Rediscovering Diana Ch. 05


This is the fifth part of a story based on conversations between two good friends. Voting has been positive enough for me to feel that this should be continued and there are a few more ideas in the pipeline. Constructive criticism would be welcome.

As usual, the story is set in a place where there are no STDs or other communicable diseases and no unwanted pregnancies. All characters involved in sexual acts are well over 18.


After Jenny left, Diana busied herself preparing dinner. When Charlie got home he kissed the back of her neck and squeezed her bum as she worked in the kitchen. She had forgotten about the plug and blushed furiously at his touch but fortunately Charlie was completely oblivious and soon left her to cook.

When she could, she fired off an SMS to Jenny. “What do I do with the plug now?”

“Keep it in whenever you can,” was Jenny’s reply. “I promise you it’s worth it in the long run. :)”

That little exchange was enough to get Diana thinking about sex again as she went through the motions of running the house. She was intrigued by Jenny’s domineering approach to their relationship, loving and sensual but always gently pushing her to do new things. She wondered what might be in store for her in Jenny’s playroom on Tuesday.

Keeping the plug in turned out to be easy enough around the house and doing family activities on Sunday. As she learnt how to relax the muscles, she quickly found it easier to take it out and put it back in when needed. Wearing it to work on Monday was another matter. As a paralegal at a nearby real estate office, she needed total concentration to make sure that all the paperwork was in order for property transactions. The low level of arousal caused by the plug made it difficult for her to concentrate. By the end of the day she was mentally exhausted and quite horny – not her normal reaction to a day at the office.

When she got home she got everything in order for dinner and put the kids doing their homework before sneaking off to the bathroom. There, with her leggings and panties around her knees, she rubbed herself to a quick but intense orgasm in front of the mirror. Somehow the feeling of her anal muscles clenching around the stem of the plug heightened her excitement.

Later that evening Jenny called. Charlie was parked in front of the television watching football. He didn’t even notice when Diana sneaked off to the bedroom to take the call.

Jenny wanted to know how Diana was getting on with the anal plug.

“It makes me horny all the time,” complained Diana. “I can’t concentrate on my work. When I got home I couldn’t take it any more and made myself cum in the bathroom!”

Jenny giggled. “I’m glad it’s getting to you. As for wearing it at work, you’ll have to decide for yourself,” Jenny replied. “How about inserting and removing it?”

“It’s surprisingly easy.” Diana had not realised until then how quickly she had adapted to the intrusion in her ass.

“Cool! Maybe tomorrow I’ll swap it for a bigger one.”

Diana found that idea rather daunting but exciting at the same time. She went to bed wondering what the next day would bring.


The following day, Diana was not so distracted by the plug at work, though her anticipation of what would happen that evening grew as the day wore on.

She had organised things so that she could go straight from the office to the tennis club and then on to see Jenny. She changed for tennis in the restroom at the office, where she hid the plug away among her work clothes.

Urged on by Jenny and her other girlfriends, Diana had signed up for the ladder tournament at the tennis club. She had won her first few matches, moving quickly up the ladder and that evening was no exception, which moved her into the top 25. Her adrenaline bahis şirketleri was still pumping when she pulled up at Jenny’s house.

Jenny welcomed her in with a peck on the cheek. “Ooh, you’re all sweaty!” She pulled Diana close and ran her tongue up the side of Diana’s neck, licking up her salty perspiration. “Let’s see if we can make you sweat some more. She held out her hand and led Diana upstairs and along a long corridor. Diana realised that Jenny had skipped this room when giving her the tour. Now she was going to find out why.

The large room at the end of the hallway was divided into two areas. One half was carpeted and luxurious, the other utilitarian with a plastic floor like a medical facility. In the middle of that space was a large chunky armchair beside a small wheeled cabinet.

Jenny obviously had something planned and Diana let herself be led, curious to see what the girl had in mind.

Jenny started by peeling off Diana’s top and shorts before pushing her back into the chair, which reclined under her weight. Suddenly Diana found herself almost horizontal, with Jenny standing between her splayed legs. Jenny bent over Diana and unfastened the front of her sports bra, revealing the hard nipples protruding from her A-cup breasts. She suckled at each one in turn, managing to make them even harder. Diana’s nipples had always been sensitive when aroused and Jenny’s attentions literally made her squirm.

