Subject: New Daddy- Chapter 7 – Gay- Adult/Youth Please donate to Nifty! Chapter 7 I arrived back at the house earlier than expected. Mason and Dan had just arrived home from soccer practice and Mason ran up to greet me with a big bear hug… He looked so adorable in his red soccer shorts and high socks. I fondled his beautiful backside aggressively as I held him and made sure Dan was able to witness me doing so. It was then that I felt the tip of the tiny butt plug that I ordered Dan to be sure Mason wore all day today. “What a good boy you are Mason, did you have this in all day today?” He smiled proudly and said he didn’t take it out once, not even during soccer practice! “Such a good boy, let’s go into your room and see what that hot little hole looks like now!” I motioned for Dan to follow us as I laid the boy down on his back on top of what was formerly Dan’s bed and took off his soccer shoes, and slid down his shorts and briefs. I lifted his legs high over his head and sure enough, the bright red plastic butt plug remained lodged deeply within Mason’s most beautiful boy hole. He sure was a sight to behold. Still donning his long white soccer socks with red stripes, his plump, perfect white ass and tasty smooth boy balls were on now full display for Dan and I. The red toy was now beckoning me play with it as Mason was now holding his own legs behind his head easily. I reached out and pulled softly on the butt plug, the resistance his muscular little ass gave was incredible. I was forced to really tug on it to get the thick part past his super tight little sphincter. Once I pulled it out halfway, I pushed it back in immediately. This sent shock waves through him and he began moaning loudly. Dan was pawing at his cock through his pants and I allowed him to. I started fucking the butt plug in and out of his pink pussy until he was wiggling around in intense ecstasy. Finally, I pulled the thing out all the way leaving the enflamed red opening to his tunnel exposed. “Fuck” I said as I admired its beauty. I let a long string of saliva slide out of my mouth and drip directly into the boy’s hairless hole just before the tight little lips closed off the entranceway completely. I took my right index finger and put it his eager mouth and let him suck on it until it was coated with his slick saliva, then placed it at the entrance of his relaxed red lips and slowly finger fucked his cute little cunt while he cooed and moaned for me. After getting the boy all worked up, I decided to call it a night. “That’s enough for now Mason, you need your rest for tomorrow, I have a feeling this hot little hole is going to get lots of attention.” He grinned and with that, I instructed Dan to get me a slightly larger butt plug and I gently inserted it into my sexy boy’s pucker until he was used to its girth and was able to relax with it lodged deep within him. I kissed him on the mouth for a while before telling him goodnight and putting him to bed. The next morning after Dan fixed us breakfast, I had him shave my pubes again in the shower while Mason watched. He became a bit overanxious while applying the shave cream and began really manipulating my meat aggressively, so I corrected him with a firm face slap just before he began outright jerking off my big dick without permission. Mason giggled at the look of rejection Dan had on his face after I slapped him. I then had my cute little boy bend over in the shower and removed the plug from Mason’s little hole, then let him relieve himself and instructed Dan to get his hole nice and cleaned up in the shower. Once freshened up, I outfitted the boy in the skimpiest little grey speedo made from the softest material. The boys’ beautiful pale buns were barely contained by the thin piece of fabric, the plump white mounds beckoned the eye to explore further, around to his tiny little bulge which clearly outlined in every detail his perfect little boy parts. He was totally irresistible in this outfit and I told Dan to immediately order the same suit in various colors. Just after 11:00, Aiden’s father’s car appeared on the cam and Mason became a bit nervous, yet excited. We hadn’t really talked about how any of this would play out, but I rubbed his hair softly and told him to relax and follow my lead. “Daddy’s going to make this the most special day for his most special little boy!” As I opened the door to greet Aiden, I was surprised to see his father standing there also. I introduced myself as Mason’s uncle, he said his name was Luke and we shook hands and greeted one another, but his eyes seemed to be looking past me and it was then that I realized that Mason was standing just behind me in his sexy bathing suit. Luke was a handsome guy, scruffy face and dark hair and his mouth seemed to be watering as he ogled my sexy boy, his wet tongue clearly tracing his lips as Mason stood before him. I took the opportunity to eye his son up and I immediately saw what Mason liked about him. He was noticeably taller than Mason, thin with a very