Revenge Best Served with a Twist- part 2


After the whole thing with Brad, Annie walks back into the restroom, not yet ready to face her friends. She spends a few minutes crying, then taking a few shaky breathes, she starts to wipe my face and reapply her lipstick. Anything to kill a few minutes so she can regain her composure. She stands there taking a few steadying breathes, still feeling shaken from the whole thing, both from the pleasure but also the humiliation. She turns as the door opens and in walks the blonde. She looks at Annie and then comes over to the counter to stand next to her. As she digs in her bag for some lipstick, Annie turns to leave, but she reaches out and touches Annie’s arm to stop her. Annie jerks her arm away and tries to storm past the blonde. The blonde says, “Hey wait. I had nothing to do with that, besides I think they are both jerks. I heard them laughing about it at the bar.” Annie turns to her feeling humiliated and angry at the same time. “By the way my name is Chelsea.” The blonde says as she holds out her hand. Annie takes a breath and says, “Hi. I’m Annie, but you probably already know that.” Chelsea says, “Yeah, I heard your name when they were taking about how well their plan worked. It made me so mad I wanted to dump my drink on both of them. I had to walk away to calm down. Are you ok? Do you want me to go get your friends?” Annie nods and says, “No thanks, I don’t think I can face them almanbahis şikayet and no need to ruin their evening too.” Chelsea asks Annie if she needs a ride home and Annie says yes. They head out the back door and jump into Chelsea’s car. Annie gives Chelsea directions to her place and sends a text to both Brit and Tina to let them know she left, telling them she had a headache and caught a ride from a friend. Chelsea parks outside Annie’s place and Annie tell her thanks and gets out of the car. As she does, she starts crying again. She is shaking so bad that she drops the keys in the dark while trying to unlock the door. Chelsea sees Annie struggling and gets out of her car and goes to helps Annie into her place. She leads Annie over to the couch and sits her down. She then heads to the kitchen for something to drink and pours two glasses of wine. She grabs the tissues as she heads back to the living and hands a tissue and one of the glasses to Annie. Annie nods her thanks, wipes her tears and takes a drink of the wine. Chelsea sits next to her caressing her arm and back trying to calm her down. A few hours later and after two bottles of wine, they hatch a plan to get back at the guys. They exchange cell number and make plans to meet during the week to work out the details. As Chelsea goes to leaves, she leans in to give Annie a hug and a kiss on the cheek, but Annie’s head turns almanbahis canlı casino and their lips touch. Tentatively Annie kisses Chelsea and Chelsea kisses her back. After a minute or two, they break apart and give a little giggle and Chelsea says, “Damn, girl, this is going to be better than I thought.” They exchange goodbyes and promise to meet up soon. Annie wakes the next morning to the bright rays of the sun shining in her window. As she rolls over and feels the twinge of a hangover, she winces with the memory of what happened at the bar last night. She starts to feel humiliated again until she remembers her plan with Chelsea. Chelsea and Annie text several time during the week to go over the plan and decide that this Saturday night would be good for the both of them. ***** On Saturday night, Annie heads over to Chelsea’s around eight and they sit around, talk, and drink a few glasses of wine. At about nine Chelsea sends Shane a text, “Stop by on the way to the club I have something I want to show you.” She then sends him a Snapchat sexy picture. Shane sends a text back a few minutes later and says, “Looking forward to it…see u in 30.” Chelsea asks Annie if she is ready. Annie nods her head as Chelsea leans over to kiss her deeply. She runs her hands over Annie’s breast making her nipple hard. Chelsea leans back, lifts Annie’s shirt off, takes a nipple into her mouth almanbahis casino as she slides her hand down Annie’s pants and rubs her clit. Annie moans as Chelsea moves her mouth back up to give Annie another deep kiss. Annie takes this opportunity to rub her hands over Chelsea’s breast, sliding her hands up under her shirt to do so. Chelsea breaks the kiss and removes her shirt to give Annie more access. Annie leans down to take first one nipple then the other in her mouth and takes turns sucking and licking them. Chelsea slides Annie’s pants and panties off, and starts playing with her clit and sliding a finger into Annie’s wet pussy. After only a few minutes of Chelsea sliding her fingers –first one, then two, then three– into Annie’s wet pussy, she explodes in an orgasm. Annie decides it is time for Chelsea to get a little pleasure and she reaches down and pulls off her pants and her panties. She kneels between Chelsea’s thighs, puller her ass to the edge of the couch and proceeds to lick and suck on her clit. The girls hear a car door slam. “Lights, camera, action,” Chelsea giggles as she reaches over to turn up the volume on the stereo. They hear a knock on the door and then the ringing of the bell. Neither get up to answer the door. After a few minute they hear Chelsea’s cell ding indicating she has a new text. Annie continues to suck on Chelsea’s clit, sliding her tongue in and out of her pussy as she does. Chelsea reaches down and grabs Annie’s head pulling her in closer. Meanwhile outside, Shane, knowing that Chelsea is home since her car is in her drive, goes over to peek in the window to see if he can get Chelsea’s attention.

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