Jenny’s next move was to peel off Diana’s sodden panties. There was a click from the chair and two leg rests rose from the base to take the weight of her legs, like in her doctor’s surgery, though far more comfortable.

Jenny ran her fingertips through the dampness of Diana’s trimmed pubic hair, provoking a shiver from Diana. “I know that everything retro is fashionable nowadays but, if you are to be my plaything, we really need to do something about this.”

Diana was still getting her head around the word “plaything” and trying to understand Jenny’s intentions when Jenny bent and picked up two Velcro straps. She quickly and efficiently lashed Diana’s calves to the leg rests. She placed a palm on Diana’s mons and ran her thumb up and down the groove between Diana’s outer lips, teasing the older woman, enjoying her reaction.

“I’m going to shave your pussy now. Should I leave you a triangle, a landing strip or take it all off?”

Diana’s concerns were elsewhere. “How am I going to explain it?”

The question got a laugh from Jenny. “Just tell Charlie you did it for him. He’s a guy. He’ll be happy.” She bent and opened a drawer, taking out a cordless beard trimmer, which she used to trim Diana’s mound to a medium stubble. Adjusting the trimmer to a shorter setting, she proceeded to remove all the hairs from her mound and pussy lips, except for a landing strip half an inch wide and about two inches long.

Diana was mesmerised by the way Jenny worked. Being lashed to the chair was more exciting than she cared to admit. She brought her hands up to caress her breasts and squeeze her nipples, desperate for physical contact of a sexual kind.

Jenny was having none of that and soon had Diana’s arms lashed to the armrests. Standing over Diana she reached down and tweaked a nipple hard, making Diana squeak at the pain, which slowly dissipated into a warm feeling of arousal.

Jenny moved away and soon came back with a bowl of warm water and a small stool. “I was thinking that you might like to see what I’m doing.” She reached up to a beam and pulled down a small camera attached to an articulated arm. Sitting on the stool, between Diana’s legs, she positioned the camera just behind her shoulder. She pushed a button on a remote control and a monitor flickered on near the ceiling, giving Diana a close-up view of what was being done to her.

Diana bahis firmaları hardly had time to take in the view of her semi-shaven pussy before Jenny covered it up with a cool layer of shaving cream. Then she picked up a razor and slowly and meticulously shaved off all the stubble. She even followed the cream that was slipping downwards and shaved all around Diana’s anus, leaving her totally hairless except for the landing strip. To complete the process, Jenny wiped everything clean with a warm cloth.

Diana could clearly see on the monitor how aroused she was, outer and inner lips swollen and open and a trickle of juices oozing from her pussy.

Next Jenny opened a clear bottle and squeezed a clear liquid out, covering both palms. “We mustn’t forget to moisturise,” she said cheerfully and set to work rubbing the liquid into Diana’s newly exposed skin.

Diana closed her eyes to concentrate on the sensations, totally at ease with being tied up and touched by the younger woman. As the hands moved, she noticed that something, probably Jenny’s thumbs, would slip into her pussy for a moment, opening her up then moving on.

Jenny squeezed out more liquid and covered her hands in it. Now she started moving her hands up and down together. At the bottom of each stroke she used both thumbs to open Diana’s pussy, slowly working the relaxing liquid inside her, gradually stretching her wider.

Diana only realised what Jenny was doing when the girl turned her hands and used two fingertips of each hand to ease her pussy even wider. Diana opened her eyes and was amazed to see those fingertips holding her pussy open, all pink and shiny.

Jenny noticed that Diana had opened her eyes. “I think you’re ready,” she said with a sweet smile.

Before Diana had time to reply, Jenny slid three fingers of her right hand deep into Diana’s pussy. On the second stroke she added her little finger, getting a brief groan from Diana, who was feeling very full. Jenny worked her fingers in and out, sometimes bunched together, sometimes in a line, as the relaxing liquid took effect and Diana’s natural lubrification started to flow. She paused with her fingers deep inside, all in a vertical line, leaving Diana wondering what was coming next.

Jenny slid her left thumb past her right palm and inside Diana, easing her pussy a little wider. Once Jenny was satisfied there was space, she eased back a little and folded her right thumb against her palm, replacing the other thumb. Then she straightened her arm and wrist and pushed, slowly but surely, until her knuckles disappeared inside.

