Peace Corps


After graduating Depaul University with my pre law bachelors degree with a minor in political science I volunteered for a year of service in the Peace Corps. The Peace Corps is an independent agency and volunteer program run by the United States Government providing international social and economic development assistance. The program was established by Executive Order 10924 issued by President John F. Kennedy in March 1961 and authorized by Congress on September 22, 1961 with passage of the Peace Corps Act.

After my twelve weeks of training I was stationed in the Northern Mariana Islands. The Northern Mariana Islands, officially the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) is an unincorporated territory and commonwealth of the United States consisting of fourteen islands in the northwestern Pacific Ocean. The CNMI includes the fourteen northernmost islands in the Mariana Archipelago; the southernmost island, Guam, is a separate U.S. territory.

I had housing on the island of Saipan but traveled to all the islands to work on different projects during my two years of service. Working mainly with woman on many different issues. My time of service was nearing it’s end when I was sent to work at the Marine Laboratory at the University of Guam. I was a certified diver, achieving Master diver certification in my spare time. Scuba diving was a wonderful experience in the crystal clear waters of the island chain. My work at the Marine lab was interesting and fun. In addition to its inviting beaches, elegant hotels, and great bargains, Guam has another vital attraction- its unique culture. The traditions and customs of Guam’s proud island heritage thrive, despite invading conquerors, wars and epidemics, and changing governments. Forged from a neolithic foundation and molded by historical events, Guam’s living culture has expanded into a vibrant, modern way of life.

Since the 17th century, Catholic churches have been the center of village activities. Even today, every village has its patron saint whose feast day is celebrated with an elaborate fiesta, which the entire island is invited to attend. Family groups still hold christening parties, fandangos (weddings, novenas, funerals, and death- anniversary rosaries). All are flavored by the rich Spanish heritage.Spanish influence may also be seen in the mestiza, a style of women’s clothing, or, in the architecture of Guam’s southern villages.

Countless Americans, Europeans, Asians, Micronesians, and other visitors have left their imprints on the island’s pastimes and tastes, but nowhere is the island’s multi-cultural influence more evident than in its food. At a fiesta or other island party, families prepare heavily laden tables of local delicacies, such as red rice, shrimp patties, a Filipino style noodle dish called pancit, barbecued ribs and chicken, and taro leaves cooked in coconut milk. Another mouth-watering treat is kelaguen, usually prepared from chopped broiled chicken, lemon juice, grated coconut, and hot peppers. Fiery finadene sauce, made with soy sauce, lemon juice or vinegar, hot peppers, and onions, is sprinkled over the food for a truly memorable dish. After a hearty meal, Chamorros often enjoy chewing pugua (betel nut), mixed with powdered lime and wrapped in pepper leaf.

Music is an integral aspect of an island lifestyle, and performances using traditional instruments, such as the belembaotuyan, are highlights of cultural presentations. The belembaotuyan, made from a hollow gourd and strung with a taut wire and pressed against ones bare stomach, creates a melodic sound enjoyed by güvenilir bahis all.

After work I hung out at Jimmy D’s beach resort bar in Tamuning, right on hotel row, drinking red stripe and watching the sun set into the ocean. Situated on on beautiful beach, every night there is a sunset show on the beach with traditional fire dancers, scarcely clothed, lovely native ladies & men performing I couldn’t ask for more.

“Hafa Adai” Came a soft feminine voice from behind me.

Hafa adai! You hear it everywhere throughout the Mariana Islands, at the airport, hotel and when you enter various establishments. It’s often translated as “hello”, but what does it really mean? This ubiquitous Chamorro greeting is basically a question that asks “What’s up?” or “What’s going on?” It’s understood by native speakers of Chamorro as a casual greeting.

Turning to see those beautiful native girl, she was one of the dancers, in her early twenties with black hair, big eyes, dark skin. “Hafa Adai” I answered. She giggled, God she is cute, “I’m asking what’s up, I see you here almost every night, wanted to meet you, your hair is so pretty.”

“Thank you, you are so talented, love the dancing.”

“Want to take a walk on the beach?”

Smiling “That sounds fun.”

With that we walk off down the beach into the darkness of the night. Her hand found mine, gently rubbing my hand with her thumb, she laid her head on my shoulder as we walk down the beach.

