips on her tight hole. She was extremely aroused by what I was doing. She liked that I didn’t move in to lick her asshole right away. Not knowing when I was going to lick made this more thrilling for her. The source of her enjoyment wasn’t just physical pleasure, it was also mental stimulation. For lack of better words, she couldn’t help but feel very sexy from what I was doing to her. She liked that I, the dominant, was doing this for her, an action that’s done mainly by a submissive. As much as I wanted to start the licking her tight hole, I chose to continue teasing her for a bit more.I put my mouth to the area of her tailbone and stuck my tongue out. The moment my tongue made contact with her skin, Jenny let out a soft moan of approval. I licked at the top of her crack while keeping her butt cheeks open with my hands. I moved down, but did not lick her asshole yet. I moved around and licked the areas between her cheeks. Jenny’s moaning and clitoral stroking intensified the moment I did this. I licked everywhere between those cheeks except her asshole. I enjoyed the touch of her skin on my tongue. It was warm and smooth in texture. The feeling on my tongue was not my only pleasure; the sight was incredible too. I stared at nothing but her beautiful white globes while I licked between them.Jenny kept moaning to me and encouraging me to keep going. It showed me that I was doing a good job. I was glad she had no complaints. I continued to lick up and down on the areas next to her anus. After a few more of these licks, I stopped teasing her and finally gave her asshole one big wide lick. She gasped loudly at the sensation of my tongue on her asshole. She felt an amazing jolt of pleasure from the touch of my wet tongue. She had never experienced such pleasure and was so excited that she almost came from just that.”Oh honey, it feels so good!”If she was already getting this excited from just one lick, then she’d go crazy when I really go at it with her ass. Instead of humiliating her, I decided to tell her how much I loved her ass. I exclaimed with a desperate tone,”Baby, your ass is the most delicious ass I’ve ever eaten!”That statement turned Jenny on. She got off to the fact that I’ve licked other women’s asses, but hers was the most beautiful. She knew I wasn’t just saying that. I casually say I love her ass and that it’s the best, but what made this different was the tone of my voice. She could sense my sincerity from how desperate I sounded to taste her.I stuck my tongue out and was ready to resume rimming her. Once my tongue finally got a taste, there was only one thing that existed in this moment…Jenny’s little pink asshole. I gave her some wide licks as she stroked her clitoris faster now. Her moans increased in frequency as well as intensity. I pushed my tongue against her asshole firmly as I licked. I wasn’t necessarily trying to tongue fuck her—not yet. I was trying to get her sphincter to relax by massaging it with my tongue. I took my time as I rubbed my tongue against her asshole. It would only be a matter of time before it got accustomed to me licking it.I gave a couple more licks and then changed it up. I began to circle my tongue around the rim of her asshole. First it was on the outer portion. The more I circled the more the tip of my tongue moved inward. I again did not try to force my tongue in yet. I rubbed the tip at her asshole, giving it an affectionate massage with my tongue. Jenny’s moans were her way of begging for more. I did this for a few minutes and then changed things up again. I stopped, gave her little asshole a sensual kiss, and returned to wide licks. Jenny stroked her clitoris faster as she frantically moaned,”Oh Jack…Jack!”She was already going to cum with a few more licks. I was happy that she was enjoying the rimjob, but I wasn’t done with the surprises yet. Due to all those wet massages from my tongue, Jenny’s little anus had been relaxing. It wasn’t so defensive towards my invading tongue. I decided that it was time. Just when she thought it couldn’t get any better, I shoved my tongue up her ass and forced as much of it as I could in there. She cried out from the sudden anal penetration. This did her in. I wiggled my tongue around as she came. Her asshole clenched and relaxed in a repeating fashion around my tongue. Her moans were so intense that I thought she was crying at first.The only things important to Jenny at the moment of her climax were the physical stimulation and the kinky feeling of knowing that my tongue was exploring her most forbidden place. With a few more cries of pleasure, Jenny finally ceased and her whole body relaxed. She was panting heavily from the strong orgasm she had. Her panting was the only sound within the room. I reached between her legs to find her hand. The moment I felt it, I caressed it gently while still keeping my tongue inside. I sighed with contentment.”Oh my God honey, that was amazing!!”I pulled my tongue out and said,”It’s just the beginning. Let’s change up the positions a bit.”Jenny’s eyes widened, not expecting more. She lifted her upper body to look at me. I got off the bed and knelt at the edge. I encouraged her to get up and come to me. She smiled and crawled over weakly. I knew her orgasm must have been really strong if she was barely able to crawl to me. I’m sure the two previous squirts contributed as well.”What about you though?””What about me?””You still haven’t cum yet. It should be your turn.””I’m fine baby, I wanna keep rimming you.””