Diana’s head was in turmoil. Her pussy was throbbing, like her leg muscles did after a long set of tennis, stretched but not damaged. At the same time she felt gloriously full. And the images on the screen were just obscene. She had seen and cum to porn with sweet young girls fisting each other but never imagined it would happen to her.

Jenny had paused to see how Diana reacting. “Are we okay,” she asked.

When Diana nodded a confirmation, Jenny pushed again. Her fist went deeper, allowing Diana’s pussy lips to close around her slim wrist. Now the sensation was fullness, no pain, only pleasure. Jenny wriggled her arm back and forth a couple of times and Diana felt something change inside her, less comfortable than before. Jenny explained, “When my hand went in, it was like this, as if I was putting on a bangle.” She demonstrated with her free hand. “Now it’s a real fist, not something that feels good to me, but there are women who enjoy it. Next I’m going to show you this.” She stretched her fingers and palm out flat and pushed the tip of her thumb against the base of her index finger, making its knuckle protrude upwards.

It took more than a couple of ins and outs before Jenny was kaçak bahis siteleri satisfied. Then she pulled back slowly. That was when Diana understood. That knuckle was heading for her G-spot. And when it got there ..

“Oh… My… God…”

Jenny eased back in, then out again, more confident now that she had hit her target. After a few strokes a squelching sound started as the knuckle massaged that most sensitive spot. With each outward stroke Jenny increased the pressure until Diana warned her, “Fuck! I’m going to cum!”

And cum she did, spectacularly, straining against her restraints. Her clenching pussy muscles squirted juices all over Jenny, who removed her fist and sat back on her heels to watch. It was a good minute before the contractions and aftershocks subsided.

When Diana came around, Jenny wasn’t in her line of sight. She was rummaging around in the other half of the room. She soon came back carrying a harness and a big black dildo. “Now it’s my turn,” she said, showing Diana how the harness had a curved dildo on the inside, so the girl wearing it would also get pleasure from using it.

Jenny stripped off her wet t-shirt, leggings and thong. She rubbed the sticky thong over Diana’s nose and mouth, making her breathe in the strong smell of sex. Diana might have objected if she wasn’t strapped to the chair and helpless. As it was, she found she liked Jenny’s approach.

Jenny stepped into the harness, fastening the straps with practised ease and clipped the dildo into place. By rocking her hips a couple of times, she made the dildo bob up and down, which flexed the harness at its base. “Ohh, that’s just right,” she gasped. Then she stepped up to the chair.

Jenny rested the heavy dildo on Diana’s mound. Then she eased back to let it slip down between Diana’s lips before pushing it deep into her pussy. After taking Jenny’s fist, the big dildo went in easily. Jenny leant forward over Diana, seeking out the best angle for her own pleasure.

Diana strained against her restraints. “I want to touch you,” she groaned.

Jenny released Diana’s arms from the restraints. Diana immediately put her hands on Jenny’s pert breasts, which were bobbing enticingly as she leant forward. She squeezed Jenny’s hard nipples between her thumb and forefinger, getting an appreciative groan and an instruction, “Harder”. Diana did as she was told, her strong hands making the girl’s nipples red and sore.

Jenny was in her element. Her eyes were fixed on Diana’s face but defocused, as she sought her own pleasure from the fucking motion, heightened by the erotic pain in her breasts. Her blonde hair was matted with perspiration and her cheeks rosy with arousal. Diana had never seen anything so beautiful.

It wasn’t long before Jenny reached her climax, causing her to tighten her abs and thrust deep inside Diana, before falling forwards. Diana held her tight and kissed her sweaty face as she came back down to earth. “That was amazing Jenny, thank you,” she whispered.

Jenny took a step back and unclipped the harness, letting it fall to the floor with an uncerimonious clunk. “There’s just one last thing,” she said. She bent, opened a drawer and took out a butt plug. Diana could see it was bigger than the other one, perhaps the size of a ping-pong ball and with a thicker stem too. Thanks to the relaxing lube and her practising with the smaller plug, the new plug was soon in place and Jenny finally released her captive, holding her close as she flexed her tired joints.

As she put her tennis kit back on and got ready for her return to real life, Diana was already wondering what else Jenny had in store for her, looking forward to their next tryst. At the same time she was concerned that it was so late. How could she explain that to Charlie?

As it turned out, Charlie barely looked away from the sports when she got home. “Out with the girls again?” was all he asked, without even registering her reply. Diana dropped her bag by the washer and headed for the shower to soothe her aching muscles.

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