Lockdown Dairies: 3


Neanic Desires

Buddies Beyond Friends…

    Some obscenely delicious, a few verbosely crafty,
Others ooze raunch, while some are simply wifty,
Whatever be your choice,       
Young men, hunks, or boys,       
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“Aaaahhh… you”re… you”re killing… meeee!” the teen groaned through clenched teeth, his fingers digging into the flexing arms of the man on top of him.

“Stop wailing like a pussy…” the man huffed, “just open your ass and take it like a man!”

“Uhhh, God! I can”t,” the boy grimaced, hyperventilating, gasping for breath, his full lips stretched thin over his clenched teeth, his legs jerking desperately over the man”s broad shoulders, “it”s… it”s too big…”

“Hah! and what about the past three days, huh?” the man grunted with his effort trying to stuff that humongous cock into the tiny little boyhole, “Eyeing my cock like you”d eat it whole! Didn”t think it was big then, eh?”

Just then came the soft, tentative voice floating in from beyond the plastic sheets, “Sir, please… apply something…”

“YOU!” Karan paused to turn his head slightly towards the voice, “You bloody ran away… and why are you hiding there, come on out here!”

“You appeared so suddenly, we got scared… so I ran, but I couldn”t leave Aman alone, and came back…” the twink said softly, eye lowered as he stepped out from behind the plastic screen.

“When did you get back, and since when are you watching?”

“Since you were holding his head and feeding him your cock, sir…”

—-|     Guess, I”ve gotten too far ahead… better I start from the beginning!

Aman and Saahil… Saahil and Aman – like two peas in a pod!

They met in fifth grade, and their friendship began there…

They lived in the same area, in neighbouring apartment blocks and went to the same school… and they became best buddies – playing together, studying together, lazing together… like conjoined twins – stuck at the waist!

And as they grew older, their friendship grew even deeper — constantly hanging out together – at school, after school, at each other”s home — sharing, caring, confiding… and discovering – that sudden spurt of growth between their legs… the sprouting of dark curls… the joys of touching and caressing the newly enlarged appendage… and that spine tingling experience of shooting their very first load — they shared every bit and every detail… and finally ended up comparing… both mesmerised as they saw for the first time each other”s throbbing, pulsing youthful erection!

And as usually happens, one thing leading to another…

It was in ninth grade, during summer break… they were constantly together, spending each waking hour with each other… even sleeping over… and on one such summer”s eve their friendship took a new turn.

Since early evening they had been online, playing games with a couple of juniors from school…

“DUDE!” Aman squalled with disgust, throwing down his console, “If you had been paying more attention to your game instead of your dick we”d never lose again!”

They had just lost the third game of the evening, and that too to those two junior kids from school!

“And you, huh?” Saahil retorted, “Where was your attention, the game or my dick, eh? I too saw, you rubbing your dick all evening!”

“Er… it”s been hard all evening…” Aman mumbled, a little embarrassed.

“Same here,” Saahil confessed, “feel like jerking off…”

They both sat for a while in silence and then looked up at each other… Saahil silently getting up and switching off the light before returning to the bed, lying down by Aman”s side…

No one spoke a word, but in the silence of the dark room the sound of zippers being pulled down was loud and clear… and soon the room was resonating with the laboured breathing of the two young boys as they slowly inched closer… and closer toward the precipice… till with loud moans and breathless gasps they shot their loads high in the cool air of the darkened bedroom.

They lay still for a while, catching their breath, and then silently got off the bed, undressing in the dark and cleaning up the slimy mess they had just created – wiping off the wet stains from their clothes and washing their hands… both slyly eyeing each other”s naked form in the mellow light filtering in from the slightly parted bathroom door.

They didn”t speak as they returned to the bed, and lay down… but they both knew that they had crossed a certain threshold that night — they had shared, confided, and even compared, but they had never jerked off together before — and now, their friendship had reached a totally different level…

They lay still for a while, lost in their own thoughts, before finally drifting off to dream land.

The holidays were almost over when their friendship took another turn…

They had already seen a ton of porn online… had gathered a lot of information about puberty, adolescence, and about sex… but they had never seen a condom!

