Nipple Fantasy Fulfilled


Annie moaned as Brendan ground his cockhead into her erect nipple. It was her favorite foreplay, feeling her stiffened nipple pushed and prodded by his hard dick. The exquisite contrast of his rigid cock and the silky texture of his dick’s bulbous helmet; It drove her wild. As he continued to flick his cock across her sensitive breast she naturally spread her legs to release the heat that had built up inside of her sex. She could feel rivulets of moisture dripping down her slit and onto her pink rosebud. She reached a free hand behind her back and gently rubbed the moisture from her snatch into her puckered opening, slowly entering the first ring of her asshole and loosening it up slightly with the product of her pussy

Brendan loved it too, his penis was almost a split personality for him. He sometimes felt that what he wanted and the pleasure his cock desired were not aligned. He wanted to touch Annie sweetly and use his body to capture her. In this moment he wanted to sweetly rub her elongated nipples with his soft cock head, not wanting to get too far ahead of Annie, into that place where his actions were controlled by the animal, not the rational. His cock however was controlled by another brain, one that was driven by carnal thinking. It wanted hard, fast, tight, wet, rough, insertion, friction, more, more. It was a constant competition to stay inside of his own head and not in the red light, black angled world of his other self, his libidinous alter ego, driven by the reptile brain between his legs

Fucking her nipple was a place of coexistence for all three of them, her, him and it. Brendan reached between her legs and felt her slick pussy, his middle finger slid sweetly between her labia lips and moved the distance between her slick hole and her clit in a slow, steady rhythm. Annie had now taken hold of his stiff penis and she was driving the action above the waist. She was grinding him into her left nipple in a counter clockwise circle. Flashes of excitement pulsed through her mind, pleasure generated from her breasts, more and quicker, she was aware of how hard her nipples were and she was wetter than she had been in some time.

She could feel the pressure starting to build in her abdomen, she was getting closer. But it wasn’t his hand on her slit that was taking her to the edge, nor was it his finger strumming her clit at the same pace she was using his cock on her breast. No, this was different, and she longed for what she knew it to be, an orgasm produced by her sensitive nipples.

Since Annie could remember she knew what this kind of pleasure felt like. As she awakened sexually, she spent hours at night under the covers of her bed silently feeling her body and exploring what gave her pleasure. She learned first by finding the pressure of a pillow between her legs to be exciting in a way she couldn’t explain. Eventually, she began experimenting with other sensations. She found that her cunny would become wet the more she applied pressure. Over time she learned the pleasure of softly playing directly with her pussy instead of just pillows and ultimately, she had her first orgasm by rubbing her clit with her fingers.

No matter what she did in those long sleepless nights to explore herself, there was one constant; her nipples would become rock hard. In those moments she felt as if they were made of concrete and despite how hard she pinched them, they wouldn’t soften or bend. No matter the amount of strength she put behind pinching and pulling them, she could feel nothing but pleasure.

Drawn as she was toward that unfilled ache in her breasts she would always keep one of her hands pinching and pulling her stiff nips. Than surprisingly, like a new world had opened up before her, one night she achieved her first orgasm strictly from playing with her own nipples. It was a different kind of orgasm, it came from her inner self, her whole core. She longer for it constantly, however it was an event that could not be reached every time, but in those moments, when conditions were just right, her nipple play would take her to the height of excitement that she simply could not achieve from anything else derived from between her legs.

Later in her senior year when she finally had sex for the first time with her boyfriend Jack, she found the new world of sex curious and thrilling and she progressed into her sexual being as any eighteen-year-old girl might.

The urgency of sex as a teenager allowed for little foreplay, instead Jack and the boys that she fucked when she went to college, seemed to be falling and stumbling down a sexual staircase in their headlong rush to …Get… Inside…Her… She enjoyed sex, nonetheless and she took control when possible and steared them to her aching breasts. That’s the way sex was for her at that age, kind of a static, fumbling move towards ecstasy, but she liked the boys and loved the feeling of a hard cock inside her pussy. However, the secret of her nipples existed only in a place within her libido. She feared she would crave that special release for the rest of her life, but remain unfulfilled. You see, she could only achieve nipple orgasm on herself; no boy cebeci escort had ever made her cum from nipple play.