handsome, chiseled, model-like face, light brown hair, well groomed. He wore a tank top that did little to hide his delicious looking toned torso and nickel sized nipples that were begging to be bitten. He had a fairly loose red bathing suit on, but a pronounced bulge was clearly apparent and the way he stood with his midsection pushed forward made it clear that he was proud of what he had on display for Mason and I. Things began to get a bit awkward as Mason absentmindedly began fondling his little cockle in front of all of us. He was clearly antsy in anticipation of Aiden’s cock in his mouth. It was obvious that the two of these boys would not normally be hanging out in the same circle together. Aiden looked to be more of a man’s boy, sporty I’ll just explain the pool rules to him and then we’ll meet you outside”. “Sounds good!” He replied as he turned back with a smile and a wink. I sat Aiden down at one of the kitchen stools and started unbuttoning my shirt nonchalantly as I spoke to him. “So, Aiden, I’ll get right to the point… Mason tells me he’s been sucking your cock at school. That’s why he invited you over here today. You’re welcome to let him suck you off as much as he would like to today, there’s no reason izmit sınırsız escort bayan to be shy around here. To be honest, the boy has been sucking me off as well, and I’d love to fuck his sweet little ass as well, but I have a big problem.” With that, I unbuttoned my jeans, and pushed them along with my underwear down to the floor and stepped out of them, exposing myself to yet another underaged boy. The boy was in awe as my huge meat appeared before him. “You see Aiden, my cock is much too big for his ass right now and I don’t want to hurt him, so I was hoping you might be willing to fuck him today, and be his first.” The boy just stood there staring for several seconds then said, “Holy Fuck mister… your cock is amazing!” he said as reached his hand out and began caressing my huge nuts which felt amazing! “You like that boy?”, I asked him teasingly. “Yessir!” he said as he licked his lips just like his Daddy did earlier. “Yours is even bigger than my fathers!” he said. “Sorry sir, but I need that in my mouth right now!” he said as he knelt down before me and quickly engulfed my shaft while and held onto my big balls with a skilled expertise I was not expecting. I hadn’t really planned on this, but it sure felt good as fuck. I looked outside and saw Mason patiently waiting for us in a lounge chair and immediately felt guilty for feeding his boyfriend my cock and not including him in our naughty fun. I just couldn’t resist though and teased and squeezed the boy’s sexy pink nipples as he nursed on my meat. After a few minutes, I forced his head all the way down until he gagged, then asked, “So are you going to fuck my little boy today or what cocksucker?”. “Mmmmm…. Yesssssir! As long as you promise to fuck my ass with big daddy dick afterwards sir”, he replied and then continued swallowing my shaft. I was shocked as I expected Aiden to be more dominant from what Mason told me, but he was a very obedient and highly skilled cocksucker. I looked up and saw fucking Dan now spying on us from the hallway. I gave Dan a thumbs up, then the middle finger and pulled my dick out of the boy’s mouth so Dan could get a good look at it in all of its glory. I slapped Aiden’s face hard with it several times and said, “Fuck yeah boy…I bet your Daddy taught you to suck cock and take it up the ass like a pro, didn’t he?” “Yessir, he sure did” he replied just as I suspected. “But that’s all you get for now… it’s time to go feed my little boy Mason!” I pulled my white briefs back on and headed out to the pool with Aiden just wearing those. Still hard from Aiden’s sucking, my cock was barely contained in the fabric. Aiden shucked his tank top and his slender sexy body was slightly more visible. Mason’s eyes lit up as he saw the two of us approaching. “Let’s start in the hot tub, shall we boys?” I asked. They both agreed. I had Mason sit on my lap, and Aiden sat across from us. Mason began instinctively rubbing his boy bum against my hard meat while I secretly reached my foot out and toyed with Aiden’s crotch with it as we sat making small talk. I began telling both boys how handsome and sexy they were as I manipulated Masons little cock under the water with my hands, and simultaneously stimulated his boyfriends bulge with my feet. I managed to slide Mason’s swimsuit off without Aiden noticing and said I had a surprise for him. With that, I held Mason’s suit out of the water and threw it onto the patio. “One naked boy….Now your turn Aiden”, I instructed. It only took him about two seconds to lower his suit and throw it out of the pool! “Now your turn Daddy!” Mason turned to me and started yanking at my briefs. I helped his take them off and he threw them aside for me. “Aiden, come over here and get your cock in this sexy boy’s mouth.” Mason was still sitting in my lap, my cock was now lodged tightly between his legs and