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None of what you are about to read actually happened. ******* If you enjoy my story or any others on the Nifty site, please show your appreciation and donate what you can afford. ******* Finally, thank you again to my editor, Jim. ********************* McPhee was kneeling next to Harding and me, tears streaming down his face. Gary leant over us, “How is he?” McPhee exploded upwards, fists flying at Gary, “This is all your fault. You bastard! … You’re not fucking right in the head!” “Chris!” Harding barked, but it was too late, punches were impacting as the two of them, McPhee and Gary, laid into each other. They could fight, I was more concerned about Drageon. In the uproar, I heard Archie’s voice. He had grabbed Gary and McPhee, and with Landers and Nathan’s help, had got them apart. “Both of you FUCK OFF… NOW!… Christ you idiots!” I felt Archie’s hand on my back, his voice quivering, “How is Forts?” I looked at Harding, who spoke quietly, “He has taken a bang to his head. He hasn’t regained consciousness yet.” ********************** Operation Pied Piper � Part 125b � In the Midst of Life we are in Death Forts takes up the story “Hello. Where am I?” Davy was hovering over me, my hand clasped tightly in his. “You’re in Hospital. You had a riding accident.” “Is Pegasus okay?” “Yes,” Davy chuckled as a tear rolled down his cheek, “Pegasus is fine.” The fog in my head was starting to clear now. “How did I get here?” As Davy said the word, “Ambulance,” Professor Harding entered the room. “Ahh, I see Sleeping Beauty has awoken. It must have been all those kisses from the Prince Charming here.” Davy blushed as Harding clapped him on the shoulder, smiling. “So, how are you feeling? Can I just get in and have a quick look at him, Davy?” Davy nodded and moved back. His eyes, still fixed on me, were full of love, relief, and concern. As Harding began his examination, I replied, “I am feeling a bit groggy, if I am honest, Professor.” Harding examined me for several minutes, checking my responses to various tests. I looked at Davy, he still looked worried, I tried to sit up, “So will I live Prof?” Harding nodded, “Oh, I think so. We are not so sure about the tree you hit though, ay Davy?” Davy seemed finally to relax and smile. Harding continued, “Now, both of you. I will give you a couple of minutes and then there is a crowd of people out there desperate to see you.” Harding smiled again and left, closing the door behind him. Davy stood watching me, his bottom lip trembling, “I thought I had lost you.” “Davy, come here, you big, soppy thing. It will take more than a hundred-year-old oak tree to finish me off.” I gave him one of my smiles, then winced as he practically landed on top of me and smothered me in kisses. Maybe I wasn’t quite as good as I was making out, but I didn’t want to let him know that. We lay holding each other for a few moments before there was a knock on the door. It opened and Athol’s head peered in. He broke into a big smile, and then Archie’s head appeared. “Hi Dad, hi Mum.” Archie put on a pretend angry voice, but couldn’t stop himself from laughing. “Hi, he says. Hi, he says. You frightened the life out of us all.” “Sorreeee.” I stuck out my bottom lip for effect. Dad and Archie pulled up a couple of chairs, and another head appeared at the door. “Is it okay to come in?” I turned to the door, “Christ Chris, what happened? Did you forget to duck and hit the tree, too?” McPhee came into the room, sporting a black eye and bruised cheek. He didn’t answer, he just gave a nervous laugh and glanced at Dad. Dad sat stony faced, before sarcastically saying, “He had a little unauthorised boxing practice.” “Unauthorised boxing practice?” Archie smiled, “If you think McPhee looks bad, you should see the other guy.” I could see Dad wasn’t impressed by that comment. “What happened?” Dad spoke again, “Later, don’t worry about it.” “Look, someone tell me.” Davy leaned to my ear, “Chris and Gary had a fight.” “Chris! I thought we were all friends now?” McPhee just shrugged his shoulders. “Can we come in too?” “Dima, of course you can. Princess Alexandra, I wasn’t expecting you.” I was surprised Theodora was not with them. The two of them shuffled into the room. Dima glanced at Davy. Davy exhaled, “Forts, you’re not the only person in hospital, Theodora is here too.” “Theodora? God, why? Is she okay?” I tried to move, but immediately felt groggy and sank back into ankara escort the bed. Davy leapt forward, well if I am honest, everyone did, but it was Davy who spoke. “Forts, are you okay?” I nodded, “Yes, just a bit lightheaded. What happened to Theodora?” Davy’s voice was barely a whisper, “It’s her blood pressure. But she is okay and resting.” I immediately felt guilty, “Is it because of me?” Davy shook his head, glancing up at Dima. “No. Well… Not, really.” I knew Dima’s face always gave him