And in their neanic curiosity they decided that they needed to not only see one, but also touch and feel it.

But how to get one? Unlike in certain western countries, condoms were not distributed to school kids here… they had to buy one… but how?

Walking into a medical store or chemist and asking for a pack was out of question… and the other option of buying it at a store was too awkward and embarrassing – to walk up to the woman at the checkout counter with a condom pack… IMPOSSIBLE!

After some serious discussion they decided that the only option they had was to simply pick a pack off the shelf and walk out – yes, SHOPLIFT!!!

Following some more debate, and a lot of “why-me-what-about-you”, they finally decided that they both would try, whoever succeeded…

Making a plan, and executing it, are two very different thing… ankara masaj yapan escort and their very first visit to the personal care section left them overwhelmed — who in heavens had ever thought that a simple condom could create such unimaginable confusion!

Oh, the sheer number of options, and choices, left them dizzy — Plain, ribbed, dotted… Banana, strawberry, coffee…. Yellow pink, blue… Thin, extra-thin, air — they were reeling under the onslaught!

And now, they had less than a week!

They finally decided that they didn”t need to choose… they”d just grab one, and scoot!

But after three botched attempt — their nerve simply failed them at the last minute — and ending up buying endless packets of potato chips, and nachos… they finally decided: now or never!

While Aman casually walked down the aisle browsing the shelves but actually keeping an eye on the staff… Saahil picked up a few odds and ends before swiftly pocketing a packet of condom… and then slyly discarding his shopping basket as he signalling Aman.

With mission accomplished, Aman picked up a small bottle of mouthwash and nonchalantly headed for the counter… Saahil a few steps behind, as smug as a pug!

They ran home and straight to Aman”s room — it was child”s play! — and the two friends simply couldn”t stop laughing once they walked out of the store with the mouthwash in Aman”s hand (and the condom in Saahil”s pocket)!

“Let”s try…” Saahil said as he took out the packet and ripped it open… staring curiously at the three foil wrappers as they fell out.

They both looked at each other… excited… but today wasn”t a dark night, it was a bright summer”s noon. Whatever happened now would be in the glaring light of the day, in full view of each other, unlike that other evening, when the light had been switched off…

Without hesitation they quickly stripped off their clothes and each picked up a wrapper

They had already seen numerous videos online, and putting on a condom was no big deal for them, and as they rolled the condom down their pulsing and throbbing shaft, they looked up at each other… seeing their childhood friend bare and naked for the first time in the bright light of the summer sun…

GOD! they stared and stared, as if some magic spell had been cast on them… mesmerised by the sight, the sheer adolescent beauty of each other!

Both felt their cock give an extra powerful jerk and flex more vigorously… and without a word, they both stepped forward, one arm wrapping around the other”s shoulder, while the other hand grabbed each other”s cock…

They were gasping as they licked and kissed each others neck and shoulders… the hand roving the tingling flesh, grabbing and squeezing each other”s buttocks… while the other slowly beginning to jerk off the crazily flexing cock!

Both exploded almost simultaneously, and slumped against each other… the teat of both condom hanging heavy with their massive teen load.

After that day, they never jerked off again, ever… they simply jerked each other off instead… while kissing and licking each other, groping and fondling… and during that winter break, from kissing and jerking, they finally got down to blowing each other off!

Two years flew by in a blink, and they were highschool seniors now, still as thick as thieves, and every opportunity they got (which was more than enough), they stripped down and made out – kissing, licking and groping… caressing and fondling… before filling each other”s mouth with their ever bubbling teen spunk…

And they also played with each other”s ass — kissed and nibbled, licked and rimmed — their fingers squeezing and kneading the smooth, firm twin globes… and though they had seen enough online, the thought of taking things to the next level never occurred to either of them… probably because they were so happy and content in what they already had… were already doing, they didn”t feel the need to fuck.

Soon the Boards started, and the two friends spend practically every moment at each other”s home with their preparation and revision (besides of course “relaxation”)… and suddenly out of nowhere came the dreaded coronavirus… shutting down schools by mid-March, and then stalling the exams indefinitely!

