Pet Puppy Playtime


Cal came home from work carrying a package. Amanda asked, “What is in the package?” Cal said, “Something for later, when we are with Max and Lenora.” It had been a week since Amanda had fucked Lenora with a huge strap on cock. She still smiled when she thought about it. Lately, she had asked Cal about pet play and bitch suits. Max and Lenora liked the idea and had done a little puppy play. Cal and Amanda went to Max’s house. Cal brought the package along too. The two couples entered the playroom. Cal put the package down on the bed. He ordered Amanda to strip. She quickly removed all her clothes. She sat on the floor on her legs, hands folded in her lap, eyes down. Lenora entered and did the same. She smiled quickly at Amanda. Max entered and looked at the two women waiting for instructions. Max said, “Tonight we are going to do pet play. Lenora likes pet play. Amanda, do you want to be a pet bitch for Cal tonight?” Amanda thought and said, “Hmm yes” Max went to the wall and selected two collars and leashes from the rack. He came back and handed one set to Cal. Cal went to Amanda. He lifted her head, put the collar on her and attached the leash. Max did the same to Lenora. Both men pulled on the leashes. The women moved around the room on all fours, but there was something missing. Max turned to Cal and said, “Their arms and legs are too long. Let’s change that.” Cal watched Max, as he took out some soft leather pieces. Lenora put her hands on her shoulders and her elbows on the floor. He bound her arms that way. almanbahis şikayet He took her legs and bent them so her heels touched her butt. He strapped her legs too. Where her elbows and knees touched the floor, he added some padding. He paraded Lenora around the room. Max felt satisfied that Lenora was ready. Max turned to Cal and said, “Do the same to Amanda.” Amanda reluctantly obeyed, but when Cal scolded her and pulled on the leash hard, she obeyed quicker. He tied her the same way as Lenora. When finished, he paraded her around the room. Max applauded. Cal led Amanda to sit next to Lenora. She walked to him and rubbed against him. He petted her head and said, “Good puppy.” Cal pulled her leash to get her back in line. He made her sit and obey. He ruffled her hair and petted her. She rubbed against his leg. Amanda and Lenora sat like two puppies. They panted as puppies did. They licked each other’s faces. They tried to please their masters. As they sat, they tired and lay down on their sides. Max whistled. Lenora slowly sat and perked up. Max was not happy with her. She responded too slowly. He pulled on her leash and walked her around the room quickly. She ran on her knees and elbows quickly to keep up. Her arms and legs moved fast and she stayed with him. Cal pulled Amanda up. She moved quickly to get with him. He led her around the room. He made her heel and follow obediently behind him. After parading for a while, the puppies sat on the floor. The men got on the bed. They drank a beer and petted almanbahis canlı casino the heads of their new pets. The puppies rested their heads on the edge of the bed. They wanted to get on the bed, but had difficulty climbing up. Max helped Lenora onto the bed. She curled at his feet. Cal helped Amanda up and she curled at Cal’s feet. Cal said to Max, “Should we show them what I brought?” Max shook his head. “No.” Amanda said, “Yes, Please.” Cal smacked her with the leash and said, “Puppies don’t talk. They bark. Bark, puppy!” Amanda and Lenora barked and begged for what was in the package. Amanda panted in anticipation. Cal opened the package and took out two bitch suits. They were zip-in costumes. There were sleeves which held the arms and legs rather than binding them. It also covered the body, hiding skin, but left the breasts, ass and genitals exposed. Amanda whined, “Hmm.” Cal showed Amanda the suit and asked, “Do you want to wear this now?” Amanda started to speak, but remembered to bark. Cal released her arms and legs. Amanda rolled onto her back. She stretched waiting for Cal to put her in the suit. He laid it on the bed and rolled her onto it facing up. He put her arms and legs into the sleeves. He wrapped the suit around her and zipped the suit up along her stomach. Cal helped her down from the bed. He walked her around the room. Max put Lenora in her suit and paraded her around. The puppies looked amazing. They looked like puppies. The only thing missing was a tail. Lenora went to the almanbahis casino door and scratched to go out. Max opened the door and let her out. Amanda followed to see what was going on. Lenora went to the back door to go outside. Amanda followed. She watched as Lenora relieved herself on the lawn in the backyard. She finished and Max petted her head. Max said, “Good puppy.” Amanda followed Lenora’s example and relieved herself too. Cal petted her head and she rubbed against his leg. The puppies went back in the house and curled up at their masters’ feet. Amanda and Lenora fell asleep and rested for a while. Max and Cal watched some basketball and drank a beer. The puppies woke up and wanted to be with their masters. Lenora started dry humping Max’s leg. She was horny and wanted Max to fuck her as a dog. She kept humping his leg and whining, as if in heat. She was so wet. She spread her wetness on his leg. Amanda watched Lenora and dry humped Cal’s leg. As she moved, her wet pussy slid up and down his leg. Max and Cal scolded the puppies for what they did. They pushed the puppies down. They made them lay at their feet. Both puppies whined and cried. They wanted to fuck their master and please him. They licked the legs of the men, where they dry humped them earlier. They liked the taste of their wetness. They wanted to tease their masters. It was not working. Both puppies looked at each other, as if to ask what was next. The puppies walked away into another room, where they could talk. Amanda asked, “How can we get them to fuck us like dogs?”Lenora said, “I don’t know. I wonder, if we sat in their laps, we could get them hard and tease them. Let’s try that.” The puppies went back to the men and begged to sit on their laps. The men bent down and put the puppies in their laps.

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