Arched Back

NIKKI’S JOURNEY – CHAPTER 2CHAPTER 2: THE CONFESSION AND RECONCILIATIONNikki knew what she had to do. There was really only one thing to do. Their love for each other had always been based on being open. She knew that there couldn’t be the same kind of love, even the chance, if their future was based on lies and hiding parts of themselves. So, when Joe came home they would have to talk this through and she would have to accept whatever the consequences of his disappointment or anger.Joe wasn’t due to return home until late Friday night. So early Saturday morning when Joe turned in bed and didn’t find Nikki next to him he was curious. He was even more curious when he smelled coffee already. Nikki never got up early on Saturday. Not knowing if he should be curious or concerned he got out of bed and proceeded downstairs to the kitchen where he found Nikki at the breakfast nook in her short nightgown just staring at her mug of coffee. After pouring himself a mug, he took the stool opposite Nikki and asked, “What’s up, Nikki. Bad week? You look worked up about something.”She looked up at his eyes still a little sleepy and said, “I don’t know how to explain this.”“Sounds serious.”“Just let me talk, okay? I need to just spill this out and then we can talk.”“You’re not leaving me!”“God, no!! Please, just let me get this out.”“If you’re not leaving me, I’m all ears.”“God, Joe, you make it sound like the worst thing that could happen to you is me leaving you.”“Babe, I think I could handle almost anything but that. You’re what gives my life it’s life.”“You’re making this so hard. Okay, here goes.” Raising her moistening eyes to his, she starts. “Joe, I cheated on you while you were gone. Just listen, first. Don’t say anything until I finish. Wednesday night I went out to one of the clubs with Jane, from work, and we drank, did some dancing, some flirting, just having fun. But then we went right back to Jane’s by midnight.”“Having some drinks and dancing isn’t cheating.”“No, it isn’t. But once at Jane’s we drank more wine and got VERY comfortable. Pretty soon we were making out. Then I was naked and she was …. making me feeling REALLY good. We had more wind and I got her naked and was making her feel good.”“With Jane?”“Yes. But that’s not all. See, Jane has this big dog and I guess while I was on my knees with Jane …. he decided I was available. I mean I was apparently in the right position for him, being aroused, otherwise occupied.”“The dog did?”“Joe! Anyway, heck, HE MOUNTED ME! Not only did I eat out Jane but the damn dog fucked me! I don’t know what to say. I don’t know how it happened, it just did.”Silence. It didn’t necessarily feel golden, either. Nikki wanted to look up at him, to search his eyes, but she just couldn’t. What she did see was Joe getting up and standing. Then he just reached for her mug and with his went to refill both mugs with fresh coffee. He paused there as though in thought. For seconds that seemed like many minutes. Then he returned, sat down, and slid over her mug. “Nikki, what do you know about me above all else?”“You always say you love me above all else.”“Do you believe that?”“Yes! Absolutely, but ….”“What do I know about you?”“I love you.”“Absolutely! That’s a good place for us to start don’t you think? Remembering what we know absolutely? So, why did this happen? Why did you do this?”“I’m stupid, I don’t know.”“You’re definitely not stupid. So, why did this happen?”“What do you mean, why? Why aren’t you mad?”“Did you intend to do this?”“NO! No, no, no.”“Since you’re not stupid, and you didn’t set out to do something you now think was wrong, maybe the reason why it happened is the reason why I shouldn’t be mad.”She looked up into his eyes searching. But he said, “Babe, I don’t have the answer. Only you do. Tell you what, I’ll give you some time while I go outside and get some of the yard work done. You think about it and then we can talk more.” He finished his coffee, got up, kissed her on the forehead, which surprised her, and went back to the bedroom to change. Moments later after he passed through to the garage the lawn mower started up. It seemed wrong to hear normal Saturday sounds around the house. But maybe he was right, maybe because of her time spent beating herself up she never really thought about the “why” as he posed it to her.Several hours later, he returns into the kitchen all sweaty and hot. She is still sitting in the same spot and still in her short nightgown. Grabbing a couple of diet Cokes he sits back down across from her. “Tell me.”Without looking up she says, “I was lonely. But not really lonely. More like needing to be with someone. Have some fun. Feel wanted, close, excited. It’s hard to explain, but you asked. Let me try. It isn’t not feeling loved because I know we love each other. But we are so busy. You have a great job you enjoy, are good at and the company respects and rewards you for that. You’re rising in your job, getting lots of attention, support, praise, strokes. And, you are gone a lot. But, I know it’s your job. But I have this dead-end job despite bahis siteleri my skills, get no affirmation and don’t know why I am still there. And … did I mention you are gone a lot? It is NOT an excuse but the combination of frustration and our life getting into “old married people”, a few drinks … and it happened. My body just wanted some excitement. My mind knew better, but the drinks moved that aside. I was just craving something more for a time. I’m sorry, Joe.”