Reward for Sex



At school Mira Langley earned below average grades and her dismayed parents paid good money for after-school special coaching, to little avail. Mira just wasn’t interested in becoming astutely knowledgeable so endeavored to learn only what she thought she needed to know. Her poor grades followed her into high school but at fifteen she began to grow taller and fill our rather rapidly and remarkably began to excel at sports, any sport that interested her.

At High School graduation Mira accepted the inter-school zone trophy for the soccer team she captained, plus the prize for being the top scorer. She also accepted prizes for winning the senior female 60-meter and 110-meter hurdles, the javelin, open male and female small bore rifle championship, senior women’s judo championship and set a new state high school record for points awarded in the 3-meter dive. And then accepting the Outstanding Sportsperson of the Year award, Mira was described to acclaim as probably the most remarkable sportswoman who’d ever attended Halstead High in its 93-year existence and it was sad she would not be proceeding on to college to perhaps attain even higher performance acclaim.

Mira’s father Pete helped her carry her awards to the car and said, “Your mother and I remain very disappointed at your dismal academic performance. These sports trophies are very satisfying to some degree but to what purpose I ask you. Your sporting achievements are absolutely useless to you and us in real life. You don’t even have sufficient qualifications to work in my store except to be janitor or work wrapping outward parcels or stock shelves.”

Mira’s mother Pauline said, “Leave her Pete, the poor girl has heard you go through this bleating 100 times.”

Pete gesticulated in anger and dropped his keys that Mira lunged forward and caught them at knee level.

Neither of her parents appeared to notice her exceptional reaction.

Two miles from home Mira caught something on her left out of the corner of an eye.

“Vehicle coming too fast … brake hard dad.”

Pete reacted instinctively and braked hard but then released the pedal and said. “What the hell are you on about Mira?”

At that moment a black car driven by a young kid with three of his buddies crammed in the front with him, flashed across the intersection doing perhaps three times the legal speed limit. It had been legally obliged to halt as the stop sign.

“For fuck sake,” said Peter, blasting the car horn. “That hoon could have killed us.”

“I never saw them coming,” Pauline said, patted her chest. “I don’t know how you did Mira?”

Mira knew but also knew they weren’t interested in hearing about it because it wasn’t academic related. Her mom and dad operated a corner drug store and employed seven people. She’d never intended working for her parents because she knew she would have found that kind of work boring.

Although the city and three nearby ‘feeder’ towns added up to a metropolitan area of 210,000 people, many of Mira’s academic-achieving classmates regarded the city as boring and intended settling somewhere else after graduation. An exception was Jimmy Strong who like Mira wasn’t going on to college or leaving town. His parents wanted him working in their dry-cleaning business. God how boring, Mira thought.

However Jimmy himself wasn’t boring. The tall and lean kid being a late-shaver because he was blond took Mira out a couple of times. She responded to him because he always could see the bright side to anything and was kind with a great laugh but she didn’t see her future with him.

On the second occasion they went to a movie early afternoon and when they were back on the street Jimmy said what about it?

Thinking that would be okay, Mira checked to see they were on the same wavelength over something so significant. “What you mean have sex?”

Jimmy looked at her intently and swallowed. “I meant should be go to a movie next Saturday afternoon but your suggestion is far more exciting.”

“Have you experienced sex?”

Jimmy colored and told the pretty blonde the truth. “I’ve had bits and pieces of it but have never gone all the way, if you know what I mean.”

“Oooh I can’t leave you caught in a limbo like that Jimmy. Come on we’ll find some place and do it.”

“I-I was talking about a date next Saturday. Mom wants me home early because she is having visitors to dinner tonight.”

Mira stopped. “Well Jimmy you face a big decision: Do you go home to your mom now or have sex with me on possibly the only time it will be on offer from me?”

Jimmy closed his eyes and pictured him mom clipping him over the ear, but not lethally, for being very late and then pictured himself roaring like a young lion over the sated nude athletic body of the very desirable Mira Langley.

“I choose pussy,” he groaned.

Mira laughed and said he was funny.

Stretched out on her back, her skirt pulled back over her belly and holding her panties, Mira said to the shaking Jimmy, “Shove it into the slit I’m about to hold open for you.”

“I know but what kaçak iddaa about tits?”

“What about them?”

