Subject: Operation Pied Piper – Part 95b IMPORTANT NOTE TO ALL READERS: Any references made to Schools, Castles and Aristocratic titled personages around England and Scotland are pure fiction. None of the story features about those places or named titles personages are true, none of what you are about to read actually happened. This story and all the characters are 100% fiction. I am grateful to Nifty for posting my stories. If you enjoyed my story or any others on this site then please show your appreciation and donate whatever you can afford. Remember you can make your donation in Honour of your favourite writer too. fty/donate.html No part of this story may be reproduced in whole or in part in any manner without the permission of the author. ******************** `No take Bruno, no take Bruno’ `Niki, no, we are here looking for you; those soldiers Americans, not Russians’ I went to move forward; Niki raise the branch higher; Behind him Bruno emerged from the trees he took hold of the branch. Niki looked round at him. `I protect you’ Bruno, patted him on the back. `Fort’s look after us’ The rustle of leaves behind; had us all looking, it was Gary getting up, he pulled back his face covering, revealing a very bloody nose. ******************* Operation Pied Piper � Part 95b Athol continues the story Thank God they were okay; well, that was my first thought when Fort’s Gary and McPhee had brought them back to the castle. I suppose I should have been more worried about Gary’s nose and the blood all over his shirt, when I asked how it had happened, I had forced myself not to laugh; Niki was such a tiger for a little guy, and was obviously prepared to go down fighting for Bruno. Bruno, had been very quiet. He had gripped my hands and had tears in his eyes `Athol I am sorry’ He had managed to get out in broken English, with a bit of help from Niki. I asked McPhee to go and get Gregor, so he could translate for me. Once again; as Gregor came into the room, Bruno had broken down. Gregor and him exchanged some words in German and had a big hug and was that a kiss to his cheek. Niki rushed over to Gregor and hugged him, not happy until Gregor leant down and kissed his cheek too. `Sorry Athol, how can I help’ `Gregor, I want you to translate this word for word’ He nodded and turned to Bruno. I explained that I was very disappointed that he hadn’t trusted me and I wanted to reassure him, that he was perfectly safe at the Castle and in future anything he was unsure of he was to come to me and check. He nodded solemnly and again spoke to Gregor. `Athol, he wants you to know how sorry he is, but he panicked, he wants you to know it will not happen again’ Bruno fixed his eyes on me while Gregor translated, his head nodding affirming what was being said. Once Gregor finished, I went over to them both and gave them each a big hug. `Well, I suppose Bruno and Niki have some work to catch up with in the Kitchen, Gregor, can you tell them to get along and make a start; But, can you remain here, I need to speak to you about the film show’ Gregor quickly spoke to Bruno and Niki and both of them smiled nodding relieved that they still had jobs in the kitchen, they both got themselves together and turned at the door and said `Thank you again Athol’ I nodded and then they left. `Archie, can you take Gary to the first aid room, and try and sort his nose out’ Archie nodded, and grinned at Gary `Come on Joe Louis; you really are going to have to work on that boxing stance and defence of yours’ McPhee burst out laughing; and did a little shadow box of a few steps before falling to the floor pretending he had been punched. Gary, tried to smile, but ended up wincing, `Don’t make me laugh, it bloody hurts’ McPhee couldn’t stop himself `Yes, Niki is only a “Southpaw” when he is boxing; not wielding a branch’ More laughter, from the rest of us. Gary and Archie, left leaving me with Gregor, Davy, Fort’s and McPhee. `Now about this cinema event’ ** Davy continues the story Gregor turned to Fort’s and me as we left the staffroom. `I think it is a great idea to make Niki and Bruno the guests of honour and have them sit next to the Americans, make sure you warn them they are not Russians this time’ We all laughed, Fort’s stopped and kissed me as Gregor carried on to the kitchen. `Shall we go and see what these Americans are up to in the old land girls billets? See if they need anything? I nodded and Fort’s and I made our way out of the Castle. We left via the front entrance; it was amazing what Captain Leahy’s men had achieved; Fort’s stamped his foot on the gravel `It is hard to believe that there is anything under here, they did a great job’ I nodded; Forts turned to me `Athol has asked me to be part of the shooting club, are you going to join? I didn’t answer, Fort’s took my hand, his voice trembled. `This rifle range, brings it all very close doesn’t it; you know, the war’ I nodded, it was not as if we hadn’t experienced it at first hand already; firstly, loosing Daphne and then in the plane with Gethin and Callum, thank God Jeremy had been such a good pilot; then that escaped ankara escort