This is something a little different for the fans of Jason and Shaun.

Trish thanks for the questions. I didn”t think that Jason and I had become so popular. Wow…I”m honored for being picked to be the first of a few interviews being done. I guess, I should get to your questions.

1: Rooming with Payton, what would you do different if you had the chance to do it over?

I wish that I would have paid more attention to what was going on with Payton. We never really talked about his life back home. The day he came to the apartment to talk things out with me was an eye opener. Yeah, I admit Payton was easy on the eyes. I never should have assumed that Payton was gay. Biggest mistake was telling him that I”m gay. Still, Payton”s arrest meant that I needed a new room-mate and that opened the door for Jason to move in with me. I guess, we all know how that turned out right.

2: When meeting Jason for the first time other than thinking how hot he was, what was one of his qualities that you notice?

What quality of his did I notice when I first him, I want to say his smile but that sort of ties in with how hot he is, and that is not what you are asking. I guess his warmth. Jason really cares about people. He has a brightness in his eyes that really shines through too. I think it”s connected to his warmth. Jason we had a few rough spots early on and we occasionally have a rough day here and there, but for the most part he loves everyone with a few minor exceptions here and there.

3: This question may be a bit personal; your mezitli escort first time with Jason is there anything that you wish you did different? It seemed it was spur of the moment and this was your first time?

Some guys would say yes, but honestly, it was great. It was pretty spur of the moment, but wouldn”t have changed it for the world. I wish that I had not been so nervous. Yes, it was my first time, but not Jason”s.

4: Now on to a question that may cause a rift with Jason and please be honest don”t hold back to spare Jason”s feeling, when Jason first arrived and you met Lucy what were you true feelings on him having her?

LOL okay, so my honest feelings about Lucy. Yeah, I was a bit intimidated when I saw her for the first time. If I had known about the snake, I might have got someone else into the room. After that initial holding though, Lucy and I became friends. Okay, maybe not friends but I can at least hold her without fear.

5: Now let”s talk about your family finding out about you being gay. So your brother Josh let it slip about you being gay. Was there an ounce of relief that he told your family instead of you being the one to tell them? Also if it was told then how long do you think it would have been before you told them? If you did tell them would you have told your father before your mother?

Yeah, Josh kind of ticked me off when he let it slip that I am gay. Now, that being said, I don”t hold grudges and I am forgave him. It needed to come out just not that way. No, it was pozcu escort a relief when I got to talk to my dad and we talked things out and got things set straight. I really don”t know how long it would have taken me to tell them on my own. I”ve thought about this a lot, and I might have waited a little bit longer. I would have told them though before the engagement and before the wedding. I was scared to tell my dad, but honestly, I already knew that Mom would be the one to take it bad, and I was write.

6: One last question on Payton, now he returned to apologize and of course you were skeptical but talking with him and then finding out he had cancer only to die in a car accident. Was there any relief knowing that there was no way he could ever hurt you again?

I was skeptical of Payton when he came to apologize, but then when I found out about the cancer, I knew that I had to accept apology. I made peace with Payton before he died in the car accident. In fact, this might surprise you, but I was going to invite him to the wedding. I think Jason would have been okay with that happening.

7: Now on to your brother Trent, finding out you had a brother that was gay what was the first thing that came to mind wanting to help Trent to become more comfortable with himself?

The biggest thing was just letting Trent know that he could talk to Jason and I any time he needed too. I think it helped Trent too that I was gay. He could see that I was the same person that I was back home. I had not changed one bit, and hopefully escort bayan that helped him. Plus I know my man talked to him also.

8: Finding out Trent had a crush on Jason, what were your true feelings on learning this?

If I had been a weaker man, I might have been a little jealous, but I know Jason and I know my brother. The couple of times there were issues, Trent did his best to handle them. Honestly what could I say, I mean Trent is my brother, and I kind of partial to my boyfriend.

9: On the night that Jason purpose to you and read the letter that he wrote you the night you came out to him, did you ever believe in all your years that you would find a guy like Jason that would love you and only you forever?

If you had told me after the fight with Payton that my next room-mate would change my life forever, I would have laughed in your face. Turns out that is exactly what happened. No, I never imagined in a million years that Jason and I would have made this far. I hope the best for Trent and Alex.

10: Now the last question, your wedding day a day you and Jason have waited for. A beautiful day for you both to only return home and have it ready for a night of love. Do you think that you and Jason will adopt a child in the future?

I know this answer is in my journal somewhere, but I can”t find it right off the top of my head, but the answer to your question is yes. We want to adopt at least two kids. Siblings would be cool but if not then a boy and girl. We might even consider a special needs adoption.

I want to think Shaun for his time answering question.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to answer the questions.

�      In case you don”t know Jason and Shaun come from one of my stories called Jason and Shaun but I”m guessing that you already know this.

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