Private Lessons Pt. 02


Part 2 of the story. I greatly appreciate feedback. If anyone has any fantasies of their own (especially teacher-student fantasies) or ideas to include in the story, please let me know. I will do my best to include them.

Friday afternoon

“Oh Sarah! One of your students was looking for you. I think it was Gavin.” Mr Ong, one of Ms Sarah Lui’s coworkers commented as he walked past her table. He was puzzled. For some reason, her face was slightly pink and flushed and she seemed to be sweating slightly even though the air-conditioning in the staff room was set at a chilly 22 degrees celsius.

“Alright. Thanks!” Ms Lui smiled thinly until he was out of sight and earshot before letting her smile fade and releasing the moan she had been holding in for the past minute. “Oh god Gavin. We almost got caught!” She chided her student with benefits who was kneeling under her table and who, for the past few minutes, had been eagerly attacking her sweet pussy.

Gavin laughed softly before whispering back, “When I was fingering you earlier, you got way tighter when Mr Ong got close. It turned you on, didn’t it?” He teased her.

“Well… it did but-! Oh god!” Her weak and half-hearted protest was interrupted and turned into a groan as Gavin resumed his treatment of her pink folds. He firmly licked from the base of her cunt all the way up to her clit before sliding back down and burying his tongue as deep into her lips as he could. The sweet juices coated his tongue, making him lick her again and again to try and get as much out of her as he could.

“Oh you need to hurry Gavin! Your training is starting soon.” Ms Lui urged, even as he was steadily bringing her closer to climax. She felt him laughing softly against her wet tunnel as he continued to lap up her sweet honey.

To hurry things up, Gavin slid his right hand up her smooth bare legs until they found their way to her clit. Fingering it roughly in conjunction with his relentless oral assault on her cunt, Gavin knew that was only a matter of time before she came.

She barely suppressed a gasp from the sudden added pleasure of having her clit stimulated and dropped her pen on the table before squeezing the edge of the table hard. Her legs, which had been spread to the side to give Gavin free access to her nether regions, came together behind his back and squeezed tight, trying to force his tongue even deeper into her.

Knowing how close she was, he decided to pull out all the stops. He smoothly slid the index finger of his free hand into her soaking wet folds and twisted it around and around until he was sure it was coated with a healthy layer of her pussy juices. Once satisfied that he had lubed it up enough, he pulled his finger out and lowered it down before pressing it up against her second hole.

Having her errogenous zones assaulted on three fronts was more than she could handle. The moment his index finger forced her sphincter open and began to slide its way into her ass, Ms Lui’s climax washed over her. Biting her lip to keep from moaning, Ms Lui ducked her head down as her gorgeous features scrunched up in pleasure.

Below her, Gavin was getting treated to a veritable flood as she squirted into his waiting mouth. As her orgasm slowly faded, Ms Lui’s legs relaxed their grip around Gavin’s back and her hand released their insanely tight grip on her table. Rolling her chair back, Ms Lui glanced around the staff room to make sure that nobody was near her before she let herself pant and catch her breath.

She glanced down at Gavin and smiled naughtily at him when she saw his face, which was now coated in her fluids. Gavin grinned back at her and picked up the hot pink panties on the floor. The very same panties that he had slid down her legs right before he began to pleasure her. He wiped his face dry with the panties and dropped it back onto the floor.

Ms Lui glanced around one last time before whispering to him, “The coast is clear. You can go now. See you at training later!”

Gavin smiled and quickly snuck off before anyone realised he had been in the staff room.

Even though he had rushed to make it in time for his cross-country training, he had spent too long playing with Ms Lui and as a result he was still 10 minutes late and was busy being punished by his coach when Ms Lui came down to check on the training.

Besides teaching Chemistry, Ms Lui was also assigned to be one of the teacher’s in charge of the cross country team. While the rest of the team was stretching and warming up, she saw Gavin down on the floor doing push-ups.

“Oh, what happened to Gavin?” Ms Lui asked the coach innocently.

“That boy came 10 minutes late so he’s being punished. 50 pushups, 5 for every minute he was late.” The coach replied. Ms Lui couldn’t help feeling a little bit guilty. She had asked Gavin to come and see her after school, the itch between her legs had grown too great throughout the day.