“What’s your name?”

“I’m Maiana, it means flower.”

“How beautiful,”

“I’m Cheryle, from Chicago.”

“Are you working on the island.”

“Yes at the Universities Marine Lab.”

We were quite a ways from the hotels in a secluded area in the darkness ocean tide rolling in. I took her in my arms, kissing, tongues dancing in each others mouths. I laid her down in the sand, our cloths melting away, our hands exploring each others bodies. Her head drifting down to my breast flicking the nipple before lowering her mouth to suck, Moaning, I stroked her hair gently, she moved to the my other breast.

Drifting lower, kissing her way down, over my flat stomach, sticking her tongue in my belly button. Tickling my red mound, finally licking my labia, I was so wet. She work her tongue like a master, ecstasy, the sand was so soft, sounds of the ocean and my moans. My body shook, I screamed, pushing up into her face, I never felt pleasure like this before. She climbed up kissing me, tasting my self on her tongue, my hand went to her pussy, fingering her slowly. Thrusting in and out, rhythm increasing, she moved to meet my fingers. I wanted to give her a shattering orgasm, finding her clit with my thumb I rubbed, listening to her moans of pleasure.

I nibbled on her breast, sucking, licking, Maiana my beautiful flower, I kiss my way down. Knees digging into the sand, my mouth finding her pussy, I lick gently. Then Parted her lips, thrusting my tongue deep inside her, flowing juices covered my mouth and chin. Curling my tongue inside her, rubbing her clit with my fingers, listening to hear moans. She shook uncontrollably, her orgasm crashing over her like the waves on the beach. I stay in place until she was still, crawling up we kissed.

“How about a swim?”

We ran into the Pacific Ocean, frolicking, playing in the warm water. Collapsing on the beach when we were done, laying there spent we drifted off to sleep in each others arms.

I awoke alone naked on the beach the bright sun blinding me. Looking around for my cloths, I rinsed the sand from my body in the ocean and dressed, wondering güvenilir bahis siteleri where my beautiful native girl had gone. I wondered back down the beach, I had a wreck dive later I was leading, my last dive before flying home my service done. Tokai Maru and SMS Cormoran, The Tokai Maru shipwreck, 120 feet (37 m) under water, is listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places, as is the shipwreck of SMS Cormoran II, which it lies besides, is one of the few places where divers can explore a World War I shipwreck next to a ship from World War II.

I arrive at navy pier, loaded my gear on the dive boat, greeting the divers and explaining the dive. As the Dive Master I was responsible for every ones safety assigning everyone a number to make sure we had everyone after the dive. My mind was on the magical night before making love in the sand to sweet Maiana and wondering where she had gone.

“Hafa Adia” Came a soft feminine voice from behind me.

I turned to see a beautiful Short blonde her green eyes dancing wearing a bikini not covering much of her hot body.

“I’m Cheryle your dive master, you are number 21.”

“Laura, I just arrived last night is there a good place to watch the sunset?”

“Jimmy d’s beach resort bar in Tamuning I can take you there after the dive if you want to get a drink.”

“That would be Wonderful.”

Hafa Adia was becoming my favorite saying……………

The dive went wonderfully, the water was warm and clear. I led divers around the wrecks, inside a few compartments, we surfaced and I helped the divers back on the boat. Riding back I talk with Laura, she was starting her service with the Peace Corps next week, she was my replacement. I ask her if she wanted to see my flat, where she would be living when I left, eagerly she said yes. We loaded are gear and headed for Mangilao in my old beat up pick up.

We entered my messy flat and I offer her a beer. Handing Laura her beer we sat on some old couch I found on the side of the road. We talked and laughed, I told her what to expect in her coming year, time flew by.

“I need to shower and change if we are going to make the sunset show.”

“Can you run me back to my hotel?”

“Or you could just shower here, I’ve got cloths you can wear.”

“That would be great.”

“you go first I’ll get you a clean towel.”

Handing Laura a towel and showing her to the bathroom, I turned to go back to my beer, “We could just shower together.”

Did I hear right? I mustered a “What?”

“I saw you staring at my body on the boat, just thought it mite be fun.”

