Subject: Nudist Neighbor Part 2 I woke up slowly. I thought that I was still dreaming, still asleep, still in some weird situation that would never really happen. But it was real. I was naked and warm and cradled in a soft hanging hammock. “You’d better come in out of the sun,” said a voice. I followed it with my groggy eyes and found him. He stood naked on his patio with a glass in his hands, a tall drink of water. “Or at least flip over.” I felt my skin starting to react from the sun, something I never let it do, let alone all of it head to toe. If I ever agreed to go to the beach, I would only stay for an hour, tops. Each year, when I went to visit relatives for a week, I would end up at an arcade or at walking around the mall or even one time sitting in the lobby of a dentist’s office watching the TV before they asked me who I was waiting for. The beach is not my thing. I rolled over. The sun felt warm on my pale, cool butt and the sore little muscles in my back and shoulders. It was maybe five or ten minutes that I drifted I off, according to the big clock/sundial/birdbath/plant-holder thing he had on the wall of the patio. He said, “You’re sure nobody is missing you or looking for you?” I told him that I was always on my own and had five more days with nothing to do. He started to tell me what he should’ve told me: that I shouldn’t’ve come over or gotten naked or jacked off or even talked to some stranger, and he shouldn’t’ve let any of it happen. It was dangerous and dumb, for both of us. I said again that nobody would find out. He had been annoyed with me before, and now I got the feeling that I was making a pest of myself, but I was okay with that, if that’s how it was going to be. “Nobody will notice if you suddenly have no tan lines?,” he asked as he gave my butt a gentle smack. I flinched but didn’t look at him. “Who’s gonna see that? Nobody. And if they did, I’d just say that I went off somewhere alone, same as at home. But there’s zero chance of anybody asking me anything. Everybody’s got their own stuff going on.” When he walked around me, rearranging a couple little plants and picking up a book, my eyes opened again and followed his naked body around. It was still an interesting new thing to me, maybe even moreso now. He wasn’t just sunbathing or changing or naked in between doing things like normal people who get a shower and maybe drink a beer naked in their kitchen before getting dressed. This was a real life nudist all the time. He went inside. I hopped up out of the hammock to follow him, glancing back at my pile of clothes just for a second. “Do you drive your car naked?” “What?” The air was cool and dark inside the shade of his house, and I looked out the window from the inside now and saw how the shrubs blocked the view into the house and kept out the hot sun. I asked again and said that I see guys driving without a shirt sometimes and maybe they’re nudists and totally naked but you can’t see it because of the car door but maybe if you got up close and looked in you could see. He was quiet after I rambled and then said, “no.” “Can I take a leak?” “Umm… okay, I guess. But this one is broken. You can use the upstairs one and then come right back down, okay?” I ran upstairs and took a long long piss and washed my hands real good and wiped my belly too and dried off everything and sweat under my armpits, and then I caught myself in the mirror and looked at how I was naked someplace. Hanging out naked, it was crazy. I looked close to see if I was kind of darker from the sun, and I looked over my shoulder at my butt. Then I started to walk back down the stairs but he had photos hanging on the wall, so I looked at them to see if he was naked in them. He wasn’t. They were all just normal. Him and relatives and friends at places or some posed family stuff and one at somebody’s wedding. I was looking in at his bedroom and his bed when I felt something on my shoulder. It surprised me but also felt like maybe I got a little sunburn. It was his hand. I didn’t hear him come up the stairs behind me. “I think maybe it’s time for you to go, okay?” He walked me back down and out the back. I didn’t say anything. I was kind of disappointed. I stood at my pile of clothes and got dressed. “Is it weird that you’re still naked by I’m not anymore or are you just always wanting to be naked?” He just said bye and opened the door a crack for me to go. When I got back, everybody was eating pizza, so at least I got that. escort ankara Everybody was yelling and talking and eating, and the TV was on really loud too. We were renting the place, but my relatives lived nearby, and people were visiting, so I could go up to my own room but I couldn’t get naked even though I thought about it. All my cousins are either younger or older than me. I watched some of the movie that everybody was watching. I was kind of bored there and thinking. The next morning, I woke up early. I always wake up early when we’re there. I looked at this calendar on the fridge, and the vacation wasn’t even halfway over. One really boring day and one really not boring day. I didn’t feel like waiting for everybody to get up, so I just had a bowl of cereal and said I was going out and shrugged when asked “where to?” on my way out. I walked around for a little, but it was really quiet and empty. I saw some seagulls and pelicans. Then I just sat on a bench for a while, kind of a long while. Then I saw him. I didn’t recognize him at first. He was wearing, well… anything. But he had sunglasses on, so that kind of makes you look different, but I realized it was him. He was walking toward the beach with a backpack on, and his flipflops were making this slap noise in the echoey morning. I got up and followed him. He walked along a bunch of streets and made some turns instead of just going straight down to the beach, but then he was walking along the boardwalk. It was still early and empty, not all crowded yet, but there were some people so he didn’t notice me