“I can actually understand that. That’s a reason we can work with if that is what you want. Assuming you really want us to work and be committed.”“Absolutely. Anything. I don’t want this to be a barrier if possible.”“But, what about this dog?”“What if I said it was a ****?”“Sounded like it might have been partially. But your comment makes sound unfinished. It was a **** at the beginning, but then … what?”“You’re going to hate me or think I’m awful.”“Nikki, what do you know about me above all else?”“Okay. This was so wicked, so taboo, so perverse. After he was actually inside me and Jane was holding me in place …”“Jane was holding you down?”“Yes, once the dog mounted me she held tight to her body. I couldn’t move. Then, with the dog inside me, moving back and forth, growing – he actually swelled inside me – and then started really pumping. Not like a guy with long strokes but rapid fire strokes that seemed to have only one purpose and that was to mate. I am sorry, Joe, but I actually came … and hard! I’m sorry, that sounds perverted, I know, but I did! But then, after, I totally lost it. I cried and sobbed. Jane couldn’t console me. I eventually just got my clothes back on and left. She tried talking to me each day after but I wanted nothing to do with her.”“So you needed excitement and you got it, but …?”“Yeah, I did and it was exciting and felt good. But I didn’t want it to be a regret and definitely not without with you and it being okay with you. Something we were open about during and after.”“So if I knew about it, shared it with you, encouraged you, was okay with it, it would have been great?”“I don’t know what you are suggesting. But you and me together is what is important. The rest is sharing what’s good. Joe?”“Yes, dear.”“Are we okay?”He took her hand, stood up and started walking for the bedroom and the master bath with her in tow. At the shower he pushed his shorts and underwear down and off, looked at her, kissed her on the lips and smiled.“What are doing?” she said.Grabbing the bottom of her nightgown and pulling it up and over here head, he said, “Taking a shower.” Turned on the water, checked the temperature and pulled her in after him. Taking her face in his hands, kissing her lips deeply and sliding both hands down her back and pulling her into him, feeling her breast pressing into his chest, feeling his hardening cock press into her abdomen. “If I need to make more time for you, we need to take every opportunity we can.” Looking up into his eyes she lowered her hands between them and found his hard cock and started slowly stroking him as the water streamed over their bodies. Still looking into his eyes, she kissed her way down his neck, shoulders, chest, stomach and finally the head of his cock. Kissing and licking her way down and back up the full length, taking the head just inside her mouth, twirling her tongue and sighing deeply. She wanted him desperately and began in earnest to move her mouth up and down with him lodged firmly inside her mouth and slowly trying to take him deeper and deeper into her mouth until she felt him hit the back of her mouth. She had never tried to throat anyone before but this just seemed like the perfect time to start. At first see gagged as she tried to push futher onto his cock. “Oh my God”, he said as his head went back and he leaned into the shower wall. “That feels amazing when it goes into your throat.” Encourage by that she tried more and more. By relaxing and really wanting to give him this, she finally did it and found her nose touching the base of his cock. Once lodged, she moved slightly up and down which immediately sent him over the edge and giving her more cum than she could ever remember. Maybe it was because he was in her throat, but she didn’t think so. She knew they were going to be okay. Swallowing nearly all that he had given her, he pulled her back up and looked into her eyes. He took his finger and ran it alongside her mouth and came away with some missed cum. Holding it in front of her, he put it onto his own lips and kissed her deeply.