Subject: Operation Pied Piper – Part 38 IMPORTANT NOTE TO ALL READERS: There are references made to Schools, Castles and Aristocratic titled personages around England and Scotland. None of the story features about those places or named titles personages are true, none of what you are about to read actually happened. This story and all the characters are 100% fiction. I am grateful to Nifty for posting my stories. If you enjoyed my story or any others on this site then please show your appreciation and donate whatever you can afford. Every little helps. fty/donate.html ———————————————————————- `God, I feel like I am fourteen again, on a first date, be gentle with me’ He gave me a kiss and chuckled, I undid his dressing gown and pushed it off his shoulders, his body so different from when I had last paid it any attention, now before me stood a grown man, his cock hadn’t changed it stuck out expectantly as it always had. I kissed him again and gripped his cock, his hand undid my dressing gown sliding it back off my shoulders, he chuckled `What? `Nothing, your just so much hairy now’ He kissed me again and walked me backwards to the bed. ***************** Operation Pied Piper � Part 38 Brookmeyer takes up the story I was bent tightly over Gary’s desk, it felt like he was trying to nail me to it, his hands on my shoulders forcing me onto the desk; he was fucking me so hard, long hard deep thrusts, this had become a regular event. I was so pleased; he cared about me. Gary had been really kind comforting me after the terrible death of Dorothy or whatever her name was. Where was Mr MacDonald? When he should have been here for all of us, he had taken off with his two favourites; the fucking dim Fortnum and snivelling arse lick, sidekick Thomas. A nice weekend away at his friend’s farm, what about me and Gary, we had been there, we saw the girl die too, what did we get; jack shit, as Gary had said. I pushed back on his cock, this was a real fuck, not like bloody Forts, he was a crap shag compared to this. Fuck him and Thomas and MacDonald too, who needs to go away anyway, when you can have this? Double fuck MacDonald, it wasn’t right, he shouldn’t have favourites. I was slammed hard into the desk as Gary came, flooding my well fucked hole with his cum. He held me tight for his final spasms and then pulled his cock from me, giving me a slap on the back. `Come and clean it up then’ `Only if you watch my nose this time, it really hurt yesterday, when you knocked it’ `Oh, stop whinging’ He slapped my arse and moved round the side of the desk, he was gripping his fat shaft at the base, he pushed his cum steaked bellend into my mouth. I cleaned it all up as instructed, his hand forcing or was it holding my head flat to the desk; while he used my mouth again. Once he was happy, he sat back in his chair, his body glistening with sweat, he winked at me. `That was great; cheers, you thought of anyone else who dislikes Drageon and Davy? May as well get things set up while they are away? I didn’t even like him using their first names `I was thinking about the Smyth twins; Smyth J and Smyth A’ `Tell me about them’ You must have seen them about, little and I mean very short, identical twins, jet black hair; strange haircuts and piercing sapphire blue eyes and horny as get out’ `Go on’ Gary stroked his cock and examined the bellend. `Well, they were originally Thomas’s friends, he looked after them, then they saw Fortnum and managed to get to enjoy his cock, then they became his joint fags, but Davy complained to Mr MacDonald and they had to give that up, so there is no love lost their, they hate Thomas, but love Forts cock’ Gary smiled `Well maybe I should introduce them to mine? Gary squeezed his cock again and winked at me. `Then, after we are finished, they can have Forts’ whenever they want’ I nodded `They actually, sound perfect, bring them over, let me meet them, maybe they can be of some use to our plans, if they are as horny and devious as you say’ He chuckled. `Go and find them now’ I got myself dressed and left returning to the Castle to find them, returning with them a short time later. `Gary, sorry Mr Morris, may I introduce the twins, Smyth A and Smyth J, Jonathon and Anthony’ `Oh, come in boys, sorry, I won’t be a minute, you have caught me getting dressed’ Liar; I ushered them both into Gary’s office. They were such a funny pair; you would think they communicated by telepathy; maybe they did. They shuffled into the office, their eyes quicky fixed on Gary’s exposed bum. He just happened to be pulling his shirt on, he was stood