until I got up by him. “Oh. It’s you again,” he said. “Wait, did you follow me here?!” I didn’t really answer him and just said, “Where are you going?” He didn’t really answer me and just kept walking, kind of faster as I walked along next to him. I asked him again. He looked like he was thinking about it. “Oh, just to the beach,” he said. I told him it was a little weird to see him looking like that, like if you see a priest at the barbershop and you’re not sure that it’s him but it is, even though he looks different. He said, “What are you up to today? What are your plans?” “Nothing, why?” He didn’t answer. He just kept walking, and I kept walking too, but we weren’t exactly walking together. He stopped and bought himself some orange juice and a big bottle of water. When he came out of the store and saw me still standing there, he stood there and drank the orange juice. Then he finally started walking all the way to the very end of the boardwalk before going down to the sand. I followed him. Then I saw the sign. I didn’t know they had signs like that. In big red letters it said, “Clothing Optional Beach, from this point on you may encounter nude sunbathers, no photos.” I stopped and stood there. He kept walking. I ran to catch up with him. “A Naked Beach?!?!” “No, a nude beach. Nobody says naked beach. Don’t call it a naked beach.” “Wow, do you come here all the time? Do you ever go to the regular beach or just the naked beach? How did you find out about this place?” He didn’t say anything, and I didn’t see anything yet except way off in the distance there was a guy with kind of a big belly and he was fishing and naked it looked like, or maybe a Speedo, with another guy in shorts. I asked my neighbor if it was going to be all naked people. I was picturing it like the regular crowded beach, totally full but everyone naked. He stopped and put down his backpack and pulled out a big towel and put it out flat and stepped onto it as he kicked off his sandals and pulled off his shirt and looked at me, with his fingertips in the waistband of his black shorts. And then they were down and off. He was totally naked out in the open. You couldn’t see the road or the boardwalk or anything, just a big hill behind the beach like a cliff and the long path down. He looked at me, with his arms crossed. “Well, are you going to get naked here in public, or are you going to go home?” He looked kind of stern and serious, like I had flunked a test or dented the car or something. I looked around. If there were more people maybe or maybe that’d make me want to leave. I didn’t know. It felt like he just wanted me to go. I pulled my shirt up and off. It was early but already getting hot, and you get exhausted from walking on sand. That felt good, and I kicked off my sandals. And I looked around again, still nobody, and I put my thumbs in my shorts and esenyurt escort underwear, and slid them down a little so my butt was out and took a breath and slipped them down and off, and then I held them in front of me like a little privacy shield, looking around again. He got down on his towel like I wasn’t there, like was going to take a bare-ass nap. I sat with my legs crossed and my shorts and underwear still in my lap, feeling the fabric of the towel under the skin on my ass and legs and balls and the tip of my dick. I saw a few half-naked people torn into whole-naked people. “Don’t stare,” he murmured through his elbow at me. I said that I wasn’t. He said that I was. Then I practiced glancing all around at nothing so I could see everything. He said, “Aren’t you going to get in the water?” I thought about it. I looked around. I said, “uhh, I don’t have a towel.” He told me that I could just stretch out in the sun to dry off after. I looked at how far the water was and how crowded the sand was between it and me. I thought about how it’d only get more people the more I waited, and I got up and threw everything to the ground and ran fast and flopping straight to the water, eventually covering my stiffening dick with my hands and looking straight ahead instead of around at all the people I was passing. The water felt cold and salty and sour and gritty, scratching and splashing all over my thighs and up between my legs. It felt different and weird. I got covered up to the neck like a sleeping bag and then got shoved under and upside-down by a wave, standing up blind and naked, shivering skinny. Then I wiped my face and concealed my body in the water, waist high. I watched everyone, not staring, hanging out naked. Everybody’s bodies looked weird and different and like plucked chickens. I waited for a gap in activity and then ran back to the towel like it was home plate, kicking up clumps off wet sand and collecting it between my toes. “Hey! Watch it!,” he yelled when I plopped down next to him, dripping and shivering. We talked a bit, him not really saying anything back, and then I got flat on my stomach alongside him, our elbows touching. I looked back at our butts and the ocean. After a while, he flipped over. I looked at how he didn’t have any tanlines, and I said that a lot of the people I saw had them. “You need to put on sunscreen,” he said, and he pulled a big bottle out of his backpack. “Okay Dad,” I said. He gave me a look. “I mean, Yes Sir!” I stood up and saluted and took the sunscreen and squirted it in my hands and smeared it on my face and ears and neck and arms and chest. I got more and did my legs, going up higher than normal, knees up to navel, and I looked at him. He nodded yes, and I smeared my dick and balls. I noticed some guys walking by and watching. I turned away and was thankful that my neighbor picked a spot along the edge instead of in the middle of everybody. “Here,” he said, and he took the bottle and squirted some and stood behind me and rubbed the cool lotion into my shoulders and down my back and sides. Then he swatted my butt lightly and said, “You can reach back here.” As I was reaching behind to coat my ass and thighs, he