Subject: Our Bro Thing – Part One OUR BRO THING – PART ONE My little bro and I have this secret between us, something we never acknowledge. I can’t think of how many times we’ve done this thing together…many times my little bro has bounced up and down, that bulging butt padded by his tight sweats, that butt right on top of my throbbing hard erection. It always happens on a road trip, Mom and Dad driving in the front seat, holding hands and ignoring the brats in the back, thinking nothing out of the ordinary that my little bro always wants to sit in my lap. Each time we did this, he would sit back, flush against my hips. At first I pushed him away, because I got so hard as I looked at his bubble butt cheeks and thought about how smooth they must be, all those memories of bath time when we were kids. But he always would push back, all the way to my hips, until one day, those twin cheeks pressed down on either side of my boner, wedging it down into the crack. There was no way I could hide that aching erection then, and I promised myself the moment he said something, I’d pull away, apologize and tell him not to sit back so far. But he never said anything. It wasn’t long before I relaxed. I’d wrap istanbul travesti my arms around his waist, pretending it was just a brotherly hug. I’d hug him tight, pressing those padded buns down harder, wedging my cock firmly between them, so much pressure swelling in my aching length. I was careful not to move him too much, so he wouldn’t think I was being a perv older bro, humping him, but each time Mom and Dad would hit a bump on the road, his little ass bounced down against my prick. Those first times in the back seat of the car were always so tense. I didn’t dare make it too obvious how much pleasure I was getting from that perfectly rounded little butt pressed hard on my cock. I didn’t dare do anything more than let my little bro sit there on his favorite big bro lap. Maybe he’d just think my hard cock against his butt was normal, like the big bro dick I had that he didn’t have yet. Mom and Dad kept hitting so many bumps. Up and down. Up and down. Up and down. So many times, his butt bounced up in the air, then plunged down, my cock between those jelly cheeks. I’ve never thought I could cream without jerking for a long time, with lots of spit, looking at my favorite porn. But every kadıköy travesti bounce of my little bro’s butt, my throbbing length swam with pleasure, unlike I’d ever known. Those road trips were always so long. We took one every weekend. Every weekend, around so many bends, those old roads full of pot holes. “Do you have to pee?” Mom would ask us, usually when we hit the first gravel roads. Neither of us said anything at first. I sure had something ready to come out of my dick, but it wouldn’t be yellow. “We can hold it, Mom,” little bro would say. Some trips lasted longer than others. But every time, no matter what, when we got to the dirt road turnoff that led to our beach destination, there was no way I could make it long. If I hadn’t already burst my nuts by then, no sooner would we start on it than my bro’s little butt would be bouncing up and down so fast, pounding down hard on cock, sending me over the edge. He must have noticed the rhythmic twitch along my erect length, each of those times he made me blast out my cream. I always got toilet paper ready whenever I’d jerk off, but when my bro’s little butt was bouncing on my cock, my mind spun with a haze and all I could think bakırköy travesti about was how I wanted to feel that burning pleasure erupting in my balls, as his butt pressed hard against me and I blew my cream into my boxers. They might as well have been one big wad of toilet paper, filled with my sticky white load. I hugged him so tight then, as my nuts erupted. I pulled him so close. I couldn’t help it. Maybe he thought it was just me being a big bro giving him a loving hug, but he never made a big deal of it. Mom and Dad, in the front seat, never bothered looking back, though as my cream blasted out hot, soon leaking into my pants, I couldn’t help but feel self-conscious. I erupted until I was empty and my thigh was wet with the spreading warmth of my full load, running down from my crotch. Still my bro kept his butt there tight against my erection, as it got softer, as it stopped its relentless twitching. He stayed there, the rest of the way, still bouncing with the bumps, and I never made him get up, pretending it was no big deal. It was just out bro thing. We never talked about it. And we always did it again. ***INFO*** Want more by Master Dominic? Visit: ess Please show your support by donating to Nifty to help keep these stories alive! Copyright (c) 2021, Master Dominic. All rights reserved. DISCLAIMER: All details of all characters in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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