Pandemic and a crop-top – Hedonism

Big Tits

Pandemic and a crop-top – HedonismLike presumably all my readers, Paul and I were fed up with the pandemic restrictions. Luckily, business wasn’t bad, neither in the international company I work with nor in the enterprise my husband runs. I tell this for one reason since the jobs prevented us from thinking about too much what’s going on in the world.The months of September and October welcomed us with warmth and sunshine. Midweek, early September, I skipped my lunch break in the canteen, walked to a nearby park instead, and enjoyed the hustle and bustle, c***dren playing, or people doing their workout like jogging. Yet, it was a woman in her thirties who woke me up and triggered a button called hedonism. Her tall and slender hourglass figure was to die for. She had done her long blond hair to a ponytail, wore a pair of light blue jeans, white sneakers, and – that was the trigger -, a tight black crop top. The top barely covered her firm tits, the nipples poked thru; even so, she wore a bra.Sitting on a park bench, I followed her with my gaze and wished with all my heart and neighboring organs I could swap with her. While I dreamt myself away, the more adventurous side in me asked, what are you waiting for? Do what you like to do. I jumped up and followed her quickly. When I was within earshot, I called her, and the young lady stopped. She looked puzzled but laughed under her medical mask when I asked her where she had bought the crop top. She told me; a shop close by in the pedestrian zone. I thanked her and went straight to the store. Because of the outgoing summer, only a small selection of tops was available. I took all in my size to the fitting, undressed, and looked at the reflection in the mirror. I rubbed the nipples and immediately got this soothing feeling that runs through my body when I will have sex soon. It’s like in sports; victory is within reach, the veins are full of adrenaline, the senses in utmost attention, a sensation of awareness of being alive and unbeatable. Pleased with that feeling, I sucked the nipples till they got hard. Slowly, savoring the moment, I tried top by top. Eventually, I fancied two, a black and a white one. Both were somewhat too small and therefore accentuated my boobs perfectly. The white one was the hottest since its material was a touch sheer. Standing in front of the mirror, I saw the outlines of the nipples and areolas. It was not too provocative, but looking closer, one could spot the most exciting part of my tits.I liked the stretch material, jumped, and the top held the weight of the boobs. It was the noise of jumping that drew the attention of the shop assistant. She asked if she could be of help. ‘Sure,’ I replied, ‘need your take on this,’ opened the curtain and stepped out. A mask covered her face, but I heard a suppressed ‘wow’ when she saw me. ‘That’s really hot,’ she spluttered, ‘that top is made for you.”See my nipples poking thru?’ I asked her.’Sure I do, and your dark areolas too. That’s what makes you hot and desirable,’ replied Chrissy, so her name tag, enthusiastically and made a few steps back. ‘It’s fine! At a distance, nobody sees your nipples. You should take that top,’ she added.I went back to the cubicle and tried the black one. Unlike the white one, which covered my breasts completely, the black top was deeply cut. It made me look like a lady out of a historical film, a Mozart play, for example, with tits pushed to maximum size. The top squeezed my assets only slightly, which I gladly accepted for a deep cleavage. Since it was cheap, I bought it kaçak iddaa too. Slowly I got in the mood to play with the saleswoman, left the fitting, and asked for her opinion on the black top. Chrissy was in her mid-twenties, five foot six tall, thick black curly hair, and had a voluptuous figure like in a Rubens painting. She marveled at my figure and said one more time that the top was the right one for me. I stated I would like to wear the white one right away and asked her to remove the price tag. I entered the dressing room, and Chrissy followed me. I told her to close the curtain. I undressed. The young lady stared at my tits, muttered ‘oh my god,’ and wanted to leave. ‘Stay,’ I said, ‘there isn’t much to do for you, and a little customer service will help us both.’Even behind the mask, I could sense her broad grin. I pushed my luck and said, ‘I would love to try some sports bra. Yet, we have to be sure the bras fit properly. Best, you measure my tits,’ I instructed her.’That’s a rather unusual request. What makes you think I’ll do that?’ she asked, staring at my boobs.I smiled and thought, frankly hun, I hope you’ll do this, cuz I’m in the mood and need your hands on my tits. Instead, I replied in a matter-of-fact tone, ‘let’s be honest. My tits captured you the moment you saw me. The manner you are watching me is quite familiar to me, and so are your comments. You’re at least inclined to women. Tell me I’m wrong?’ In response, she turned around, peeked through a gap of the curtain, scanned her department, tightened the curtain, took off her mask, revealing her full sensual red lips, grabbed my tits with both hands, and played with her tongue alternating with the nipples.I felt every heartbeat down to the tips of my toes. My clitoris tingled, the vagina contracted and produced juice. The day I turned forty, I decided to live out my sexual longings, and I am proud of every minute I got.’You don’t have to be so gentle,’ I remarked, ‘suck the nipples as you prefer.’ In response, she took a tit in both hands and massaged it from chest to nipple. Quite a few people played graciously with my boobs, but no one came up with the idea of kneading from the chest to the nipple. I had no doubt she was either a natural or a woman who was at least bi-curious. Soon she got the effect she wanted, a dark reed swollen areola and a hard nipple. Pleased, she played with her tongue while she massaged the other tit. Her warm, tender hands on my breasts were so delightfully soothing that I closed my eyes and enjoyed the play of her tongue circling my nipples. Slowly, very slowly, I felt an orgasm building up, a tingling sensation between the legs, minor convulsions in the lower belly.Suddenly two women chatting passed by the fitting. Chrissy let go of me, and mumbled ‘wait!’ She went to the curtain, pulled it open, entered the store, looked around quickly, returned, drew the curtain, looked at me smirking, and said, ‘you are the hottest milf I ever met. Want the best customer service? Sit down!’ I looked at her pleasant full, and very feminine figure.’Are you a lesbian?’ I asked. She shook the head and said, ‘two of my close relatives passed away because of the pandemic recently. It was a key moment I realized I’ve to do what I desire.”And you desire for women,’ I concluded.She nodded. ‘I’m bi. Always was, but suppressed that desire so far. Talked to my boyfriend. All too happily he gave his thumbs up and hopes for a threesome one day or at least watching me with another girl in our bedroom. That was two months ago. I’ve slept with kaçak bahis three girls of my age already, two female customers, and feel better than ever.’ She stepped in front of me, took my tits in her hands as if she would weight them, and added, ‘you’re right, there isn’t much to do these days. My boyfriend and I are fed up working as shop assistants. We’re going to run our own business and sell sex toys and clothes online. Too bad, I never had the chance to get so close to a gorgeous woman like you. I felt your spasms when I sucked your boobs and would love to fuck with you. If you like, sit down and let me eat you out.’I thought the situation so weird, dropped the pants, and took a seat.She knelt, got between my legs, put her arms around me, and kissed my boobs. She fonded her tongue, soft, wet and warm across a nipple. Teasing me savagely, she thrust her gaping mouth swallowing as much of my boob as she could, and sucked it hard! Her other hand massaged my right tit until I moaned. Freeing the mound of boob from her lips, she sucked my nipple harder and harder while her other hand roamed south, past my belly, further on down, tracing the outline of my pussy lips. All the while her tongue kept slapping my hard nipple. Soon her hand stroked my inner left thigh, then the right. I parted the legs wide. She rubbed across my crotch gently and dug her middle finger between my pussy lips.I arched back and moaned. My pussy was so wet. Chrissy massaged my clit with a thumb and buried her fingers knuckle deep inside my soaking pussy, which was throbbing as she allowed me to lead this dance while I lustily swallow her pleasing fingers. I nearly exploded as she hit my G-spot, and an orgasm overtook me. I screamed muffled, convulsing, and gasping in continuing climax! She slid her tongue lower and lower and then hungrily devouring my clit with a big sucking gulp while her finger slid in and out my pussy. My next orgasm was more intense, made me gasping for breath. The orgasm wouldn’t go away. Or end. She kept licking me, and my juice cascaded. I felt the wetness and kept moaning. She didn’t stop, and I climaxed again. The chair was shaking. My moaning became whimpers. Slowly and gently, Chrissy eased her fingers out of me. She kissed my boob, got up, rushed for the curtain, stuck the head out, had a quick look, doffed her jacket, blouse and bra in what seemed in five seconds. Her tits were as full as mine but saggy. Most people prefer firm tits, here I confess, saggy soft tits turn me on. I got up, grabbed her boobs and squeezed them. I loved her closeness and spontaneity. It felt so good, and I enjoyed the weight, the softness, and the warmth of her boobs. My right hand wandered down her belly to the waistband of her trousers. ‘Wait,’ she said and doffed the clothes, ‘hope you will please my needs too.’ She sat down on my legs and put her handon my pussy. I massaged her tits as she did to mine, pinched her nipples, as my climax began to start. I slid one hand down her belly, across her pubic hair, rubbed her clit briefly and stuck two fingers in her damp pussy. We exploded and kept the fingers inside each other. Speaking for me, I was deeply satisfied. Chrissy got dressed in trousers and a blouse only while she said, ‘that was hot.’ She looked nervously in the direction of the shop and added, ‘wait! I’ll be back in a minute. Cross the fingers no customer around.’ With that, she left.I grabbed my undies and got dressed when Chrissy entered, ‘Just asked my supervisor for a short break. Got fifteen minutes. Thought you like to illegal bahis eat me. But …’ She fell silent when someone in the store called for her. In response, she looked furious at the curtain, stumbled ‘better get dressed,’ and disappeared. I peeked into the shop, saw two more sales assistants who seemed to argue with her when a customer approached the three, and the discussion ended.I left the fitting wearing my new purchase, a white crop top and an open blazer. Chrissy dropped by, excused herself for the trouble her colleagues had made, whispered that she would be horny beyond words. She wished to show me a selection of toys and clothes she plans to sell in her store. She mentioned a hot-sheet hotel nearby. She didn’t forget to tell me that she had fucked the other women at that place and handed me her card. I paid and entered the streets. It was even warmer, and I felt pretty satisfied with my new purchase and outstanding customer service. That moment I realized, I had worn a mask all the time. Since it covers my face widely, I’m confident the young lady wouldn’t recognize me, besides naked. I put on the sunglasses, passed a glass framed building, and noticed my reflection in the darkened windows. The sunglasses and mask made me an anonymous person. A softcore, called frivolous dress order, crossed my mind; women exposing their big boobs in streets, cafes, or public transport. When I watched that piece of nonsense the first time, I thought it bizarre and very sexy. More often than not, I wished I had the guts to do this. Instantly I knew another item on my bucket list was about to come true. I took off the blazer and did what I wanted to do for too long, walking topless through the streets of this town. Well, I wasn’t precisely topless since I wore the sheer crop top, but it was good enough for a start and indeed good enough to fulfill my wish; a milf showing off her boobs. I called the office, informed my assistant I was delayed, and went to the pedestrian zone. I needed people, the more, the better, gazing at me and my noticeable boobs. I felt better with every single step, alive and slutty alike. The pandemic provided the base I needed.To my surprise, only a few looked at me, at least that I noticed. Guys from Africa with a migration background paid attention. Some nodded; others gave me a thumb up. A tall guy saw me, a street vendor with a nice collection of jewelry, who talked to two women. He grinned, showed his perfect white teeth, approached me quickly, and bathed me in a plethora of compliments, figure, face, but boobs mostly. Pearls of sweat stood on his upper lip. He suggested a necklace as a gift when I would let him touch my tits.I just shook the head in response and went back to the park. At first I was annoyed by his pushy behavior. He stammered excuses, made me laugh and I listened to him. Carl, so he introduced himself, told me his story in brief of life in Sudan. I got the impression of a cultured man. Maybe it was his height of about 6 foot 4 and his warm dark voice that convinced me. Maybe it was just the desire to feel his big black strong hands on my breasts. I stopped, pulled up the top and exposed my tits to him. People went past, but they didn’t look at us or pretend not to do. Carl massaged my tits wonderfully with his big but soft hands. Later he licked my nipples, and I felt like a nasty girl in a porn movie. I pulled the crop top over, Carl passed me his phone number, an hour later, I was back in the office, wore a blazer, and joined the scheduled board meeting. Strange things happened here since I was much more attentive, alert, and quick-witted. I did it right, I thought. Even my boss told me in private at the end of the meeting, ‘you’ve got a sharp mind and listen carefully. Love it.’

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