Quid Pro Quo


I was marveling at the new apartment—the floors, the fresh paint, the space, the possibilities, the view of the city—when I heard the knock. I kissed my fingers like a chef. My wife and I were so ready to turn this place into our love nest as soon as she got back from work. I pulled my eyes away from the hardwood floors to go see who was at the door.It was the landlord, Harry, with his tight mouth and his distinguished gray hair. I gave him a great big smile of gratitude and a firm handshake. He held my hand there for a second when I noticed the woman next to him holding a small mat rolled up under her arm. I gave her a quick nod and a smile but tried to keep my eyes on Harry and not on her glorious cleavage.“This is my wife, Doris,” he said in his low voice. He nodded towards the apartment. “How’s the place?”“Fucking awesome,” I exclaimed, making them laugh. I went on about how much we loved the space, how we loved the view, the garden, the patio, the balcony, the neighborhood. I was blathering on, but in the corner of my eye was Doris and her white and red sundress with frilly straps. Her breasts were almost spilling over. The hem was frilly, too, I noticed when I pretended to laugh at a joke by looking at the floor.It was a short dress, only covering half her thighs. She was curvy and sexy. She reminded me of Marilyn Monroe. She had sandals on with jewels on the strap. I pointed to the convenient elevators down the hallway and they looked to where I was pointing, which gave me a chance to really get a good view of Doris and her blonde curls and her pink lips.“Well, I’m glad you love the place,” Harry was saying. “You let us know if you need anything, okay?”“Sure, sure,” I nodded, realizing Doris was staring at me. I looked over at her and she gave me such a beaming smile. I looked at Harry who was staring at us hard.“We live here, too,” Harry said. “Right down the hall.”“The lakeside view,” I said to which he shrugged apologetically. “Still love our view,” I quickly added.“To welcome you to the building, we’ve got a little gift for you.”“Oh, yeah?” I looked at Doris and the mat that was rolled under her arm. “Thank you.”“Go inside,” Harry commanded.I wasn’t sure he was talking to me. “Excuse me?”Harry nodded towards the apartment. “Inside. Not out here.”“Oh, right,” I said, a little confused. I opened the door wider and let them into the empty apartment. Harry looked around, then he nodded to Doris. Doris placed the mat on the floor. It said, ‘Welcome,’ on it. “Nice,” I said.But then Doris knelt down on the mat. Before I could ask, Harry’s hand was on the small of my back and he led me closer to her. I looked at him. His tight mouth gave a tight little smile and he winked at me. I looked at Doris, who grinned up at me, her hands grabbing my sides to pull me to her.“A little welcoming gift for you, sir,” Harry said, crossing his arms.“Oh, no, you don’t have to—” I began to say, but my pants were already open, my boxers pulled down, and my dick was getting bigger in her soft hand.“It’s all right,” Doris said in a soft, sweet lilting voice that had a hint of an accent. “A little extra we give to tenants we like. You’ll like it.”I gave her a nervous laugh. “I’m sure I will, but—”I was still protesting while she stroked and rubbed until I was hard as a rock.“How is it?” Harry asked Doris.I looked back at Doris who put my cock close to her face. She then said to Harry, “It’s good.”Harry nodded. He put a hand on my shoulder. “Relax. She likes you. Enjoy it.”She licked the tip which made me jump a little. She took the whole thing in her mouth which made me gasp. She held my balls which made me groan. Her tongue didn’t stop attacking almanbahis şikayet my cock while she sucked. I reached for her lovely blonde hair. Both my hands were on her head. Both her hands were on my hips. And we worked together to pump that cock into her mouth. I looked at her husband nervously, but he was texting on his smartphone.She pulled away and there was a splash of saliva. She licked the shaft while she took a breath. Then she took the cock back into her mouth again. I was ready to go. I tried to hold it. One of her hands was squeezing my butt cheek. My weak spot. I grabbed my cock to keep it from ejaculating. She let it go and held her mouth open, tongue out, hands cupped by her chin. Such a welcoming face for my cum. So I gave it to her. I could hear myself groaning loudly as I came, my load shooting onto her cheeks, her forehead, dripping down to her mouth, her chin, and her hands.I staggered back. “Oh, wow,” I could only say.Doris stood up, spitting what little cum that made it to her mouth onto her hand. She smiled at me briefly before going to the washroom.I held my head for a second, trying to comprehend what just happened. I glanced at Harry, who finally put his phone away and nodded to me. “Welcome to the neighborhood,” he said. “Welcome to the building.” I nodded, feeling stupid talking to a man with my cock still out, cum dripping onto the floor. Harry didn’t seem to notice or care. “My wife and I have soirees every other Friday. Fun little parties,” he said with a shrug. “Hope to see you at the next one.” He held out his hand, so I shook it. I usually give firm handshakes, especially when shaking hands with clients. This one was flimsy and weak against his strong hand.Doris emerged from the washroom holding a small washcloth.