Subject: Now He’s My Brother Chapter 5 – The Cabin Author’s Note: This is a story about two best friends who become brothers, but also learn that they have more feelings for each other. Looking forward to hearing what everyone thinks at ail Chapter 5 – The Cabin As summer continued, the subtle changes continued between both of us. There was no conversation about it, but something that we definitely were both aware of, even if we wouldn’t talk about it. Like one morning, Gabe came into my room while I was just waking up since he had something to talk to me about. Since I had just woken up, I had a morning wood and hadn’t been able to jerk off yet. We talked about whatever he needed to talk about, and when we were done, instead of just asking him to leave, I grabbed the bulge in my underwear and shook it at him while asking him to let me jerk off. He smirked and rolled his eyes before leaving me alone with my dick. A change I noticed with Gabe was how high he wore his shorts. One of the changes that happened after the first incident was that Gabe always wore his shorts and pants fairly high, and he was careful not to ever expose any of his underwear, especially to me. But I noticed he finally started to let them ride lower, and so even though he never wore just his underwear around me, his underwear band started to be visible quite often. As a sort of response to letting me catch him with his girlfriend, I decided I wanted to see if I could get him to walk in on Chris and I hooking up, and Chris was fully into the idea too. I paid attention to Gabe’s schedule and noticed that he always found me so that we could play video games on Wednesday evenings, since that was the night that his girlfriend had family night and he couldn’t see her. So one Wednesday, I asked Chris to come over right after we finished dinner, and made sure Gabe didn’t see him come inside. We quickly stripped down to our underwear and started making out, and just continued for a while hoping that Gabe would walk in. To no surprise, we only had to keep going for about 10 minutes before I heard the door open, followed by “Oh fuck, sorry guys!” The door had been closed before Chris or I could respond. I noticed that both of us had huge boners, and figured that we both got a rush from getting caught, so we stripped out of our underwear and came pretty quickly afterward. Based on the comments that Gabe made afterward, I was pretty sure that he knew we wanted to be caught, but that was okay, since I was sure that he wanted to get caught with his girlfriend too. All this teasing back and forth culminated at our family’s annual summer cabin trip. We would rent this cabin that was a few hours away into the mountains for a week every summer, and we would spend the week swimming in the river, hiking, and just hanging out in the cabin. We didn’t have internet, but we did have TV, which was nice after long days of activities. The only part I didn’t like was since we were all together, there şişli travesti was never usually any opportunity to jerk off, so I would have to go a whole week unless I got desperate and would go do it in the bathroom or something, but I didn’t enjoy doing that. Even though I couldn’t jerk off, I was interested to see how things would go with Gabe and I with all the recent changes and teases. With the two of us sharing a room in the cabin, we were historically very careful when changing by either going to the bathroom to change, or facing opposite ways. I was surprised when we needed to change to go hiking, and I looked over and he was just standing there in a pair of red briefs. I gave him a bit of a surprised look, and he just smirked back, so I just dropped my pants too without turning around. I was even more surprised later when we needed to change to go swimming, and he just dropped his shorts and his briefs onto the floor, exposing his dick to me for the first time ever, and he gave me another of those smirks. I shrugged and followed suit and let him see my dick for the first time too. As the week continued, I wondered whether to try to talk about everything with Gabe, since I was very surprised at how open he had started being since the coming out conversation, but I decided not to because I didn’t want to make anything weird, especially since we were having such a good time at the cabin. Everything was going great, and we were having a lot of fun, but seeing glimpses of Gabe’s briefs and dick was making the whole `no jerking off while at the cabin’ thing even harder. But I saw an opportunity a few days in when our parents decided to go back into the local town to have a date night. We had a long day hiking, so they just told us to hang out and watch TV while they went and had dinner. They even brought in some pizza for us, which was nice. But I figured since it was just us, I would be able to get some alone time to relieve some of this pressure. We spent a while just eating pizza, watching TV, and chatting about random stuff, and we even cuddled up together while watching TV, which is something we hadn’t done in years. But after a while I felt my boner becoming irritating and just really needed to jerk off. “So uh… it’s been a few days since I’ve jerked off… and that’s… longer than I usually go, so I really need to go take care of this thing…” I said as I gestured toward my crotch. “Would you mind if I go to the room and deal with it?” ///”Well… sure… but it’s also been that long for me… so maybe we should just do it together?” I gave him a puzzled look. Changing in front of each other was already strange for us, but jerking off together? “Really? I mean I’m down… but I’m shocked you would be? I responded. ///”Why not? Let’s just do it!” I wasn’t going to object anymore, so I got up and Gabe followed me to our room. I stripped to my pair of black trunks and laid onto my bed, and Gabe stripped to his beylikdüzü travesti pair of white briefs and joined me on the bed. By this point, we both had obvious boners