On 12 March the local government shut down all schools and colleges, along with movie theaters as a precautionary measure… but Board and University exams were to continue…

Then on the 16th, all religious, social, cultural, political, and sports activities and gatherings were banned…

Everyone seemed scared, everything was uncertain… and to top it there was that constant nagging at home — study-study – revise-revise!

God, their parents were driving them crazy!

They HAD prepared well… and the exam so far had gone well… what more did they want, huh?! Besides, how much can one “prepare” and “revise”? Go on and on with the same subject?!

Their next paper was on the 23rd, yes a long gap between papers! and they needed a break… so on 17th both told their parents they”d be at the other”s home – “preparing” – and then slipped out!

They visited the new departmental store close to their home — a large national chain, with stores in every major city.

It was a massive building, filled with practically everything imaginable — national and international brands of food items, apparels, footwear, furnitures, luggage observing as they ogled at the boys, and as they stepped out of the Nike section, he placed himself in their line of vision… slyly grinning as he saw their reaction – the wide eyes, the slack jaws… the almost instant blossoming of their teen crotch!

He led them around the floor for a while and then watched as they entered the loo…

Yes, he was tempted, to follow them in, but he waited, and once they emerged, followed till they left the store.

Karanveer went to the security room and pulled up the CCTV footage for the past hour, and checked and rechecked the two twinks, his left hand rubbing his hard cock, grinning – they”d be back, and he”d be mecidiyeköy escort ready for them!

And sure enough, they were back the next day – 18 March – as soon as the store opened at 10.30… hand in hand, shoulders rubbing… once more clad in form-fitting shorts and cut-off hoodies – eyeing the male sales clerks… but they weren”t interested in them for much longer, their mind, and their eyes seeking someone else… they knew the man too worked at the store…

Karanveer had kept an eye, and had spotted the two as they entered the store… he let them go around the ground and first floor, and as they took the escalator up to the second, he made himself visible.

And like the kids of Hameln, Aman and Saahil too followed their own Pied Piper… but they weren”t following the music of his magic pipe, instead it was the magic of his flesh pipe that they were following!

“Dude, did you see the bulge, it”s huge!” one whispered with a nervous giggle.

“Must be real fat…” observed the other.

“Imagine what it”ll look like when hard?” gasped one.

They both nodded in agreement and when it became unbearable, they once more headed for the men”s room…

And for the first time in years they jerked themselves off thinking of the man and his magnificent cock!

That evening the Board announced the deferment of exams!!!!

The boys were shattered!

Both Aman and Saahil had been excitedly waiting to finish school and move on, but now with the Boards postponed, they were stuck – there was no clarity, and no clue as to when things would get back to normal.

Heartbroken, and in sorrow, they were back at the store the following day — their teen ass once more encased in those slim-fit shorts, their lithe frame draped in loose tanks — and immediately spotted the man, following him up to the second floor… and suddenly he was gone!

They looked around but he wasn”t visible anywhere… they wondered… and then headed for the escalator – maybe he”d gone up to the third floor…

But there was a sign in front of the escalator and staircase: “CLOSED – Under Renovation”.

They went round the whole floor once more, their eyes seeking him out, but no, he wasn”t there…

“Let”s go to the men”s room…” Saahil whispered with a sigh into Aman”s ear.


But as they reached the passageway to the men”s room, they found another sigh: “Restroom Closed for Maintenance. Please use the Men”s Room at Level One”.

“Dude!” exclaimed Saahil, “Now who”s gonna go all the way down to the first level, we as well might go home!” and then cheered up, “Let”s go up…” his eyes sparkling.

“Dude, the floor”s shut,” Aman sniggered, “RENOVATION!”

“Exactly!” Saahil grinned, “No crowd, no shoppers, we”ll have the whole floor!”

“Are you crazy?” Aman exclaimed, “Renovation… that means work in progress, there”ll be workmen up there!”

