Penny’s Promiscuity – 18 – Will Power


“What should I do, Pete?” I asked my husband anxiously over rather poor phone line.It was eight thirty in the evening and I was sitting in my car in the darkest corner of the sports club car park, still in my gym clothes. I could feel my body cooling and stiffening from the exercise I had just finished but I couldn’t wait to go all the way home, shower and change before talking to him.As it was, I had only just managed to catch Pete at his conference in between dinner and the tedious ‘thank you’ speeches that always followed. Desperate for his advice and support, I had just garbled everything I could remember about my brief but terrifying conversation with Will, the young, athletic housemate of my first and only one-night-stand, Darren.Will was the only possible witness to that night of foolish passion; a night which had resulted in the baby that was even then – and against all probability – growing in my middle-aged womb.The boy had witnessed my ‘walk of shame’ letting me out of the house early the following morning and could have no illusions as to what I had been doing there. Apart from the obvious look of guilt on my face, my body must have reeked of sex.I hadn’t seen or heard anything from either Will or Darren for well over a month until that evening when he had approached me in the sports club where Pete and I were members and they both worked. As I had just explained to my husband during a short but meaningful conversation, Will had expressed a wish to get to know me better and had invited me to have a drink with him when he finished his shift later that same evening.Pete thought a long time before replying. When he did reply it wasn’t very helpful.“Jesus Penny, you do make life complicated!” he began.“That’s not what I need to hear right now Pete,” I replied, though it was unquestionably true.“Sorry. It’s just that…”“I know,” I interrupted. “And I’m sorry too; really I am. But what should I do?”Pete thought for a moment.“He didn’t give you any clue at all about what he wants?”“Nothing. He was very friendly – at least on the surface,” I replied.“He didn’t ask for money or anything?”“No. Nothing.”Pete paused again.“Well I suppose we should find out what he wants before getting too worried. You might have been reading too much into it. He might simply want to talk to you.”“But about what?” I asked anxiously. “And why? I’d never met him before that morning. There’s nothing to talk about apart from that night. It has to be that.”“You could be right,” Pete conceded. “But there’s no point fighting battles we don’t know we have. I think you should meet him and find out what he wants. Then we can make a better decision.”It made sense but at that moment I wished so badly that I didn’t have to handle it alone.“What if he puts me on the spot? What if he wants money?”“Then we’ll talk about it again,” Pete said calmly. “He won’t expect a cheque there and then. He did ask you to come to the pub first. That’s out in the open; you wouldn’t be in any physical danger.”“But what if…”“Penny, when your knickers are on you’re one of the most capable people I know,” Pete reassured me. “You’ll know what the best thing is to do. I trust you absolutely.”“Really? Despite all…”“Really. I trust you to do what needs to be done.”“And you’ll back any decision I make? Whatever it is?” I asked anxiously.“Absolutely. Anything you decide will be okay with me as long as it buys us time to think.”“But what if…”“Sorry Penn; the meeting’s starting again. I’ve got to go; I’m speaking next. Let’s talk later when we know more. Bye for now.”I tapped the red button on my phone angrily and swore. Pete had thrown the whole responsibility back onto me. Okay, I was the one who had been seduced and had put myself in this position but I had really needed to talk things through before going to meet my potential blackmailer.Now I was on my own both physically and metaphorically. Maybe all I could do was try and stall; keep things quiet until Pete returned and we could consider Will’s demands carefully – whatever they might turn out to be.I started the engine and drove home, my mind buzzing. Twenty minutes later I was standing in the shower washing the dried sweat from my body. In a calmer frame of mind I realised Pete was right; what harm could possibly come from meeting the young man in the open for a drink? He was hardly going to demand money with menaces in front of an audience, I told myself.At work I handled difficult colleagues, patients and their families on a weekly if not daily basis; I should be able to handle a twenty-something young man. If he raised the issue of my night with Darren I would simply have to stonewall him until Pete returned.The problem night not arise at all. Pete and I could get on with our lives; perhaps even including the wife sharing he was getting so impatient about taking part in. As he had said so often, I had got what I wanted out of our lifestyle; it was time he had a taste of his fantasy too.As that fantasy was to watch me being fucked but other men, our desires were highly compatible – especially now we might have found a real if unexpected route to make it all happen in safety.