Subject: Queen Mary Bell Boys Chapter 83 Queen Mary Bell Boys by badboi666 =============================================================================== If sex with boys isn’t your thing, go away. If, as is much more likely, you’ve come to this site precisely to get your rocks off reading about sex with 14-year-olds then make yourself comfortable – you’re in the right place. Don’t leave, however, without doing this: Donate to Nifty – these buggers may do it for love but they still have to eat. fty/donate.html =============================================================================== Chapter 83 It was 1430. The new ones were all travelling up and down being visible and doubtless smiling the while. I had no client to see, nor one to dally with myself. The two overnighters wouldn’t need my guiding hand until 2130. I had nothing with which to involve Sir. For the first time since we left Southampton I had absolutely nothing to do. I could, I supposed, have joined Tim and the four pensioners in the elevators, but I didn’t feel like. Suddenly I realised that what I did feel like was time with Charlie. Just the two of us. Cabin 1 had been fun each night, but we had never been alone. Just the two of us. I went off to find him. He’d either be in one of the elevators or in the galley getting in a few extra hours before he formally joined them in two days time. My guess was the elevators. Charlie is keen on the rules, and Cunard were paying him that day to tutor beginners. The quickest way to find him would be to go to the least populated deck – the highest one – and press buttons until the elevator with Charlie in it finally appeared. Luckily he was in the third one, watching while Prince drove. I beckoned him out. “I’ll let you get on with it, Prince,” he said. Then to me, “what’s up?” “Nothing. I just wanted time to be with you. Just the two of us.” He laughed. “I’ve been feeling the same. Javid and Nigel are good fun, but I miss being just the two of us too. Come on, let’s go out on deck.” I told him about my resolution to spend 10 minutes each day just looking at the sea. “We can do that together,” he said, and held my hand as we walked to a quiet spot. We stood there leaning on the rail, our arms round each other’s back, looking at the horizon. “Sam told me that one of the things he learned talking to Will was that the horizon’s only 15 miles away,” he said. “It’s only 6 miles away if you’re on the beach but from this height it’s a lot further.” “Nonsense,” I said, “the horizon’s only a foot beyond the end of your finger.” He squeezed me. “You’re a daft bugger, Patrick Mulloy, and I love you well beyond the end of my finger.” I looked into his eyes. “I missed you when we were ashore for two weeks.” “I missed you too, and I’m never going to let you out of my sight again.” I snuggled into his side. It was warm and safe there on the deck that afternoon. Just the two of us, alone in the middle of the Atlantic, It was quite a bit longer than 10 minutes before we felt we ought to get back. At 1600 we went down again. On the way we’d decided to give the first two of the new ones we encountered 20 minutes off while we manned their elevators. “What will they do?” said Charlie. “I’ve no idea. What would we have done two years ago?” His answer was unhesitating. “If you mean after the second crossing we’d have gone for a fuck.” “No, Charlie, we’d have made love.” Charlie laughed. “Yes, you’re right. But will they?” “It depends who we free from their fetters. George and Vincent can fuck every night, so a 20 minute quickie is hardly likely. Do you think there’s anything going on with the other four?” He didn’t think so. “It’s early days, Patrick.” By chance the two we found were Vincent and Javid. “Go and have a 20 minute break,” I said to each of them, “do what you like. The only thing you can’t do, Javid, is come. You are saved up for Rock.” Javid grinned, “by 0700 my balls will be running on empty,” he said happily, “that Rock, him good fucker, him make Javid squirt big time.” Charlie and I drove the elevators while the two of them enjoyed an unexpected break, like kids let out of school half an hour early. A couple of hours later Vincent sought me out. “Can I have a word?” he said. This was interesting – none of them had wanted a one-on-one conversation before. Had Javid said something, I wondered. “Come up to the top deck,” I said, “it’s nice up there, and it’s quiet.” When we got there he was amazed at the view – the sheer nothingness all round. “I love it up here,” I said, “I’ve come to love the sea in the last couple of years.” We looked around. There were a few passengers walking briskly, doing their daily miles, and a few more in deck chairs, but there were acres of deck with nobody. “What’s up?” I said. “Javid was asking me how George and I got together. I told him that we were both in the diving club. `No,’ he said, `I mean how did you get together as boyfriends. How did you discover how you felt about each other?’ It seemed an odd thing to ask.” “What did you say?” “I told him that the two of us had perved on each other in the changing room, and that had led to wanking, and after a few weeks of that he’d slept at my house and we’d shared a bed and – well, you can work the rest out.” “But did he work it out? How did you and George find out that you were more than just wank buddies?” “I didn’t tell him that.” “No, it’s too personal. I was the same with Charlie. It took us all of about a week.” “We took 17 days.” Clearly this was real, and deep, if he kept that accurate a tally of the time that had elapsed. “Why do you think he was asking?” “It’s obvious, isn’t it? He fancies someone and he doesn’t know what to do about it. Wanking or fucking is fine – we all know why we’re here and we all know that the other boys are there for our pleasure as much as the clients’ – so it must be more than just sex. He thinks he’s in love, although he can’t bring himself to admit it.” I agreed with his analysis, and told him so. “Who do you think it is?” “I’ve been wondering. I don’t think it’s one of the six of you oldies – sorry, Patrick, but that’s what we call you lot – and it’s obviously not me or George. I doubt if it’s Prince. He’s too full of himself and Javid’s far too sensible. No, it’s one of the twins, I reckon.” “He sleeps with Nigel every night – the beds have been pushed together since the first day.” “There you are then. You know, and I know, and Javid knows, even if he can’t bring himself to say it. What do we do?” “Oh that’s dead easy,” I said, “we do precisely nothing. Let nature take its course. ataköy escort Don’t tell anyone about this conversation, even George, Vincent. Promise?” He smiled. “Yeah, OK, boss. You know best.” No-one had sought me out all day with a client approach. This was normal – the ones who wanted a boy didn’t wait this long into the crossing before making a move. Peak activity was usually on Days 3 and 4. When we knocked off at 1945 there was a mounting sense of excitement. When we sat down to eat in the canteen it practically overflowed. Javid and Nigel were naturally excited about their first overnight booking. All six of the new ones were excited about New York, exactly as we had all been two years earlier. “What is it like?” asked Nigel. I told them about the skyscrapers and the view as we passed the Statue of Liberty. “When we first came across Sir let us all out on deck to see. You’ll be able to do that this time. It means an early start – 0600 at the latest.” Nowadays, 70 years later, Queen Mary 2 goes under the Verrazano Narrows Bridge at the ungodly hour of about 0500, but in those more leisured days we entered the harbour at a more civilized hour. I told them there was no chance of their going ashore. “In all the times we’ve crossed we’ve only been ashore twice. The first time the Captain raced across and we arrived a day early. Obviously we couldn’t sail a day early because none of the passengers would be on board, so Sir gave us a day’s shore leave. That’s when these four got their tattoos.” Vincent said he’d seen the As’ tattoos in their cabin, and Tim’s at the selection camp. “Who else has one?” “Work it out,” said Tim, “what does mine say?” Vincent thought. “Oh yeah, it must be Sam, and his says ‘Tim’s’.” “What do you and Charlie have?” said Javid, “you don’t have tattoos.” Charlie and I both raised a finger. As the seller had said all those months ago, my ring would have to move as my fingers grew, and it was now on my wedding finger. I really hoped it would stay there, but if it didn’t it could spend the rest of my life next door, on my pinkie. “Let’s see,” said two of them, so our rings, previously seen but never studied, were duly admired. Remembering what Vincent had told me earlier I watched Javid’s face as he made out the pattern. He looked straight from