“Aren’t I supposed to fondle them to get you interested?”

“Oh I’m very interested Jimmy although it looks a bit on the small side. Just push it in and start pumping. Mom has had me on the pill for a couple of years so you can mess inside me.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes and if you want me to gurgle in delight without pretence, just whisper to me how beautiful I am and how great you feel being in my cunt.”

“Cunt? You know and use that word?”

“My previous statement speaks for itself Jimmy. Get cracking otherwise I’m off home.”

“Oh right. Here we go baby. I plan to shoot my semen into your stomach.”

“Try Jimmy but from what I understand that would be miraculous.”

Jimmy said indignantly he could hit the bathroom wall up to six feet away.

“Enough of your disgusting confessions Jimmy… that’s it… no get it right in before you pull back to begin pumping.”

They finished and rolled away to recover their breath.

“How was I?”

Although Mira was only eighteen and still acquiring sexual experience she slipped automatically into the response women have used over thousands of year of their sexual history: “I can honestly say you are the best.”

Jimmy’s pigeon chest puffed out.

“Wipe your dick and hurry home to mama. I’m capable of finding my own way home.”

“Mira may I say something personal?”

“Yes Jimmy, just say it.”

“You are so good at it you ought to accept money.”

“Do you really think so?”

“Yes Mira, you were amazing.”

“Then that will be ten bucks Jimmy.”

He looked dismayed. “But I only have ten left and that has to last me till mom gives me my allowance on Monday evening.

Smiling sweetly Mira said that would be ten bucks and held out her hand.

Jimmy paid out but his expression suggested he’d never fuck Mira again.

“Hi darling,” Pauline said as her smiling daughter entered the kitchen. “You look replete; have you eaten?”

“No after the movie I was busy teaching Jimmy Strong how to fuck.”

“Keep your voice down,” said her mom, glancing at the open door leading to the family room. “How was he?”

“Quite good for a guy who’s never had his dick up a female till this afternoon. He gave me ten bucks.”

Pauline was appalled. “God how insulting. That’s getting it on the cheap.”

Mira screwed up her face and asked, “Then how much is it worth.”

Her mom went over and quietly closed the door and returned and continued to whisper.

“In actual fact it’s not worth very much but it works like art, the owner puts on an inflated value and waits until some sucker pays and like a painter of a portrait will ask for prepayment, women wishing to earn money for sex often demand pre-payment.”

“You seem to be well informed mom.”

Pauline checked that both doors into the kitchen were closed.

“When I studied for my degree in pharmacy in North Carolina my parents were still scraping for money at that period and so I had to work but it was difficult finding work that also fitted in with my lecturers and personal study so I did it for money, thirty bucks a throw.”

“Jesus mom, thirty bucks just for a few minutes on your back?”

“Watch your mouth darling. Many man take much longer than a few minutes and the going price at college today at a guess these days probably ranges from eighty to one hundred and fifty bucks.”


“Did Jimmy wear a condom?”


“Then come to the bathroom and I’ll show you what you need to do to try to protect yourself thoroughly. My advice is to always make the guys wear a condom unless it’s a lucrative sugar daddy. The bastards are doing it to get themselves off; most don’t care a fuck about you.”

“Watch your mouth mom.”

Mother and daughter giggled and went hand-in-hand out into the passage leading to the bathroom.

Mira pleaded with her mother to give her tips about managing guys for money but Pauline refused. However she did tell her daughter if she wanted to earn some good money while waiting to find a suitable career opening she should approach Betty Lucas of Betty’s Lingerie.

“I went through college with Betty but don’t be deceived and think butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. As a sideline she runs a small call girl operation using married women short of money. She mightn’t want to engage you because you are young and single but you may tell her I suggested you talk to her. But that’s all, say I suggested you talk to her. No way do I wish to have on my conscience I sent my daughter into prostitution.”

“But doing it just a few times for bucks isn’t prostitution is it?”

“Think what you like,” Pauline sighed. “May we talk about something else?

* * *

“Hi Mrs Lucas.”

Mira watched the woman’s eyes rake her body, probably out of habit sizing her for bra, panties, garter belt and stockings.

“Good morning young lady. I must tell you I don’t fit or sell. You must engage with one of my assistants.”

“I need to kaçak bahis have a business discussion.”

“Oh in that case come through.”

