Subject: Man Cam (Pichezz (1) This is an fictional story of sex with men from an internet chat site. This is completely fictional as most of the men live far far away. Some are straight, some gay and many bisexual. But all are hot, hot , hot. Enjoy… +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Man Cam (Pichezz (1) I had recently gotten into a hot way of getting off. Camming online. Its the phone sex of the computer age. I have fun getting off with hot guys online without the dread of actually doing it with anyone. I mean there is no substitute for the real thing and getting my hands and mouth on some hot guy. But after a bunch of bad relationships I was bursa escort just about done. Camming was a better way of having fun. I am on several different sites that I play on too. One day I found myself on a new site and decided to check it out. Well let me tell you the men on there were the hottest I have seen online. I couldn’t keep track of any guy. But there were several that set my heart and loins afire. I was never one to save a guy to favorites as it seemed like commitment to me. But I did here. I saw him when searching for someone to jerk to one day. His screen name was “Pichezz”. His is a big muscular guy in England. hot with a fuzzy face and chest. but big strong arms bursa escort bayan and thick tree trunk legs. And that nice cock he was displaying had me hard in seconds. His nice sturdy 7 inch cock had my mouth watering, And the way he would pull on it and then grasp it tightly to show his veiny cock was making me crazy. I had to have this guy. So I dared to send I him a message indicating how much I wanted his cock and to worship his beefy body. I didn’t expect him to answer back as his primary preference stated women. But then to my surprise I received a private message from this hunk. “Hi there man” It said “You like my dick buddy” “Hell yes” I said back to him quickly “Shame escort bursa you are a continent away. I would love to slide up and down that hot body” “Or at least my tongue” “Yeah baby” he replied “You can if you want. Always like when a guy licks my dick” “Guys do it so well” he continued I was surprised he like my comments and was answering my messages. So I continued to let him know how hot he was and what I wanted to do to him. Then another surprise message from him. “I will be in states in a few months”. he said “I can come to see you if you like” “You can show me your town and then we can fuck all night long baby” “Heck yeah stud” I answered back. “Would love for you to come visit me.” We exchanged information before jerking off and then signing off for the night. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this Hot man……………… ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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