my finger to Nigel. That half of the equation now seemed proved. But did it work the other way round? “Tomorrow’s the last day at sea, and it’s duties as normal. I’d like the four who are going on to greater things to leave the trainees on their own tomorrow. No, that’s not fair. I want them to leave the new bell boys on their own. We don’t have any trainees any more. If any of the new six have any problems from tomorrow onwards, it’s Tim or me you’ll have to find. Neither of us will be far away. Since Charlie, Sam, Alan and Andrew will become trainees when we leave New York they should regard tomorrow as a day off. You won’t get another one for a while, I reckon. I’ll square it with Sir after the 0915 tomorrow. Prince, Graham and Vincent have a client tomorrow, but none of the rest of us unless there’s a last-minute booking. That sometimes happens, particularly a re-booking, but it’s not often.” It was getting on for 2130 and all the beer bottles were empty. “Come on, you two,” I said, “and we’ll get you ready for a night of bliss.” Nigel and Javid followed me down to the cabins. “The plan is the same as a daytime session,” I said, “shower and grease. Go to them at 2200 in your uniform, with nothing underneath. Take a toothbrush in case he suggests you use it – use his toothpaste if he does. Any tip is yours, but I want to know how much. Report back to me in my cabin at 0700 before you shower. If he kicks you out earlier report to me when you get back – I don’t care when. Wake me if you need to. Enjoy it. Off you go – see you at 0700, and be ready to give us all the gory details at 0915.” I went back up to the canteen. I felt this was an occasion when a second bottle of beer might not be unwelcome, and I asked Charlie to work his charm. He returned with ten bottles and a message from his soon-to-be-colleague in the ship’s very large catering department. “He said I’m to tell you that you’re a wicked boy. He asked me to add that he was once a wicked boy himself, and that he was able to put two and two together as skilfully as any former wicked boy. He then asked me if I was your boyfriend.” “What did you say?” “I said ‘of course’, of course.” I opened my bottle and stood facing the wicked boy behind the counter. I raised my bottle to him and smiled. He silently applauded when Charlie, seeing what I was up to, stood and did the same. When we sat down Tim asked what that had all been about. When Charlie told him he prodded Sam and the two of them solemnly stood up and raised their bottles in turn to their benefactor. More silent applause. When Alan and Andrew repeated this rigmarole I wondered what would happen. George and Vincent exchanged a look and a tiny shrug. “Oh, why not,” said Vincent and the two of them copied their seniors. Four pairs was too much for the poor man, who came out from behind the counter and sat down. Luckily there were only a dozen or so other crew members dotted about in twos and threes, none of them paying us the slightest attention. “What do the other two do then,” he asked. Neither Prince nor Graham said anything, but each of them smiled. “What’s the expression – that’s for us to know and you to find out,” said Graham. The man roared with laughter. “Good lads! You’re new, some of you. I hope you’ll enjoy working on Queen Mary – she’s a fine ship.” He lowered his voice. “And my friend Ryan tells me that Patrick is a very good teacher.” And before any of us could react he was up and away. “Do you think he knows?” said Charlie. “I expect so,” I said, “but it doesn’t matter, does it. He’s fine with us being boyfriends. He’s probably an item with someone we’ve never seen.” We finished our beer, talking about nothing very much. Most of us, I suspected, were with Javid in 609 or Nigel in 772 – I was certainly with the latter. A tiny part of me was envious: Jim had been an outstanding fuck. ***** I was wakened by a shake of my shoulder. I looked at my watch – it was 0705. I didn’t often sleep past about 0630, but Charlie and I had made the most of what, in a moment of giggly passion, we’d called ‘the children’ being away for the night. Three times. As we snuggled together after the second time Charlie wondered whether Javid and Nigel would clock up more fucks that night than we did. merter escort “Quite possibly,” I said, “after all, they’re younger. But it’s quality that matters, and you’re the -” but the rest was stifled in a prolonged