Subject: Plastic Playground Tunnel Stories 1 Please send any questions or comments to ail Disclaimer: The following is a work of fiction. It contains explicit sex scenes between underage boys. Do not read this if such content is illegal in your jurisdiction or if you are easily offended. Any similarities to persons living or dead is strictly coincidental. The author no way condones the acts depicted within the story and no person should read this story. 1 Boy Secret Inside a dark plastic playground tunnel, the sounds and scents of horny boys told the story. Short breaths and soft rustling reverberated in the stuffy space as two little monkeys helped peel each other’s clothes off. 12-year-old Joe assumed the receptive role of the female, crouching over 13-year-old Kyle’s purple tip. The adolescent male’s hard penis muscle throbbed as it parted the lips of the immature boy’s tangy virgin butt hole. The echo of three girly grunts and a boyish moan–only slightly deeper in tone–indicated that the 5-inch teenage prong had slid home in preteen’s guts, assisted only by the residue of the boy’s last greasy bowel movement and a glob of the teen’s spit to get them started. The sweet odors of early puberty saturated the boy den. Joe chirped in the treble voice of a prepubescent boy when the delicate muscles of his boy pussy reflexively tried to slam shut on the mushroom-scented intruder. The small muscles constricted powerfully and unexpectedly bit down on the base of Kyle’s happy boner, already slipped four inches deep in his guts. Like teeth sinking into a piece of soft bread and suddenly biting down on a hard pebble, the fragile rectum recoiled. The shock strained the ring of muscle fibers, practically immobilizing the little boy. His hamstrung butt hole would be sore for weeks. In fact, the little man wouldn’t shit right ever again after that. The child’s belly rumbled in response to having his cherry popped, and his digestive tract hardly knew how to react. For a moment the kid felt like he might vomit, in the next like he was about to take the biggest, sloppiest dump of his life. An earthquake trembled in his bowels, from where butterflies rose, tickling his digestive system as high as his stomach. He panted in short, shallow breaths, avoiding deep breaths that caused his rectum to bite down painfully on the big penis. He felt woozy, like standing up too fast after watching a long movie; the butterflies in his belly reminded him of the rollercoaster. With no point of reference inside the dark tunnel, vertigo overtook the child, and he imagined himself stumbling backwards into a dark pit, his tingling rectum sliding down an endless boner for miles, his tender guts infinitely impaled. Whatever short distance the little boy could have actually fallen, Kyle’s stiff penis held him firmly in place on top of his hips, securing him by the most strategic point on any prepubescent boy’s body, by the sensitive glands of his stinky butt hole. Forced together, Joe’s colon and Kyle’s penis made their first acquaintances, sniffing each other like dogs: the presumptuous teen penis smeared a few flakes of zesty dick şişli travesti cheese on the new companion, and in exchange the boy pussy kindly coated the length of the happy boner with a thin, tangy butt butter. “You’re the first penis to ever be jammed up my butt,” the child’s trembling colon exclaimed with a squeal. “Uh, I feel sick.” “You’re my first butt hole,” the young teen’s penis blurted out, voice cracking. “Can I nut inside you?” “What’s that mean?” the child’s colon asked innocently between husky breaths. The boy’s bottom was not strong enough to stop the teen invader from pumping away in his warm guts even if he had wanted to. The teen’s stinky penis was in control; the child gasped, his rectum twitched, and the big dick seemed to grow inside his colon, scrubbing the burning boy nub that hung overhead. The boy’s little walnut snuggled affectionately against the teenage boner, throbbing rapidly. The teen’s stiff penis jumped involuntarily with each breath, crushing the buzzing walnut in a looping moment of shear delight for the preteen bottom. They hung like this for a full minute, inhaling the scent of sweat and urine, while Kyle’s flaring dick head slapped the boy’s little prostate like a punching bag. Judging by the girly gasps that echoed in his ear, synchronized with the twitching of his big penis, the teen knew that he had found the little boy’s sweet spot. Joe wanted to stay like this forever, savoring the warm, tingly glow behind his belly button, but a sharp cramp in his guts caused him to lift his little bottom off the teenage boner for relief. His colon, though not yet fully lubricated, rubbed against the length of the stiff penis on the way out. The sinewy muscles of his pucker, though torn, held his colon in place to prevent prolapse. The little rectum remained dutiful throughout his deflowerment, still putting up a fight by throbbing tightly around the withdrawing penis with every flutter of the little boy’s heart, waiting for an opportunity to close the delicate sphincter. His bowels rumbled as the slimy boner passed out of his butt until the ring of anal muscles danced in spasms around the crown of the big purple tip. Joe’s skinny arms and legs pressed against the cold sides of the plastic playground tunnel to hold his small, shivering frame in place–rain drops drummed loudly on the canopy. Kyle grabbed the child’s slender wrists to keep his tip from slipping out of the tight butt hole. Joe reciprocated by clasping the teenager’s warm hands and lacing their small fingers together. The little boy’s own sense of vulnerability actually made him feel hot, horny, and he soaked up the warmth of the 13-year-old’s bigger muscles. The pair hovered in this position, panting face to face, sharing each other’s stale breath, the bittersweet smell of boys who brushed their teeth, but not very often. In the stuffy tunnel, Joe dominated his teenage partner with the powerful odors of the his unwashed nether regions. From the front, his dangling boy bits contributed the smokey smell of stale urine. In the rear, a draft of moist butt vapors escaped around the tight confluence between beylikdüzü travesti his rectum and the teenager’s penis. It was the sweet scent of a prepubescent boy’s unclean bottom, the