Pool Cuck


This story is a work of fiction that contains small penis humiliation between coworkers. If that does not appeal to you, you may want to skip this story. Part 1 has some backstory context and buildup. The ending of this story and Part 2 will contain the juicy explicit details.

I’ve known Sadie for a few months now. We work alongside each other at the Museum downtown. She is about blonde 5’5 tall, and has a small frame. However, that’s all I can ever tell about her figure as she tends to wear oversized attire..

Sadie nudged me with her elbow as I was printing out entry tickets for a family of 3. “Hey, Jack! Guess what? I have an interview for the new lead attendant position in a few days! I was erm- wondering if you’d be able to come over to my place today to help me review?”

I was a bit surprised she was interested in the position. “Oh! You applied? That’s great!” I thought she enjoyed our current mindless job. “I have no plans today, so yeah, I can help you out”

“Fantastic! I’ll see you at at 6pm tonight, Jack. I really appreciate this!” Sadie said.

Our shift had now ended and we’re both walking out to the parking lot. “Jack, you can just follow me straight home from here if you’d like.”

It wasn’t a very long drive, about 20 minutes. We arrived at her place. “Welcome to my casa!” By the way, my parents are out of town for the weekend. So feel free to relax, Jack.”

This was my first time at her place, but obviously for a good cause. “This is a nice place, Sade” It was a Victorian 2 story house, willow trees in the front yard.

Not at all what I was expecting from Sadie’s family. “Here, I’ll give you the tour!” She grabbed me hand and guided me through the entrance.

“This is our Den, where you Jack, will be helping me with a mock interview. This is our kitchen, so if you feel snacky just let me know and I’ll fetch you something. Um, upstairs is the bedrooms, which is off limits esat escort for now. We’ll call that the restricted zone. So yeah, make yourself at home.” Again, Sadie’s family had a lovely home, but it was time for business. I wanted to help her progress at work, then maybe we could get some improvements like a new vending machine or a couch for the break room.

“Well, lets jump right into it, Sadie.” Then we proceeded into the mock interview. I asked her questions we thought would pop up during the actual process.

A solid 30 minutes had past, and we decided to take a break. “How awful of me, I never asked you for a drink, Jack. Let me grab you something.”

I noticed as she walked away that through her kitchen was a sliding glass window that led to their backyard. I thought I saw illuminated lights in an oval shape outside. “Sadie, you have a pool??”

Sadie walked back into the Den and served me a glass of sparkling water. “Oh yeah! I forgot about all the pool. Wanna see it?”

Sadie propped open the back door for me. I walked out first and she followed behind me. I was gazing at the pool in amazement. Then all of a sudden a Splash! “C’mon Jack! The water is fine!” Then I noticed something odd. Sadie didn’t appear to be wearing any clothes. “Take off your clothes, Jack. You wouldnt want them to get soaked.”

I was in a bit of a shock, but fuck it. I was going skinny dipping with Sadie Clark. I quickly took off all my clothes and jumped in. “Wooo! Glad you finally made it in here, Jack.”

Wow, I’ve never seen Sadie’s figure…. Until now. She was definitely hiding this body. I’ve mentioned her small frame, but not her breast. Through the pool water she appeared to have massive breasts.

“I’m glad you’re enjoying the pool, Jack. oh, and I’m glad you’re enjoying the view as well” Oh no, Was it noticeable that i was checking her out and I now had an erection? “It’s ok Jack, etimesgut escort it’s completely normal. I mean are these turning you on?” She stands up a bit past the water exposing her breast. She’s fondling them, and pushing them up and shaking them around. I couldn’t believe this entire time she was hiding these massive tits.

I couldn’t contain myself; I grabbed my semi stiff dick under the water. “Oh fuck, Sadie. You have- “

Sadie interrupted “…..Huge tits? Yeah, trust me, I am well aware.” My cock was getting harder from what I just saw. She continued to press her breast together, then swam to me. “Here, dont just stand there, grab them.” This was a dream come true. There I was feeling up her massive breast. They had to be at least F or G cups.

“I’d love to get a better look what you’re packing too, Jack.” She grabbed my dick. It was now rock hard. This was completely unexpected. I couldnt believe what was happening. “Hmm, nice cock.” Nice cock? that’s it?

“How about we dry off and have some fun in the restricted zone?” Sadie asked as she was stroking me off under the water.

I was in a trance by Sadie, but of course Im going to agree with her, who wouldnt?

“Lead the way, Sade.”

We stepped out of the pool, and dried off with nearby towels. Sadie grabbed my cock again and pulled me as if I was a dog on a leash. “Ok, let’s go!” she commanded as she guided me back into the house, up the stairs and now into her room.

“Lay on your back, Jack”. She rummaged through her night stand and took out some lotion “Close your eyes, Jack.” She started to slowly stroke my cock. “You know Jack, I wasn’t expecting this.”

I was caught off guard. Did she mean how this entire night was playing out? “Yeah, I never thought in a million years I’d be in Sadie Clark’s room naked, getting stroked off.” I responded.

She chuckled “No, that’s not what I was talking etlik escort about, Jack. I meant your cock.”

My dick? I’m even more surprised. “Oh, what about it?” She then wrapped both her hands around my cock. Her right hand placed at the base, and her left hand on top. Both her hands more than covered my cock.

“Well, it’s not THAT small or anything, but I have seen bigger. Here, let me compare it to my dildo.” Sadie checked her night stand again, and took out what looked like a thick dildo. She placed it right next to my cock. “This is my 5.5 inch modest pink friend, so let’s see…. Yeah, you are a bit shorter, and not nearly as girthy, but that’s ok, I appreciate all shapes and sizes.”

She was right, her dildo was much THICKER and just a tad bit longer. Though, it looked surprisingly like a replica of someone’s cock. It had a bulbous head, veiny and slightly curved. Maybe it’s a replica of pornstar she admires.

Sadie continued “If I had to guess you are at least 5 inches in length. Which is fine. I have seen all sorts of sizes. I have seen bigger cocks, but also smaller than yours, so no need to feel embarrassed”

I was surprised yet aroused by this. I was surprised I was only about 5 inches. However, it made me feel better knowing she has seen smaller ones too. She mentioned she has seen bigger? Curiousity was getting the best of me. “Oh…you have….seen cocks bigger than your pink friend?” hesitantly asking Sadie.

She placed her dildo back. “Wouldn’t you like to know?” The thing is, I very much would like to know. I’ve never been compared before. I have never known how I properly measured up. Its something I never thought about…. until now.

This was uncharted territory for me. “I kinda would like to know now, Sade. It cant really get much bigger than that dildo. Im just curious. What’s the biggest you’ve seen?” I asked her with more confidence.

Sadie had been stroking my cock now for at least half a hour “Well, I am surprised you’re lasting this long. Maybe you’d like to be Edged and I’ll tell you what….. if you don’t manage to cum in the next 5 minutes then I’ll tell you the proper dicks I’ve seen” Challenge accepted.

….. to be continued in Part 2

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