facing out of the window; his hairy white bum and tanned hairy legs on show below his shirt tails. His, long kilt material piled up on the chair; he had been going to get dressed when I left, thirty minutes ago. The twins nudged each other grinning, Gary slowly turned round. The twin’s eyes never raised above his groin level, they let out a little gasp as his eight-inch fat cock hanging heavily over his balls came into view, he was semi hard, the skin pulled back exposing the dark plum sized bellend. He put out his hand and walked towards them, their sapphire blue eyes widened, but never left his swaying eight thick inches. `I am up here boys’ Gary chuckled, perfectly aware what he was doing, as they glanced up at his eyes, he let the front of his shirt fall open, revealing his thick treasure trail and hairy chest to them, their little eyes darted all over his exposed body, then focused on his hand. With the timing of synchronised swimmers their little hands went up at the same time, Gary laughed as he decided which to shake first. `Pleased to meet you both’ They nodded, their eyes returning to his cockhead, which seemed to be pushing out a bead of precum over its fleshy lips. The synchronised lip, lick; their little tongues flashing out and back in to ankara escort their cupid bow mouths, did not go unnoticed by Gary nor did the size of their little tongues. `Bloody kilts, you okay if I stay like this, I never can get the dam thing on and when I do it is so uncomfortable’ Gary scratched himself; shaking his balls, causing his cock to bob even more. More vigorous nodding from the twins, Gary sat down on his chair pushing himself back from his desk. `Oh, you are dinky, aren’t you? Now I can’t see you both, come round this side of the desk boys, so I can still see you’ The twins were there in an instant; they hovered just a couple of feet in front of Gary’s widely stretched legs. He looked up at me. `I don’t think I need you for anything else at the moment Brookmeyer, I will send for you later, off you trot, oh, see if you can find out some guys who are happy to pay to have a play with Forts again, once he is back’ Gary winked at me; the twins glanced at each other, saying nothing. Gary had spoken to me about earning more money out of Forts cock, so I was to get a list of guys willing to pay for more fun. `Oh, and close the door after you, please’ I had once last glance at him, his shirt unbuttoned, his defined chest covered in thick black hair, his horny treasure trail and his cock rapidly swelling to its full size and now pointing at the ceiling, a sparkling strand of precum hanging from the tip. I felt a little twinge of jealousy, but he had already fucked me this morning, I could still feel my hole wet and puffy. Sharing him would be worth it, if I could get back at the `golden boys’ I nodded and left, closing the door behind me. Mr Morris takes up the story Now I had seen these two little darlings around the Castle, but had never had the opportunity to speak to them before, I glanced at them both before me, I seemed to have their undivided attention, I gave my stomach muscles a little twinge, my cock bobbed, the bellend flared and the bead of precum dropped further and swung like a pendulum, its movement followed by four piercingly blue sapphire eyes. `So, I hear you two were Fortnum’s fags until that whiner Davy complained’ They both nodded `Did you like playing with Forts big cock? Wow, a break in synchronicity, Jonathon’s face remained watching the bead of precum, Anthony’s head raised to look at mine, his eyes focused in on mine; his face emotionless, what was he thinking; these kids were inscrutable, they were going to be great poker players later in life. `I bet that really pissed you off,…MacDonald, shouldn’t have done that’ His eyes still held mine, this was getting a bit spooky, uncomfortable, how far should I go. `Would be good if you could get even, don’t you think, maybe Brookmeyer and I can help? His face cracked, a smile began to form at the corners of his mouth, slowly spreading across his face, bizarrely, Jonathon looked up too, his face also now smiling. `Well, if we now understand each other, perhaps you would like to intercept that before it drips off’ They both dropped to their knees, a little hand reached out and gripped my bobbing shaft and two small heads closed on my bellend. I closed my eyes, instantly feeling the flutter of little tongues on my cockhead, I let out a groan `Oh, fuck yes, work it boys’ I cupped each of their heads with a hand and held them, licking and kissing my rock-hard shaft. One