Part 2—The Myra Chronicles

Big Tits

It was a horribly long week. Nearly as long as the week I was in jail. And she made it longer. And worse. She called me about every other day, and asked me if I had been good. And surprisingly, I had, even though my cock was hard for most of my waking hours. Some of the sleeping ones, too. I could not get the feeling of her hand on my cock out of my head. She’d call and tell me to take it out of my pants and make it hard for her. Tell me how to rub it, and with which hand. On Thursday, she made me rub it with ice. And every call ended the same way. “Stop now, baby. Put it away. Be good. Or what won’t happen on Saturday?”“You won’t play with it.”“Good boy.” For some reason, that always sent a surge through my cock.Saturday finally arrived. She met me at the theater, after she got off work. As she kissed me, her hand rubbed across the front of my jeans and my cock. “Have you been good?” she asked, her hand on my chin, her eyes staring into mine.“Yes,” I said. How come this chick turned me on so damn much?“Good boy,” she said, and kissed me again. “You like holding it for me, don’t you?” I didn’t know how to answer that. It turned me on, but I didn’t like it.As soon as the lights went down in the theater, her hand was on my cock. I tried to return the favor, running my hand up her leg, but her other hand stopped me. She kissed me, and whispered, “Later, if you’re very good.”Her fingers were very light, the whole time, just teasing and teasing. Keeping me hard, but not near the edge. Halfway thru, she sent me for popcorn. I don’t think she really even wanted popcorn, but just wanted the world to see how hard I was.She fed me most of the popcorn, letting me lick her fingers clean.Finally the movie ended. I can’t even remember if I liked it. Her place was near the theater—she liked to walk everywhere—so we walked there, holding hands. It was almost like a date, for a little while.Her place was funky and neat—the top floor of an old house, the ceiling at crazy angles everywhere. And sitting on the couch, watching TV, was Nicki. Myra introduced us, and casually strolled over and kissed Nicki. It was a nice kiss to watch. Then she walked back over to me, kissing me, her stomach against my rapidly hardening cock.Still kissing me, she started to play with my cock, feeling its hardness. It became uncomfortable, so I reached to adjust my cock, but she gently pushed my hand away, telling me she’d almanbahis şikayet take care of it. She undid my jeans, and moved purposely to one side, so that she was blocking Nicki’s view. Interesting.Stroking my cock so it stood straight out in front of me, her small hands both felt wonderful and made my cock look giant. She stroked me hard–harder and bigger than outside my condo. She kissed me again. I reached to put my hand on her breast and she stopped me, a little “Uh-uh” with it.“If you do everything I say, exactly as I say, I’ll give you a great, big orgasm. Maybe your best. Do you want that, baby? Do you want to show me how much you can come?”Gulp. “Yes,” I managed, or something that sounded a little like it.She looked me in the eyes, hands still stroking. “You’ll be a good boy and do exactly as I say?”“Yes.” This one was better. Almost strong.“If you don’t, I’ll stop, and you’ll have to leave.” I gave up on speech and nodded.She smiled at that. The smile made me very nervous, but my cock was too hard, too involved, to care.Myra began to undress me, slowly, her soft hands caressing every inch of skin she exposed. First my shoes and socks, then my jeans and boxer briefs, running her hands up and down my legs, reaching around and caressing my ass, teasing my crack a bit.Then all that was left was my shirt—she slipped it over my head, and I was nude, standing just inside her door, a lesbian (supposedly) stroking my cock, her girlfriend watching. Myra led me to the bathroom, by my cock of course. Stood me in front of the sink.“Put your hands on the sink, baby. Right here.” I grabbed the edge of her square sink—one of those stand-along models—and she adjusted my hands. The back of my head was nearly touching the slanting ceiling.“What do you think will happen if you let go of the sink before I tell you to?”“You’ll stop?”“Good boy. And you’ll have to leave. And your balls won’t be emptied by me.” I wasn’t sure if she meant tonight or ever.Then she undressed, next to me, which didn’t take long, slipping out of her skirt and unbuttoning her shirt, then her bra and panties. Fuck her body was awesome. I wanted to fuck her something fierce.“I smell like fish. I’m going to take a shower.”“Can I taste your nipples? Please?”She liked that. She lifted up on her toes, and her hand in my hair pulled my head down to the right level—she reminded me to not move my hands and that it almanbahis canlı casino would be terrible if she had to send me home, now—and guided my lips to her left nipple. I took it in my mouth. Sucked on it. Bit lightly on it. Then a little taste of the other.