It was the only word she texted me. Immediately I wondered, is that Red Alert, was she ok? I texted back to her and she let me know with another word she was fine… Lingerie.

My mind started to race and the blood in my body began to surge throughout all areas just thinking about her in any lingerie. We had both been working too hard and I decided the office can wait. I texted back “Headed to you.”

A Simple “Kiss” emoji was your response. Quickly getting through the lighter than “Normal” Traffic I made it to your place. I was still in my suit as I turned the doorknob expecting you to be there at the door. Quickly looking around I saw no one. I called out for you and still no sound. Looking closer on the floor a single long stem red rose was on the first step leading to the bedroom, halfway up another long stem rose, as I followed the trail leading into the bedroom my anticipation of what you have in store for me is making my husky shaft begin to poke the thin suit pants into an obscene gesture.

Finding the last long stem rose at the closed bedroom door, I turned the doorknob to open into what I could only imagine the sight of your Sexy Body ready for me to ravage. But what was in front of me is one of the moments that takes your breath away.

You, on your knees, in the most seductive and tantalizing Red Lace Body Stocking with a Black Leather Crop in your teeth. Your head is tilted down as I cross the floor to you and lean down to put my fingers gently yalova escort below your chin to pull your gaze up so that you can get a good view of what you are doing to my body.

“Mmmm Baby, you need this don’t you. I know I have been too busy and not showing you my attention since the office opened up,” I told her as my hand reached for the crop handle to remove it from her mouth. Slowly I moved the leather keeper starting at her neck and then down her bare shoulders, making the trip down the side of her ribs then bringing the keeper slowly up to focus its touch on her nipples that are beginning to pout far outside the netting of the stocking. Concentrating the swirls of the leather around your nipples is having the desired effect of your gasps and soft moans of pleasure. Small flicks of the keeper on your now exposed nipples bring the guttural calls for more and more intensity. Two, now three sharp pops from the crop now have the blood flowing into your shapely and gorgeous orbs. Squatting down in front of you, I reach out my fingers and feel the heat building in the skin that has begun to blush with the added blood flow. Using both hands I use my fingers to slowly feel the nipples through the lace. I use the material to further stimulate the pleasure and warmth filling your body.

Standing up and backing away from you I circle your body as you continue to catch your breath. I slowly slip my jacket off and lay it in the chair across from the bed. My white button down yalova escort bayan oxford with the dark navy striped tie that you gave me on our anniversary is still neatly and properly centered around my collar. I kneel in front of you, kissing ever so softly your perfectly red lips that I can spend hours on the couch enjoying. I pull the tie from around my neck and undo the knot. Breaking our lips I begin to wrap the tie around your eyes so that my control over the moment goes another layer deeper. Moving back in front of you, my hands begin to undo my leather belt.

Slowly pulling it through the loops once freed, I wrap the ends around my hands and move toward you. Slowly circling around behind you as the predator that my desire for you has aroused in me. You feel my presence, but can not see any longer. You feel my breath as my lips nuzzle into your hair and my lips find your ears. Slowly my tongue plays with them so that the goosebumps on your shoulders and arms give away the stimulation that the warm breath and touching is causing. More and more my lips begin the harder and deeper pushes into your skin. Now my teeth begin to gently nip at your hot skin as my nostrils are filled with the French Parfum that I presented you on our date that followed the first time we made love to one another.

The scent almost causes me to lose my own concentration on how I want to show you my true hunger and passion for you right now. I quickly move the belt around your hands escort yalova and chinch it so they are tightly together. Now lifting them up over your head, I slowly help you up to your feet. I still have your back pressing into my chest. The thin suit fabric is letting you have no questions that your body still captures my body’s sole attention. I feel you grind your heart shaped ass into my engorged cock. My free hand instantly went up from your waist, traveling higher man handling your left breast with a hard squeeze, then wrapping my fingers and cupping your neck to pull your head so your ear is right into my lips to hear my growl, “Who’s in charge of this night?”

Your ass defiantly pushes back against my hard cock as if trying to take back control. I quickly pull the end of the belt and tie it onto the top of the bed frame so that your arms are now fully extended above your head. Now my hands caress down the length of your torso. Slowly moving them across the lace. Now moving my attention back to your beautiful and all natural chest, my fingers pinch and pull the nipples back out from the lace. Giving them both an extra tweak as my question again in your ear comes forth, “Tell me who’s in charge?”

“You Baby, More Please…” escapes your lips as my fingers continue their pull. I let go of your nipples to watch them fill with the blood that creates such a rush with you. I loosen my pant clasp and begin to slowly move the nylon zipper down. You perk up at that noise that you have enjoyed doing yourself many times on your own.

My Hard Hot cock slips between your stocking clad thighs as I pull your body in tight to mine and whisper back into your ear. “More is not enough, You get me ALL…”

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