…””Just let me lick it a little more and then you can make me cum, okay?””Alright honey.” Jenny sighed. She hated that she came so many times while I didn’t even cum once. However, she decided to let me keep licking her ass. She felt less guilty knowing that I’ve always wanted to lick her back door. She asked, “What did you want me to do?””Just lie on your back and give me that ass.” I said in a playfully dominant tone.Jenny lied back down on her back and pointed her ass to my face. She lifted her legs and I grabbed her butt cheeks. I spread those beautiful white cheeks apart to be greeted by her tight pink hole again. iddaa siteleri It was ready for round two. I started up with the rimming again and Jenny gasped. My nose went into her pussy and I inhaled the scent of her wetness. Her tiny pink clitoris greeted me with its swollenness. The smell on my nose, the sight of her clitoris, and the knowledge of what I was doing were putting me into a frenzy. I ate her asshole like a wild a****l. I didn’t care that I sometimes missed and licked her crack accidentally. I wasn’t satisfied with giving Jenny just one rimjob tonight. It had been a few years since I last gave a girl a rimjob and it felt nice to finally lick this hole again.”Oh honey, honey…It feels so good!””Play with yourself.”Jenny released one of her legs, but kept it in the air. She wet the tip of her finger and then held her leg again. She used her forearm to hold her leg in place while she put the wet tip of her finger to her clitoris. She enjoyed the stroking she was giving her clitoris, the licking I was giving her asshole, and even the rubbing of my nose at her pussy. While she moaned her enjoyment, I quietly indulged in her sweet asshole. Just being able to lick her little hole and hear her moans of approval were more than enough for me to be honest. After a few licks I decided to go back to tongue fucking. I motioned my jaw back and forth so my tongue would go in and out while my nose could still stay within its initial proximity of Jenny’s pussy. As I pull my tongue out, I could feel her rim closing. Once it was completely out, I shoved back in. As I reentered, I could feel it open back up for me and engulf my tongue.After some tongue fucking, I switched back to licking. I alternated between tongue fucking Jenny’s ass and licking at the rim. I would have jerked off, but I needed both hands to keep her ass spread open. I continued this for several minutes, feeling every wrinkle of her tight anus. I could see Jenny moving her other hand to the opening of her pussy. I moved my face and angled it so my nose wasn’t in the way. She stuck her fingers in her pussy and found her G-spot. She moaned much more loudly from what I call the triple stimulation. As she moved her fingers in and out of her pussy I could smell her wetness on her fingers.”Oh honey, I feel like I’m gonna cum again already!”I pulled my tongue out of her ass and said, “Cum for me baby.” I used more force to spread her ass and I shoved my tongue back in there. She gasped loudly from my reentry and rubbed at her clitoris and G-spot faster. After a few more minutes, she let herself go. She pulled out her fingers and her pussy shot right in my face. I closed my eyes and felt nothing but her warm cum spraying me. It wasn’t as much as the last two times, but I still enjoyed it nonetheless. Her asshole squeezing my tongue made the experience all the more amazing. For the first time, Jenny had squirted three times in one night. It was a new record.When she finished, I tried to open my eyes. She sighed happily and let her legs down. They ended up on my shoulders. Although I couldn’t see, I could feel and guess the proximity of her pussy. I turned my head and kissed her thighs affectionately. I switched between them and then gave her pussy one gentle peck.”Oh honey…that was so wonderful…”I stood back up and could feel my knees complaining. I don’t know how long I was kneeling, but it felt like only a couple of minutes. It was probably around thirty minutes or so, but I never checked nor did I care. I wiped the cum from the area of my eyes and opened them. Once I could see again, I got back on the bed and lied down next to Jenny. We made out and I’m pretty sure I reeked of her cum more so than the previous two times since I didn’t wipe my face. She loves it when she leaves her scent on me. Despite being covered in her cum, she kissed me. She loves to turn me on by tasting herself. This time, however, was far more of a turn on. She was sticking her tongue in my mouth right after it had been at her ass. That thought excited me the most when we were making out.We both closed our eyes as we had our tongues play together. I enjoyed the feeling of my tongue inside her mouth and her tongue inside mine. We passionately made out with me giving her the taste of herself. At first, I felt nothing but her tongue in my mouth and our upper bodies touch. Then, I felt her grasp my cock. It was a very weak hold. I supposed that it was from the multiple orgasms she just had. She gently stroked it saying,”Now it’s your turn honey.”We continued to make out while she stroked my cock. Despite having a weak grip, I could tell that she was doing her best to stroke it. She was determined to make me cum too even in her weakened condition. I love Jenny for always doing her best to make me feel just as good as her if not