Betty sat Mira and then closed the door.

Mira blurted, “I’m seeking casual work as a call girl to earn a few bucks while waiting to find a career opening.”

“Young lady I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“I’m Mira, eighteen, a recent high school graduate and you know my mother Pauline Langley or Pauline Brandon as she was when at university with you.”

“Oh dear Pauline. Yes and you have excelled on her looks and body shape. Pauline is a regular customer of mine. I can’t believe she’d send you here on the inquiry you just made with me.”

“She didn’t actually send me. I said I could make money through sex while trying to find a career opening that interests me. She asked was I serious at being a call girl and I said yes and she gave me your name and said I should talk to you. And that’s her only involvement.”

“Yes well we both have had to cover our past. We two were probably the top money-earning students of our time. It was so exciting, far better than our studies, but that sort of excitement can wear off. For your ears only keeping on with it hardened me and these days I only service my husband and he moans that’s not often enough.”

“It’s an activity where attitude, caution and commonsense are likely to be paramount, isn’t it.”

Betty looked at Mira closely and then smiled, “Let me make us coffee darling. If you have the need to earn money I’ll assist you. What about selling lingerie.”

“Please don’t disappoint me Mrs Lucas.”

“An excellent response. That was a bit of a test of your preparedness to commit. Please call me Betty. I’ll talk to you about what’s involved including my share of revenue. Then you will be in a better position to decision, particularly after I tell you about the occasions when things go wrong, sometimes dreadfully wrong. I agree prostitution can be fun and lead to wonderful experiences but be aware it also has its very dark side. Care and maintaining physical fitness are a girl’s best friends. I must say you appear to be in outstanding physical shape and don’t worry about the smallness of your boobs. Many men dislike anything but smaller breasts. They know even small ones are a mouthful.”

“I’ll bear that in mind Betty.”

Over the next week Mira spent up to two hours a day with Betty being briefed. She was amazed there was so much to learn about sex including absolute hygiene and although she was aware of anal sex had never really thought about guys wanting to push their tongue and dig into her crap hole.

“God aren’t men disgusting.”

“Oh and so are females angels?”

“Well in that respect yes.”

“Darling let me tell you about possible female clients, some of whom will want your butt.”

They were both aware Mira had turned a little white.

Mira had to borrow $800 bucks from her mom for the sign-on fee that included the cost of a range of attractive lingerie and that was accompanied by the warning it might be ripped asunder the first time a client got his hands on it

“Oh darling, just one more thing, your name. You’ll have no wish to discredit your family if you are unlucky enough to appear in court on a charge of prostitution or whatever. Here is a list of names I’ve collected off gravestones. Chose a name or a combination of names and use that in your business work. You’ll protect your family better if you have an attorney register it as a change of name and gets the change made to your driver license and driving record, Social Security Number and whatever but I suggest you don’t do that unless you choose prostitution are your preferred career.”

“Preferred career?”

“Some women see it as that and spend all their working life on their back, so to speak. One tip, never, never call yourself a prostitute. The name I suggest is a working professional or in your case you might know enough to get away with calling yourself a pharmacist. Well that’s all for this week. On Monday we’ll begin your training if you are prepared to have me use plugs and dildos on you.”

“Oh yes that will be fine. Plugs and dildos will be great. Here was I thinking you’d have to use your husband on me.”

“Darling I couldn’t do that. He has a heart condition. You’d be far too much for him. God you are so fit and lithe. I predict you’ll be a huge money-earner.”


Ellen Cole, formerly Mira Langley, went to a motel to service her first client.

“Excuse me ma’am,” called the receptionist. “Are you a guest?”

As trained, Ellen replied, “No a visitor. My stepfather has arrived to see me and is in unit 17 (her client’s room).

The receptionist said thank you and looked more confident when, as trained, Ellen smiled at her and said, “It pays to be careful these days. Guests will appreciate your vigilance.”

Ellen thought they weakness of that trained response was the word vigilance. Some receptionists might not know what it meant. She had looked it up to find what it meant.

She knocked. The door illegal bahis opened wide and the portly guy with white close-cropped hair did a double take.

“Christ, you’re younger than my youngest daughter.”

“These things happen sir. You asked for the best and not too old so guess who you got.”

He grinned. “Let me watch you get your gear off. That helps me get it stiff. I need a little help these days.”