***After dinner a few nights earlier I had showed Pete the websites of the short list of escort couples I had found as potential fuck-buddies for our revived lifestyle. Two couples were based in Manchester, the other in Leeds. One couple was in their twenties, one in their forties and the last a strange mix of a girl in her late twenties and a man in his early fifties.Pete appeared torn. On the one hand he was still very uncomfortable about the idea of using ‘prostitutes’, as he continued to call them. I preferred the ‘escort’ terminology I had found in my researches; it felt so much more professional and appealing. Increasingly, this did look as if it might well be the best – possibly only way in which we could safely provide my husband with the fulfilment of his deepest fantasy; of watching me being fucked by another man.In the days since I had revealed my pregnancy to him, this fantasy had taken a much sharper edge and was dominating our hugely revived and now exhaustingly active sex life. Indeed hardly a day had passed in which my unplanned conception had not been gone over and over in extreme detail in bed, a process that had invariably ended with a near-violent penetration and noisy insemination but for me, a continued absence of orgasm.Apart from this physical manifestation of his increased interest, there was other evidence that my husband might be coming almanbahis round to the idea, not least of which was the trail of websites in our pc’s browsing history that Pete appeared to have visited of his own accord.As well as the websites of the couples themselves, I could see he had searched for other escorts too, both single men and couples. There were several sites that specialised in homemade cuckold video postings; I followed his history and watched some of the videos Pete had found.I quickly discovered that although the film quality was universally poor, there was a rawness and passion about real encounters – especially the orgasmic cries of the women involved as they were fucked – which gave them an erotic power that few of the ‘proper’ porn moves I had watched could come close to matching.Pete had apparently been watching a lot of these. I have to admit I had watched a good few of them too in the early mornings with my earphones on. I pretended to myself that it was research for my stories but in reality I was imagining it was me on the bed, receiving all that intense male attention with my husband only a few feet away, watching and filming.The effect on my body was profound; after an early ‘accident’ with a chair cushion, I now sat on a folded towel whenever I used my laptop for anything but the blandest of purposes. On some of those occasions I had gone upstairs in a high state of arousal and forced my surprised but pleased husband to make love to me before he was properly awake.Pete always did his best but I seldom reached orgasm even with the head start the videos gave me.The future of our unusual relationship could perhaps be quite promising – if we could resolve both my unwanted pregnancy and the equally unwanted but more immediately dangerous intrusion of Will into our already over-complicated lives.Now that I felt truly pregnant physically, the already-unpalatable idea of a deliberate termination had become even more difficult to contemplate. Apart from the profound danger to my husband’s career that its discovery would have – the media would revel in it and his international reputation in his specialist field would be destroyed overnight – I had already seen with my own eyes the effect that abortion could have on a mother’s body and mind.For reasons I cannot put down here, one of my closest friends had terminated an unwanted, adulterously-conceived pregnancy half a dozen years before. It had been done in secret but the effects on her both emotionally and psychologically had left her badly and permanently damaged. For a many months she had become an emotional wreck. She and I had spent many tearful hours together trying to help her come to terms with what she truly believed was the murder of an unborn child she and her husband had committed.Even now, years later, divorced, re-married and having had two more children by her new husband, she was still tormented by what she had done. Knowing how strongly I felt about my own three kids, I could not take the risk of this happening to me.So with the baby inside me getting larger and Will’s threat of exposure growing more and more imminent, I was caught between a rock and a hard place.I did not under-estimate the difficulties ahead or the lengths I might have to go to resolve them!