of them had his tongue pushing in between my cock lips, I had to stop myself coating his face in cum immediately, I eased his head to the glans ridge and got them to concentrate their tongues there. I need to break up this double act, I gripped one of them by the chin; I had no idea which one. I pulled him up as I leaned down, his twin stopped working my cock, this was bizarre, I pushed the one nearest my cock back against it and pushed my lips to the other one’s mouth. I pushed my tongue at his lips, eventually over coming his resistance, I began tonguing him, his little tongue eventually began working back at mine. I kept up the pressure on his twins’ head, smearing my cockhead against his cupid lips, I broke my kiss. `Take it in to your mouth, stretch for it’ I heard him gasp `It’s too big’ `Fucking stretch and take it’ I pushed his head down, I heard him gagging, the other twin stepped back and stared at me. He spoke in a monotone. `It’s too big, stop it you’re hurting him’ I was about to give him a slap when, he grabbed one of my balls, in an instant he had twisted and was squeezing hard. `Jesus, let go, you little shit’ I had let go of his twins’ head, he pulled off my cock and both of them stood back in front of me, their eyes on mine, his little hand released my bollock. `We want to leave now’ These two were strange, very strange, I rubbed my bollock. `Fuck off then and don’t come back, don’t be expecting any help from me…and send Brookmeyer back here now’ I sat back in my chair and watched them both leave; well that had gone spectacularly wrong very quickly, those two were strange, very different, great tongues, but that was it. I wasn’t prepared to lose my job, by pushing things any further, would have been good to have been able to fuck them both, mind. I watched them both scurry out across the walled garden, both obviously deep in chat. I got myself dressed. I would get Brookmeyer to suck me off again later, or maybe fuck him again; I would have to see how I felt. Thirty minutes later, Brookmeyer returned, he glanced round the room, he looked a bit surprised I was alone. `Ah, Brookmeyer, watch those two little shits, something very odd about them, Oh, I have had another idea, my cock and body is similar to Forts isn’t it? `Yes, but your face’ `well, in the dark, no one would see my face, would they? `well no’ `See, how many of those guys who’s names you have, want to ride or get fucked by `Forts’ cock and separate them, from those who just want to suck it, tell escort ankara both groups, there is a new rule though, they have to take his cum in their arses or mouths, understand? `Yes but? `Don’t worry, you will get your cut and they will be none the wiser’ `But, aren’t we supposed to be getting at Forts and Davy? `Brookmeyer! Are you going to question everything I say? `No, but’ `There are no buts, now go and find out who is happy with those new rules and let me know’ Landers takes up the story `Hi Jonathon, hi Anthony, yes hang on, I will get him’ The twin’s both looked nervously round them `Can we come in, so no one see’s us?’ I opened the door and let them both in. `Hang on here’ I called out for Gregor, ops Mr Duncan. `Mr Duncan, two people to see you, it’s the twins’ `The twin’s? Mr Duncan came round. `Hello boys, what can I do for you? Not here to complain about the food, are you? He laughed; the twins glanced nervously at each other `Can we speak, in private, Mr Duncan? Now this was getting more and more mysterious. Mr Duncan looked a bit perplexed, I tried to listen in. `Okay, yes, this way boys, Landers can you carry on in here, watch the stew, I don’t want it to catch’ I nodded; Mr Duncan led the twins into the office `So, what’s this all about Boys? He closed the door as he did, I heard Anthony say. `Mr Morris’ Then Mr Duncan, exclaiming `What Gary? The door closed. The stew was bubbling, dam, I wanted to listen at the door, I stirred the stew, another knock at the door, Christ! I went to see who it was. `Hello Mr Evans? `Coffee and biscuits for three’ `Certainly, I will bring them along’ I made the coffee as quickly as I could, and stirred the stew and got the biscuits, I dashed with them down to the staffroom, then finally another stir of the stew, I had just got my ear to the office door, when it opened. Mr Duncan, looked pale, he half smiled back at the twins. `Okay boys, say nothing about speaking to me or what you spoke to me about to anyone else, leave it to me’ They both nodded, then looked at me, Mr Duncan spotted their glance. `Don’t worry Landers won’t mention you have been here to