( pt 4 ) Kims second night at Keiths


It had been a few weeks since we took Kim to the swingers club, but had met her a few times at our home for some more fun, each time we pushed her limits and she took it all, last time she nearly took all of my huge 12 dildo fully in her butt, this time she did, what a sight, after getting her used to the size I slipped my cock in her now very tight pussy and fucked her, until my balls could last no longer, filling her pussy with hot cum. Sue was in a 69 with her and licked her clean as my cock slid out.

Both girls would get into a 69 and lick away for ages, while I rested, then my cock would find a open hole and fuck it before moving from one to another. now she was even into sucking my cock after it had come out of her butt or Sues, she started doing that after seeing Sue do it, I also enjoyed, when both girls would take turns fucking and fisting my arse with my toys, and now Kim was fully up to speed, and didn’t hesitate when she slammed her fist right into my well fucked butt.

So it was no surprise to us, that she kept asking when we could go back to the swingers club for more fun, The next weekend was clear for us all, so I rung Keith and gave him the heads up, that we wold be there Saturday night and bringing Kim back with us. he said great, He would make some phone calls, so that we have enough guys to keep all 3 of us busy, I reminded him to bring Ralph and Lucas again, he replied he sure would.

So Saturday afternoon, Kim arrived and went straight in to use our douche, as she come out, I slid her onto the bed, and pushed my cock straight up her butt, as Sue kissed her, we played for awhile, before I sent her back in, and we prepared some light food, when she came out, she lay me down and sat on my cock, her butt taking me first go, before riding me wildly for some time.

After I left my cum deep in her bowels. she ate her food, and her and Sue played for awhile, then both got ready for tonight. They looked great, both in see thought dresses, and nother under neath, with heels and a touch of make up.

As before whilst I drove, they sat playing, touching one another pussies, every now and then a low moan would signal another orgasm, as my cock strained for more pussy or arse. Any way we soon pulled up at Keiths place, plenty of cars, told us it would be fun tonight.

Kim raced in saying hello to Keith and giving him a big kiss when he said go right in, this time she knew where to go, and within seconds was naked and in the mirror room, two guys took to her in no time, as she rode them both, Sue was also hot to trot, as she took on a escort service few guys in the group room, I went right into the kinky group room and found a new face to play with, he was young and well built, and as my mouth encircled his cock I knew he was well built there too. I felt my short get pulled down as a cock found my butt hot and willing, both worked me hard then they swung me around and swapped holes.

It wasnt long before Kim came in, with a few guys following close behind, and took her place in the sling, both holes filled before she could get comfortable. my butt soon felt the warmth of the man seed shot from my guy. Sue also came in with a few more guys, and lay on the mattress, lifted up, she was implaed on 2 cocks, as a 3rd went for her butt as well, slowly sinking further in with each push, then a 4th cock slid in her mouth. I love seeing her like that, cum was already running out of her pussy and butt, so she was having fun.

I saw Kim move close to Keith, as he stuck his cock up her butt, she was talking to him, he nodded a yes in reply, I had a feeling I knew what she was after too, Keith took his time, going from one hole to the other, working her though quite a few orgasms, before I saw him grip her waist and shoot his load in her bowels, as he shook to a finish kim smiled and took his cock in her mouth sucking him dry.

After he had rested, Keith went over to the rear door, as he opened it, Lucas and Ralph ran in, Kim was still on her knees, as Ralph stuck his nose in her butt, and began to lick her, Lucas made his way over to Sue, as soon as she saw him, she moved around, forcing the cock in her butt to fall out, and pushed her rear at Lucas face, both girls now making loud noises as they shot out orgasm after orgasm.

Ralph jumped up, KIm was ready and pushed back firmly, it was so hot seeing 4 or 5 inchs of dog cock slid in first go, her butt looked ready for more too, as Ralph began to pound her. I moved around, my cock in her mouth as another guy filled my arse with cum, she went down licking us both, Ralph pushing harder now forced her to swallow just about all my cock.

I had a great view, her butt was wet with cum, as it opened up to take more and more dog cock, then some 10 minutes or so, Ralph’s knot hit home, sinking further in as Kim had more orgasms. I knew it would take awhile, but soon Sue also let me know with a loud orgasm Lucas had knotted with her, both going strong as other guys watched and fucked thier mouths.

I had to hold back,the sight of Ralph’s cock slamming into Kim’s butt, his knot now out independent escort dubai of sight deep inside her was causing me to swell, the all to famillar signs now as Ralph let loose, Kim screamed out as her orgasm took hold, her butt flooded with hot cum would be feeling so full right now, as I worked her clit. doggy cum leaked out a bit, I ate what I could.