“I’m confident enough to say I’ll offer a money-back guarantee if I fail to get you hard.”

“Fine well here’s the fee baby (Betty’s standard charges were $500 to $1200, depending on time and other requirements). I’ll give you another $200 bucks if you can assist me to a vaginal climax.”

“Well you do have problems apparently so I’d like greater incentive, say $350?”

“Okay but if you fail you pay me $350.”

Ellen believed she’d been coached by an expert and had watched training videos intently.”

“No problem sir if you cooperate fully. Flip out your dick and I’ll start stripping but you better react quickly because I’m not wearing much. I’ll attempt some fill in wriggling and tit play to extend out the time.”

“I’ve only hired you for an hour.”

“I’m aware of that sir.”

“Call me Freddy will yah Ellen.”

“Freddy. Lovely name.”

Later Freddy was struggling, panting like a dog on a hot day after a run. Ellen waited patiently until his eyes appeared to be out of focus, or cavorting in the sockets as Betty called it. She rammed her little finger up Freddy’s ass and squeezed around his dick.

Freddy face turned purple, his eyes bulged and he bellowed into his ejaculation.

“God you’re great,” he panted. “My wife pushes a finger up my ass but she does it too delicately. I must teach her to ram it in.”

“The trouble is Freddy she cares so much she doesn’t want to hurt you whereas the truth is I don’t care a shit.”

“I like it baby. That’s a retort I can share with the guys at the club. Look instead of $350 here’s $500. You were the best fuck I’ve had for some years. I’m staying here to rest… actually I doubt that I can stand right now. Just be available next time I come to this city huh?”

“Oh at your service Freddy. You are the best fuck I’ve ever had.”

Freddy grinned and threw a pillow at Ellen who was beside the bed dressing.

Freddy chuckled, “You lying young bitch but I liked you saying that.”

Ellen had only just reached her bedroom at home when her phone went.

“Hi Betty. Everything went fine. I received a tip.”

“More that once I guess but I suppose you meant it as a gratuity? That’s great dear and you know the policy, you keep 100% of gratuities. I’m only calling because it was you debut and I admit to being a little worried.”

“Thank you for your motherly concern Betty. It went as smooth as oil on a breast. Good night.”

After cleaning up Ellen as she was now even to her parents, went and made coffee and joined them watching TV.

“Good movie?” asked her mom.

“God it was full-on sex.”

“What’s the name of the movie?” asked her father sounding interested.

Ellen looked at her mom and winked. “Daddy’s Baby.”

“Christ I’m not going to that. Movies like that ought to be banned,” snorted her father.

Ellen plugged away at her career and quite quickly had acquired enough from her tax-free income to buy a pre-owned Ford Escape.

She really enjoyed her first $1000 client.

“Lucky you are young and fit,” leered the young guy who called himself Buck.

“My wife likes her sex delicately and no more than twice in twenty-four hours.”

“Oh you poor guy… you must feel you never get your motor running.”

“Yeah that’s it,” said Buck. “You look okay but I would have preferred someone with bigger tits.”

“What I have is more than you can get into your mouth so what’s the beef?”

Buck grinned and said, “I really like your attitude you cheeky young bitch.”

That was the night Ellen learned there was a limit to her capacity. Buck left her legless and he grinned looking at her proudly. “I was worried back there thinking you would out-last me. I must get you again when my body is telling him I must have power sex.”

“Thank you Buck. You are the best fuck I’ve ever had.”

“That’s the truth baby. I’m the best fucker you and my wife will ever have.”

“Next time fuck your wife just before you come to me at this hotel.”

Buck laughed and said he liked Ellen’s style.

Betty called one afternoon and said, “I have someone who likes the sound of you and wants you this evening. I urge you to consider carefully.”

“You’ve never said that to me before.”

“The client is a businesswoman.”

“Omigod… a woman.”

“There has to be a first in everything darling. It’s a fact of life.”

“What do you recommend?”

“Have you found your career?”

“Yes definitely.”

“Then do it. It all counts as experience but never admit to anyone you have sex with females. Some people can’t stand the thought so you must not risk your young, clear-cut image. Of my girls you are currently receiving the greatest number of repeat clients. Repeat clients say a lot about the standard of professional and appeal of any prostitute. You are doing very well and helping to make me rich.”

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