Pilgrimage To Santa Maria


One thing was for sure, his memory was going. The only thing he remembered about this mission was that he was supposed to deliver some eye medication to a pregnant girl named Maria for her baby.Who knows, they might call the child Jesus and, maybe, it might lead a revolution or something. Not his concern, his job was to deliver the medicine on time. It was his last mission and he wanted to get it right.This Maria, maybe, she would show her gratitude by taking him down by the river or somewhere nice and spread her legs and invite isvecbahis him to…never mind, he would find out soon enoughOh hell, one last mission, here we go.Parachuting, nice view, good jump and perfect landing.Next, jungle hike, very green, tarantulas not a problem.Quick river cross, splendid swim on a hot, humid day.Climbing the mountain, rocky trail, no snakes.Greetings from the tribe, a lot of brown skin offset by white clothing.Bingo, finding Maria on the floor of an old stone church, crowning.Baby Jesus is here. Administer isveçbahis giriş the ilotycin eye medication in order to prevent possible blindness.Good news, Maria wants to show her appreciation. She gives the newborn to the Priest to hold. Takes my hand and leads me down to the river. Puts down a serape on the green grass and pulls me down.Wait, something is missing.“Hombre, where is your dick!”  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~                                                                                                      isveçbahis yeni giriş                                           “Fuck, Mo, these salvage missions are always such a bitch, especially landing the copter in the mountains.”“Billy, there’s a spot,” pointed Mo.~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~“Holy shit, Mo, they threw him in the dump.”“Damn, Billy, no fatigues, no dick, no batteries. Something been gnawing on him.”“Don’t worry about it, Mo, just bag him and get it over with.”“But that’s so cold to make them like that, think about it, designing a man without a knob. What sort of person does that, got to be someone with a sick mind. You’ve got disappointment and frustration guaranteed. They called it the Eunuch Express model, the very first one, ancient by today’s standards.”

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