Nazi, holding the gun to Forts and threatening to shoot him: I trembled and felt my eyes filling up, Fort’s turned to me. `Oh Davy, you really haven’t gotten over that all yet have you’ He wrapped his arms round me and hugged me. `Come on the Americans can wait; shall we go and see Daphne’s memorial? I nodded through blurry eyes. We walked in silence; Fort’s arm around me. `I’m sorry Fort’s, you must think I am a big softie, but, I don’t think I could shoot anyone, I don’t think I even want to hold a rifle, after everything’ Fort’s didn’t speak. We arrived at the gap in the hedge which surrounded the monument; Fort’s stepping back to let me go in first; I sensed his hesitation; neither of us had been here for a while; was it guilt that caused him to pause? So much had changed since Daphne’s death. I hadn’t really known her as well as Fort’s had; I did remember, she was always laughing and smiling; how she had loved teasing him and how he had responded a typical shy embarrassed teenage boy, coming into contact with girls for the first real time. I smiled to myself, hearing her shrieking laugh, and then cruelly; in my mind’s eye; I saw those lifeless eyes again; I closed mine tightly and shook my head; before taking in the statue once more. I couldn’t help thinking she would be proud of what we had both achieved. Now, here we were, nearly two years on, Fort’s had matured so much; he stood silently just in front of the statue, his head bowed. He undid his fly plaid and wiped the bronze plaque, he stood quietly replacing the broach and plaid on his chest, then placed two fingers to his lips and then touched the plaque; he turned back to me keeping his eyes down; avoiding mine, he sat down next to me. I reached for his hand, he took hold of mine and we both squeezed; we both knew how we felt. We sat each to our own thoughts, both taking comfort from the closeness of the other. The afternoon sun, was sparkling off the two bronze doves as they left the statues up stretched hands; they hovered in the air, flying skywards; casting off all earthly ties. I glanced at Fort’s; he was staring at the statue too: was he thinking the same as me? I heard him sob, I squeezed his hand tighter, he turned to me, his face contorted in sadness. `Do you believe she is in a better place Davy? Large tears rolled down his cheeks, he leant into me and buried his face into my neck, wrapping his arms round me. `What was it for?, what had she done? why couldn’t it have been me instead? I sat holding him; there are no answers to that sort of question. I sat trying my best to comfort him; realising, apart from at the time, we had never spoken about it again; yet here it was bubbling to the surface; torturing us both again with the horror of it. I needed to speak to Athol. ** Downton takes up the story Talon and I had become good friends; he was younger than me, but he made me laugh. We had seen Forts and Davy walking in the gardens and were about to run over and say hello; we both had a crush on Fort’s; everyone in the school did. Talon had held me back when he saw them stop and Davy appeared upset, Fort’s cuddling him. `We probably shouldn’t interrupt them. I know, how about we go for a paddle in the burn? That seemed a better idea, we changed direction and ran towards Muchall’s Burn. As we got to the trees, Talon turned to me `German patrol up ahead, everybody quiet’ It was our favourite game, we both dropped to the ground and began crawling forward towards the trees; Hey there were voices up ahead, I got his attention and pointed cupping my ear towards the trees and stream; his face lit up and he put his fingers to his lips, as he crawled forward. We inched onward, anyone watching us would have thought there really were Germans in the trees, we slowly crawled in amongst them, the voices were coming from by the stream; we looked at each other; stopping in our tracks, as one of them spoke, they were speaking English, but it sounded like the voices we heard on the Western films we had seen in London before the war. There not Germans, Talon hissed, we crawled closer to the voices; there appeared to be two of them; now we heard splashing too. Stopping again as one of them laughed and spoke again. `You’re not pissing in the stream are you? Those limeys probably drink from this’ The other one put on a posh English voice `What, what old boy, his Lordship probably likes piss in his tea, and what’s with those skirts they all wear?’ `You really are a redneck lance, those skirts is called Kilts, and they can get mighty annoyed when anyone calls them a skirt’ `Fuck you Greg, I know that, I’m not stupid’ I could see Talon was getting angrier and angrier as he listened, he moved, unfortunately leaning on a twig which let out a loud crack. `What the hell, whose there? We didn’t even have the chance to get up, before two naked men came at us, they both grabbed one of us by the waist band and belts of our Kilts; leaving both of us hanging our legs and feet dangling; inches from the ground. `What have we got here? `Put me down, put me down’ Talon was swinging his arms and legs at one of escort ankara the naked Americans. `Lance, watch him he is feisty’ He put on his best posh accent again `He wants you to put him down, what, what’ Talon tried to kick him again; his voice showing his growing frustration `We don’t talk like that, put me down’ The American began carrying him towards the stream; Greg the soldier who had picked me up, followed him, carrying me dangling like a rag doll. Lance waded into the stream and held Talon up at arm’s length. `Listen kid, I don’t like being spied on, when I am nekid’ `I don’t know what you are saying, speak English’ Lance held him high `Cheeky little punk’ He let go, Talon’s cry stopped when he hit the water, he hauled himself up, his kilt and shirt plastered to him; there was a momentary silence and then the two Americans began roaring with laughter, Greg glanced at me `Do you want the same’ I shook my head vigorously; he smiled and put me down: phew Lance held out his hand to Talon; still laughing `Come here little fella’ I saw Talon curl his lip, he dropped to his knees and began madly splashing Lance. Well, it turned into a full-scale water fight; Greg abandoned me to help his countryman. Talon was looking like a drown rat `Fucking help, Downton, you traitor’ He shouted at me, now I wasn’t a traitor; I launched myself into the stream and joined him splashing Greg and Lance; the fight ended as we all collapsed into a heap in the middle of the stream laughing. Lance held out his hand. `Names, Lance, pleased to meet you too’ We all introduced ourselves and headed for the bank. My kilt was soaked through now to. `Talon we had better try and get these to dry a bit before we go back’ We were both about to take off our kilts, when Talon noticed both of the Americans watching us. `Hey no peaking’ They both burst out laughing again, Lance gripped his cock `What? and you haven’t both been looking at mine and Greg’s Baloney’s’ Talon and I turned away; Lance leapt forward, just as Talons kilt came undone. Talon shrieked and jumped, letting go of his kilt. Lance held it up high and pointed at Talon’s bare arse `Greg look, it’s true, all these boys are butt nekid under these skirts’ Talon, glared at him. `It’s called a kilt and it’s worn by real men’ Greg, looked at Lance `Well, that’s you told, you red neck’ Lance started smiling. He was about five foot eight, thin build, scrawny even, he had light brown hair, his chest was hairless, hair only starting around his belly button and forming a thinnish treasure trail to his bushy pubes, what was amazing was the length of his soft cock, it was a nice thick six inches, hanging above two medium sized balls. `Come here kid, sit next to me and let’s get you dried off’ He held out a hand to Talon, Greg waved for me to come and sit next to him too. Now the differences between, Greg and Talon was not just confined to their voices, Greg was at least six feet tall, broad chested, muscled even, his skin was tanned, his hair jet black, he had a bushy covering on his chest and a thick wild treasure trail down to a small forest of pubes. Like Lance, he was cut, his cock was smaller though only four inches soft, it was sitting on top of larger balls `Let me light a little fire’ Greg got up and fetched some dry sticks and grasses, stacked them and made a small fire; we all sat round it. `Kid, you staring at my cock again’ `It looks funny’ Lance laughed `Well, your secret is out Greg; `Ha, ha, I think he means I am circumcised’ Greg looked at me and held his cock at the base and gave it a squeeze causing it to throb. `In America they cut that loose bit of skin off’ He reached over and grabbed my small cock, his fingers gently rolled back my foreskin and held it `See we look the same now’ Talon pulled back his foreskin, revealing his cockhead too. Lance Gripped his swelling dick, `See kid, we are all the same underneath’ Talon nodded and spoke again `Are you staying in the land girls old billets? `We must be, they left pairs of these hidden in the beds, naughty girls’ Lance reached for his trousers and pulled out a little pair of cotton knickers and held them up. `Hey kid, these would fit you’ He handed them to Talon `Go on kid, slip them on, let me see what I have missed out on, as they have all left’ Talon glanced at me, I nodded that he should put them on. He stepped into them and then began a little show, pointing his panty clad butt at first Lance and then Greg; we were both laughing as the two Americans wolf whistled and tried to stroke Talons butt. Greg reached for his trousers and produced another pair of panties, he winked handing them to me. `Come on, you too’ I grinned and soon was dancing with Talon; both of us thinking we were doing a version of a belly dance we had seen in one of the movies; Mr Duncan had taken us too. We were probably giggling to much, when we next looked at Greg and Lance both were sporting hard cocks. Talk about a reversal, Lance’s hard cock was thick but still only six inches, even now he was hard. Greg’s had grown from four inches to an impressive seven. The two of them stood up, winked at each other and then Lance looked at ankara escort bayan us both. `Would you two ladies like to