away. I looked at him, “Is she okay?” He slowly nodded his head. I immediately knew he didn’t want to risk speaking. I took his hand and pulled him down to hug me. “Well, you tell her I am fine and will be along to see here as soon as I can. Make sure she rests. Is there anything she needs?” I was sure he let out a little sob as he stood, his eyes filling with tears. “Yes, Prince. No, she has everything. They are taking good care of her.” Harding strode back into the room. “Right, that’s long enough, everyone. This guy needs his rest.” He glanced at Davy, “You can have a few more minutes, but then he really needs to rest.” Davy nodded and mumbled, “Okay.” I didn’t like the sound of that, “Hang on, Professor. Does that mean I have to spend the night here?” Harding came over and took hold of my wrist, casually checking my pulse. “It certainly does, young man. You were knocked out and unconscious for several hours, so you are staying here for overnight observations.” “How is Theodora?” I blurted out. Harding glanced at Davy. “I told him, Professor, sorry.” Harding turned back to me, “It’s okay, not a problem, Davy. Forts, yes, Theodora will be remaining here probably until the baby is born. All routine, no need for you to worry.” “Can’t she be brought into this room? We can keep each other company.” I saw the anxious glance Harding gave Davy. I don’t think he realised I had seen it. He forced a smile, “No, she is resting and peaceful, we don’t need you both sitting chatting all night.” He gave me what was supposed to be a reassuring wink. It didn’t work. After everyone had left, I turned to Davy. “I’m sorry, you will have to spend another night without me.” Davy just nodded. I could see he was close to tears. I grinned, “And you won’t even have Theodora for company tonight.” Davy cocked his head, “You knew?” I gave him one of my smiles, “There are not many secrets at Castle Fraser, Davy.” “No, I suppose you’re right.” Davy got up to give me a kiss. “Oh Davy, how is Gary? Judging by the state of McPhee, it must have been quite a fight.” Davy nodded, “It was. Gary looks worse, remember McPhee heads the boxing club!” “Ah, yes, I had forgotten that. Oh well, tell Gary I don’t blame him for what happened to me.” I saw a look of anger flash across Davy’s face. It looked like he was going to say something, but he stopped himself and smiled. “We will talk about it another time. Night, night, my darling, sleep well.” He leant in and gave me another kiss and turned for the door, thinking I hadn’t spotted the tear rolling down his cheek. His voice broke, “I’ll see you first thing tomorrow, goodnight. Love you.” And he was gone, leaving the sound of a sob lingering in the room as he went. ** Forts continues the story the next morning The chink of a teacup being placed on a saucer interrupted my dream. I lay unsure if I was awake or still dreaming. Then the smell of tea, yes, I could definitely smell it. I opened my eyes and found myself looking straight at my Davy. He was sitting with a book on his lap. “Morning sexy.” Davy looked up, his face immediately changing to a broad smile matching mine. “Hi my darling. How are you feeling now?” I smiled, “A lot better.” “No headaches or blurriness?” I chuckled. Davy frowned, “Forts, this is serious. Any headaches or blurriness? How many fingers am I holding up?” “No, hang on, twelve.” I giggled. “How’s the patient?” It was Harding. Davy shook his head, “Joking, so he is obviously feeling better.” Harding smiled, “Good, let me have a quick look at you.” He came over to the bed, taking hold of my wrist, “Any headaches or blurriness?” I began to laugh, “No Doctor, nurse already asked me that.” Davy just shook his head, “See! He never takes anything seriously.” Harding chuckled as he produced a penlight and shone it into my eyes. “Follow the light.” I obviously passed as he switched off the light, “Can you sit up?” I threw back the covers, suddenly aware I had a raging morning hardon. Harding took a double take, as it sprung upwards and slapped against my stomach, then smiled and winked. “I will give you a few minutes and let nurse Davy take care of that for you.” Davy blushed. I pushed my hands down into my groin, temporarily covering my cock. Harding laughed as I struggled to control it. “Well, by the look of that, I would say you are okay to go home today.” I smiled, so did Davy. “Oh, Professor, how is Theodora? Can we see her? Again, I caught the glance Harding gave Davy. He seemed to think for a moment and then sighed and sat on the bed next to me. “Forts, Theodora is really not very well. Her blood pressure is very high. We are going to induce the baby today.” His words slammed into me, “She is going to be okay, though, isn’t she?” “Forts, we need to get her blood pressure down and the baby born. escort ankara She has asked that you and Davy be present for the birth. I have agreed, although it is a pretty unusual