“My turn”, he said, and pushed her against the shower wall, slid down in front of her, encouraged her to spread her legs wide and proceeded to literally eat her cunt. Using his lips, tongue and teeth he devoured her cunt using his tongue to search inside and lick the lips and flick her clit repeatedly. He sucked on her lips and clit and literally chewed on her clit. All of which eventually sent her over the edge and weak kneed clutched to his neck as he came up and devoured her mouth. Even that sent her off with a minor orgasm as she canlı bahis siteleri could taste herself on his tongue and lips. Without actually soaping up to wash, he grabbed some towels, quickly sort of dried both of them off and carried her to the bed which was still unmade. If they thought the shower was good, what they did in bed became amazing. Having just cum, their stamina was good and their desire was immense. They used most all of the positions they had ever used in bed and completely exhausted themselves and in the middle of the day dozed off with Nikki curled up to Joe with having one of her legs d****d over his.Several hours later they both were stirring. He lightly strokes her arm and the side of her breast. She moving her knee higher and pressing her crotch into his thigh. Lifting her chin with a finger and looking into her eyes, “Lover, we’re good. I have an idea. Let’s take care of a few things around here, clean up and go to dinner and talk. Good talk. Talk about us going forward.”Later as she was getting out of the shower and he was headed in for his, “Dear, do this for me. I have selected a dress, stockings and shoes for tonight. Will you please wear just that with whatever jewelry you wish?”As he came back into the bedroom, she was standing in the thigh high stockings he selected, a necklace, makeup applied and just holding the dress. “Honey, did you really mean ‘just this’? Didn’t you forget the underwear?”“No. I didn’t forget. I chose not to include any.”“But this dress is short, mid-thigh and the top offers no support. If I am not careful when I sit … I could be on display. And my breast will be moving the whole time I am walking.”“Then you’ll need to be careful when you sit and graceful when you walk. You said you wanted some excitement.”While this was going on he was getting dressed. “Are we going?” She looked in the mirror at herself standing nearly naked with thigh highs and heels holding this skimpy dress and could feel her pussy already getting wet. With that she blew out a deep breath and slid the dress over her head. Touched up her hair in the mirror, straightened up and smoothed her dress down. Shaking her head and mumbling, “What am I doing?” they left.Arriving at the restaurant Joe indicated that they should be a little before the rush. Upon entering he asked specifically for a booth in the far corner indicating that this was a special night for them. The hostess was pleased to be able to give them the booth that was out of the main traffic and provided just a little privacy for a romantic couple. As they walked to the table, Nikki was very aware of every step she took that caused her breast to sway or bounce. The booth was capable of seating 4 people easily and they both sat on the inside side by side looking out to the main room. Upon sitting down Joe asked, “How are you feeling dressed as you are?”“I feel so naughty. Even if no one else knows, I know how little I have on.”“Do me a favor. Lift your pretty butt off the seat and pull your dress out from under you.”“Why.”“Please.” And she did as discretely as she could raise herself and pull her dress from underneath her butt.“Okay. Now, why did I just do that?”“As the night goes on, I don’t want you to have a wet spot on your dress. If you remained sitting on it, you might.”“What? What are you planning?”“Relax, honey, and enjoy the evening. This is some time alone to further experience ourselves together.”After the drinks arrived, Joe placed his right hand on Nikki’s left thigh. As high as the hem of her dress was, it didn’t take much movement to reach the top of her thigh high stockings and bare thigh flesh. She quickly moved her hand down onto his to stop him with a nervous giggle. Leaving his hand where it was but picking up his drink and moving it towards her, he offered, “To us. To the one I love above all else. To the discovery of excitement in us, in our relationship.” She touched her glass to his.“What are you up to?”“I also decided that I have let you down. I have let work and routine get in the way of the marvel that our relationship has always been. While my job is very important, income and security being key elements to survival in our society, being available and supportive to you is also very important and possibly even primary. So, I have decided that I need to redouble my efforts to be really at work when I am at work and REALLY with you when I am with you.” Sliding his hand a little further up her thigh while saying this, “I intend to do everything I possibly can to insure against us become ‘old married people’, especially when we are so young.”Suddenly realizing how high his hand had gotten, she truly blushed and said, “Joe, we’re in a restaurant that is getting more crowded by the minute. Not here.”“Relax, dear.”Just then the waiter returned to take their order but he didn’t move his hand the whole time. In fact because he knew she could overtly react he slowly raised his hand up, then down, and up her bare thigh and finally reaching the top but she kept her thighs tightly together. When he left, canlı bahis she playfully slapped his arm. He leaned in with a chuckle and gave her a good kiss and finally removed his hand. “Tell me again about your experience with Jane. Did you enjoy it?”