Hi my name is Butterfly and I am a sex slave. My master would like me to tell you all a little about myself. I am 30 years old a little on the heavy side with 40 DDD tits, a nice round ass and long dark hair which reaches down to my waist . I keep my pussy shaved daily and ready for my masters pleasure. In our day to day life I’m very strong will and like to push my hubby (who is also my master). for my own way but Once my collar goes on I am totally his to control. I will do ANYTHING he tells me to do. I love being taking against my will used by anyone or in anyway my master wishes. I should also add I call my hubby either master or daddy when I’m wearing my collar

This is the true story about my master teaching me to like my ass being fucked

      Master smiles to himself as he walked in the front door. He could smell the meal I was cooking for him he could also hear the noise I made as I hurried to finish before he got home. This was one of the rules on the weekend when my collar is on 24 hrs a day dinner is to be on the table and I am to be on my knees at the kitchen door naked other then my collar waiting for him.

Master closed the door softly and walked to the back of the house already hard knowing his plan of making me play with my new toy for him over the phone earlier would make me late now. He also had stopped me from cumming keeping me hot and ready for tonight. He had a new game but it seems I had to fail with dinner. He watched my ass as I moved from stove to sink to fridge. Getting harder knowing what he was going to do to me tonight.

He thought to himself as he watched me, tonight was the night he would have my ass

He knocked on the door frame making me jump the knife in my hand falling to the cutting board as I turned around my long hair covered me tits from his view eyes jumping around the messy kitchen all I could do was hang my head. I hated to disappoint him. Master also looked around raised an eye brow at me as he walked over to the table and sat down

“No dinner to night Butterfly”

I kept my eye on the floor as I whispered a small “I’m sorry Daddy”

“Come over kocaeli escort bayan here you’ve been a bad girl and you need to be punished.”

When i was standing next to him. Master grabbed a hand full of my long hair, and gentle pulled me down across his lap. Using my hair to hold me in place. master begin to smack my ass. After each cheek had taken two hard hits. He ran his finger along my pussy . I was wet and wiggled on his lap trying to get his finger inside. He lifted his hand again and only after each cheek had taken 10 hard blows and my juice was running down my legs. Did he stop. He pushed 2 fingers into my pussy hard and fast. Making me moan loudly. When they were covered in my pussy juices he pulled them from my throbbing pussy and slowly started to work them into my ass. I tried to cover me ass with my hands clenching to stop him from entering. But master was having none of that tonight he pulled my hair making me lean farther over his lap leaving me with no choice but to remove my hands from my ass. I needed to place them on the floor over my head to keep from falling. not that my master would let that happen, but he needed my hands out of the way. I was totally under his control and as his fingers slipped into my tight ass

“please master don’t” I begged my tears of fear soon became moans of pleasure as he pushed his knee up at my pussy applying pressure to my clit as he continued fingering my ass hole soon as master felt my ass relax he quickly pulled his fingers out and pushed his new toy deep inside me . Making me cry out and i tried to pull away but he still held me in place. After giving it a small turn master stopped and said softy to me

“Shhhh babygirl its OK. Its only a small plug to help loosen that tight hole of yours.”

Master ran is finger up and down my pussy until I was moaning and wiggling again. He then gave me one more swat and helped me stand. He kissed me hard as he pinched and pulled at my nipples. When I had forgotten about the plug he slowly push me to my knees

I pulled his zipper down and grabbed the top of his jeans pulled them down and off. I took him in my hands kissing the head of his kocaeli sınırsız escort hard dick, licking my way down to his balls and sucked each one in and out of my mouth before licked my way back up. I looked up into master eyes as I sucked him deep into my hot mouth, keeping one hand wiped around the base squeezing just a little to keep his bouncing cock in place using my other hand to cup and stroke his heavy balls. Master pushed his hands through my silky hair to keep it from hiding my face holding the back of my head he slowing pushed himself in and out of my hot wet mouth. Going deeper each time he pushed in. I had no choice but to move my hands to his thighs, while he held my head still pushing in deeper holding himself in my throat, making me gag and drool before slowly pulling out allowing me to breath again. Master slowly face fucked me for what felt like hours, my jaw hurt and my pussy dipped on the floor between my legs. Pushing in one last time holding himself deep in my throat, drool and snot ran down my body mixing with the pussy juice between my legs he didn’t want to cum down my throat tonight he had better ideas so he pulling from my mouth with a long groan leaving me gagging and gasping for air

Master pulled me to my feet using a linen napkin from the table he wiped the drool from my body before leading me to our room. Master pushed me back on the bed spreading my legs as wide as possible. He watched my pussy throb and pulse as my juices ran down my ass, and soaked in to the bedding once he had looked his fill . He made himself comfortable telling me to hold my legs wide for him,. He started licking at me, loud moans tore from my throat . Master sucked my clit in to his mouth, my hips lifted off the bed as I tried to fuck my wet pussy into his mouth. He pushed 1 then 2 and finally 3 fingers into me making my cry out. as he used his tongue and teeth on my clit. Pushed harder and faster into me. When i was about to cum he pulled his fingers and mouth from me. Making me whimper and whine like it always did. Master smiled he loves the sounds I make when he doesn’t allow me to cum my hips still rising from izmit anal yapan escort the bed asking him for more.

Master turned me over on my hand and knees and buried himself in one hard push deep into my pussy . I giggled and pushed back finally having him where I wanted him. He pushed in and out slowly grabbing my hips and pulling me back as he entered me, driving himself in as deep as possible enjoying the way my pussy was trying to hold him in. Ive been well trained by my master , He likes that I can milk his cum from his balls using my pussy , Tonight he doesn’t stay inside me, he wont allow me to get a grip on his dick with my tight pussy. Instead he pulled his dick almost all the way out and slammed it back inside me. All the while he wiggles the butt plug making me cry out and push back on him. Looking over my shoulder I smiled and said

“Oh Daddy that felt so good do it again please”

Master smiled back and starts to push in and out of my pussy harder and faster he fucked my hot little hole as he played with the plug. Again when he felt me about to cum he pull both the plug and his dick from me. I whined and pounded the bed i needed to cum so bad I was almost in tears

Master took my hips in his hand he wasn’t’t going to let me pull away this time. (I’m not sure I even realized what was about to happen I was so out of my mind needing to cum) Master was so hot and ready he had to have my ass. He pushed the head in giving my body time to get use to the feeling. But my body surprised both of us by pushing back and taking more of him. Master grunted but held still for me. I worked him slowly in when I felt my ass touch his hips and knew he was all the way in my ass. I looked over my shoulder at him moaning how good it felt and asking him to fuck my ass. he started out slow not wanting to hurt me. But I was on fire and started to cry out for him to fuck me harder and faster. When he felt his climax building again he reached down and pushed a finger in my pussy using his thumb to play with my clit. I screamed out his name as he pushed into me one last time. We both came hard together. Master leaned forward and kissed me between the shoulders before slipping from my ass

He pulled me in to his arms kissing my forehead watching my eyes close. The last thing he heard his sweet Butterfly softly say “I love you daddy”

As I smiled and drifted off

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