request.” I looked at Davy, he nodded. “We are both happy to do that, Sir.” Harding half smiled, “You might not be saying that once the baby is on the way.” “No, we want to be there, don’t we, Davy?” Davy nodded. Harding stood, “Look, you have time to get showered and dressed before we start her off. I will send a nurse for you.” Then he left. I looked at Davy, “Did you notice he didn’t answer my question?” Davy nodded, his eyes glassy. I stood and took him in my arms, “She will be okay, just wait and see.” Davy nodded again and wiped his eyes. I began to get dressed. “What day is it?” God, how had I forgotten? Davy smiled, “Tuesday, the 30th June.” I gave Davy a kiss, “His birthday will be the same month as mine. That will make it easy for you to remember.” Davy nodded. I turned back to the bed and picked up the orthodox cross and chain from beside my bed and placed it around my neck, finding myself gripping the cross and praying quietly to myself that both Theodora and the baby would be okay. * A nurse came for us about eleven o’clock and took us to another one of the private rooms. Theodora was lying on her bed, her mother and Dima on one side and the Princess Alexandra on the other. The three of them stood as we entered. Dima bowed, “Prince,” the ladies curtseyed. I couldn’t believe it, it made me cross, even now, they didn’t let up with the bowing and fawning. “Please everyone, just sit down.” Theodora smiled weakly, “Forts, Davy, I was beginning to think you were avoiding me. How are you Davy? And you, Drageon?” She held out a hand to me. Alexandra rose and let me in beside Theodora. “I am fine. I hope I am not the reason you’re in here.” Theodora shook her head, “No. I am just pleased you are both here.” She held out a hand to Davy, who came and stood next to me. It was obvious Theodora was quite weak. She lay back, still gripping my hand. I glanced at Dima. He was obviously struggling to keep his emotions under control. I reached for his hand and squeezed his fingers, he just nodded, his bottom lip tensing. * Half an hour later, we were all asked to leave the room, as they gave Theodora the drugs that would induce the baby. Once they were given, we were allowed back in, Harding telling us, “It will be several hours yet.” We all sat quietly, taking turns to pop out and have a comfort break and something to eat. It was around six o’clock in the evening when the contractions started. Again, the room was cleared apart from Davy, Dima, me and the doctors. I don’t think I have ever felt so helpless in my life. Theodora asked for me to sit on one side and Davy on the other, with Dima next to him. I got quite a shock, as things progressed, when Mishcon appeared in the room, wearing hospital scrubs like us. He came over and greeted Theodora, who seemed to be expecting him. She turned to me, seeing my confused look, “Mishcon is here to witness the birth.” “Witness the birth? Dima spoke quietly, “Forts, this is a Royal baby. Protocol demands that it be properly witnessed and verified as it will be in the line of succession.” “Oh my God, I didn’t realise.” Mishcon moved to a seat at the rear of the room. My heart went out to Theodora, I couldn’t imagine how it felt to have strangers present. * I won’t go into all the gory details, but at ten o’clock on the dot, the baby took his first breath and began to cry. Harding wasn’t the only one with a tear in his eye as he showed the baby to Theodora, “You have a healthy baby boy.” She nodded, and I felt her squeeze my hand tighter. The baby was handed to a nurse, who took it over to Mishcon. She uncovered the baby’s body, saying, “You will see it is a little boy.” Mishcon nodded, and the baby was re-covered and brought back to Theodora, the nurse laying it on the bed beside her. Theodora didn’t move. I was perplexed; I glanced at Davy and then Dima. Dima leant to my ear, “She is waiting for you to pick up the baby, thereby acknowledging you are the father. It’s a Royal tradition and required, all royal babies have to be acknowledged publicly that are in the line of succession.” Theodora was exhausted. She looked at me, through almost pleading eyes. This was obviously something I should or would have been told about, but with my accident, and then everything happening so suddenly, it hadn’t happened. I felt someone move behind me. Mishcon leant into my ear, “Forts, if you pick up the baby, it will carry your surname. You will publicly be acknowledging that you are the father.” I nodded, my mind racing. I felt Davy squeeze my knee; I was aware he had heard both Dima and Mishcon, too. He whispered in my ear, his voice breaking as he spoke, “Pick up your son.” And squeezed my knee again. I glanced round, tears were streaming down his face, his eyes not leaving mine, he nodded and mouthed, “Pick up your son.” I stood and lifted the little bundle up off the bed. I bent down and kissed his head. The words tumbling from