tenting our underwear, so I started to rub my dick through the fabric, and Gabe followed and did the same. “So uh… I’ve been meaning to ask… I was surprised to see you wearing briefs during strip poker… When did you switch to them?” I asked. ///Gabe nervously chuckled before responding. “Well uh… I got annoyed with boxers when I did track in 9th grade, and so I tried the different kinds, and found briefs the most comfortable. Even though I don’t do track anymore, they are just comfortable.” “Makes sense,” I said as I watched him massage his dick. “I switched to trunks around the same time. I actually borrowed a pair of Austin’s during a school trip when I didn’t pack enough underwear, and found them way more comfortable than boxers. Nobody has given you a hard time, have they? Since I know people our age are weird about guys wearing briefs.” ///”A few dicks said shit in the locker room a few years ago, but most people have been fine. Anne actually says that she thinks they are sexy!” As I kept watching him, my dick got harder and more uncomfortable being constrained by the fabric, so I summoned my courage and pulled them off, exposing Gabe to my rock hard dick for the first time. He seemed focused on my free dick as he kept rubbing his briefs, but he eventually joined me by pulling his briefs off. I had seen glimpses of his dick the last few days but this was the first time up close and also hard. It was now obvious that he was significantly bigger than me, which didn’t help the urges I had to just grab it. We kept jerking for a bit without talking, just each of us starting to moan as we got closer. Without even realizing it, my hand that wasn’t jerking my dick had moved over and had started touching Gabe’s leg. When I realized what I was doing, I started to move my hand back, but Gabe stopped me and told me I could leave it. With that permission, I put my hand back, and I slowly moved it over toward his dick. Once I got close enough, he dropped his dick to allow me to grab it instead. His dick felt amazing in my hand as I started to jerk him. Now that he wasn’t jerking his own dick anymore, he eventually moved his hand over and took my dick from me so we were each jerking each other off. I knew I couldn’t last much longer, so I raised the pace of jerking Gabe’s dick, and he did the same to me. “Fuck Gabe… that feels so good,” I said as I got closer to the edge. “Evey… keep jerking it… I’m about to cum!” he screamed. It was good we were alone in the cabin because we both yelled out as we came. We both laid there for a minute as we recovered, and I instinctually pulled Gabe in close like I did with Chris after we would cum. Gabe complied and our cum started to mix as we moved in together, and surprising me again, quickly pulled me into a kiss. istanbul travesti Our previous kisses had just been small pecks, but within moments, Gabe’s tongue was in my mouth and we were making out. At this point, I fully let into my desires and started feeling Gabe’s body up and down like I had always wished to do. I noticed that both of us were already hard again, so I started to jerk both of us, and that is when Gabe started to assert his dominance. He pushed me onto my back and got on top of me. I lined up our dicks so I could fit them both in my hands and then Gabe started to thrust into my hands. It felt amazing having his hard dick rub against mine, and having him thrusting above me almost seemed like he was fucking me, which turned me on. He kept thrusting and we kept kissing until we both came again, which didn’t take very long. After two orgasms, we both had spent all of our energy, and fell into a pile together on the bed. We laid there in silence for a good amount of time, but after a while I decided to speak before I was interrupted. “So uh… we should…” I started. “Shhh… I know there is a lot to talk about… but I don’t want to do that tonight… we can talk tomorrow okay? Tonight I just want to enjoy this…” he asked. “Okay… I was just going to say maybe we should go shower together before Mom and Dad get home… they should be back in less than an hour…” “Oh fuck… you’re right…” he said as we both started to get out of the bed. Once we got out of bed, I grabbed Gabe’s hand and led him out of the room and toward the shared cabin shower. It felt so weird to be walking around the cabin holding Gabe’s hand while we both were naked and covered in cum, but it was incredible. We hopped in the shower and helped each other get cleaned off and only took breaks to make out twice while we were in there. Once we were done, I grabbed his hand and led him back to the room, and locked the room. We both got into a clean pair of underwear and both hopped into his bed, since mine was currently soaked in cum. Gabe refused to let me say much while we cuddled together. I think he was worried that I would want to have the important conversations, but I was at least able to get out one `I love you’ before we fell to sleep. As amazing as the night together was, the next morning was very hard. It started out a bit awkward, since neither of us were comfortable saying how we really felt, but I think it was obvious to each other how we felt. Eventually we started talking, and Gabe told me how much he liked his girlfriend, and he really didn’t want any feelings for me to hurt that relationship. So once again, we decided that what happened the night before couldn’t happen again. We had another `goodbye kiss,’ but unlike last time, this one was more than just a peck. As I kissed my brother for possibly the last time, I started to cry, and he did too. When we finally broke the kiss, our faces were both soaked with tears. We cried together for a bit longer, before Gabe got up and started getting ready for the day. Things were a bit awkward for the last day at the cabin, but we tried really hard not to let our parents know that anything was up, and I think we were successful in that attempt.

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