I have a friend who is a Goddess. Sweet, kind, considerate, smart, and sexy. I love her, for all the right reasons and probably some wrong ones. She’s treating me for a back issue – stretched rhomboid, I think, but I tend to tune out the medical details. All I know is it hurts like Hell, and there’s no one else I trust to fix me.

She’s usually perky and enthusiastic, even at the end of the day. We have a tacit understanding for the days that she treats me – I bring her a Starbucks Americano Misto, and she drinks it. If I think she’s going to be hungry, I try to bring her a snack, too – I suspect there’s nothing like a tired, hungry chiropractor at the end of the day, but I’ve always brought offerings to my Goddess, so I’ve never found out for sure.

She looked a little sad today. Glad to see me, and, as ever, grateful for the coffee, but definitely down. Maybe she was feeling a little tired, or perhaps she had something on her mind. I decided to not to intrude on her privacy; she knew I cared a huge amount for her without my being pushy about it – our friendship has an openness and intimacy to it that still surprises both of us.

She treated me, uncharacteristically, in silence. yalova escort This was enough to make me worry. “You okay?” Three syllables, two words, one punctuation mark. Terse, and only slightly intrusive.

“Meh.” This was code for “I’ve been better, but I don’t want to talk about it. I’ll be fine.” I’ve used it myself.

I let it go. She was notoriously stubborn, and wouldn’t take kindly to my harassing her. After she had finished treating me, I gave her a big hug. As I held her, she whispered “talk dirty to me.” She sounded somewhat wistfully.

I’m really not good at this sort of thing – I don’t like to be vulgar – but I hate to say no to a Goddess. I said the first thing that came into my mind. “I want to stick my cock in your mouth.”

It was shameless, crude and selfish. It was also true, which made it somehow a more natural thing to say.

I saw a hint of a smile on her face. She was going to challenge me in some way, I was sure of it.

She sat down. “I don’t think you’ll do it, but I have a few minutes until my next patient.” She opened her mouth invitingly, and I was instantly flooded with unbearable lust. I don’t think she realized what demons she was unleashing yalova escort bayan within me.

“Shut your eyes? I want to surprise you.”

“Nope. I get to see everything.” Well, at least I had put her in a better mood.

“Everything,” I repeated as I undid my belt. I was hard – hard enough to impress myself. I hoped she would like what she was about to get! I stepped out of my pants. She could see my excitement through my briefs. I heard her draw in her breath. Seeing me like this was definitely distracting her from her troubles. I stepped closer to where she was sitting. Her mouth was still open, and her eyes were fixed on my crotch. My scent reached her; I keep my equipment cleaner than average, especially on the days that she treats me, but the smell of my excitement was almost palpable. I think it’s a very clean, masculine, and sexy, smell. It even turns me on!

I hooked my thumbs on either side of my briefs and pushed them down. They fell from my knees, and I stepped out of them, I was attired only in socks and my shirt.

“Oh. My. I had no idea.” I think I may have been slightly bigger than she expected, but her enthusiasm was flattering, almost heartwarming. I was, escort yalova honestly, touched.

“Ready? Are you sure you want to go through with this?”

“Don’t you dare chicken out on me, mister. This is going to be the best thing that happens to me today.”

I moved to within a few inches of her, and put my hands gently on the side of her head. I took a deep breath, counted slowly and silently to three, and slowly swept my waist forward. I stopped when I was about an inch inside her; I had no desire to make her gag. I paused, shyly, planning to pull back, but suddenly, her arms were around me. Her elbows hugged the lower part of my glutes while her hands stretched up my back. She pulled me in closer, and then slid her head back. Forward, and back, again, a third time. It felt absolutely fantastic – I don’t think I had ever experienced anything so glorious in my life.

She brought her right hand back around. Her fingers circled the base of my shaft while she continued to work with her mouth. I was starting to feel distinctly weak in the knees. She looked up at me, her eyes sparkling. I don’t think she was enjoying this quite as much as I was, but she was definitely having fun.

We heard the door to the lobby of her office open and close. She pulled back and whispered, “sorry, kiddo, we’re out of time.” She grabbed her coffee and took a sip.

“I hope I get the chance to reciprocate sometime soon.”

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