Upon meeting Brendan, after graduating college and moving to Minneapolis, she found a free spirit who enjoyed the play-space sex provided them both psychically. She was a grown woman now, 5 foot 5, blond and athletic, with perfect 34B breasts, the kind the French would say fit perfectly in one’s hands. Her ass was strong and firm, with just the right amount shape to it. They loved exploring each other’s body and learning those areas that turned the other one on. They matured as sexual beings and moved past the hurried rush to orgasm that both their previous sex lives had been made up of. They made love constantly, but took their time to learn the subtleties of their mate’s body and every touch, lick or squeeze that pleased them.

Eventually Brendan’s caring, expert hands brought the nipple orgasm that Annie was longing for back into her life. After that, it was Love. They married after a few years and embarked on a life together. Now, ten years later, their lives had become more complicated, but thankfully their intimacy had never wavered. Instead, as things became more difficult in the “real” world with careers, friends, relatives and the work involved in building a future together, their refuge remained the bedroom, it was their church.

Brendan’s own sexual personality was a bit of a push/pull. He wanted to express his love for Annie in the sharing of sweet intimacy and sexual pleasure, but his libido, which he had jokingly named his cock-sense, would often rise up within in him in moments of particular passion and drive him to places that Brendan wouldn’t consciously think to go. This was the part of him that would surprise Annie when he would slide his tongue up her ass without warning in the middle of going down on her. She found him irresistible. He was handsome and fit, funny but not in-your-face, like some guys with that combination tend to be. He was 5 foot 10 with broad shoulders and strong legs. She loved to wrap her arms around his thighs when she sucked his cock, she would get down on her knees while he was standing and draw him into her by placing both her palms on his ass and squeezing in as she pulled him into her mouth.

It was this part of himself, the alter-ego cock-sense that allowed him to dream of foursomes and pegging, of Annie sitting on his face and of him toying with bi fantasies and visions of Annie and him sharing another man. Some of these thoughts were never expressed to Annie, remaining masturbatory material only. Although, as time progressed, their sexual boundaries continued to push further out and now there was even a joking acknowledgement that while she wasn’t bi, he was most certainly bi-curious. He felt relieved that she didn’t find this a turn-off, but just the same, rational Brendan doubted there would ever be a MMF for them and that was ok. What was more important was that Annie and he continue on their journey in this world of sex, stretching boundaries, that they had been on for their entire marriage.

In time, Brendan learned about Annie’s special desire for the ultimate nipple orgasm, about the pleasure it gave her. Annie’s nipples would grow extremely hard when erect. It wasn’t that Annie’s nipples were exceptionally long, rather they were longer than others Brendan had experienced, but they only grew that way when she was totally excited and completely turned-on. Brendan knew she was in that place when his rough fingers could make no impact on the stiffness of her turgid nipples. Upon feeling her pussy in these moments, he would find her flooding with moisture and the smell of her sex would fill the room.

Once, with the help of some Wet premium lube, she had tried to insert her stiffened nipple into the slit at the top of his cock. He wanted it too. They almost succeeded, but it had not happened despite their best effort. She dreamed about that night and although Brendan was capable of making her cum from prolonged nipple play, she was fixated on the possibility of sticking her erect nipple inside of his cock-head and fucking him until she came. They both hoped it would happen one day in the future, and although they never made a conscious plan to get there, they had an unspoken understanding that if it ever got to that point again, they would push through

Now she wanted it again.

Annie pulled Brendan in closer. Taking the head of his cock and firmly positioning it over her nipple, she took her left hand and held her right nipple between her forefinger and her thumb, making it stand even more stiffly from atop her pink areola. Brendan squirted some silicon lube on her chest and she dipped his cock head in it, using it to spread the slippery liquid on her nipples, making them slick, before bringing his penis to her mouth.

She placed his hard prick in her mouth, sucking it in in one continuous motion. Annie had practiced her oral technique and consistently found new ways to thrill Brendan. She took his length as far as she could until it hit the back of mouth. She breathed in and slowly brought his cock down her çukurambar escort throat until his balls were at her chin. Annie alternated between sucking him in her mouth and deep throating his dick every fourth breath. She worked up a rhythm that sent waves of pleasure through Brendan’s prick. Her own cunt was soaking from the intensity of the blow job and she could feel her nipples beating along with her pulse. Brendan leaned his head back and stared at the ceiling as his wife of 10 years swallowed his manhood down her velvety throat.