“Ready, babe?” Harry said.“Yes,” she said. As she passed me, she pressed the washcloth against my flaccid dick until I held it myself.“And remember this,” Harry said, his face back to that stern tight mouth look as he pointed at me. “Good neighbors? Quid pro quo.”“Huh?” I said.He winked at me again before holding his wife’s hand. The couple left, and I still stood there.“What the fuck were you thinking?” my wife Ellen was asking two days later. She had just thrown a beer bottle at me and it hit the wall with a crash. I was still staring at the wetness on the wall when she smacked me on the head.“I’m sorry,” I yelled at her.“Sorry?” she said, wincing at me, even more angry now. “Sorry? You let a woman blow you in our apartment!”“She forced herself on to me!” I said weakly. “I didn’t know what to do.”“How about saying ‘no’?”“How about thinking this through?” I said to her. “These people gave us this apartment. There were plenty of other couples they could’ve given it to. Look at this place. Look at this view. I wanted to show my gratitude.”“By letting a woman blow you.”“If that’s how they do it around here,” I said before dodging another punch from her. “It took me totally by surprise. She just got down on her knees and went at it. That guy was right behind us. He’s fucking creepy as hell. And intimidating. I didn’t want to be rude.”“So you were scared? Is that what you’re telling me?”“Scared stiff,” I said with the tiniest grin.I looked at my wife. A small, sexy brunette in her business suit and her high heels and her hands on her hips. “Don’t be angry.”“How can I not be?”“I understand. We’re married. But guess what? You’re the one I love. I love you. I’m with you. I’m in this new apartment to build a life with you.” I went to her now that she had nothing else to throw at me. “It’s not like I went out and said, ‘Hey, I’m gonna cheat on my wife.’ No, I was here, waiting for the almanbahis canlı casino movers. They barged in. They’re fucking weird. So I played along.”“You ‘played along,’” she repeated shaking her head.“That’s right. ‘When in Rome,’ you know.” I threw a hand up. “She sucked anyway.”“Yeah, I know she sucked,” she said, turning to go to the kitchen.“No, I mean, she wasn’t good. Not like you.”She was in the kitchen getting a wine bottle out and handling everything brusquely.“Another woman’s mouth was sucking your cock,” she said, nodding and letting out an angry breath. “Doris, right? That lady with the oversized breasts and the fat ass.”“Don’t get jealous.”“I’m not jealous.”“She’s not fat,” I said, shrugging. “More like Marilyn Monroe, you know? Voluptuous.”I suddenly realized what I was saying when a spatula flew across my head.I was sleeping on the couch later when she appeared in front of me in her nightgown. I blinked myself awake.“What do we do now?” she asked.“What do you mean?”“The only reason you told me this is because of the phone messages, right?”“Oh, yeah.”I sat up. After the welcoming blowjob, Harry had sent me a text message repeating the words, “quid pro quo” and “Soiree next Friday.” I ignored them at first but then he had called as well saying he wanted us at the party to see if we were good neighbors and tenets. It sounded like a veiled threat to me which made me nervous. After a few more messages, I decided to tell Ellen about it. She wanted to know what had happened. After a couple days of beating around the bush, I decided ‘fess up to tell her about the blowjob. That was when she had attacked me. But now here she was in front of me, calmer now. And we had to decide what to do about this invite.“So what do we do?” she asked.“We don’t go. Fuck that. We’re busy. We both work. We’re exhausted. We don’t have time for a ‘soiree’.” I said “soiree” with an exaggerated French accent. “Better yet. Let’s go out that night. We’ll be out. Pick anywhere. Make a reservation.”She sighed. “What about being good neighbors?”“They can’t kick us out, right? We signed the papers. We’re on the lease.” I sighed. “But I’ve been asking around. They’ve gotten people kicked out before for odd reasons.” When she looked worried, I quickly added, “But hey, the place is legally ours for another eleven months.” I grabbed her hand, but she seemed deep in thought. She couldn’t possibly be entertaining this idea. “Come on.”“We don’t want to lose this place.”“We won’t,” I said with a confident shrug.“What about next year? For renewal? We don’t want to get on their bad side either.”“We won’t,” I said, shaking my head.