As isvecbahis yeni giriş she looked on, she was glad that the cross-country team was allowed to wear singlets for their training attire, and she was even more glad that the singlets were white. Before they worked up a sweat, she could see Gavin’s well-toned arm muscles. And usually after they finished their runs, their shirts would essentially be see-through, giving her eyes easy access to his defined abs.

She caught herself daydreaming about the last time she had felt his abs while he pounded her vagina and snapped herself out of it. She saw that Gavin had finished his pushups and had rejoined the rest of the team for their warmup. He saw her looking at him and he checked to make sure nobody was looking before he gave her a flirtatious wink.

She smiled back at him and sat down to watch their training.

2 hours later their training was over and Gavin had volunteered to help pack up so the rest of his team could go home early. Little did they know, he had an ulterior motive to pack up. Once he was sure the rest of his team had left, Gavin quickly finished up and rushed to the boy’s locker room.

To his delight, Ms Lui was there waiting for him. On seeing her, Gavin rushed towards her and pulled her in close, hugging her tightly, his lips quickly finding and locking on hers. He forcefully slid his tongue into her mouth, feeling his tongue press firmly against his. With her soft body pressing close against his, Gavin felt the blood rush to his groin, causing his manhood to stiffen.

As they made out, Gavin pushed the locker room door open and guided her in, only breaking their kiss momentarily to remove his sweaty singlet. Ms Lui’s hands, which had been resting at his hips, trailed up and over his rock-hard abs, sliding easily over his sweat-slick body. “Oh god Gavin… Your body is amazing.” She groaned.

Gavin laughed as he continued to kiss her, even while removing his dress from her as fast as possible. “Fuck I could say the same about yours Ms Lui. Do you know how hard it was to not get an erection when I saw you? I wanted to rush off the track and fuck you right there and then.” He growled into her ear right as he slid her dress off of her body, revealing that she had removed her bra and panties even before meeting him.

“Well, you get to fuck me however you want now. Go ahead, you earned it.” She whispered back, her voice deep and seductive. Kicking his shoes and socks off, followed closely by his running tights. Once they were both equally naked, Gavin chose to have her pay him back for his “help” in the afternoon.

He pushed her towards the bench and made her lay flat. Expecting him to mount her and shove his cock as deep into her cunt as he could, Ms Lui eagerly spread her legs and raised them up to let him fuck her. However, he surprised her by ignoring her hairy folds. Instead, he stood over her head, his balls hanging right over her eyes, his cock directly at her mouth.

Knowing what he wanted, Ms Lui opened her lips as wide as she could and reached up to squeeze his thick manhood tightly, causing him to gasp. The hours of waiting meant that he was extremely horny and was already close to cumming. She tugged on his penis, guiding it into her open and waiting mouth.

The musky scent of his groin filled her nostrils as he steadily slid his cock into her eager mouth, her teeth gently rubbing against his manhood drawing another groan from Gavin. After their weeks of sex, Ms Lui was more than used to taking his erection into every one of her holes. She relaxed her throat and let him slide deep into her throat.

With his sweaty balls resting on her nose, she got another good sniff-full of his scent. Having the walls of her throat tightly squeezing him was like heaven and he knew wouldn’t be able to last more than a few minutes. Gavin gripped her head firmly and began to fuck her face for all he was worth.

“Urk-glnk” Ms Lui choked herself slightly on his cock every time his head buried its way deep into her lips. She was grateful for his hands which were caressing her head, keeping her from hitting her head agains the bench. With every thrust in, Gavin’s balls smacked up against his favourite teacher’s nose.

He rapidly sped up his thrusts, knowing that he was going to cum in a minute, causing her tits to bounce even more vigorously. “Oh fuck Ms Lui. I’m gonna cum!” He groaned, speeding up even more. The intense speed he was fucking her face at caused him to sweat and his sweat trickled down his body to drop onto Ms Lui’s body and face.

“Fuck I’m cumming!” Gavin growled as his cock swelled up in her throat, sending his thick cum shooting deep into her throat. Having a think penis lodged deep into her throat was cutting off her air supply, depriving her of oxygen and causing her pale face to turn red.

Once he was done, Gavin gingerly slid his sensitive manhood out of her mouth, careful not to let his isvecbahis giriş still hard penis touch any of her teeth. He panted softly to catch his breath. The short but intense oral sex he had just had would have normally been easy for him, but he was still recovering from the intense training hours earlier.