my mouth, “You are my son. My son.” Everyone began clapping, including Davy. I could only imagine how much inner strength it took him to say that to me. I looked at Theodora, she whispered, “Thank you,” as ankara escort bayan I placed the baby onto her chest. Davy leant forward, “What are you going to call him Theodora?” She smiled, “Draco, after his father, Pytor, after his grandad, David after his uncle and finally, Dimitri after my brother.” Davy kissed her, “That’s lovely.” Dima picked up the baby and held him aloft, “We recognise and welcome, His Imperial Highness, The Grand Duke, Prince Draco, Pytor, David, Dimitri, Drageonivanov, Romanov.” He handed Draco to me. I kissed him again on the head. Tears now rolling down my cheeks. “It sounds a bit of a mouthful for someone so small.” Theodora smiled, “How about Little Forts?” I felt Davy stiffen beside me. Theodora obviously noticed it, too. She touched my arm, and looked at Davy, “Davy, come and say hello to your son.” I handed Draco to Davy. We were both in tears, how soppy do I feel? “Hello, Little Forts.” ** Archie continues the story Athol had just put the phone down from Harding. He turned to me, smiling, and nodded. Then started crying. I ripped the foil off the bottle and undid the wire cage, with a great pop, the cork flew out and I poured us each a glass of Champagne. Athol was sobbing quietly, staring up at the painting above the fireplace. I went and put my arm round him, handing him the glass. “Mum and baby are both doing well. All things considered.” “That’s great news.” Athol nodded. “Did he tell you what they have called him?” “Draco, Pytor, David, Dimitri, Drageonivanov, Romanov.” “Wow. You and I need to get some more names. I am beginning to feel left out.” Athol chuckled and took a sip of his drink, “To Draco.” “To Draco,” I repeated. “How are Davy and Forts?” “Fine, I think. Harding said that Drageon has publicly acknowledged the baby as his.” “Oh, what does that mean?” “I suppose basically that he is the father and not The Grand Duke Pavel Petrovich.” “But we all knew that already.” “Yes, but the Petrovich side of the Romanov family didn’t.” “Oh well, they will soon.” I took another drink. “Athol, I know you’re not keen to talk about it. But have you found out what happened to cause Forts accident?” Athol drained his glass. I refilled it. “I have only spoken to Chris so far. Dima has been at the hospital all day and Gary, well, he just walked off.” “What did Chris say then?” Athol sighed, “Well, apparently it is all about the stag night. Both Dima and Chris are furious with Gary… And rightly so! Anyway, for some bizarre reason, our son had decided to forgive him and apparently, if anything, go out of his way to rehabilitate him.” “He is not going to be pleased when he hears what you have done, then.” Athol glared at me. “And he isn’t going to find out from you. Understand?” I nodded. Athol continued, “So apparently punches were thrown in the stable yard, between Dima and Gary.” “Dima?” “Yes. Sounds unlikely, doesn’t it? Anyway, Forts read them all the riot act and then galloped off on Pegasus. McPhee said he went straight after him. Sometime later, Dima and Gary caught them up. Apparently, despite what Forts had said, the snide comments kept coming from Gary. This time mostly aimed at Chris, Dima sided with Chris. Well, the niggling continued and finally Chris lost it and turned-on Gary, telling him to fuck off. Forts exploded and called them all a bunch of cunts he could do without if they couldn’t control themselves. He galloped off again, back towards the castle. Now you know there are none of the Castle horses which can match Pegasus for speed, so the rest of them were playing catch up. Gary had barked at Dima and Chris he wanted to speak to Forts alone and they hung back to let him. Apparently, they heard raised voices and then it happened. Forts turned back to shout at Gary, he never saw the tree branch that hit him.” “Ah, so that’s why McPhee went for Gary.” “Yes.” “The crazy thing is Gary would never intentionally allow Forts to get hurt. I think his reaction at the scene was as much about that as it was about his anger with McPhee. He is devastated, but like I said, doesn’t want to talk about it.” Athol drained his glass again. He waggled it at me, “Top up? And please, can we speak about something else? This is supposed to be a celebration.” I refilled his glass. “So did Harding say when Theodora will be allowed back to the Castle with the baby?” Athol smiled, “Are you getting all broody?” I winked, “I can’t say I am not excited to have our Grandkid around the place, can you?” Athol smiled, “You know I am.” ********************** Folks, I really hope you’re enjoying the story. There is nothing more rewarding than hearing your feedback with observations and suggestions. Please email me to let me know. Blackscar. 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