My Wife’s Promiscuous Past


This story starts off with reconnecting with a girl I knew from childhood. She was always the hot one! Everybody wanted her. She was a cheerleader, homecoming queen all the stuff that goes with being one of the popular girls. Problem for me was she was one of my good friend’s older sisters. He didn’t like me looking at her or even mentioning her. I moved away and that was that.Fast forward thirty-five years. Yes, thirty-five years! We saw each other at a class reunion and she was even sexier than I remember. Absolutely timeless. I saw the hot young girl I remembered and my mind started spinning. Now we have another problem. We are both married, both unhappy with our partners, she actually separated at the time.We chatted and chatted. I found myself falling for her all over again. I wanted to fuck her so, so bad but didn’t think I had a chance. So I went to my motel room and masturbated just thinking of all the things I wanted to do to her. bahis siteleri Just the thought of her sent my heart racing and my mind wandering everywhere. We both went our separate ways.Fast forward two months. I was in the area where she now lives. My good friend gave her a call and tolds her I was in her area. As luck would have it, he gave her my number. Out of the blue, I got a call from her asking if I would like to go listen to some music. Wow! That call started it all. From then on we started seeing each other mainly as friends. It was driving me crazy.She has the perfect ass and beautiful 36 double-D natural breasts. I can’t tell you how many times I masturbated to the thought of doing anything and everything to her. Oh my god, she was sexy. As life had it, we started telling each other stories of some of our other partners. Of course these partners I speak of were the duds we both had.Then it happened. We went to a costume party. canlı bahis siteleri She saw a very hot young vampire with me. I took her outside and she followed. We drank tequila with her for a while and then my girl and I left vampire behind and went back to her apartment. As soon as we got in the door it was on. We kissed furiously. I wanted her so bad. I unbuttoned her jeans and put my hand down her pants. I couldn’t believe how wet she was; just sopped. Her underwear was soaking wet. I immediately pulled her pants down, took her panties off and went down on her. She tasted so sweet and smelled so sexy. Like no other pussy I had ever smelled. I ate her pussy for so long my tongue got sore all over but I didn’t care. I wanted to stay between her legs forever!That was the start of our awesome sex life. We were so close there wasn’t anything we couldn’t talk about. That’s when the previous partner thing took on a new life. She told me canlı bahis how she had to act like she was a straight-laced goody goody girl with her previous husband and how he would get really upset if she even mentioned another man’s name. She told me if he knew how many people she had fucked he would have left her. Of course, at that point I was curious. I had to ask the question.”So what is your number?”She said, “I don’t want you to think bad of me, though.”My reply: “Your number couldn’t be any higher than mine.”She said, “I think it’s somewhere between fifty and seventy-five!”Wow, I was surprised I never knew she was so horny. But it excited me.I had never been with a woman that had been fucked by so many guys. That only made me more curious. I wanted to know about some of them. I wanted to hear her best stories of fucking. Not the duds. She then told me of a particular guy who was a lot younger than her. She met him at a nightclub after last call. She went home with him and fucked him a couple times that night. As she tells it they were drunk so she didn’t remember a lot except he had a huge cock. And he was Hispanic. She gave him her number and went home.

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