tangy aroma of old apricots that were just starting to ferment. “I think he took a shit today,” Kyle thought, relishing the little boy’s smell, even catching a slight whiff of ammonia as the potent cloud reacted in the air around them. Likewise, little Joe inhaled the sharp, musky aroma of Kyle’s sweaty armpits, though not quite the fully developed musk of a teenager, but still tinted with the slightly sweet scent of a preteen boy. Sweat, penis juice, and butt residue mingled in the warm atmosphere; the butt sex bouquet dissolved any remaining inhibitions; and new regions of their pubescent brains fired up, dumping hormones into their veins. Joe’s bowels rumbled again and his body prepared to eject the hot malfeasance that had been brewing inside. His slender fingers squeezed his partner’s sweaty paws. Every muscle in his boy pussy flexed to evacuate his bowels. His slim belly tightened. With a deep breath, he positioned his small diaphragm to discharge a sloppy fart that would blow the swollen teen dick head out his backdoor, and then… The little boy unexpectedly slammed his butt down in the opposite direction, perversely violating his own guts as he silently passed wind. The sudden change in pressure inside the child’s colon tickled Kyle’s piss hole. The teen’s dick jumped from the sensation, punching Joe’s little walnut on the way up, an ultimate that act threw the child’s anus into permanent butt slut mode. Both boys punctuated the movement with long, soft coos, one tenor, one treble. Joe’s colon hung deflated on the stiff penis, impaled. Few butt holes of prepubescent boys ever imagine or expect a future of slippery butt sex. For roughly the first ten years of boyhood, wrinkled rosebuds dutifully discharge excrement and only hope that their boy’s fuzzy brain will take care to wipe them in exchange. Of course, most endure residual brown streaks after bowel movements, especially during the summertime and sleepovers, when impatient little boys rarely showered and often dashed from the toilet without wiping. Butt cheeks slapped together between their brown puckers as they rushed outside to romp in the yard with friends, all the while cotton undies rubbing against their stinky rosebuds as they frolic–or when they plant their round bottoms on the carpet in front of the TV to play Nintendo for hours on end, clenching their rectums tightly to delay a wide load until they can beat the game, poop smeared between the sweaty cheeks. Most preteen rosebuds welcome a curious probing finger now and then in the bath or shower, or during a round of scratch and sniff at bedtime. Some greasy puckers even shiver against the brush of another child’s small finger during a game of truth or dare, but none of this prepares the tender boy holes for being pumped by a stiff penis. In the humid atmosphere of the plastic play tunnel, suffused with boy stink, Joe’s prepubescent brain had chosen slippery butt sex, a deed which istanbul travesti his colon considered to be perhaps the greatest betrayal in history. Now attached in three places to his teenage partner–slender fingers of their two hands intertwined, teen member firmly implanted in rectum–Joe again felt a warm glow in his butt. The tingle rose up his anus–radiating intensely around his hot boy nub–filled his tummy, and spread to his slender extremities. Kyle too felt the warmth in the boy’s tight rectum glowing against his boner. The irresistible tingle of butt sex ravished their undeveloped bodies, and in the darkness their lips met, at first just a wet smooch, then Kyle’s powerful tongue invaded the boy’s oral cavity. Joe beamed with pride. “He likes me! He really likes me,” he thought and flicked his own tongue against the intruder to show the feeling was mutual. Their fledgling smacking intensified, mouths opened wider, both tasting of chicken patty from lunch, and Joe felt the Kyle’s cute braces brushing against his gums. The teenager’s tongue tickled his oral cavity and scrubbed his baby teeth. Their hearts fluttered as they bonded, the older boy probing the youngster’s most intimate regions. Now two organs “cleaned” inside the little boy’s body at both ends. Joe had found someone to share his stinky butt hole with, to share in his secret desire to scratch (and sniff!) a forbidden itch… deep inside his belly. His tingling colon was forced to concur. It would submit the slimy intruder deep into his bowels, inviting it to explore as deep in his tummy as possible. From now on, he would never pass an opportunity to let someone pump his boy pussy. Joe’s skinny butt lifted off the teenager’s lap again. His tight rectum squeezed Kyle’s stiff penis, automatically smearing a coat of sticky precum inside his guts, which prepared the tight bottom for the vigorous butt banging to come. Rather than wait for the boy to drop onto his rod again, Kyle took over. He grabbed the preteen’s narrow hips and thrust his stiff penis up the slippery poop chute. Joe cried out as the stiff dong pried his colon open and probed new depths in his guts. The teen leaned forward, pushing Joe onto his back. He lifted the boy’s slim ankles over his shoulders, and the real butt slamming began. The teen’s narrow hips slapped rhythmically against the boy’s bottom as he vigorously pumped the child for relief. Joe moaned like a slut, half instinct, half imitating the girls he had seen in dirty videos on the internet. His hands grasped his groin for any sensation in his testicles, if they still existed. Now he was being used like a girl! And the greatest secret of all: he liked it. Outside, beneath a dark overcast sky, Joe’s twin brother Robby crouched as lookout at the mouth of the plastic tunnel. In the thin drizzle, the towheaded boy listened curiously to the raspy sounds of his brother playing deep inside the play structure with the teen boy. The distorted chorus that echoed from inside the tubes increased in tempo as thunder filled the electric atmosphere outside. The sky darkened, and a heavy sheet of rain began to fall on the playground. 12-year-old Robby crawled inside the dark tunnel for shelter and was struck by a blast of warm air, tinted with a bittersweet aroma. Robby recognized the familiar scent of his twin brother’s butt hole. Please send any questions or comments to ail

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