“Not here. Someone might overhear.”“Tell me. Nobody is next to us, yet.” And she did. He prodded her on the events of that night. Digging out details in her retelling of her sexual encounter with Jane. How she felt while being eaten and while eating Jane. The feel of Jane’s body and how she reacted to her body. As Nikki retold these details in a hushed whisper, she was also becoming flushed. Recounting these intimate details about her enjoyment of another woman’s pussy and body was having a physical effect on Nikki and she could feel it. She was getting warm and flushed and was sure that if the lighting was better that others would be able to see it, too.Joe put his hand back on Nikki’s thigh and slowly moved his hand up, coming to the top of the stockings and onto her bare flesh. Finding her thighs once again firmly together, he said, “Open your thighs.” Looking into her eyes and she returning the look, she slowly did as he asked. He then continued to higher until he reached her bare pussy. He gently, slowly rubbed up and down on her outer lips and easily felt her wetness. He then barely opened her lips with his finger without real penetration while continuing to look into her eyes and could see her breathing become more labored. He removed his hand, presented his coated finger to her and watched as she accepted the finger between her lips and tongued off the moisture. He looked around the restaurant quickly, looked back to her and said, “Let your dress strap off one shoulder and let your dress hang naturally.” Looking him intently in the eye, she did. Raising her hand to her shoulder and sliding the strap off her shoulder so it hung down her arm. He kissed her and in the process caused her to shift which caused the dress top to drop slightly and reveal even more of her one breast.The waiter came with her food and when she looked down at her plate, she realized that much of her breast was exposed. Not all, certainly, but much more than she was expecting. When she started to move her hand to adjust the strap, Joe stopped her. “Leave it just like that. You have such beautiful breasts. And it looks like a natural accident.”Towards the end of the main course, Joe said, “Tell me about the dog, again.”“The dog? When we were ….?”“Yes.”“No, definitely not. Not here. Anyone hearing me would think I was a pervert.” “Okay. But later, then. We will talk about it later. So, how are you feeling? Breast half exposed, sitting bare bottom on the seat in a nice restaurant?”“You already know how I feel. I am only wetter than I was before. I can’t believe I am doing these things.”Leaning over to her and in a whisper, he said, “And by the way, don’t think that when we get home I am not going to be all over you again.”“Three times in one day? What is happening to us?”“You are! You want more excitement, we’ll have more excitement. We’ll see how much excitement you want and need.”She grabbed his face and gave him a grinding kiss with open mouth and probing tongue. Releasing his mouth but clinging to his neck she gasped, “Feel me again. Now. I need you to feel me.” He did and found her legs open and her pussy lips gushing wet. Rather than sliding his finger over the lips, he immediately slipped on into her pussy and she kissed him, again. When he removed his finger and replaced it with 2, she again clutched his neck and gasped into his ear, “I am so close.”“I don’t think we’re ready to make you cum in a public restaurant. At least not ready yet. Someday perhaps.”He paid the bill and then scanned the restaurant to see if there was anyone who might possibly know them. In the future they may need to find places for these games were there was more certainty that they would not be recognized. Not seeing anyone, he elected not to remind Nikki that her strap was hanging and her top as well. He was wondering if the dress top was substantial enough to stay up for the walk all the way out of the restaurant. He decided to gamble on it. Outside of the restaurant in the darkened parking lot, half way to their car, her dress top finally let go and her one breast was now totally exposed. She almost shrieked when it happened and slapped his arm as he laughed but squeezed into him and crushed him with a kiss in the middle of the parking lot. He said, “You are such a sexy woman. And you are so hot right now, too, aren’t you? Admit it. He kissed her right back and slid both straps off her shoulders and helped the dress top down off her breasts until hit was hanging at her waist and continued to kiss her. Breaking the kiss, he said, “Walk the last 50 feet just like that.” She looked him in the eye, kissed him again and did just that until she was standing alongside their car.“Would you mind letting your half naked wife into the car?” She rode all the way home with her breasts exposed. Once in the house through the garage they never made it to the bedroom but instead were stripped and fucking in the living room. This wasn’t making love, this was passion, lust.* * * CHAPTER 3: EXPLORING NEEDS, will follow * * * Thanks for reading.

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