***Later that evening I parked my car in a dark corner of the club’s car park, sat back in the driver’s seat and watched the numbers on the dashboard dials count the minutes towards ten o’clock. My hands were clasped unconsciously on my lower belly where the baby lay; a ticking time bomb growing by the hour.Over the next half hour many vehicles left the club until eventually only a handful of cars remained. I tried to remember if any had been parked outside Will and Darren’s shared house but to no avail. Eventually ten minutes past ten o’clock arrived and there was only one car apart from mine. My heart was thumping in my chest as I slowly, reluctantly opened the driver’s door and stepped out into the cool of the night.My body ached as I straightened my back and retrieved my sports bag from the rear seat, brought as an excuse in case anyone saw me returning to the club. I had chosen a short, tight-fitting dark blue summer dress and sandals with medium height wedge heels. Underneath was good quality, small but secure underwear.I needed something that gave me confidence both physically and emotionally if I was to face the task ahead.The lights in the club’s reception were still switched on but at a low level. It looked surprisingly atmospheric in the darkness. As I approached, the powered doors remained firmly closed instead of swooshing open as they would usually have done so I stood in the cool darkness looking for a bell to push. Finding none, I contemplated knocking but then my attention was drawn by movement coming from inside the club and a tall, familiar figure emerged from the corridor that led through to the bar.It was Will, dressed in the same figure-hugging green uniform he had been wearing earlier. He walked towards me, fiddled with the locking mechanism then pushed one the double doors aside, holding it open with his hand to let me enter.A waft of fresh male perspiration passed over me as I ducked under his extended arm. It made me shiver with excitement despite my extreme nervousness, as did the obviously well-muscled shape of his shoulders and board-flat stomach. In other circumstances I might have found him very attractive indeed. But these were not ‘other circumstances’; I was there to meet a potential blackmailer.“Hi,” Will smiled as if more than a little nervous himself. “I wasn’t sure you’d come.”It seemed a strange thing for a would-be extortioner to say.“You didn’t leave me much choice,” I replied bitterly.“Sorry,” he frowned. “I thought it would be best to have some privacy.”I could feel him looking at me strangely as if surprised by my response; as if he had been expecting me to be friendlier. Perhaps I should pretend to be friendlier I wondered. Perhaps if I went along with whatever he had in mind it would disarm him.“It’s okay,” I forced myself to smile.“You look really sexy,” he said, completely wrong-footing me.Was that what blackmailers usually told their victims?“Thanks,” I mumbled, pulling my dress as far down over my thighs as it would go.“Shall we go through to the bar?” he smiled, apparently genuinely.“Fine,” I smiled again, falsely.Will led me through the wide, half-darkened corridor along past the lightless sports shop and club offices to the large bar area. It almanbahis yeni giriş felt very strange being there; in the daytime the club was almost invariably packed with people. Now it was eerie and deserted with a low glow throughout the room.The lights were on low at the bar as we approached it.“Can I get you a drink?” Will asked.What should I say? This wasn’t how I had expected the encounter to start. This didn’t feel like a blackmailer meeting his victim, but then how many blackmailers did I know?“Are you having one?” I asked.“I’m having a beer. It’s been a long day.”“Dry white wine please,” I replied with my go-to choice of alcohol.Will slipped behind the bar and poured the drinks while I perched on a bar stool, very conscious of my exposed, middle-aged legs. When he had last seen me I had been in my gym clothes; Capri-length tights and a pink running vest. I had been wearing a sports bra too though my boobs were so small it wasn’t really necessary. Like most women in the gym, I had been pantyless under my tights.Now in my short summer dress and with Will’s eyes raking over me I felt exposed and vulnerable.To my surprise, I saw Will slip cash for the drinks into a glass by the till and as he came back around the bar, drinks in hand to take the stool next to mine, once again I could see his well-toned body underneath the dark green uniform.I smiled inwardly; sports clubs everywhere were populated by would-be trainers, instructors and potential athletes at every level. Even being on the cleaning staff gave the young man the right to consider himself and describe himself as being in the sports industry.The uniforms were clearly chosen to build on this, designed to show off their wearers’ bodies to best effect at all times. I had often felt green-eyed at the way the female staff looked as they went about even the most menial of tasks and had to remind myself that it was poor compensation for the low wages they were all paid.Low wages – did that mean Will planned to supplement his with a little blackmail?“Cheers!” he said, raising his glass to mine with a smile.I responded in kind, feeling anxious and unsettled. There was an awkward silence as we eyed each other up warily. I could feel the young man’s eyes raking over my body and closed my overly-bare legs as tightly as I could, regretting my revealing choice of dress.“Have you had a good day?” he began innocently.“Not bad,” I replied warily. “How about you?”“Busy,” he replied. “I’ve got exams coming up so I have to work a lot at home as well as here.”“I bet,” I replied.There was a short, awkward silence.“How was your husband?” Will asked unexpectedly. “Was he okay about you coming out to meet me?”