She kept this up for a good five minutes before she switched to working his cock over with her hand. Annie spit on his dick and kept it wet and slippery as she pumped it with her right hand, imitating the way he would stroke himself when he jerked off for her. She kept the head of his engorged rod in her mouth as she pistoned his cock up and down, swirling her tongue around the glistening cap.

Meanwhile Brendan reached down below her clit, inside her vagina, as his two fingers easily slid in. He curled them up and stroked the inside of her g-spot, her clit tingled from the inside. Annie was gasping, the feeling of fullness in her cunt was matched by the tightness in her mouth as Brendan’s thick cock stretched her lips. She loved having both of her orifices filled; one she controlled and the other was being teased and tested by her mate. Feeling her excitement, Brendan slid a third finger into her to join the other two in massaging the jumble of nerve endings that made up her g-spot. “Ohhh Goddd” she mumbled between mouthfuls of Brendan’s iron rod, “fuck meeee with your hand”… but she had to pull back, she was going to cum too quickly and the kind of release she was looking for wasn’t from her g-spot, or her clit, or her pussy for that matter. She was seeking that other orgasm, the one that had fueled her desire as far back as her sexual memory could take her.

Annie sensed Brendan was close to cumming as well, so she changed her actions again. She reached down and guided his hand out of her soaking quim and placed it on her left breast. Brendan began rolling both of her quartz like nipples in his hands; there was no give to them, they were pushing maximum density. He could feel them throb as they grew even longer and fatter than they had earlier.

Now Annie was ready for more and her mind went back to that fantasy she had wanted fulfilled since the last time they tried to connect her breast with his cock. She moved her tongue towards the slit on the top of his glans and probed it with her stiffened tongue. She could feel his slit opening a little more with each push of her tongue. Brendan kept his mind with hers as she steadily tried to climb inside of him through the opening in his very manhood, but his cock-sense was taking over his mind again. He felt himself slipping away from reality as the cock-sense took over responsibility for his physical self. He was in a trance of sexual desire. Annie had taken him there with her expert cocksucking.

It was working, the feeling of her stiff tongue probing into his penis had him in full fuck mode. The libido was now in charge…What next? his mind flashed…where is she going…must have her…must find a hole…fuck me…fuck her…fuuuuck… His thoughts were coming into his brain in staccato flashes, unformed, manic, but fueled by desire and the unwavering determination to follow the pulse wherever it took him.

Satisfied with her success in opening Brendan’s glans with her tongue so that she could see it gape open at the top of his penis, Annie quickly went into motion. She brought his cock-head back to her heaving breast and placed his open slit onto her nipple, trying as she might to fuck him with it. It wasn’t going to fit, she knew it, but she wanted the feeling of his smooth helmet enveloping her super-sensitive nub. He, on the other hand, was in another place, his cock wanted her in him even more than perhaps she did. Without a conscious thought, Brendan reached down to his iron rod and using both index fingers of his right and left hand, pulled his glans apart in opposite directions, past the point of discomfort, past the point of pain, to the next level. There was only the burning desire to fit it in, no matter the price.

And then it happened, the combination of her nipple, harder than a rifle bullet, the lube, everywhere the lube, and the pressure he exerted on his own member to pull it apart and drive it forward…her nipple wedged herself inside of his cock-head! Both their eyes shot open, as if they been shocked by the same electrical current. They had never been here before, despite years of being together and hundreds of fuck session, they had never been – here.

There was the moment of recognition, it lasted only seconds, but it was present between them as if they had paused time itself. The feeling of awe gave way to a palpable feeling of bliss, both Annie and Brendan felt it and it froze them in that exact place as it washed over them and captivated them. He could see it in her eyes, she had claimed a prize she didn’t think would ever be hers. In his eyes, she saw a look of demetevler escort triumph, but also a mixture of pure love and animal passion.