“We can go for a drink.”“Ah, shit,” I said, laying back on the couch.“We don’t have to do anything we don’t want to do.”“What about this ‘squid quo ho’ thing?”“Quid pro quo. We’re adults. We can say no.” She turned to go back to bed. “Most of us anyway.”“Can I come back to bed?” I called out after her.“Tomorrow,” she said before the bedroom door shut.The dreaded Friday came. The party wasn’t really a party. It was just two couples—us and the creeps. The TV was on mute, playing a classic Swedish erotica film from the 70s. I recognized it but didn’t tell Ellen. There was soft New Age jazzy music playing. For an hour we just talked about our childhoods, our jobs, the White House, old movies. There was lots of wine, which Ellen, lovely in a red minidress she hadn’t worn in a while, was indulging in, encouraged by Harry. After using the washroom, I sat back on their plush sofa. Doris sat next to me in her silk purple blouse, black leggings and high heels. Harry was in a suit. I was wearing jeans.“You’re not drinking, Chris,” Doris almanbahis casino said, with that lilting voice, as if she had gone to the Grace Kelly school of manners.“That accent…” I said.She laughed. “I grew up in Ukraine.”“Ohhh,” I said. “That’s where it’s from.”Ellen was by the kitchen where they had set up a minibar. She came back with a glass. “Such a big mystery, wasn’t it,” she said to no one in particular.“So much craziness going on over there right now,” I said.“Oh, I know.” She shrugged. “But we’re here. Having a good time.”“Are we?” Ellen said.I figured maybe I shouldn’t be sitting so close to Doris. I started getting up when Harry who was sitting on the love seat by himself, hit a button on a remote. The smooth jazz switched to more dance music.Ellen raised a hand, “Now that’s better.” She rocked to the music a little. Harry raised the volume and she liked it. She pointed to him. “Yeah!” She was feeling the music now, whipping her hair across her face. Ellen had been drinking a lot on purpose. And now this music was playing? The kind of pop urban trash she used to love dancing to in the clubs? I bit my lip.She was singing with the lyrics, some unsubtle, crass lyrics about sex. She was looking at me. I was getting a little annoyed. I checked my watch. Maybe I could say it was getting late. But just as I lifted my wrist, Doris placed her hand over mine and held it. She was smiling and nodding to Ellen who was putting on a show. Ellen’s hands were all over her body—her shiny brown hair, her tiny breasts, her hips, the hem of her red dress, which she started lifting a little. Harry got up and took off his jacket. He danced awkwardly. Doris started clapping, egging them on. He danced his way to Ellen.“We can say no,” I remembered Ellen saying.Instead, I watched her take Harry’s hands and pull him closer. I took a deep breath and covered my mouth while I looked. Doris laughed. Even her laughs were measured and delicate. She was tapping me on my thigh to the rhythm of the song. Her hand stopped tapping but stayed on my thigh. My inner thigh.Meanwhile, Ellen was nineteen again, in a club illegally, and twerking. When Harry slid up behind her, she twerked into his crotch. A little grunt escaped from me, but Doris’s hand was holding me back. Harry’s hands were on Ellen’s sides, on her front, on her ass. Her eyes were closed for a minute as she let him feel her up. She turned to him and cupped her hands on his face. His hands were still all over her. On her breasts, too.I concentrated on her to block out the music because I thought I heard something. There it was. She was actually moaning. He was groping her, and she was moaning. I pushed my head back on the headrest of the sofa, but I still looked. He was playing with the hem of her dress. She was playing with his belt.He stopped dancing. He opened his dress pants.Doris’s hand was still on me.Ellen had her hands on his chest but they moved down and she slowly squatted down. He reached into his pants and out came his cock, fully erect after Ellen had rubbed her ass on it for a while. She was looking up at him with this fascinated smile on her face.“Quid pro quo,” she said to him, to which he nodded.And she took it.Into her mouth.Doris’s hand was on my crotch. I didn’t want an erection but here it came anyway.Ellen had her hands all over Harry’s chest and his thighs as she sucked. He took the cock in his hands and patted her cheeks with it. He slid it into her mouth again and poked her inner cheek with it. He pulled it out again and stood on his toes. She lowered herself so she could take his scrotum into her mouth. She licked the balls and kissed them. I could hear the smacking of lips, the wetness. She licked everything. The part between the balls and the inner thighs. The part between the balls and the ass. Everything between the cock and belly button. And when he put his hand on her face, she licked his fingers, too.

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