was looking at my dick. It was kind of poking out but still kind of shrunk from the water. He told me to cover up if it gets like that or try to think of something else. I tried to multiply some big numbers in my head, and that distracted me. He drank some water and let me have some too, but we were just sitting there doing nothing. Even naked beach is still boring beach. He said I could get dressed and go home, or swim or take a walk around. He said it like he was sarcastic though, as if I was scared to. “Maybe I will.” “Okay fine.” But I didn’t get up. I looked around at everybody, staring again. He put his sunglasses on and leaned back, and he did like he was sarcastic though. I stood up. I looked at the other end of the naked beach. You could see the two big signs that marked it off. I decided to head straight for it and straight back, nonchalantly, and started to go. “Stop,” he said. I turned back. “You see that tree and those dunes over there? Don’t go over there.” I looked and asked why, but he just said not to go over there. He turned over and ignored me. I walked away. Then I stopped and yelled “but why?!” He pulled his hand and chest up just enough to say two words: just don’t. As I trudged through eskişehir escort the sand, I looked all around at nothing, so I could see everybody’s everything. I noticed this one guy sit up and put his hands over his eyes as I walked by, like blocking the sun, and looking at me. I kept walking straight to the sign in the distance. It took a little while. The hot sand distracted me from feeling bare-ass naked and surrounded by like fifty bare-ass naked people out in public like it was nothing. I got to the sign and leaned against it, felt how it was hot concrete, looked out at the water, looked back at everybody, and started walking back, not so fast that I was running but almost. About halfway back, I noticed that tree off to the side and some big rocks and this guy walking past them and back along a path up to these dunes with tall grass. My angle went in that direction, instead of diagonal across the sand, and I walked along the edge of the sand and got to that tree. I looked up the path. I sat on a big, flat rock. Nobody else went by. I looked up the path. I stepped up the path to get a better look. I walked up the path, past the rocks, past the tree, around and up and back, and there were some guys all standing around back there. I could hear them. A few were standing around in a circle, so I could only see their backs and butts. A couple guys were leaning against some rocks, not quite sitting on them but like perched against them, and both kind of holding their dicks in their hands, and then they saw me and stood up and turned around. And this other guy was just lying off to the side in the grass, pulling on his dick slowly. I walked over to the guys in the circle. I wasn’t as tall as them, so I kind of stuck out as different. They were jerking off and some were touching each other. I just stood there staring, like it was a movie, and then they looked at me like I just beamed down from Mars or something. I had a stiffy started and was kind of holding it kind of covering it. I wasn’t sure if I had done something wrong or they were just surprised by me being there. I didn’t know if everybody knew everybody. Then they looked over my shoulder, and I looked where they were looking. Standing there, with his arms crossed and wearing only sunglasses, sandals, and a backpack that I hoped had my clothes in it, there was my neighbor. Everybody looked at him and then me. “Didn’t I tell you that you weren’t allowed to come up here?” he said. He looked serious. I said, “Oh. Hi, Dad.” Everybody looked back at him. He seemed to be trying to hold in a smile. “Let’s go. Get moving.” He stuck out his thumb to point the way back. I said, “I’m just hangin’ out.” He charged over to me and grabbed me by the ear and twisted it a little and walked me away from the group and to the center of the path. “When I tell you something, you better listen to me, young man,” he said. I had been on my toes as we walked but then he pulled my ear down lower so I was kind of bowing. He repeated what he was saying until I answered him. “Did you come over here after I told you not to? Are you gonna listen from now on?” Everybody was watching, I think. I couldn’t turn my head or look up. He switched his hand and then gave me a swat on the butt. It stung and cracked the air. “No! Ow! Don’t! Yes! Okay! Oww!” He gave me a few while yelling, and with everybody watching us it got me even harder. I tried to cover my ass and then cover my dick and back and forth and then he grabbed my dick hard and tight. I was bent over with my hands on his hands and getting spanked wildly, flinching and squirming. His hand was squeezing and slipping on my dick. “Oww! Stop!” I squirmed and looked at his deadpan face behind those sunglasses. He towered over me, and I was held tight in his hand as his wrist pumped and his flat palm, his other hand, slapped red fire across my buttskin. “Ohhhmmmmhmmm….” I moaned as a hot load shot out between his fingers and onto the sand. I didn’t look around at what everybody else was doing. I felt like we just put on a little show. Still bent over and exhausted, my eyes rolled over to his hard cock, sticking straight out next to me. He let go of my dick with one hand as he repinched my ear and led me, squirming and all skin and elbows, kicking sand up along the path as we left, and I heard voices start up behind us. My ass was red, and my the head of my dick was red, and my face was flushed red. We stopped, and he got out that big water bottle, and I chugged a bunch, staring down at his pole. We walked to a shady spot along the edge of the sand, and he pulled my clothes out of his bag and tossed them down. We got dressed. We left the beach. We walked along the wooden planks of the boardwalk. And he bought us ice cream comes for the walk back.

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