rubbing up against his little boy balls. Aiden approached, facing us, then stepped up on the ledge we were sitting on, each leg straddling my own. His beautiful rock-hard boy meat finally stood proudly on display right in front of our very eyes. What a gorgeous penis this boy had. Perfect length and girth for a boy, long, thin and uncut with a perfectly round head.. Rather on the large side for his age, but nothing near what I was packing. His smooth balls were also very full and hefty. I couldn’t help but reach out and caress them. “What a nice sexy package Aiden has here Mason… now show Daddy how good you can suck it”. I continued fondling the boys sexy nuts as Mason began feeding on this delicious teen cock. Aiden humped Mason’s face in a slow steady rhythm and I could see now why Mason loved sucking him. He really was a fine specimen of boyhood. I started feeling up the boy’s torso and sexy nipple again. I let my hands wander up to his lips, then enter his mouth and he started sucking on it while he fed Mason his meat. Once he got my finger nice and wet, I reached around and found his little pucker hole, and began prodding it. He moaned as I entered it with ease. Aiden’s ass was small and thin, each cheek barely a handful to fondle. I now had both hands grabbing onto his little ass, my finger lodged all the way up to his prostrate, fucking him with it as I pushed his cock in and out of Mason’s wet mouth. Aiden’s eyes were beginning to roll in the back of his head and I knew he was about to cum, so I asked Mason if I could take a taste of the boy’s cock, and he agreed. I quickly engulfed the teens slime covered cock and shoved my finger as far up his ass as I could and was immediately rewarded with my first taste of this beautiful boy’s nectar. The boy moaned loudly as I took every last drop of the sweet load until the boys’ balls were drained completely. Once finished, I leaned over to a jealous Mason, told him to open his mouth and let the delicious dick juice drip between his pouty lips and said “That’s a good boy Mason”, I told him “Swallow every drop of Aiden’s yummy boy cum”. He licked it up obediently Aiden was now spent and I grabbed him by the head and French kissed him. He slid back into the hot tub with us and the three of us started making out altogether. I still had a finger in his boy cunt and was back evinde görüşen escort fucking him with it more aggressively now and his cock managed to remain in its heighted state of glory. Fuck this Aiden was one sexy little fuck toy. I was still pumping my dick between Masons legs but it wasn’t enough. I sat up on the ledge of the hot tub, my fat prick leaking and balls hanging obscenely low due to the hot water. Both boys immediately made a nose dive for my package. I took each boys ass firmly in each hand and allowed them to get to work on my meat. The sight of these two beautiful boys fighting over my dick was unlike anything I’d seen; it was so fucking pervy. Aiden gave my balls a nice working over first, then fought Mason for access to my meat. When it was Aiden’s turn to swallow my cock, I made sure Mason was able to see how deeply down his throat he was taking it. Look at this boy swallow my cock Mason… If you keep practicing, you’re going to be able to do the same one day also. Mason noticed how good Aiden’s blowjob was making me feel so he pushed Aiden out of the way and tried his best to force my cock all the way down his little boy throat. He failed, and gagged but I still moaned and told him how good it felt. Fingering these two beautiful boys’ holes for the last several minutes was making me want more of those asses and I asked each of them to bend over the side of the tub and show off their hairless holes to me. The sight had my cock aching for relief. I dove in tongue first to Masons sweet little cherry pie and went to town on it. I made sure that the scruff of my slightly unshaven face rubbed roughly on the boy’s smooth sensitive skin while I chowed down on his most private area. Aiden lie next to him in the same position and was French kissing Mason as I was finger fucking his fanny now with two fingers. After a few minutes, I ate Aiden’s sweet pussy with even more aggression. This boy, as sweet as his face appeared, somehow, he looked like he could handle (and really enjoy) a rough fucking. I slapped his ass hard as hell several times while I devoured his sloppy boy hole. I looked up and saw Dan enjoying the show, so I asked him to lay a towel down on the patio in front of Aiden. Once set, I asked Mason out of the tub, lie down on his back and told Aiden to get to work on the younger boy’s ass. Mason obeyed and I instructed Dan to hold his legs up behind his head to allow Aiden better access to that hole. What a fucking pervy sight to watch as Mason’s father eagerly assisted us in his son’s ass assault. The older teen happily chowed down on the little boy’s bright pink hole as I did the same to him. Mason was perfectly able to hold his own legs behind his head however and I was sick