Then Ralph swung around, now butt to butt with Kim, this was the first time for her, and a soft scream, followed quickly by a orgasm told me she was ok. Ralph was pulling away, I could see Kim’s brown eye being pulled out hard,but she held him in, cum began to flow freely as Ralph pulled back harder, making Kim orgasm more, then with one loud plop his knot pulled out, my face covered in hot sticky dog cum.

As Kim lay back, her butt right over my face, Ralph’s cum ran out in gallons, as other guys wiped it on their fingers and took it for her to eat, I licked her clit with enthusiasm, Wild jerks and shaking told us she was happy, as she calmed, slowly her orgasms now softer.

Sue was now free of Lucas, she moved over. kissing Kim, then tuning Kim’s face, procedded to feed her Lucas’s cum, I saw one guy blow his load over them both as he watched. I now saw Alan his huge cock in hand, close in on Sue’s butt, with one swift push, it went rigth in first go,

Sue let out a huge orgasm as he did, around 12 inchs of hard cock hit home right up inside her bowels, Alan is longer than the dogs cock, with a nice mushroom head on it too, so when he fucks you, it feels great. I had pulled Kim around and sank my cock in butt, going from one hole to the other in quick time, then with little fuss, pulled her down, slid my arse onto her fist and shot my cum all over her face and boobs, as other guys used her body. I turned her, impaling her onto two stiff cocks, both went in her arse, as they worked up a thyme, she enjoyed several others in her mouth.

Then all to soon both guys let fly, and filled her butt with cum, Not to be out down she then lay me down and sat over my face, rubbing her hole into my mouth for me to eat her out. A mixture of dog cum and human cum filled my mouth.

Alan pulled me up, and sunk his cock balls deep in my butt, fucking me for all he was worth, as the girls took on more guys, then I asked if he wanted to dp me with one of the dogs. I lay him down near the bench, then got Sue to slip Ralph cock in with Alan’s, oh boy it was tight, as Ralph began to get used to the feel he fucked away.

Alan just had to lay still, his cock rubbed inside by Ralph as my butt Escort Girl Dubai got used to the size, I saw KIm looking and playing with Ralph’s cock, then with a huge thrust the knot went in, Alans cock now squeesed flat inside my body. As the knot grew I heard Alan say it was the tightest fuck he had ever had, then as Ralph began to cum, we both had what would have to be a great orgasm, Alan let loose inside me, as Ralphs cock continued to sprew dogy seed.

It would have been some 15 minutes before his knot slipped out, Alan let out a sigh as his cock began to get feelings back in it, Sue slid her fist in, going in to her elbow caused me to orgasm again and again, then she pulled out, doggy cum covered her whole arm. My cock needed some relif, so I lay her down, my butt taking all her fist again, as my cock sprung into life, Alan was sucking me off as I cum, reams of cum shot over
them both.

We carried on for some time, I had both dogs fuck my arse during the night, whilst the girls also took them in each hole, Kim even had Alan in her pussy whilst Lucas fucked her, that was so hot to see, Keith had fun, by the time he shot a load in me, he was nearly dry saying Kim had made him blow twice and Sue once too, but he wasn’t complaning.

Then Kim surprised us all, she got two guys, laid them down and impalled herself on their fists, one in each hole, wow what a sight, as all sorts of cum ran down their arms, a few guys already bending her over trying to fuck her butt whilst she was so wet, one got some of his cock, but blew his wad to quick. So not to out done, I went over and with one hard push got my cock half way in, her arse was so hot and wet, as she screamed out in continuous orgasms now. I sped up fucking her hard, as the guys fisting her played with my cock inside her butt, then to my surprise my cock let loose again, filling her with more cum.

Sue laughed and also got two guys and did the same, as other guys also fucked her butt, as always Keith came over to me and thanked me for bringing the girls and said any time we wanted a orgy he was happy to help.

The guys slowly left, all with limp cocks and dry balls, the girls last seen in a 69. eating the cum from one another, as a few of us watched on, Lucas and Ralph licking their cocks, fell asleep, happy to have had another good night with us all.

Once more I drove the girls home, both naked in the back seat, half playing half asleep, but my poor seats wet with cum.

In the morning, I woke Kim with a stiffy, sliding , my cock in her arse. then giving her a good licking out, dry cum all over us still,
Sue took to us both, I told them today was going to be a play day with toys and fists, Kim said with a sly smile, maybe a few guys too? as she handed me the phone to call them.

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