better. I could have came if we kept doing this, but it wouldn’t be until a while. We would have to do something else if I were to cum faster. As tempting as a blowjob sounded, I wanted something else.”Baby?””Yeah babe?””I want you to sit on my face while you stroke me.””No honey, I’ll suffocate you.””You won’t, don’t worry.”Jenny had an ex-girlfriend with a fat ass that was meant for ass worship. She sat on Jenny’s face and it was hard for her to breath. What traumatized her the most was that her ex-girlfriend was a dominatrix. She forced Jenny to lick her pussy and controlled her breathing. Jenny wasn’t having fun anymore when she started getting scared of losing consciousness. As for me, I’ve once fucked a girl whose ass and thighs were very plump. I let her sit on my face and my nose was caught between her cheeks. I could smell nothing but her ass, but I was still able to handle it. Jenny’s ass was not even close to the size of that ass. I knew I’d be fine if she sat on my face.After a while, I finally persuaded her to give me what I wanted. I told her that if anything happens, I’d give her legs multiple fast taps to get off. She sighed with reluctance as she squatted down. I could feel her legs shaking while she lowered her delicious pale ass. This was again due to the previous climaxes she had. I stared at nothing but her tight pink asshole as her ass began to take up all of my peripheral vision. Once she felt my lips touch her lips and my nose come into contact with her ass, she asked,”Are you okay honey?””Mmm Hmm.”Jenny began to stroke me as I licked at her pussy. I could sense how apprehensive she was while on top of me. This however did not stop me from enjoying the view, smell, and taste. I inhaled deeply with my nose pressed against her asshole. Still had a faint hint of Irish Spring. I put my two hands on each respective cheek and spread them wide open. Her beautiful pink asshole had a minor gape from the previous tongue fucking I gave it. I pressed my nose at her asshole with more force. When my nose rubbed against her asshole, it clenched. Jenny’s asshole, still a virgin at the time, was not letting me in. I loved having her asshole rub against my nose while I tasted her pussy. It was hot and I was getting off to it while she stroked me.”Grind me.” I mumbled below her.She quickly stopped and got off me. She asked with panic,”Are you okay honey?!””Yeah, I’m fine. I just said that I wanted you to grind me.””Oh…I thought you said ‘you’re hurting me’ or something.””No, no, grind, grind…now get your ass back on my face!”Jenny giggled at how demanding I was for her to sit on my face. She did as I commanded. She put her pussy back on my mouth and my nose ended up right between her soft beautiful cheeks. As I attempted to inhale again, Jenny began to grind herself on me. My tongue was being used to lick up her secretions and stimulate her clitoris. My nose was having the time of its life rubbing against her asshole. All this and the stroking I was getting was heaven. She moaned my name while stroking me with what strength she still had. I was going to spread her ass again, but decided against it. This time, I moved my hands to her legs. I rubbed them sensually to show my approval. She put her free hand on top of my left hand and held it firmly. Little by little, she got less worried about suffocating me with her ass. I really was fine. I could breathe without a problem.We continued this for a few minutes until I couldn’t hold it anymore. The excitement of having my nose rub against Jenny’s rim and having her sit on my face for the first time did me in. It was this along with the current taste, smell, sight, and sounds I was experiencing. I was going to warn her, but decided to stay silent and release. I didn’t want her getting worried like how she did previously. I shot my first wad without warning and she stopped stroking out of surprise. It hit her chest and she quickly resumed. She moaned,”Oh Jack, honey, cum for me! Cum for me! Give me your cum!”I continued to squirt at her body blindly. My cum ended up on both our bodies. Jenny gave my cock a couple more squeezes to ooze out whatever was still inside. She got off me and then began to lick her hand clean. Her tongue wiped everything up seductively. I watched and enjoyed. After she finished cleaning her hand, she gave me a lustful smile telling me that she wanted more. She wiped off the cum that was on her body and lick it off her hand. She saved the best part for last. She put her face to my gut and began to lick whatever was on me. Before she swallowed, she opened her mouth to show me that it was all in there. She closed her mouth and I could see her throat bulge momentarily. She opened it back up for me to show that she swallowed every last drop. She licked her lips and lied down next to me so we could cuddle. She gave my lips a quick peck and said,”Happy Valentine’s Day honey.””Happy Val baby. That was amazing.”She sighed happily and rested her head on my shoulder. She wrapped one arm around my chest and one leg around my waist. We held each other until we finally both drifted to sleep.Later on down the road, after much deliberation, I decided that she really was the one. I proposed and we got married. We take care of each other and make each other happy and complete…and I still eat her asshole out up to now. Marrying Jenny was the best decision of my life.

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