Subject: Rebuilding the bond Chapter 23 Chapter 23 I had gotten home from work the next afternoon, all sweaty and tired. I hopped into the shower, more to cool myself down than to really clean up. After that, and without thinking, I wrapped the clothes I had just taken off, and the clothes I wore yesterday and headed down to the basement completely naked. It didn’t occur to me, till I saw Ben’s bed, that I probably shouldn’t be walking around the house naked anymore. But I was already down here, and hadn’t bumped into Ben yet, so he must be out looking for a job. As I cleaned out the pockets, I came across the business card the man from the arcade left me the night before. `Your Master, Your Daddy, Your Pimp, Mr. Drews’, I read again. Who was this Mr. Drews? My eyes scanned the number, maybe I should give him a call, afterall last night was… My thoughts were cut off, as the door at the top of the stairs opened, and Ben started coming down. “Ian, you down there?” There wasn’t any time to cover myself, or pull on the pants that were in my hand, before Ben could see me, “Afternoon” he said with a smile. “Sorry,” I said, embarrassedly not turning around to look at him. “I was just doing some laundry, I’ll go put some clothes on.” Ben laughed, “no worries, not like I haven’t seen it all before. Toss mine in too would you?” he asked, pulling his shirt off and tossing it to me. The smell of his sweat made my cock start to grow. He kicked off his boots, and turned around, unbuckling his pants. In one motion, his pants and boxers fell to the floor, revealing his hairy ass. I took a deep breath, as I pressed the clothes, already in my hands, into the machine. He bent down, pulled off his socks. Then, without hesitation, turned around and tossed the entire pile of clothes at me. “Thanks.” His dick was soft, but big. His balls were just as low hanging as mine and Dad’s, maybe it really did run in the family, I thought. He flopped down onto his back on the bed. Good, I thought, closing the washer lid and turning it on, he hasn’t seen şişli travesti my hardon yet. “I tell you what” he started, “getting a job is harder than I thought.” I knew being an ex-con would be a problem, but so many want a high school diploma.” I just stood there by the washing machine as he talked, unsure of what to do. My boner wasn’t going anywhere, with my muscular hairy uncle laying butt naked in front of me, but I couldn’t just dart upstairs while he was talking. “I mean really, why do I need a diploma to haul lumber around, or clean streets.” He lifted himself up on his elbows and looked at me, “be sure to finish high school,” he said with a serious look on his face. “I always thought that `stay in school’ crap was a joke, but now I’m seeing what they meant.” It was then he noticed my half hard cock. “Uh oh, someone’s popping a stiffy,” he chuckled. I quickly covered myself with my hands. “Nothing wrong with it boy, your how old, 16? Fuck, my cock was rock hard most of the day when I was your age.” He sat up, and patted the bed next to him as a jester to come over and sit with him. I hesitated, but did. “You got a girl who puts out?” he asked. I shook my head. “That’s alright, you don’t want to get mixed up with some chick at your age. Jacking off is a better choice. You got some nudie mags to keep you company? Oh right,” he went on before I could respond, “you got the internet don’t you. Hey, I noticed an adult shop just up the street, if you ever want anything just ask, I’ll be happy to pick something up for you.” For some reason, at this point, I found my voice. “Uh, yeah, I’ve actually, well, I’ve actually been in there.” “Yeah?” he said, impressed. “Good for you, I’d fucking kill to have access to a place like that when I was your age. You pick anything up?” “Um, no, I mostly go for the arcade.” “No shit.” he said with a laugh. “I’ve only been to an adult arcade a few times before I got put away. Good place to check out the latest porno.” His dick was starting to grow between his legs, mine was rock beylikdüzü travesti hard at this point. “I hear you can always find someone to help you get off in those places.” “Yeah, usually.” Ben looked at me, almost like he was proud. “You gotten a guy to help get you off.” I was nervous, but Ben seemed cool, and I figured it was now or never. “Yeah, a few times. I’ve even helped others get off.” “Fuck man. You’re sure more confident about this shit then I was at your age.” he paused, “what, ugh, what have you all done?” “Mostly suck dick, have fucked.” He just shook his head, placed his hand on my back and started rubbing. “Wow, how do you think your old man would react if he found out?” I just shrugged, and placed my hand on his hairy thigh. “Does he have to know?” Ben’s dick was now, almost, at full attention. “No, I guess he doesn’t.” He was now staring at my hand. I slowly slid it up his thigh, under his big balls, and grabbed the base of his shaft. “Ian,” he said suddenly, grabbing my hand, while his other was still on my back. He looked at me, I just looked him right back in the eyes. With his hand over mine, I started stroking. “What?” I responded. Ben didn’t say anything. But his hand kept stroking my back, and mine stroked his cock. He finally let go of my hand, and placed it back on the bed. As I stroked, I took my other hand, and started playing with his balls. Ben was breathing deeply, not taking his eyes off me. I just smiled, I could see a million thoughts were running through his head. The hand on my back slowly moved up to my neck then to the back of my head. He didn’t apply any pressure, but my head slowly moved down, till I was face to face with this swollen cock head, a bead of pre-cum forming. My tongue extended, licking the precum dry, then danced around his cock head. I adjusted my weight, and before I knew it, his entire shaft had entered my mouth. With my hand still on his balls, my head bobbed up and down his thick meat, my nose being tickled by his hairy bush every time istanbul travesti I reached the base. Slowly, I slipped off the bed, my knees touching the cold concrete floor and moved in between his hairy legs. Now I had the full range of motion, and could really tug on those balls. Both Ben’s arms moved backward, supporting his weight on the bed. This went on for several long minutes. Ben continued to groan in pleasure, as I got his cock ever deeper down my throat, my saliva rolling down his hairy balls, getting my hands all wet. His balls started to contract, as did his muscles, so I decided it was time to take things to the next level. After getting his cock deep down my throat, I released it, taking a few deep breaths of air. Ben looked down at me, as I started to crawl up his body, pushing him back on the mattress. “Wha..what are you doing?” I just smiled as I straddled him. “Ian, I, I don’t know about this.” I reached around, and guided his cock head to my eager asshole. “We should….” was all he could get out before I pressed my weight down, and his entire cock slid, smoothly, into my ass. We both took a deep breath in, as the amazing sensation overwhelmed both of us. Then I started grinding. Ben’s hands moved toward my hips, as I rode his cock. My hands were enjoying the sensation of his huge hairy pecs. “You like that?” I whispered. Ben just nodded, his mouth hanging open. “You like fucking me.” he nodded again. I picked up the pace, my cock and balls slapping on his belly with ever bounce. “Fuck me.” I said starting to pant. “Fuck me Ben.” “Oh Ian,” he finally got out, “fuck Ian.” I looked up, I thought I heard movement upstairs. “Fuck me, Uncle Ben, fuck my hole.” “Oh fuck, Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum.” “Me too.” My balls were tightening, “cum for me uncle. Fucking bead my hole.” “Oh fuck!” he let out a loud shout, as he busted rope after rope of warm jizz deep into my ass. Without even touching my cock, I shot my warm white cum all over his chest and belly, it contrasted brightly with his black body hair. I continued to move my ass a few moments longer, to be sure all his seed had been shot from his nuts. We just looked at eachother, breathing deeply and smiling. Suddenly, from the stairs behind me, we heard a voice, “what the fuck?” My Dad had come home early.

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