Saahil shook his head like one does with a slow child, “Dude, did you see any workmen go up or come down, huh? Have you heard a single sound that”d suggest work in progress, eh? Boy, you”re really dumb! They only work at night, never during shopping hours. C”mon!”

So, they headed for the stairs… and after looking around carefully, ran up on silent feet…

The third floor was dusty and bare, the floor littered with bits and pieces of torn down shelves and partitions, plastic sheets hanging all over the place like curtains…

“See, no one!” Saahil grinned at Aman.

But unknown to them Karanveer had kept an eye on them, and he too had followed them up… well hidden behind those heavy sheets, silently watching…

The two horny boys embraced, gasping and groping, tugging at each other”s shorts… dropping the piece of garment and plonking down on the stack of rolled up plastic sheet… moaning aloud as they grabbed each other”s dick, opening they mouth wide…

And at that moment Karan stepped forward, “Hey, what”s going on here?!” the voice stern.

For a fraction of a moment the two boys froze, like a deer caught in headlight…

Saahil was nimble, and scrambling on his feet, he grabbed his shorts (his briefs still lying there on the floor), and ran… but Aman faltered, and Karanveer grabbed his arm.

—-|     Now, back to the present moment:

“Why were you hiding, huh? You could have joined your buddy here, helped him with the sucking!”

“Please, use something, sir…” Saahil pleaded once more, eyes fixed on the giant cock lying between Aman”s widely spread ass crack, the bloated tip right on top of the tiny rosebud of his buddy”s virgin boi-pussy…

God, the cock was like a giant hose-pipe… a stiff, rigid, fire-hose!

“Hmm, more than buddies I see, fuck one and the other moans!”

“Sir, he”s a virgin, sir…” Saahil started before trailing off.

“Hah! I saw you guys going crazy with each other, haven”t you fucked yet?”

“No, sir…” Saahil shook his head.

“You guys suck, right?”

Saahil nodded his head.


“Yes sir…”

“Then how come you never fucked yet, huh?”

Saahil remained silent – they had been sucking each other off for almost three years now, had been licking each other”s ass for over two years… but neither had ever thought of fucking…

“C”mon, strip and lick his ass, get it nice and wet!” Karan commanded, pulling back his hips, taking away the monstrous cock.

Watching the twink undress, Karan”s cock seemed to swell further (even if that was possible), ready to break out of its skin, flexing painfully as the tip gushed out slimy precum…

The boy was a perfect twin of Aman — soft, silky and smooth, with an equally incredible ass that was way beyond being simply “bubble”!

And as Saahil crawled in between his buddy”s splayed thighs and ground his mouth in, his naked ass high in the air, Karan tugged at the cheeks, parting them to peer in… groaning with lust as he slid in his fingers, the long digits slithering along the deep crevice, nudging at the tight opening with his thumb.

mersin escort Saahil let out a slight moan in response, busy licking Aman”s asshole, jabbing it with his tongue, swaying his ass back at the man…

“Nice ass,” Karan finally said, gently smacking the boy”s buttock.

After about ten minutes Karan patted the boy”s butt, “Enough, now get this wet, and place it on your buddy”s pussy!” he said, wagging his phallus at Saahil.

His cock dripping with Saahil”s saliva, and Aman”s pucker pouting out, Karan applied pressure…

“Oowwww….” Aman”s tremulous wail filled the empty space at the torturous stretching.

“Keep him quite,” Karan grunted at Saahil, “make him suck your cock, and you suck his…”

Both the boys were raging hard, both cock flexing and twitching… and as Saahil took Aman”s dick in his mouth, stuffing his own in his friend”s mouth, both groaned, Aman”s ass swaying high…

“Good…” Karan said as he once more fitted the bloated tip and pushed down.

The tight pussy seemed to part for a fleeting moment, and as the massive glans just about dipped in, the recalcitrant sphincter once more shut tight, denying Karan entry!

Maddened by his first, momentary taste of that tight clutch, that moist, stiffling heat, Karan was intent on savouring the prime ass in all its torrid splendour… and not bothering about the twink”s agonised groans, or his anguished thrashing, Karan”s hips hammered his rampant monster right into the tiny, quivering little butthole with one furious thrust… forcing his cock-head in, finally breaching the tight, heretofore untouched, unspoilt boi-pussy!