anyone, will you Landers? I shook my head, the twins muttered something to each other and headed out of the kitchen. Mr Duncan seemed agitated, he paced up and down and then, grabbed his coat. `Landers, I need you to stay here and get on with the lunch, will you be okay? I nodded `Is everything okay, Gregor? He shook his head `No not really, I need to speak to someone, I will be back later’ He left via the kitchen door and headed towards the walled garden. So, lunch for seventy in two hours, I laughed to myself and began peeling the potatoes. One hour and fifty minutes later the door burst open again it was Gregor, he threw off his coat, he looked really worried. `How’s it all going Landers are we all on time? `I think so, Sir’ Mr Duncan put on his apron and quickly went round checking the pans `Excellent Landers, right let’s get this all into the serving pans’ He came over and gave me a hug and kiss `Well done I knew I could rely on you’ Davy takes up the story. Forts and I lay in bed, I had woken first, the house was silent, well apart from a Cockrell announcing it was morning somewhere on the farm. Oh, and the almost silent, rhythmic squeaking of a rusty bed. I felt warm inside and shook Forts. `Drageon, wake up, listen’ He peered round the room, adjusting his eyes to the changing light, I giggled and snuggled up to him. `That’s Athol and Archie, I hope they can get back together, shall we see what we can do to help? Forts, put his arm under my head and pulled me closer to him. `It doesn’t sound like they need our help’ He chuckled and kissed me `Davy? `Yes’ Forts turned towards me, grinning, I felt a wet fleshy lump being tapped against my thigh. He smiled again, those eyes electrifying, he began to move across me, his lips pressed to mine. The sun was definitely up when there was bang on our door. `Come on you two, work to be done, this isn’t a holiday camp’ It was Archie, Forts leapt out of bed and began pulling on his clothes. `Come on Davy, Archie said he was going to let Morag and Daphne out in the paddock for the first time today, I don’t want to miss that’ He pulled off the covers. `Come on Davy’ He grabbed my foot and pulled me down the bed, straight through the damp patch, I had been trying to avoid, I felt the cold wet stickiness, drag across my arse cheeks, yuck. He was laughing `It’s not funny, Forts’ `Well it came out of you’ `Yes, but you put it in there’ He grabbed me and gave me a big hug, `Come on, unless you want me to lick it off? I thought about it and was about to say yes, when he threw a hand towel at me. I dried myself off and got dressed. Archie was in the kitchen with Athol, Mr Mac smiled broadly as he spooned some porridge into bowls. `Morning Boys, quickly have breakfast and then out and help Archie, we have to be back at the Castle later this afternoon’ We both put on sad faces, they both laughed, Mr Mac brought over the porridge; it was getting better, not as lumpy, pity it was the last day for him to practice. With breakfast warming our stomachs Forts and I, followed Archie outside. `Come on then Forts, lets get Morag and Daphne out on to the paddock, let her introduce her daughter to the other horses’ Forts was first into the horse box, he spoke gently to both mum and daughter, giving mum a gentle blow in her nose, I stood and watched from the other side of the door, still not one hundred percent sure of these, huge animals, Morag seemed to look at me and whinny, or was it a laugh. Archie, showed Forts how to put a halter on to Morag and with everything ready, I got ready to open the stall door. `Do you want to lead her Forts? `Oh, can I? Please, that would be amazing’ Archie nodded, Forts took hold of the halter strap and, with a gentle ankara escort bayan word in Morag’s ear and a clap on her neck, he led her towards the door, which I opened. Morag stopped and looked back at Daphne; she looked so beautiful yet comical, all gangly legs, big eyes and ears. Morag gave a little whinny of encouragement and Daphne, rushed to be beside her mum. Fort’s led them steadily out across the yard and down towards the paddock, Archie’s other three Clydesdale, all let out excited whinnying and neighing noises and came thundering over to the gate; these things were massive, the ground really shook. Archie opened the gate and greeted them all pushing them back, so Morag could get through. He looked at Forts `They are all keen to meet Daphne’ Forts nodded, the horses all crowded round, and with lots of snorting and sniffing, Daphne was welcomed into the group. `Your horses are so beautiful Archie; I hope