Annie was the first to come back to her senses and she did so with the intention of not letting this moment slip past them. She began pulling Brendan’s cock with her right hand from the root, making sure it didn’t move left or right, but stayed impaled on the center of her aching nipple. Brendan had come back too, his cock-sense having achieved what it had set out to, receded as Brendan’s mind returned to the forefront and thrilled in the delirious feeling of being completely stretched and invaded at the most sensitive point of his manhood. Gaining momentum, Annie kept moving Brendan’s rock-hard staff up and back just enough that her nipple moved inside of him, while not allowing it to escape,

And then it started to roll within her, the nipple orgasm Annie had been fueling for the past fifteen minutes was building up from her stomach into her lungs. The orgasm she had hunted for the past ten years of rubbing Brendan’s cock against her stiffened nipples, the orgasm that had been building up in her libidinous mind for a lifetime was about to escape her body and smash through her ribcage into the open air, taking her and Brendan with it.

Annie’s eyes rolled back, even as she tried with all her might to keep them fixed on the unbelievably erotic sight of her nipple inside of his cock. She gave in and let her orgasm rip through her, taking her over the edge into a prolonged back-arching eternity of pulsating sensation and flashes of bright light behind her minds wall.

She felt her pussy contracting as though there were an enormous cock inside of her, but there was not. As her pussy searched for something to grip, to hold onto, her stomach turned, and a thousand bees burst forth and made her feel as if every pore of her skin was being sweetly stung. She heard a noise in the back of her mind which she soon realized was her own voice, lower, guttural, but strong and insistent, “yes, yess, owwwwwwwoooooh owwwwwoooh yesss..” she needed that noise to fully let loose, but now that it was out her lungs and after she had pushed the last bit of air through her open mouth, she continued to try and make the noise, but instead stayed frozen in a place of no breath, no breathing, no air, no sound, until her body finally caught up with her and she lurched back into reality with the sucking in of air into her lungs

Brendan watched her spasmodic, intense, body wrenching orgasm with awe, while maintaining his cock-heads position and continued to fuck her nipple. He felt the intense pressure of her stiff nipple filling the top of his dick. His orgasm was coming on fast. Knowing that look behind his eyes, Annie reached between his legs and pushed two fingers into his ass. She moved quickly up his tight tunnel and settled on the walnut like bump of his prostate, massaging it roughly. His balls contracted and pumped in a fashion more rapid than he had ever experienced before.

Was that pain in his glans he was feeling mixing with a delirious pleasure? Or was it the pressure of the tight fit on both ends of his groin, nipple in his cock, fingers in his ass, that kept him driving forward? No matter, he couldn’t stop if he wanted to, it was consuming him. He felt a fullness like he’d never experienced before. It seemed as if her nipple was growing ever longer and reaching further down his cock shaft. His penis felt like it was growing wider and his girth was increasing to the breaking point and it felt GOOD.

“Oh My god baby, oh my god baby I’m gonna cum I’m gonna cum”. He was shouting, mumbling screaming, “imgoingtocumsogood”, his language a babbled combination of fucks, gods and grunts. And then it started, the cum that was pooled in his balls like a shotgun shell waiting for trigger, shot forth. He felt as though it were happening in slow motion, traveling through his scrotum, past his vans deferens, into his urethra, he literally could feel it rushing through his insides on its way to the ultimate release, but as if time had slowed down enough for him to note as it passed each gateway in his manhood on its way out. Urgently, his massive release was now in his shaft, starting at the base of his penis and pushing towards the end. The feeling of pressure started halfway up his cock, but by now it should have exploded into the open air and to its logical release, but Annie’s nipple was presenting an obstacle Brendan had never encountered before.

Defying logic, he bore down even harder on Annie’s nipple as the cum built up behind the blocked head of his dick. Straining under the pressure of his vast cum load with no place to go, it finally found release by forcing out between Annie’s engorged nipple and the sides of his cock head, despite the fact that Annie’s granite nipple was still lodged firmly inside of Brendan’s prick. Cum was squirting from both sides of Annie’s nipple and she watched in amazement at the spectacle. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh”, he screamed in exquisite agony, “ahhhhhhhhhh”. His cum was pushing through between Annie’s nipple and his cock-head, creating even more of an opening than even her stiff nipple had created when it popped into him for the first-time minutes earlier. Cum squirted out from the sides until the pure pressure of the orgasm built up behind her breast forced Brendan off of her and pushed him backwards as if he were being propelled by force.

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