“You’re not done right, Gavin? I need you to fuck me so badly!” Ms Lui almost begged, her lust-filled eyes staring intently at her best student.

“Just… give me a minute.” Gavin panted.

Once he had caught his breath, Gavin held her hands and pulled her up to her feet. “Against the lockers.”

Ms Lui eagerly rushed towards the lockers and spun around to face Gavin, her back resting against the cold metal of the lockers. “Fuck me Gavin!” Ms Lui panted, sliding her hands up her face, pushing all the sweat-damp strands of hair that were sticking to her face back behind her ears.

Gavin slow-walked towards her, taking his time. Now that his immediate need to cum had been taken care of, he was in no real rush. He wanted to see his favourite teacher beg for his cock to slam deep into her folds. “God Ms Lui. I can’t wait to fuck you, to have your tits bounce up and down with every thrust I make into you.” He said, purposely lowering his voice while staring deep into her eyes to turn her on even more

She stared back into his eyes and felt the need between her thighs build even more. Rubbing her thighs together to try and relieve her desire, she knew it just wasn’t enough. She needed to have his hard cock sliding in and out of her soaking hot cunt. “Fuck me please!” She begged “Please Gavin I need you to fuck me! I’m so horny!”

Ms Lui’s cries of desire echoed through the empty locker room, and it was music to Gavin’s ears. “Well, since you asked so nicely, how can I say no?” Gavin chuckled and closed the distance between them, resting his hands on her cheeks, pulling her face towards his for a kiss. She groaned into the kiss as she felt his rock hard cock pressing up against her stomach.

As they made out, tongues fighting in lust, Gavin let his hands slide down her neck, giving her breasts a firm squeeze and flicking her diamond-hard pink nipples, drawing a deep-throated moan from Ms Lui. His hands lingered on her boobs and she loved having his rough hands sliding all over her tits.

Seconds later, his hands continued their journey south, trailing over her firm stomach and the thick patch of hair, damp with her sweat and pussy juices, that he loved around her pussy. He broke their kiss to gasp out, “I’m going to fuck you now Ms Lui.”

“Oh yes do it! Put it in!” She nodded eagerly, wrapping her arms around his sweat-slick neck for support, raising her right leg up to give him easier access. Having done this dozens of times, they were both extremely familiar with each other’s bodies. He didn’t need to look to get it in, so he kept his eyes focused on her face as he guided his manhood into her.

“Oh god Gavin!” Ms Lui cried as his veiny erection entered her. For his part, he couldn’t contain a low groan as he entered her. He would never get used to having his manhood gripped by her moist, hot walls. Her face contorted in pleasure as he entered her, her need of the past few hours finally getting satisfied.

Sliding his hands onto her tight ass, he gave both her cheeks a hard squeeze before pulling her deeper onto his cock. “Oh fuck! Fuck me!” She moaned, getting deeper into her until he bottomed out in her, their pubic hair entangling slightly.

Once he was all the way in, she wrapped her slender legs around his waist and began bouncing up and down on his cock. “Damn. You couldn’t wait, could you Ms Lui?” He teased her as she took the initiative.

“Oh god no! I couldn’t” She panted, sliding up and down his fuckstick, her firm tits bouncing in time and in rhythm with his thrusts. He let her take the lead for a minute, just enjoying the fact that his hot teacher was so horny and eager to have sex, and loving the way her wet vag squeezed his penis.

When he noticed her beginning to slow down and tire out, he decided to contribute to the action. He shuffled forward so her back was resting against the locker door, taking some of the weight off of his fatigued legs. Using the strength of both his arms and legs together, Gavin bounced her up and down fully, leaving only his head buried inside her before letting her slide all the way back down so her ass smacked hard against his thighs.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” Ms Lui’s groans degraded into an endless string of profanities as she begged Gavin to bang her harder. In the confines of the locker room, Gavin found himself sweating profusely as he worked Ms Lui’s cunt hard. With each thrust up into her, his sweat dripped down onto her body turning the both of them even more.

They stayed in this position for a few minutes before Gavin’s legs almost gave out. “Ms Lui I need to put you down.” He panted from exertion. He might as isvecbahis güvenilirmi well have saved his breath since she was so consumed and close to her orgasm that she barely heard him. Using his remaining strength, Gavin buried his manhood in her pussy and walked her over to the bench that she had occupied minutes ago.

