Playing Beside Hubby

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Shelly is quietly laying in bed playing games on her phone beside Randy, her sleeping husband. Suddenly the phone buzzed in her hand. She hadn’t been expecting anyone to text her at this time of night, but when it happened she knew immediately who it was. She quickly shifted her eyes to look at Randy and reflexively put her phone down beside her, afraid that he had heard it. It appeared that Randy was still sleeping beside her as she sat propped up in their bed. He hadn’t stirred, yet she listened to his breathing and watched him for a few seconds to make sure he was still asleep. The soft light of the lamp on her bedside table gave her enough light to see that his face showed he was fully asleep. Shelly had been mindlessly playing ‘Angry Birds’ and listening to music through an earpiece from her iPhone as her husband lightly snored beside her. She turned to her phone and saw that there was one new message. She opened the message app, and saw it was from ‘Brittany’, as she expected. She had setup Brent’s contact name as Brittany – just in case… “Hi sexy! YouÔÇÖre awake?” Her heart fluttered. Contact with Brent did that to her, it excited her always. It was like being a teenager again. She text back: “Yes, but I’m in bed, Randy is sleeping.” “Did you wear him out?” “LOL Right. He came to bed and was out in 5 minutes.” “Awww – no fun for you tonight?” “Like any other night.” “I don’t know how he can keep his hands off of you” Her heart skipped. Over the last few months there had been three times almanbahis that she and Brent had been able to sneak away for a few hours. Brent certainly had been very attentive. He was attentive to her, her needs, her body. He seemed to be completely enthralled with her. It was gratifying, flattering to be the center of someone’s world even if for a few hours every once in a while. “He seems to have no trouble keeping his hands to himself,” she text back. “His loss, unfortunately yours too.” “Yeah it has been way too long since I’ve… you know.” “Nope. don’t know. You’ll have to tell me ­čśë ” he teased her. “Yeah, right. You know full well what I mean.” “Nope. I’m completely unaware – tell me.” Shelly smirked to herself; she liked it when he played coy with her, as she enjoyed all of the little games that they played. “I’m sure you can figure it out,” she text back. “It has to do with Randy not wanting any intimacy, and me not having the privacy to be ‘intimate’ by myself.” “Awww, no privacy must suck,” Brent replied. “I have lots of privacy tonight and was thinking of getting ‘intimate with myself’.” Shelly flushed at the thought of Brent playing with himself. “OMG – really?” “MMMmm Yes. I’m out of town for work in a hotel… all alone… Now that I hear your voice I’m so turned on…” Shelly envisioned Brent stroking himself and it excited her, she could feel her pussy begin to lubricate at the thought of it. She text back “Ok. That isn’t fair! I told you that I haven’t in so long and now you’re almanbahis yeni giri┼č teasing me!” “Haven’t what?” “CUM!!” “Oh is that what you meant?” he text. “YES – You knew full well what I meant!” “I just wanted to be sure. ­čśë ” “Yeah right. Now I’m even more horny!” “You’re horny?” “Yes and chatting with you isn’t helping ­čśë ” she text. “You wanna cum with me?” Shelly paused looking at the screen then turned to look at Randy. He was still snoring laying on his back beside her. She’d love to cum right now, with Brent, but how?” “What do you mean?” she sent. “Make yourself cum for me ÔÇŽ with me. Please!” “I can’t ÔÇô Randy.” “Be quiet about it.” “I can’t!” “Please? I’m so hard right now thinking of you playing with yourself!” “I’d love to see your hard cock.” “Wanna?” “Mmm I’d love to.” “Where is the earpiece that came with your phone?” “I’m listening to music with it, why?” “Because if you really want to see we could facetime.” Shelly again looked at Randy. He was still zonked out… She was sooo horny and getting hornier by the minute. “We can’t!” she sent. “If you use the earpiece the phone won’t make any sound. You wanna see how hard you make me? Go into another room.” She wanted nothing more than to see Brent’s hard cock right now. Well there was one thing she wanted more- to cum! But what if Randy heard or saw? “If I get up to go to another room Randy will wake up, he always does when I get up at night.” “I guess you’ll just have to be quiet and play there then,” he sent. almanbahis giri┼č “I just can’t Randy is righ…” Shelly was typing into the phone when it buzzed in her hand. Shelly was on edge and the phone buzz made her jump. ÔÇśBrittany Facetime RequestÔÇÖ was displayed on the screen. Shelly turned to Randy in wide-eyed nervousness. He made some noise and turned to his side, facing away from Shelly. She was torn between receiving the request or not. What if she was caught? She pressed ‘Accept’. The music that she had been listening to was muted and she heard in her earpiece Brent’s voice: “Hi gorgeous. I know you can’t talk… I can see you a little bit – it is pretty dark there. Can you hear me? If you can just nod.” Shelly looked at her phone. Although it was quite dark in her bedroom, Brent’s hotel was apparently quite well lit as she could see him clearly. He was obviously on the bed in his hotel room She could see the typical hotel room furnishings behind him. She could only see him from the midsection up though and he was shirtless smiling at her through the phone. She nodded slowly and smiled back at him. “Good,” he said, “You are so gorgeous… ” “I know you have to stay quiet, so I’ll do the talking ok?” Shelly nodded and slid down from her propped position on the bed. She managed to manoeuvre herself down, placing her head on her pillow with her back to Randy. Shelly is almost bursting with sexual energy. She was extremely horny yet nervous of being caught by her husband was right beside her! Her horniness won out over her caution and Shelly started to lubricate fully and she knew she would not be able to hold back from playing with herself. Brent is seducing her now, here, in her own bed with her husband beside her.

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