of looking at Dan, so I ordered him back inside the house to wait for our other guests, and he was clearly dismayed. I wanted these boys to myself however and I could care less how he felt. My cock couldn’t wait any longer. I spit on my cock, slicked it up quickly, then with no notice at all, lined up my fat oversized cock head with Aiden’s sweet boy pussy and pushed in as far as I could go. He turned around, looked me in the eye with surprise and slight pain, then bit his lip, and smiled devilishly as he pushed back on to my thick daddy dick. What a gloriously perverted feeling to root such a beautiful young boy. He took me about ¾ down on the first push and then let out a long, slow moan of ecstasy. I let my cock sit tight between his sweet boy buns for a couple of seconds, then started pumping very slowly in and out of him, each time, going slightly deeper into his sweet sphincter. I could see Mason watching us now with a look of slight jealousy in his eyes. His tiny red hole was still plainly visible to me and was now being left unattended. I wondered what it would feel like the first time I sank my cock into it. I pushed Aiden’s face back down to Mason’s sweet little hole and pushed hard forcing his to eat the boy’s ass once again, “Get that tongue back up that sweet hole slut” I ordered. “Yesssir” he mumbled happily. Aiden’s ass was pure heaven. Definitely the sweetest, tightest and the youngest thing I’d ever had my dick in, and attached to such a fine, sext specimen of boyhood. I was now all the way inside him and starting pumping in an increasing rhythm that had him constantly moaning in a soft voice. “You like that big fat daddy dick in your ass boy?”. “Mmmmhhmmm” was all he was able to get out with a mouth full of ass. I was still forcing his head down as I fucked him ordering to get his tongue up that hole as far as he could. With my other hand, I explored more of this hot boy’s body again, paying particular attention to those large puffy nipples, squeezing them roughly while I continued to pummel his pucker. “What I good boy!” I told him. “Keep backing that little ass up on this daddy dick boy!” And he did exactly that. He was taking my cock like a pro, much better than many older guys I’d fucked. I figured he really must have had a lot of practice with his Dad, so I decided I could get a little more adventurous with the boy. We were still halfway in the hot tub and both sweating. I lifted him out and placed him on the ledge on all fours. His hands and knees were now on the towel that Mason was still lying on. I told Mason to spin around so he was still lying on his back, but so he could now suck Aiden’s cock while watching me fuck the boy with as close a view as possible. I stood up on the hot tub seat, my cock was now lined up perfectly with this sexy boy’s sweet ass. His hole was now flaming red and irritated, but begging for more. I spat in it and worked his pale globes over with my hands before driving my cock deep down into him forcefully, all the way down to the base. I pulled all the way out, then back in again and watched in amazement as that perfect pussy hole winked and gaped at me. This boy had me on fire and I couldn’t hold back any longer. I punch fucked him with my cock a few more times then began pumping in and out of his as fast and as hard as I could. My heavy balls were now making loud slapping sounds against his hairless taint. “Take that big dick like a good little slut!” I ordered. I grabbed him by the shoulders, kocaeli sınırsız escort bayan pulling his body to me each with each forceful thrust. “Fuuuuuucccck yessss… oh yeah, fuck my ass sir!” he moaned loudly as his body was thrashed around, succumbing completely to my superior strength and violent assault. I then grabbed his hair, pulling his head backwards and continued to call him dirty words like slut and whore, when finally, I heard him say. “Oh fuuucck Daaaaddy!”. Just as I was thinking how incredibly hot to hear a young boy call me Daddy while I worked his ass over, out the corner of my eye appeared Luke (his real Daddy) approaching us from the side completely naked and smiling, and holding his hard thick, uncut cock in his hand! I immediately froze, my cock still lodged all the way up inside his boy’s lovely hole Luke looked me right in the eye and said “I see you’re working my boy’s hole over nice and rough just like he likes it” He must have been watching us and come in through the side gate. He stood there with his arms crossed and his fat meat sticking straight out, dripping precum while he took in the sight. He was well built, thick and muscular. Dark hair covered his chest and followed down his stomach to his pubes. His cock was uncut with a rather small head, but got very thick at the middle. He was about 7″ long or so. “Well don’t stop on my account…”, he said. “Keep fucking my little boy’s sweet cunt hole.” “How could I say no?” I asked as I continued thrusting into the boy. I was getting extremely close to climax however, as the idea of the boy’s