He laid her down on the bed and continued to thrust into her at a much slower pace while he caught his breath. “Oh Gavin don’t stop! I’m so close!” She moaned. Gavin smiled tiredly and sped up his thrusts into her, adding his hands into the mix to make her cum faster. His own climax was fast approaching and he wanted them to cum together.

He began to rapidly play with her clit, intensifying the pleasure she was experiencing until finally she came. “Fuck I’m cumming!” She moaned, the itch that had been bothering her the whole afternoon was finally satisfied. Her walls squeezed even tighter around his cock as she came, pushing him overboard.

“I’m cumming too!” He grunted, as his cock swelled inside her before depositing its massive load into her hole. His cock released its last few spurts of cum into her and he felt her walls giving its last few tight squeezes as her orgasm came to an end.

Once they were both done with their respective climaxes, they continued to just lay there on the bench in their post-orgasmic bliss. Gavin lay on top of Ms Lui, panting hard as he recovered. “Oh fuck that was great.” She panted, as his softening erection slid out of her tunnel.

“Yeah. Let’s take a shower and we can go back to your place.” He smiled tiredly before standing up and offering his nude teacher a hand to stand-up. He grabbed his things from his locker before they proceeded together into the showers. The sound of skin smacking on skin could be heard together with the shower running. Anyone in the locker room would have heard them clearly, but luckily there was nobody else there. Or… was there?

Wednesday Afternoon

“Hey Sarah. Do you mind covering the swimming team’s training this afternoon?” Ms Lui’s close colleague and friend, Amanda Got asked her.

“Oh umm sure. Why can’t you do it though?” Ms Lui asked curiously. She had no issues covering the swim training, but she wondered why her friend wasn’t able to do it. Amanda was highly responsible and never shirked her responsibilities.

“Some personal matters came up… Thanks Sarah!” Amanda replied vaguely before rushing off.

“Huh. Weird.” Ms Lui thought to herself. “Oh well, I need to hurry if I’m going to be there before the start of their training.”

She arrived at the swimming pool that the school booked for swim training and saw that the boys team had started their training. Sitting down in the bleachers, she glanced around the pool and one of the boys caught her eye.

If she remembered correctly, his name was Alex and he had been one of her students a couple of years ago. He turned to look at her and smiled broadly, waving at her. She waved back, surprised that he still remembered her and that he seemed so happy to see her. From what she recalled, she had given him hell during lessons since his conduct during lessons has been poor.

As the hours passed by, Ms Lui turned to marking her students’ work to pass the time. Or at least she tried to. She just couldn’t seem to focus, her eyes kept straying towards the swimming pool and the very muscular and ripped students swimming laps. Most of her stray gazes went to Alex.

Tall, muscular and objectively very handsome, she found herself fantasising about what it would be like to have sex with him. Now that the doors has been opened by Gavin, she found herself lusting after her students more often.

As she thought about it, she found her groin getting more and more moist from the excitement. Her need grew, and right when she was about to drop a text message to Gavin asking him to meet her for a quickie, the swimming coach called an end to practice. She quickly packed up her work and got ready to leave when she heard someone calling her name.

“Ms Lui!” She turned back and saw that it was handsome Alex, clad only in his speedos, climbing up the stairs to her.

Stopping in her tracks, she faced him and responded politely, ‘Hi Alex. How’ve you been?” She tried her best to keep her guilty fantasies to herself and she thought she was doing a good job of it. Glancing down, she saw that there was a massive bulge in his speedos and it seemed as if he wasn’t even hard yet. “Oh… he looks so big. What would it feel like to have that penis driving its way into me…?” She thought to herself.

“Oh I’ve been doing fine. What happened to Aman- Ms Goh?” Alex asked, catching himself just in time. His eyes casually swept over Ms Lui’s body, taking in her gorgeous figure, and he couldn’t help a further stirring in his pants, or rather swimming trunks.

“She had some personal matters to take care of…” She trailed off as she could sense the hunger in his gaze as he stared at her, noticing that his bulge was getting progressively bigger. She swallowed and realised that he was standing extremely close to her. She could feel the heat radiating from his body, his hard-muscled body was so close to her…

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