“Uuuhhh…” Aman wailed, his moan muffled by his buddy”s cock stuffed in his mouth.

“Move!” Karan ordered Saahil, and as the boy released his friend”s cock and rolled off him, Karan covered the boy, beginning to fuck him in real earnest.

The boys fingers clawed at his back, raking the skin into reddened furrows as his legs stiffened, pointing straight up over Karan”s shoulders and kicked desperately in an effort to free himself from the huge flesh pole tearing into him. The cock was advancing through his tight, churning sleeve with relentless pressure… but he could do nothing about it!

The boy”s ass twisted and bucked, heaved and circled, but there was no escape from the swollen monster making its way into his tight, virgin rectum… that he had so willingly invited in…

Aman didn”t scream any more, he simply emitted a nasal whimper as Karan”s cock inched deeper… and higher… stretching him wide and delving his deepest depth…

It seemed to fill him until he could hardly breathe… his legs, draped over the man”s broad shoulders, jerking spasmodically in mid air, as Karan”s pubic mound came to a grinding halt upon his upturned butt cheeks, the man”s dark pubic curls mingling with his fine, almost transparent down along his perineum, and the oversized balls slapping against his widely spread ass crack…

Aman writhed under Karan as the man hilted himself, forcing the boy to take every tiny inch of his long, fat cock… the rampant man-meat pushing, stretching and straightening his convoluted colon to make space for itself…

And once he was fully planted, he paused, panting with the effort as he grinned down at the twink, “There, you got it buddy, now ready for the ride, eh?”

Aman tentatively moved his ass, slowly and carefully… gently squeezing with his strained rectal muscles… as if testing the cock – its length, and its girth… making Karan grunt.

With a quivering whimper of surrender, Aman opened his ass wide, nodding his head…

Aman”s agonised moans were now loud once more and Saahil quickly covered his mouth with his own, kissing his buddy, as his hands caressed the sweat drenched brow… fingers running through his hair… cooing soft encouragements into his ears… both holding hands as the man fucked the boy like a street corner whore.

Karan gave a couple sharp thrusts and then dove in, burying his cock to the hilt, holding still as he dumped his sizzling load into the gulping depth of the twink”s crazed rectum…

After a while he slowly pulled out and thrust in, still rigid, still firm, rapidly repeating it — slamming into the teen”s seething, convulsing rectum a half dozen times — before grinning down at Aman, “Still hard, ready for another round, buddy?” making the boy groan with discomfort, and renewed lust…

And as Aman let out a whimper, his torso drenched in his own cum, Saahil looked up at Karan, “And what about me?” the voice precative.

“You want it now?” asked Karan, looking at the second teen.

Saahil nodded.

“Then spread your thighs wide and open your ass!” Karan chuckled pulling out of Aman with a loud, obscene plop, making the boy yelp, and mounted Saahil as he spread his thighs wide, offering up his ass…

Karanveer fucked the second teen as the friends held hands and kissed each other… both moaning – they had today crossed the final frontier of their friendship!

Zipping up his trousers Karan grinned down at the two twinks, “Be here tomorrow, same time… there”s a lot more to do!”

The boys looked up at him with glazed eyes, silently nodding.

Once Karan left they slowly got up and pulled on their clothes… their ass felt raw, the tiny mouth throbbing with a dull ache… but they could think of nothing else other than visiting the store again, tomorrow… let Karan fuck their ass again… sample some more of that huge cock!

Slowly… painfully they trudged back home… silent… holding hands… their mind thrilling with the promise of tomorrow.

But alas… that evening the government announced the shutting down of ALL offices, shops and commercial establishment, effective mid-night!

The departmental store too would shut down… and they didn”t know where to find him, or how to contact him…

And then came the Janta Curfew… followed by the four days local shutdown… and finally the national LOCKDOWN!

Karan was gone – the boys were lost!

– a story by Outlaw       

Copyright © Author, 2020

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