“Good boy.”Then she slid behind me—her nipples touching my back—and walked to the shower. The bathroom was really cool—it started off narrow, where the sink was with the toilet next to it, then widened to a big space with a separate shower and bath tub, a big window above that. She climbed into the shower, me watching every movement, and started the water.I felt like an idiot—standing in some woman’s bathroom, afraid to move, while she showered near me. I should be in there, with her, teasing her with my fingers and cock. Shoving my cock into her. But I didn’t move.Then Nicki was there, smiling at me. She slid her jeans down to her ankles, her sweatshirt hiding me from seeing any of her, and sat on the toilet. Her hand casually reached out and cupped the head of my cock. “She does like them big.” Damn, I was hoping Myra liked me for my personality. Then I heard Nicki start to pee. I’m not really into that, but it was so strangely—what is the word?—intimate, maybe. Showering and peeing with two women I didn’t even know.Then she was standing, wiping, smiling at me. “Watch this.” She flushed the toilet.Myra yelled, ripping open the glass door, but Nicki was gone. I was afraid she thought I did it, but then she yelled, “Nicki, you’re going to pay for that.” I wondered how.Myra’s wonderful skin disappeared back into the glazed-glass shower, but she wasn’t there long. She stepped back out, smiling at me. She dried off with a big, soft-looking white towel, not bothering to hide her body. Drying the inside of her leg, she even showed me her world, looking up at me to make sure I was paying attention.She slid behind me, kissing my back, and then left me there, holding the sink as she disappeared. She left the door open—what would be the point now.Eventually she came back, wearing a little nightie—dark blue, with little light blue flowers—and carrying a drink in a big, plastic cup that she sat on top of the toilet tank. I could see her nipples, and the little matching panties looked good on her, but I really preferred her nude. I decided not to mention this.She started behind me, kissing me with little kisses trailing down almanbahis casino my spine. She got to the top of my ass, and I wondered if she was going to kiss me there, but she stopped, and took her hands and ran them up each leg, caressing my skin again, feeling my muscles, cooing and making neat little noises as she did. She cupped my balls from behind me, and with her other hand stroked me—twice up and down, checking to see how hard I was. Her hands then massaged my ass cheeks, even spreading them to plant a couple of small, wet kisses in my crack. She pressed her nipples into my back, and her panties against my ass, and ran her hands up my chest, teasing my nipples, then letting me suck on a finger or two. Her hands continued up my face, feeling each little contour, and then into my hair.Stepping next to me, her feet straddling mine, she kissed me on the shoulder. She looked down at my cock. “You don’t like my hands, baby?”“No, I like them a lot. They are wonderful.”“But you’re not hard.” I was hard, just not completely bonkers hard.“If you stroke it a bit, it will be right back—“ A smack on my ass stopped me.“Baby, you don’t get to give any orders.” I met her eyes in the mirror—her face had a very serious look on it. I looked away—down at her legs—as she reached back and smacked me again, on the other cheek. Three or four more followed on each cheek.“Do you understand?” I nodded, meeting her eyes, but this wasn’t enough. “Tell me baby, do you understand?”“Yes, I understand.”“Good boy.” She continued spanking me. Not hard, but solid swats all over my ass. “You like that, don’t you? You’re getting hard again.” I looked down, realized she was right as she smacked me again, harder, and I felt my face and ears turning red.Myra’s other hand wrapped around my cock, began to pump in long, slow strokes, pulling my skin up and down my shaft. Her hand felt so soft, so wonderful. I looked down, just loving watching her hand stroke me. “Do you want a dozen more, baby?”I didn’t want to say yes, but I did want more. I nodded. That of course still wasn’t good enough for Myra. “Tell me baby, what do you want?”“A dozen more, please.” My voice was barely audible.Smiling, she gave them to me, a bit harder than before, as she stroked me slowly. I’m sure she gave me more than a dozen I knew Nicki could hear it—knew she could her Myra spanking me, and that turned me on even more. I looked out the door, and found Nicki, sitting on the carpet just outside the light of the bathroom, her back against a chair. Her eyes met mine as she slid her hand into her jeans. That was too much—too embarrassing, and I looked back down at Myra’s perfect little hand.

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