dance? Talon and I were giggling too much to challenge being called ladies, Lance put his hands on Talons butt and Greg did the same to me and soon we were shuffling around on the bank of the stream. Greg’s cock was bobbing up and down, precum leaking from his cockhead, it stuck to my leg a couple of times. `Sorry kid’ He tried to wipe it off me `Do you know what this is? He scouped up some precum from his cockhead and showed me as he stretched the glistening threads between his thumb and forefinger. Now I knew what that was. `It’s precum, Fort’s produces loads of it, he let us all taste it too, when Davy and him had sex to show us what it was all about’ Greg looked to Lance, both of their mouths hanging open. `What, you watched two guys having sex and tasted their precum? What sort of school is this? Both Talon and I nodded. Greg’s eyes focused on my face, `Have you ever done it? Had sex that is? `Yes, lots of times’ I had barely said the words when Lance let out a `Yeehaw, this place just got a whole lot better’ Greg pulled me closer and leant down to me, his mouth by my ear `Have you ever kissed a guy? `Of course,’ Talon and I started to laugh `Lots of times’ Greg’s hand dropped to the front of my panties and gave a little squeeze; yes I was hard now too, my three- and half-inch uncut cock throbbed pushing out a small tent in the panties. He took my hand and got back down onto the ground, he pulled me down to him and indicated I was to get astride him, I glanced over at Talon; he was astride Lance, who was on his back on the ground now too; their lips locked together as Lances hands cupped Talons arse cheeks and gently kneaded them. I slipped off the panties freeing my hard cock; Greg let out an appreciative groan and winked as I got astride him. I could feel his hard cockhead, just easing between my arse cheeks, I lay forward and began to snog him too. All talking now ceased; Greg and Lance and us two really consumed by an animalistic passion. I pushed my arse back against his cockhead, feeling its wetness coat the inside of my butt cheeks, his hands reached back easing my cheeks further apart, I felt the cooler air hit my hole, then the warm wetness of his cock head. I looked down into Greg’s eyes, he smiled up at me `You want this kid? I nodded and pushed myself up, so I was sitting astride him, with one hand in his chest hair, I felt back and gripped his hard shaft, positioning his cockhead right on my hole and began to push back; Greg gasped. Lance who had been watching closely exclaimed `Christ, look at him take it’ He grabbed Talon by the waist `Come on you’ He flipped him over, so Talon was on the bottom, his legs in the air; Lance shuffled up to Talon’s exposed hole and pushed hard. Talon cried out; Greg shouted over `Take it gently, it’s not your sister, Chowderhead’ Lance looked up and across at us, then down at Talon `Sorry kid, but your just so fucking horny, I’ll go more gentle’ I now had Greg’s whole cock buried deep in me; I rode it for a while, his hands gripping my hips, easing me up and down with the rhythm I had set up. `Kid, this is great, but can I turn you over and fuck you hard? I need to cum’ I nodded and was soon staring up at his red face as he began fucking me hard and deep. Lance was really going to town on Talon, both of them moaning and groaning in pleasure with each thrust of Lance’s thick six inches, the rhythmic slapping of his balls growing louder as Lance reached the point of no return. `Fuck yes, take it all kid, fuck yes, fuck yes’ Momentarily distracted I looked back up at Greg as he moaned `You have set me off now you fucking redneck, shit, shit, shit’ His hips slammed into me in time with his words, I felt his cock swell larger, stretching my hole even wider as he blasted his cum deep into me. When he had finished grunting, he rolled off me, his spent cock pulling from my arse. `Gee, shit you guys are amazing’ We all lay a while longer, Greg looked at his watch. `Guys, we have to be getting back, your kilts should be drier now’ Greg helped me up, I couldn’t help laughing, when I saw the impression in the gravel my arse had made from his pounding. Greg gave me a kiss on the lips. `Are you two going to the film show later? `Yes, will we see you there? `You bet’ They both grinned. **************** Guy’s Thank you for taking the time to let me know you’re enjoying this story. There’s nothing more rewarding than hearing from you with suggestions or even just that you’re enjoying the story, please email me to let me know. Other Nifty stories by this writer: `NightCam Fun’ � Gay/Encounters `Exploring my brother’ � Gay/Incest `Joshs Adventures series’ – Gay/Adult Youth `An Army life for me’ – Gay/Adult Youth/Military `Grandmas Bedroom’ � Bisexual/Incest `Dominic Online’ � Gay/Adult Youth `Vampyre’ � Gay/Adult Youth `Operation Pied Piper’ � Gay/Adult Youth `Scream if you want to go faster’ – Bisexual/Adult Youth `Red and Nick’ � Bisexual/Military `The Extraordinary Christmas Party’ � Bisexual/Incest `A Brother Used’ – Gay/Incest `A very English Trailer Park’ – Gay/Adult Youth

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