Raped by Rocky


Before I tell my story, let me tell you about myself. First, the story I will tell you happened when I was 20, or 12 years ago. I was a college sophomore and, believe it or not, a virgin! Not that I wanted to be, but I had never had the chance to be anything else. I’m not ugly, but not a model either. I had dated some and guys seemed to like me, but they never tried to go to the next level with me. Actually, they treated me more like one of the guys. Back to me, I’m about 5’1″ tall and weigh around 85 pounds. I do think I have pretty hair and a nice enough face. My problem begins as you drop down. Let me just say it, I have tiny titts. How small? Okay, they are 32B. I know, I know that’s little! Believe me, I have heard all the jokes so let’s just not go there.
My story starts on a Friday evening when I got home from college. I found a note on the table telling me my parents were on a trip and wouldn’t see me this trip home. Sorry, it said. As I was coming in my brother was on his way out saying hi Ange as he passed. I ask where he was going and he said date, see ya tomorrow. Great I thought, I should have just stayed on campus. Looks like it will be just me and our German Shepard Rocky.
Later in the evening and after my shower, I put on my night shirt which was actually and old flannel shirt of dads. I had developed escort kocaeli a habit of sleeping in old, long tailed flannel shirts when I was about 14. In fact, for years, that has been all I wear to bed. I sleep commando as the guys call it.
Shower over, and snuggled in my bed with my tv on. Rock was sleeping on the floor next to my bed. Feeling kind of lonely, I said come here boy and he readily leaped into my bed. The tv was playing and old movie that I had seen. Gradually I slipped into a sleep. At first I thought I was having a sex dream. I could feel myself becoming arroused  then I awoke all of the sudden to find Rock licking my pussy. I shrieked and tried pushing Rock away. My attempt was met with an angry growl and a quick nip. It scared the living hell out of me! Rock showed aggressive behavior some, but never at me. I froze not knowing what to do and Rock continued his licking. Although I was scared shitless, I was also just a little turned on. I tried again to push him away and again he growled a menacingly low growl. I thought my god I’m being molested by my own fucking dog!
As I laid there, I couldn’t help but to raise my hips a little. It did feel good and I was feeling very warm inside. I had experienced mini orgasms a few times while  masturbating, but I had never felt what I felt now. My little nips were kocaeli anal yapan escort rock hard. I could help but to moan and then it happened. I cum harder than ever before. This seemed to send Rock into a frenzy when he tasted me. His licking became faster and his long tongue wax striking my ass too. God I was hot!
I got some pussy juice on two fingers and rubbed it on my little tits. I encouraged Rock to lick them which wasn’t a problem. As he moved his hairy and heavy body on me I felt his dick on my skin. It was long and rock hard! No pun intended. He was becoming frantic and so was I. His long rough tongue licked my tits until all was gone then he moved back to my pussy. His hard dick hanging down at least 7 or 8 inches. I wanted fucked and I knew it didn’t matter because Rock was going to fuck me whether I wanted it or not. I rolled my hips over and Rock growled a little, but he seemed to k ow what was coming. Soon I had my elbows down on my bed and my ass and pussy in Rock’s face. He licked some more getting my pussy and asshole. I was so hot!!! I era he’d back and took his dick in my hand. It was hard, wet, and I could feel his heart beat. As I held it, it even got bigger. Not longer, but thicker. He began humping my hand. I guided him toward my pussy and after a couple of misses, izmit yabancı escort he found the spot. At first he penetrated just a couple of inches, then he went wild! His humping was hard and fast. He was driving his dick further and further in my wet pussy.
I had seen dogs mate before and knew that near climax, they develop a knot at the base of their dick. The purpose is to hold the sperm in the female after they ejaculate. Rock was going as fast as he could and I knew I was close to orgasm. Then I start feeling the building of his knot. It grew fast and big. Maybe as big as a lemon. It felt good and hurt at the same time. I couldn’t delay longer. I cum and I cum hard. I’m glad no one was home to hear me scream. At the same moment, Rock stopped humping. And then I felt it, stream after stream of hot doggie cum. He was filling me with it. It just kept coming. Although we were still knotted, he finally stopped. As he relaxed, he raised one leg over me and we were ass to ass. It was maybe 10 minutes that he relaxed enough to pull his dick out.
I was raped, raped by my own fucking dog and I loved it! I have had several men since and even a girl named Lacy after too much to drink one night. I still have Rock, although he is 14 now. Occasionally Rock will give me a lick, but no more fucking. Poor old boy just can’t get it out anymore. Thank goodness for little Bruno! Before Rocky was
passed prime I bred him to a good looking bitch with the stipulation that I got the pick of the litter. Here Buno, come on boy, momas going to fuck you.

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