you can show me more about looking after them’ Forts was certainly in his element, not seeming phased by the huge animals moving about him and Archie. Archie smiled at his kindred spirt `I would love to Forts, get you trained up on how to work with them, so much better than tractors’ Archie seemed momentarily miles away, maybe a distant memory, I would never know. `Come on then, more animals to care for’ He announced, we all had one last look at Morag, with Daphne walking beside her as they headed off with the other horses. Archie patted Forts back and kissed his head then glanced round at me. `Now, what did we learn about feeding Calves last night Davy? He began to laugh `That’s not fair, I am not in my kilt today’ He grabbed me and put me in a head lock while he messed up my hair, then led me into the cattle byre. The calves where quickly fed and the rest of the other animals too, `Well, that’s all the animals looked after, I had better get you back so you can pack’ `Oh, do we have too? Forts and I suddenly felt very flat, our exchange of glances confirming it to each other. `Could we see the horses again Archie? Forts had spoken, he stared at the ground. `Well’ Archie checked his watch `How about we get a couple harnessed up to the wagon and go for a ride? `Oh, Can we? Forts face transformed, `Why not, no rush to get back to that stuffy Castle, ay lads’ We both nodded. While I stood back, being the typical `fairy’, Archie and Forts, worked with two of the horses; Thunder and Baxter. Archie was an amazing teacher, and so calm working with these monsters, while he worked and explained why and what he was doing on Thunder, Forts replicated it on Baxter, they soon had them both tacked up; a quick last check by Archie, who’s nods at Forts spoke more than words. Archie then backed the pair up and harnessed them both up to a four wheeled cart. `Come on then, up you both get, Forts, do you want sit up the front? And you can have a go driving once we get going and they both settle down’ Forts looked made up, we stopped in the Farm yard and Archie went and spoke to Athol, Mr MacDonald came to the door and gave us a big smile and wave. `Behave yourselves and do just what Archie say’s’ We slowly moved off into the country lanes, I sat on a pile of hay watching as Archie explained what he was doing and what he was watching for, to Forts. I lay back in the hay, watching the sky and the clouds again. `Hey you, no wanking today’ Archie called back, laughing again, Forts grinned and gave me one of his killer smiles as I glanced up, he blew me a kiss as I lay back contemplating the sky once more. We rolled off along the road the sway of the wagon and reassuring clomp of the horses hooves, gently hypnotising me. `Whooa, boys, whooah, Bloody maniac’ I sat up as motorcycle roared past us, Archie, cursing him under his breath, he was furious `That’s how bloody accidents happen, they are fucking horses, they get frightened’ He shouted back over his shoulder, his voice carried off by the wind, Forts looked up into his face and stroked his knee. `The boys behaved brilliantly though, Archie’ Archie nodded. He smiled at Forts and put his arm round him. `Want a go? Forts nodded enthusiastically, Archie got us to a stop, and then he and Forts swapped places. I lay back listening to Archie’s melodic highland voice explaining to Forts what to do. Then, with a small lurch we were off again, Archie and Forts, didn’t stop talking, although I had long given up listening, preferring to just lay back and watch the sky. Twenty minutes later, with Archies help, Forts turned the wagon round and we started back the way we had come to the farm. `Oh no, it’s fucking him again, gently boys, gently, whooah’ I heard Forts voice calm as anything `Easy, boys, easy’ I sat up again, as another motorbike roared past us, I couldn’t have told you if it was the same one or not. `He needs a serious talking too, after him Forts’ Archie barked, Forts glanced at Archie, he looked confused, I looked over too, Forts glanced at me, then back at Archie `I am joking son, I am joking’ Archie patted Forts on the back, it suddenly dawning on him, Forts was still at the reins, his face erupted into a huge grin. `Bloody well done you, you really are a natural with horse Forts, well done son’ **************** Guy’s Thank you for taking the time to let me know you’re enjoying this story. There’s nothing more rewarding than hearing from you with suggestions or even just that you’re enjoying the story, please email me to let me know. 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