Daddy watching us made the situation so fucking pervy and unbearably hot for me. “Fuck him harder, like you were before!” Luke ordered. I obliged and really started giving it to sexy boy really roughly again, but I really wasn’t sure how much longer I could last. Luke then walked over and sank his fierce looking cock right down his boys throat and began force feeding him. Aiden was beyond insatiable right now, being spit roasted in half by the two of us muscular men, taking all the dick he could handle. I was uncontrollable and was tearing the boys ass up, really slamming the shit out of it now. I grabbed the boy by the hair again and pulled him off his daddy’s cock as I fucked the hell out of him. The boy began screaming very loudly and cursing again as my pummeling of his boy hole and increased. It must have been a totally obscene sight. Just the sight of my long fat prick in this little boy’s asshole was getting me hotter than hell. Aiden continued yelling as his dad jerked off in front of hi,. “oooohhh fuccck yeeaaahh sir… . Fuck me harder with that huge dick!” Out of nowhere, Luke slapped his son right in the face, fairly hard and told him to shut the fuck up and take that cock like a man before the whole neighborhood heard him. That’s all it took for me. The sight of him slapping and demeaning his son while I fucked the shit out of his ass made me lose it… I emptied what felt like 5 gallons of man juice deep inside the beautiful boy’s body all at once. I immediately felt it leaking sloppily out of his ass as I still continued pumping it into him. The slickness of my load clearly made the fucking much more comfortable for him and he too began moaning that he was going to cum again and promptly fed another delicious boy load, this time into Mason’s waiting mouth below. I finally stopped fucking, but kept my cock in the boy as I brought him back to me and began making out with him, caressing his body softly. I whispered to him what a good boy he was (he really was a good boy) and that he really knew how to please a man and that I wanted to fuck his ass whenever we got the chance. I pulled out of him and continued to make out with him and he returned the affection. His dad seemed to get a bit annoyed and jealous of this lovey-dovey stuff however. I didn’t stop me. I kept on caressing his son and making out with him, feeling him up all over and telling him how beautiful he was When I looked up, Luke was knelt down by Mason and the boy was slurping on the head of Luke’s cock, tongue working around the foreskin. “Well, fair is fair” Luke said. “You fucked my boy, now I get to fuck yours.” “Oh fuck” I thought. Not only did I dream about being the one to take Mason’s cherry, but I also was worried the boy would be able to take his thick beer can cock. “Dude, the boy’s a total virgin… I’m not sure he can handle your fat meat there” I said. “Virgin?” he said as he began to finger Mason’s sweet pussy…. Fuck yeah, even better! What a sin no one has fucked this sweet cherry yet… anyone can see it’s ripe for the picking!” With that he picked Mason up upside down and held him beneath the waist, pressed against his own body as we looked on. Mason’s face was still perfectly lined up with Lukes’s cock and he continued to worship the uncut head of it. Luke’s face was now lined up with Mason’s asshole and he held the boy just below the round ass and pressed it up towards his mouth and proceeded to devour Mason’s tasty hole. Mason was squirming around as the man’s beard must have tickled his sensitive fanny. They went on like this for a few moments, then Luke walked Mason over to one of the oversized lounges and put him on his back. He spread the boy’s legs wide, exposing the his most private area to all of us. He put his angry looking cockhead right at the entrance to Mason’s sweet cherry and slowly sank it all of it down to the balls. Mason just looked up at him with wide eyes as he was deflowered before us without making so much as a peep. Luke didn’t say anything either “Holy Jesus” I whispered to Aiden as I watched his dad’s ass begin gyrating and pumping in and out of little Mason. I couldn’t believe this little boy was taking that fat cock, and I was pissed as hell it wasn’t mine, but suddenly my cock was raging again! Just then, Dan ran out to us with his phone in his hand, rushing to show me an image of the front door cam. You’d think Dan would be running out to protect his son’s ass from being fucked by this total stranger, but he was more worried about obeying my orders. The image on the cam showed three people standing out on the front porch… Matt (my co-worker) and his young son as well as Nick (my boss Alan’s nephew who I fucked yesterday). “Shit” I said out load. I needed time to get Matt and his son mentally prepared for this perverted Daddy/Son party that was already well out of control. I jumped out of the hot tub, threw my suit on, grabbed a towel and headed out to greet them. … to be continued.

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