Subject: Naturist Campsite 4 (Gay; Adult Youth) Please think about donating to Nifty – It’s a great site and they need funds to help keep the site running well. A lot of us appreciate the stories that are uploaded and we don’t want the site to fty/donate.html I had had a great time with two boys, Jean and George, at the French naturist campsite. The first night Jean had stayed in my campervan and I had shown him about pulling his skin back and then how to wank. He was a willing learner and when he came there was a little bit of liquid dribbling out. He had made friends with George, a slightly older boy, and they both had a sleepover with me the following night. We enjoyed playing with each other and I had my first experience putting my dick in a boy’s ass. Jean was going to be leaving later in the day, and I saw the whole family, Mum, Dad and three children, around the pool. Dad called me over and thanked me for looking after Jean. They were all naked and enjoying the sunshine. Jean asked if he could go to the beach with me, and Francois, his ten year old brother, said he wanted to come as well. Their parents said it was OK, and we all walked through the wood on to the way the beach. I commented that I was impressed they walked to the beach naked, as both boys had been shy about not wearing clothes earlier in the week. “You helped me gain confidence to go naked when you showed me how to stop getting a boner” Jean replied. “I had a wank earlier and that has helped.” “He did it when we went for a pee and I saw him rubbing his peepee. It went all big and got redder. Then he grunted and funny liquid dribbled out. It then got smaller again.” “Did you do it as well? I asked. “No, but it looks like fun. You should have seen Jean’s face!” “What about we find somewhere in the woods and we can try things? You don’t need to get back to your parents for half an hour.” I suggested. Both kids were up for it, and we turned off down a small track and found a tree with branches hanging down to the ground that made a sort of cave. Jean took the initiative and told his brother he was going to help him get hard. I was impressed that he knelt down and put Francois’ uncut cock into his mouth. Francois let out an appreciative sound as Jean licked the end muğla escort of his shaft. He put his younger brother’s dick right into his mouth and kept it there. I could see Jean’s jaws moving, so guessed he must be getting his tongue all around the stiffening cock. The three inch stick came out of his mouth. “Look, Chris’s dick is getting bigger” said Jean, as indeed I was getting a boner looking at the boys. “See how it was against his balls but now it’s rising up. It’s getting fatter as well. But look at yours, Francois. It’s sticking straight out now, the same as his is going to get.” In fact all of us were now hard, and I particularly enjoyed watching as Jean started giving Francois a beautiful wank with his own dick now right up against his stomach. His right hand stroked the now pencil-like penis quite slowly and gently. “I love the feeling. Much better than when I play with it.” grunted the younger boy. After a few minutes his eyes closed and he screwed up his face. “Keep going, keep going…… Ooh! I want to pee….. Aaah!” He pushed Jean’s hand away and his dick jumped up and down, franticly at first but it gradually calmed down. “That was amazing!” he gasped as his panting subsided. “I loved doing it to you, bro. Perhaps we could play this more often. Do you want to do me now?” “Hang on a minute, I interjected,” you two can do sex games anytime, but I won’t be around. Can I help you cum, Jean?” “Oh, yes please,” he responded and presented his cock for me. We lay on the ground together and I moved his foreskin up and down a few times before starting on him properly. Francois knelt beside me and gingerly touched my cock, looking up at me inquisitively. “It’s OK.” I said “You can play with it all you like.” He seemed fascinated with my balls, rolling each of them in his fingers. He then surprised me by putting one of them in his mouth and sucking on it. It was almost enough to distract me from giving my other young friend plenty of pleasure, but I managed to carry on massaging his wonderful erection. It wasn’t long before there was a grunt and I saw some cum shoot out of his dick. He was disappointed there wasn’t much, but I pointed out it wasn’t long since he had cum in the toilets. “Come on, Francois, let’s muş escort finish him off.” said Jean, regaining enthusiasm. Jean rubbed me while Francois played with my balls and pubes. It was only a short time before both boys saw two big jets of thick white cum, followed by quite a lot of dribble. “Wow, that was awesome!” “Look, let’s all run to the beach and have a quick swim to make sure we’re clean. We need to get back to your parents soon.” Our boners had almost gone, so we could move away from our secluded tree branches and were at the beach with loads of other naturists in no time. When we got back to the boys’ motorhome they had to put clothes on for their trip home. Mum and Dad were in the front and the three boys in the back. Jean’s friend George was also there to say goodbye. We waved them off and were both sorry to see them go. “I have a suggestion” said George after a few minutes. “There’s a group of us who have become good friends here. We play volleyball on the beach, swim together and just generally hang out with each other. I’d like you to join us, but it would look weird with one adult and half a dozen boys. I think some of them would be up for having fun like we had last night. A couple of us have already played with each other’s dicks and we want to get everyone involved. “We’re all meeting for volleyball this afternoon and I’m going to suggest we go into the woods on the way back to the campsite. There’s a camp fire area with tree trunks for sitting on that’s about 500 metres along a path that I don’t think’s used much. If I show you it you could get there first and hide, then once we get going you could “happen” to come along and find us. That would be a cool way of getting you involved in the group, and from what some of the boys have said they want to know more about men’s cocks.” I thought for about half a second and asked George to show me where the site was. We went along a winding, and sometimes a little overgrown, path to where there was a small clearing with three tree trunks arranged in a triangle around a shallow fire pit. The forest around it was quite dense and we both looked for possible hiding places for me. Only about three or four metres from the clearing were some thick bushes nevşehir escort that formed a natural shelter. I could just about get in there and with difficuly I could kneel and see the tree trunks. George was by one of them and he started talking dirty. I could hear most of what he was saying from my position. It seemed a shame to just go back to the camp after doing the planning, so I got out of my hideaway and came up close to George. Our bodies met and I hugged him. He put his hands around me and gently started massaging my ass. I lowered my head a little and put my lips against his. He responded by giving them a good lick, and as I relaxed my mouth so his tongue went inside my mouth. We spent a little time exploring each other’s mouths, asses and backs and I could feel his erection sticking into my thigh. I had got hard as well. I kissed my way down his neck, on to his chest, stopping for a time to suck his nipples, and then on to his stomach, past his belly button and into his pubes. There was a feint smell of boy-sweat in his pubes, but his dick, which was pushing against my chin with the middle of the shaft lickable, also had its own lovely scent. I continued kissing along his dick until I came to the head and then put just the tip into my mouth. I started swirling my tongue around it and George responded with groans of appreciation. I could already taste some pre-cum and knew he wouldn’t be long. My dick was feeling pretty amazing even though nobody had touched it. I was fingering his ass as he started to slowly move his cock inside my mouth, making sure it didn’t come out. He got faster and his groans got louder. He cried out as he released his juice into my mouth and I managed to get most of it and swallow, although there were a few drips from the side of my mouth. “That was awesome” said my new favourite boy. “Listen” I warned him, and he looked worried. “It’s OK, I can’t hear anything. If anyone was around they would have heard your orgasam and come running to see what was happening.” He looked relieved, and then for the second time in about an hour a boy then started wanking my dick, and it wasn’t long before I shot, but George was a little dissapponted at how little I came. I promised him I’d build up my seed in case there was the opportunity to share it that afternoon. I’d already had more involvement with boys than any other naturist holiday I’d had and there was the potential for more this afternoon! I hope you enjoyed this. Comments are welcome on ail.

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