“He’ll be fine,” I said unwilling to give anything away.Then an idea occurred to me that my psychology students would have been proud of. If he could play mind games, why shouldn’t I try and even the playing field?“How about your girlfriend?” I asked as flatly as I could manage. “Doesn’t she mind you meeting me here at this time of night?”It was a stab in the dark but a calculated one. It was inconceivable that a boy as good looking as Will would not have an equally good looking girl in tow. I could tell I was right from the guilty look that immediately came to his face; he had a girlfriend and not a trivial one.“Keeley?”He didn’t actually slap his hand to his mouth after saying her name but he might as well have done. The name Keeley was familiar but I couldn’t place it. I had hit the target; I just wasn’t quite sure what that target was.“Is she studying too?” I continued the pressure.He shrugged resentfully.“Nah. She’s a PT down the road already.”I assumed he meant the rival sports club about a mile closer into the city where she must already be employed in the coveted Personal Trainer role he so badly wanted. I pressed a little harder, trying to gain a little more authority in our worryingly one-sided relationship.“Have you been together long?”“A while.”His reply was unconvincingly casual, as if trying to close off that line of conversation. I wondered why and tried again.“Are the two of you…?”“I’m glad you came,” Will cut in sharply, cutting off that avenue completely. “I’ve wanted to get to know you since… well, since that morning.”Touche!After feeling unsettled by my line of questioning, Will was trying to do the same to me. He was going straight for the throat with a direct reference to my one night stand with his housemate Darren. I have to say his tactic worked; I immediately felt vulnerable again.“So you said,” I replied blandly. “I can’t think why. We barely exchanged a dozen words.”“I know. I just thought we might have a lot in common. I mean…”“You mean you guessed what Darren and I had been doing and thought you could take advantage?” I broke in.It was a risky tactic, in effect confessing to my night of infidelity but I wanted to ‘cut through the crap’ and perhaps knock him off his stride.“That’s putting it a bit crudely,” he protested.“But I’m right, aren’t I Will? You were listening?”“I couldn’t help hearing. You made so much noise all night it kept me awake.”I couldn’t deny it; I knew I had been noisy and Darren had fucked me many times. At one stage I had loudly begged the young man to fuck a baby into my belly. It was a wish I had expressed frequently when close to orgasm in the past but this time my lover had unknowingly granted it. My hands fell unconsciously to my belly again.“You heard it all?” I asked aghast.“Enough to know what kind of lover you are.”There was a long pause. I looked into his open eyes looking for the cold hardness of a blackmailer that I assumed I would find. To my surprise I saw something more like… appreciation; perhaps even respect.“Okay Will,” I gave in. “There’s no point denying it; I cheated on my husband with Darren. You heard it. The question is what are you going to do about it?”It took all my willpower but I managed to stare at him coldly.“What do you want, Will? Money?”The boy looked genuinely shocked at the idea, then badly hurt.“No! Of course not,” he exclaimed. “That’s a terrible thing to suggest.”His reaction was immediate, unrehearsed and entirely convincing, wrong-footing me again.“Then what do you want?” I demanded, more puzzled than angry.“What did you think I wanted when I asked you to meet me here?” he asked as if astonished.“I didn’t know what to think,” I replied. “I was worried about what you said.”“And you thought I was threatening you?”“Why else would you want to see me?” I asked, dumbfounded.Will looked almanbahis giriş at me in surprise.“Don’t you get it? Why would I ask an attractive woman for a drink somewhere private where we wouldn’t be disturbed?”The penny finally dropped. Oh my God!“Will I…”“I said I wasn’t sure you’d come but I really hoped you would. And you’ve dressed so sexily too.”Had I? I hadn’t intended to. Maybe knowing I was meeting an attractive young man my subconscious had taken over.“You think I want to…” I asked hesitantly.“Of course. Why else would you have come here so late?” he asked, his face open like a child’s.“You’re not trying to blackmail me?”Will sat back on his stool, genuinely shocked and offended.“Christ no! What do you think I am?”I daren’t tell him what I had thought; clearly my assessment of him was no better than his assessment of me.“I thought” I stammered. “You mean you just want to… to…”Will smiled and leaned forward. He reached across and placed his strong hand on my skinny thigh.“I would never want to hurt you, Mrs. Barker. Far from it; I want to have sex with you, that’s all.”“What?”“I’ve wanted to do it with you ever since I heard you and Darren that night.”There was no misunderstanding those words; no possible way of misinterpreting them. The shocked realisation stunned me.“But I’m old enough to be your…” I stammered, dumbfounded.“My mother? I suppose so. But you aren’t my mother Mrs. Barker and there isn’t a boy in the world that doesn’t have a crush on a MILF at some time in his life.”Fortunately from my researches I knew what a MILF was. In my naiveté it hadn’t crossed my mind that anyone might think I was one myself.