With that she dropped her shorts, removed her bikini, naked before me. I quickly followed suit, she was a little shorter then me, we embraced kissing softly. Breaking our embrace I started the water, we climbed in the shower soaping each other bodies. She dropped to her knees kissing then parting my pussy plunging her tongue inside. Looking down was a beautiful sight Laura on her knees between my legs, Looking down was the beautiful sight of Laura on her knees between my legs, nose buried in my red pubes, her dolphin tattoo dancing in the hot water from the shower, Apparently she was a “Dive Master” too. Her green eyes peeking up at me, pleasure crashing my brain, with the sensations of the hot water and her tongue. Life is made up of moments, small pieces of glittering mica in a long stretch of gray cement. It would be wonderful if they came to me unsummoned, but particularly in a life as busy as the one I most lead now, that won’t happen. I had to teach myself how to iddaa siteleri make room for them, to love them, to live, really live. That started in a hot shower in Mangilao, Guam With Laura dropping to her knees, curling her tongue inside me, my legs trembling barely able to stand.

My orgasms hit me in waves one after another, grabbing her hair, pulling her into me, that magic tongue deep inside me. Rising she kissed me under the hot water stream, tasting my pussy on her lips, caressing her soft skin. My hand finding it’s way to her swollen clit my soapy fingers rubbing listening to her moans. Turning Laura slowly I kissed the back of her neck as my fingers entered her sweet cunt. Lowering myself I licked her starfish teasing it before plunging my tongue deep inside her. The sound of her moans danced in my ears as she pushed her ass back into my face. Bracing herself on the shower wall, her body shaking in delight, feeling her ass clench my tongue as she came.

The hot water was turning cold, How long had we been at it? We had missed the sunset show but I still had a week to show Laura the island. Waking the next morning in her arms felt so good, watching Laura sleep, her breast peeking at me. My service in the peace corps had taught me about other cultures and that bond of humanity we all share on this planet. This new experience was no different tearing down old fears and hang ups releasing new pleasures.

I dropped Laura at her hotel in Tumon Bay & headed to the marine lab for my final day. Finishing up paperwork and saying goodbyes taking time to walk around the beautiful campus one last time. I was meeting Laura at Jimmy’s Beach Bar so I went home and changed into flowered sun dress. Driving past War in the Pacific National Historical Park thinking of all the marines who died there freeing Guam from Japan.

Walking up the beach there she was sitting at the bar in shorts and a bikini top, barefoot, she was gorgeous. Hugging Laura I took a seat next to her, holding her hand, fingers interlocked. We sipped our cocktails watching the sun set into the Pacific ocean has darkness fell. The show started, Laura was mesmerized by the scarcely dressed firer dancers, I watched her wetness growing between my legs.

“Hafa Adai.”

“Maiana, my flower, this is Laura fresh from the states.”

They hugged, watching them increasing my desires, we chatted for a few minutes before deciding to take a walk on the beach. The three of us walking of in the darkness escaping hotel row. Finding a secluded spot we stripped off our cloths running into the warm ocean water. Frolicking and playing, naked, unashamed, finally returning to the beach to collapse into a heap in the hot sand. Maiana found her way between Laura’s legs, as we kissed, my hand pinching her nipple, Laura moaning into my mouth.

Breaking my kiss, I crawled to bury my nose in Maiana’s ass, my tongue licking her sweet pussy. Waves crashing on the beach, slurping, moaning, mixing together in a harmony of sound. Laura’s toes curled into the sand, our bodies interlocked in pleasure, I pushed my tongue deep inside Maiana’s pussy, her juices coating my face. Her scent filling my nose, moans becoming screams, collapsing into a heap of bodies, spent, exhausted, sand coating our wet bodies.

What a last week, the three of touring the island, renaming two lovers point (Two Lovers Point (Chamorro: Puntan Dos Amåntes) is prominent cape and seaside cliff in Tamuning, Guam, that overlooks northern Tumon Bay and the Philippine Sea. One of four National Natural Landmarks on Guam, it is closely associated with the folktale of two doomed lovers and is a major tourist attraction.) Three lovers point!

Flying home on that sixteen hour flight, reminiscing, an experience of a life time. I would never forget Maiana or Laura they had changed me forever.

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