tender smooch. It was Javid. “I’m back. It was brilliant. He gave me another $50.” “Well done. Go and shower, and I’ll see him after the 0915 with his Passport. Any sign of Nigel?” He shook his head. $100 was far more than he’d ever seen before. Charlie and I got up and he went to shower. I waited for Nigel. He came panting in at 0720. “Sorry, sorry,” he said, “but he wanted a morning fuck and I did too, so I didn’t want to rush things.” I smiled – I’d been there once or twice. “Don’t worry, I hadn’t started to think he’d knifed you and flung your ravished corpse overboard. I don’t start to think that until 0730.” He stopped. “What would you do if I didn’t come back?” I said drily that it hadn’t occurred to me as being sufficiently likely that I needed to formulate a plan. “I’d tell Sir, I expect. Did he tip you?” “I was saving that for the end. $50!” “Well done,” I said, “now shower. I’ll come with you. Like you I smell of spunk.” Nigel grinned. “It’s your first night alone with him for three weeks. Javid and I were talking about that on our way to our clients last night.” Another small piece of evidence in the are-they-or-aren’t-they question. I wondered which of them had initiated that insightful conversation. Breakfast was livelier than usual – most of the newcomers were larks like the As – and even the owls were alert enough to be interested in hearing about the night’s adventures. Javid and Nigel had evidently made a pact that they would unleash the sordid details but once, and we’d all have wait until we were in Sir’s lair. Another tiny shred, I thought. “We’ve three today,” I reminded them, “Graham at 1400, Vincent at 1500 and Prince, yet again to Edward’s bower at 1600. An hour each. Be down here 30 minutes before for a briefing, except Prince. All of you check in afterwards as usual. If anyone gets an approach from now on it’s to be turned away. Say something like ‘I’m sorry’. That should put them off as they might think you’re nice moral children not the sin-drenched whores we all are. Any questions?” Silence. “Well, let’s all enjoy the last 0915. 0915 was an eye-opener. Nigel described his night with Jim. I’d rather brushed over his and Javid’s first reports; this time that would be impossible. Jim had welcomed him in and as soon as the door shut gently kissed him. The reason I hadn’t gone into details of Nigel’s first session with Jim was that as soon as he got into the details I found myself with an erection I couldn’t hide. This didn’t usually happen, but … Jim was Jim, and I could experience again the tingles he gave me. I knew this time that the erection would be there, so I made no bones about it. By the time he and Javid had finished every one of us, Sir included, had aching cocks. “Jim kissed me. He’s a smashing kisser and I was hot for him – I broke off for long enough to get my uniform off and when we kissed again – tongues and all of course – his hands were all over me. He had a dressing gown on, and I undid it. He wriggled and it fell off. My hands were all over him too. Then I dropped to my knees and sucked his gorgeous cock. His balls were shaved and I took one into my mouth – that’s what he’d done to me the first time – and rolled it gently. We went on doing this on the bed – not 69 exactly, but near enough. He’s a lot taller than I am so we couldn’t suck each other properly at the same time. ‘I want you to come three times – can you manage that?’ he said. I nodded and said if he carried on making love to me like he had the first time I could probably come ten times. He’s a fantastic fucker. Anyway he said if I could come that many times then he wanted to have the first, and he wanted to taste it. ‘Your spunk is like honey.’ he said. I knew that was bollocks – Graham and I have swopped spunk often enough to know what we taste like – but it was nice bollocks. I got on my back and stretched our, all virginal-like, and said ‘come and get it’. He laughed and knelt over me. He sucked me off with two fingers up my arse. I was going to put two fingers up him, but he stopped me. ‘No,’ this one’s just for you, Nigel. Enjoy it.’ And I did. I’ve been sucked off hundreds of times, but never as well as that.” I knew what he meant, and my cock was straining. “Then he said he was going to fuck me. It was a hundred times better than the first time. There was a clock by his bedside and I noticed it was about 2225 when he said he was going to fuck me. He didn’t stop until he came up my arse, but he did so many different things to me on the way. Rimming, fingers, prostate, sucking my cock, everything, and all of it got me to a higher and higher pitch of excitement. If he’d been fucking me at home – well, not at home, but you know what I mean – I’d have been begging him to get me there, but we’re on Queen Mary and I thought that wouldn’t be the right thing, even though my balls and every bit of my body was screaming for it.” “When did you next look at the clock,” asked Sir quietly. Nigel knew how to tell a story. “I looked as he finally came. It was 0020. He’d been fucking me for damn near two hours. My arse was on fire, but it was a good fire. I’d come again some time before he did, all over my belly. He came a huge quantity and it was like fire.” I remembered the quantity only too well. He pulled out (‘fuck the mess’, he said, ‘they’ll clean the sheets tomorrow anyway’) and we fell asleep all sticky and sweaty. I wanted to suck his cock clean and he said that was fine if I really wanted to. ‘Oh yes, Jim, I do. I love the taste of your spunk.’ It was true too. So when he was clean I cuddled into him and we fell asleep. Next thing I felt his cock hard against my arse crack. It was 0550. I got up for a quick piss and when I got back into bed I crept under the bedclothes and started to suck his cock. I don’t whether it was hard because he needed a piss or because he wanted to fuck again, but either way the next thing his cock did was to squirt a lot more spunk into my mouth. He’d not said anything while I was busy, but he stroked my hair a lot, and after he’d come he pulled me up again for another kiss. ‘Time for another for you’, he said, and reached down to feel my rigid cock. He disappeared under the bedclothes and I felt his warm skilled mouth weave its magic on me. ‘Get your knees up, Nigel,’ he said and my whole arse and balls were bahçeşehir escort exposed for him to lick and suck. When I finally came he had two fingers up me and both my balls in his mouth – I’ve never come like that before – and he was wanking me – not fast but just rhythmic. ‘I’m nearly there,’ I moaned and then my cock poured more spunk out than I’ve ever shot before. The first spurt went over my head and the rest, he told me when he came up to look, was in a series of lines from my forehead to my navel. ‘Fuck, but you’re one sexy kid, Nigel,’ he said as he hoovered it all up. By then it was 0650, but we had to have another cuddle. I like my new life, Sir. Please can I stay?” Loud laughter from all of us greeted this. “Well done, Nigel, you tell a good story. Did he tip you?” said Sir. Nigel blushed and said that he was almost embarrassed to admit that he’d given him $70. “And Patrick has no doubt told you that in this very room a year ago he told us about a night with Jim, and confessed that he’d cheerfully have given Jim a large tip, so satisfied he had been with the night.” Not only was my cock causing me embarrassment but I was now blushing like a port light. Javid’s tale was less familiar to me, so I probably enjoyed it more. Rock had practically ripped the clothes off him when we got there. Within half a minute they were both naked, both hard as steel rolling around on the floor, arms, legs, cocks everywhere. Rock wanted as much skin contact as he could get. They 69’ed ‘to get the first jizz down our throats’ as Rock had put it, and the jizz had taken very little time to be produced. “We kept each other’s cock in our mouth, even when they were soft. Rock’s cut, and he was fascinated by my foreskin, so he kept rolling it back and forward with his tongue and lips.” Those of us who had had similar experiences of interest in our fringes at Ashokan knew just what he meant. “He said, ‘I need to fuck you, Jav.’ No-one’s called me Jav before, and on his bed it seemed a really sexy name. That sounds silly saying it now, but on his bed after we’d both come – no, jizzed – it seemed right. Very cosy and intimate. Anyway, he fucked me like he did the first time – hard. It didn’t last as long as lucky Nigel’s did, but it must have been about three quarters of an hour. He got me to a pitch and stopped so I came down, and he did it three times before he let me come. All the time he had either fingers or a cock up me. When he let me come the third time he whispered ‘ready, Jav?’ and I whispered ‘yes, Rock, fill me. Paint my brown arse with your white jizz.’ And he fucked deep and fast and hard. I came first – gallons, like Nigel, going everywhere. Mine wasn’t lines, it was more acres as my cock kept waving about as he was thrusting. ‘Oh fuck, Jav, here it is,’ he moaned. My coming must have tightened my arse muscles and made him come, sorry, jizz, a few seconds after me. I could feel pulse after pulse, and he cock got bigger each time another jet squirted. It’s a really hot feeling – ” (we all nodded, enthralled by the vicarious pleasure in hearing the juicy details) ” – and I might have passed out it was so good. Then he collapsed onto me and we cuddled and cuddled till he rolled off and we cuddled some more and fell asleep. We did it again at around 0600, with less jizz but just as much pleasure.” “Well done, both of you. Patrick and Tim have done a splendid job in recruiting and training such a skilled bunch of boys. The tips are yours, as you know. The older ones know that Cunard charges each passenger $8 a day, and that money is shared out among all the crew, and that includes bell boys. It probably works out about $6 for each of you for each crossing. It’s small beer compared with the sort of tips you’re likely to get from satisfied clients, but it still adds up to something like $300 each a year. That’s on top of your wages of course. I keep a tally and from time to time I dish it out. Some of the older ones have sent it home, but that’s a matter for them. It’s your money, not your parents’. If you want to send it home then let me know and I’ll tell you what you have to do. Now, tomorrow. The first time we enter New York is special, and I know Patrick will give you time to go up on deck and be tourists for a little while. Enjoy it, boys, it’s an awe-inspiring sight. Be visible while passengers are disembarking, as some of them will need help. Most of them will be off by 1000 and the next lot don’t start to board until 1230, so you’ve got two hours to do what you like on the ship. Patrick will give you interesting pointers, I have no doubt. Eat at 1200 and be on duty at 1230. That’s the six newcomers. This time you’ll be on your own – it’s a test of how well you’ve learned the job. I’m very pleased with the progress you’ve all made. Patrick and Tim chose you well – yes, I know how the selection was made – and all six old hands have trained you quickly. You are all – all twelve of you – a credit to Cunard. Off you go. Patrick, stay a moment please.” After they’d gone he said, “Patrick, I’ve arranged a farewell lunch for Charlie, Sam, Alan and Andrew tomorrow while we’re in New York. I’ve told the people with whom they’ll be working that they will report for duty at 1400 that day. Until then they’re still bell boys. It’s my way of thanking them for the two years of service to Cunard and, more importantly, to me as the leader of the gang of sinners, as I’ve heard you describe it. It will be at 1200 in the Mauretania Room – you know where that is?” “Of course,” I said. “There will be 10 of us: the four who are leaving me, you and Tim as Bell Captains as well as partners, Phil, Larry, Ryan and me. It will be formal, so you should all wear your uniform. Don’t worry: things which are formal can also be fun. Will you please tell the other bell boys. The six newcomers will have to deal with passengers who arrive before 1400 – there’s no harm in throwing them in at the deep end. Will they cope, do you think?” I said that unless they came up against something really tricky they would manage all right. “After all, Tim and I will be around after 1400 to rescue anything they couldn’t handle. Most of the time it’s just driving elevators and telling passengers where things are.” Since Werner von Braun was still working in secret in Nazi Germany the expression “it isn’t rocket science” had not yet entered the demotic vocabulary. =============================================================================== The fun will continue in Chapter 84 as the cloud no bigger than a man’s hand gets a whole lot nastier. The photographs in Queen Mary 2 are real. I saw them while making a transatlantic crossing a few months ago, and the boy I describe as “me” is really cute. I’m sure he had adventures … Drop me a line at net – that is after you’ve dropped a few quid. ===============================================================================

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