“But you have a girlfriend,” I protested, to my annoyance sounding more like a mother than ever.“She’s not here right now.”For a moment I wondered whether the girl believed her relationship with Will was as casual as he clearly viewed it. Maybe she did; maybe this was the way things were done these days. But then the voice inside me spoke loudly and clearly, reminding me that I was hardly pure as the driven snow myself.“And I’m married…” I began.Will snorted.“You husband’s not here either. Anyway, that didn’t stop you sleeping with Darren.”There was no denying that either.“Has he talked about me?” I asked anxiously.“He doesn’t kiss and tell,” Will replied. I felt a little relieved. “Darren’s had a lot of older women; he’s got a thing about them. But he knows how to keep a secret.”He leaned closer, his hand moving further up my thigh.“I can keep a secret too.”I just looked at him, stunned.“He did say you were really good in bed – but then I’d heard that for myself.”To my amazement I felt myself swelling with pride at these words then immediately felt ashamed of myself.“Is that all he said?”Will looked embarrassed, almost unable to look me in the eye as he replied.“He said… he said you were a pushover too.”I sighed. I suppose from Darren’s point of view that was right. It really hadn’t taken much to get me into his bed and I had made no attempt to leave it until the following morning.“So you wanted to see if he was right? Whether you could get into my knickers too?” I asked.He nodded, his face lowered like a naughty child’s.“And that really is all you want?”He nodded again.“That’s all.”The pause that came next was almost as pregnant as I was.“I… I need to go to the ladies room,” I eventually mumbled as I dismounted the stool, desperate to give myself a bit of space to think.“The lights are on a movement sensor at night,” Will said matter-of-factly as I walked a little unsteadily towards the toilets. “They’ll come on when you go in.”Once out of his sight for a second or two I contemplated simply running away; jumping into my car and going home. But that would have been no solution; I would have left an angry, frustrated witness to my impregnation behind and the danger to Pete and my future still unresolved.Instead I half ran down the low-lit corridor to the ladies changing room. It was dark but as promised, the lights did come on as I entered. I slipped into the nearest cubicle, locked the door, sat down on the seat and rummaged in my bag for my mobile phone.‘Are you there?’ I tapped the screen anxiously. ‘Please answer Pete.’‘I’m here. Are you okay?’ came the prompt reply.‘Can you talk?’ I asked.‘I’m on top table. Speeches are still on. Wait a moment.’Thirty second later my phone rang. It was Pete.“Hi. Can you talk now?” I asked.“I’m outside the French doors. I’ve got two minutes max before I’m needed.”“I’ll be quick,” I promised.“Have you met him yet?’“I’m still with him at the club. I’ve gone to the loo.”“How much does he want?” Pete asked, coming straight to the point.“He doesn’t want money,” I replied.“What the hell does he want then?” Pete demanded instantly and angrily.“I can’t believe it,” I said.“Can’t believe what?”I sat back on the loo, took a deep breath then whispered:“He wants me Pete.”“What?”“He wants to fuck me. Says I’m a MILF and he’s wanted me since my night with Darren.”“Jesus Christ! I’ll kill the blackmailing bastard…”The explosion that came down the phone line was prolonged and uncharacteristic of my husband but was all the more shocking for that fact. Pete sounded angrier than I could remember hearing him before. Though the outcome would be the same, clearly in my husband’s mind there was a world of difference between him agreeing to me having sex with other men and another man coercing us into another cuckolding.The male mind is very hard to fathom sometimes.“I’ll break his fucking…” he continued.“No you won’t Pete,” I said loudly and clearly, halting him in mid expletive.“Why the Hell not?”“Because I can’t think of a better way to make all this public than for you to have a set-to with Will, can you?”“But he’s…”“But nothing. The last thing we want is for this to get out, right?”“Right,” he agreed reluctantly.“So anything we do has to be quiet and confidential. Right again?”“I suppose so.”There was a pause. I hadn’t told Pete that I did not think his chances of beating up a man half his age who worked out every day were very high. I loved my husband and did not want him to be hurt or humiliated any more – I had done enough of that already.“Pete?” I prompted him.“Has he threatened anything if you say no?” he asked more calmly.I thought for a moment before replying. In truth Will had made no threats at all. Maybe he wasn’t a blackmailer; maybe he was just a chancer seeing an opportunity to get his end away with a woman he believed was a good fuck and an easy lay.“No,” I said. “Not yet.”“What do you want to do?”“I want it all to go away,” I said honestly.“That’s not going to happen is it?”“I suppose not.”“Is a fuck really all he wants?” Pete asked.“He hasn’t mentioned anything else.”“Just one fuck?”“I don’t know.

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