My Wife Meets My Girlfriend (and Vice Versa)


I should have known it was just too good a set-up.  My wife, Cindy, took off for a week-long visit to her longtime girlfriend up in Wyoming, leaving me home alone.  Of course, I didn’t really plan on being alone the whole time she was gone.  I was on my cell phone calling Veronica before Cindy’s car even got fully out of town that morning, probably.Cindy had taken a week off to drive up to Cheyenne to visit her girlfriend, Janet, before.  About six years ago, Cindy left on another visit and while she was gone I sanded and refinished the floor in our living room/dining room.  So I think she might have suspected I had plans to do something this time, too, while she visited Janet.  She just didn’t think it involved me and Veronica getting it on like a pair of horny teenagers.But anyway, it was a shock when, about four hours later, Cindy walked into the bedroom of our house to find Veronica riding my cock like a champion cowgirl.  Of course, I was intently involved in just watching Veronica’s petite tits bouncing up and down while she rode my cock as I thrust upward to meet her, seeing the ecstasy on her face as she rode me, listening to her moans of pleasure that matched my grunts of randy satisfaction at what was happening. But that distraction meant I didn’t even hear the back door of the house opening.But the “What the hell?!!!” screech that Cindy let out when she walked in and saw us immediately let Veronica and me know there was someone else in the room.  It was a sudden mood-changer, let me tell you.  I had been right on the edge of cumming and so was Veronica, I think, when Cindy’s interruption just destroyed the whole mood.I was dumbfounded, of course.  I just lay there on the bed, probably open-mouthed as I looked over at Cindy standing there in the doorway.  For her part, Veronica stopped her bouncing on my dick, looked back over her shoulder at Cindy, then looked back at me. “Your wife?” she asked, a bit breathlessly from the exertion of what she had been previously doing,“Damned right I’m his wife,” Cindy yelled at her.  “And who the hell are you?”“Uh, Cindy,…” I lamely managed to blurt out at last.  “This is Veronica.  She’s a….  a friend of mine.”  But I made no change in my position.  Veronica’s vagina still surrounded my penis which, surprisingly, was still hard as it was trapped in that sweet receptacle.  “Veronica,” I said, attempting to finish the introductions in my best Emily Post etiquette manner, “this is…”“Is this what you do all the time when I’m gone, Jerry?” Cindy asked in the same loud tone, then stammering in her fury and surprise. “Find some… some young b… b… bimbo like this to… to… to…,”“Well…” kaçak iddaa I said, then suddenly started becoming a bit angry at the situation, even if no more articulate than before. “What do you expect?  After all…?  We don’t…  What do you expect me to…  We haven’t…  You never do… Anymore.” I kind of pushed Veronica to the side and she rolled off me, lay down, and began drawing the bedsheet over her lovely, young, naked body.“What’s it been, now, anyway?” I went on, loudly.  ”Five years?  Since we…?  You’ve never wanted to. Not since…”  I swung my legs over the side of the bed and sat up, also pulling the bedspread over my lap and my still-turgid penis.But it was true: Cindy and I had not had sex for that long.  She’d had a hysterectomy about five years ago and even though we’d continued to make love for a time afterward, she’d steadily lost interest in sex with me.  She said penetration started causing her pain instead of pleasure after a while.  So we just stopped fucking.  And Cindy had never been very good at blowjobs, much less having any interest in giving them.  So we just stopped having any kind of sexual activity after a while.The realization that I was right in my indignation just seemed to wilt Cindy’s anger at finding Veronica and me in flagrante delicto.  She just seemed to wilt.  Her shoulders sagged and she sat down heavily on the chair beside the bedroom door. She set the book bag she’d been carrying in one hand down beside the chair as she sat, then buried her face in her hands, starting to sob.Veronica and I just lay and sat there on the bed, watching her.“Oh,… oh…,” Cindy managed to blubber out after a while.  “You… you’re right, Jerry.  I’ve…  I neglected you.  Your… your needs,”  She looked up at me with tear-stained eyes, her mascara running, making dark blotches under her eyes.  She looked over at Veronica, stared at her for a few seconds, then looked back at me.  “I guess I can’t…  blame you.”  She looked back at Veronica again, then again returned her gaze to my face.  “She is awfully…  pretty.”  She turned back to Veronica.  “Just how old are you, anyway?” she asked.“Twenty-four,” Veronica managed to squeak out, after a bit.Cindy snorted.  “Kinda young for you, isn’t she, Jerry?” she said to me, then turned back to Veronica.  “You know how old he is?” she asked the girl.  “Sixty-five,” she said, supplying the answer.  “Where did you two meet, anyway?”“Craig’s list,” I supplied the answer after Veronica shrugged.“Oh, yeah,” Cindy said.  “Should have known.” She shook her head. “I knew you were looking, Jerry,” she went on.  “But I didn’t know you’d found anyone.”  She looked back at me accusingly.  “You kaçak bahis said you hadn’t.  So, exactly how long has this been going on?”“Actually, Cindy,” I told her.  “This was our first time together.  We’ve been corresponding for about a year.  On line.  Mostly while she was in the Philippines.”“The Philippines?” Cindy said,  “This is the one you were writing to?” she asked me.Cindy had seen a letter I was writing to Veronica on my computer a few months ago.“Yeah,” I said.  “She had to go back there when her mom got sick.  Her mom was a Filipina.”Cindy just stared at Veronica for a while. “You a service brat?” Cindy asked Veronica, finally. The girl nodded in reply. Cindy smiled, ruefully.  “Yeah, so was I,” she said.  “Your dad in the Navy or Air Force?”“Air Force,” Veronica managed to squeak out at last in a scared little voice. She kept darting her gaze back and forth between Cindy and myself, unsure what was going to happen.  She hugged the bedsheet tightly about her.The story was, Veronica’s dad had indeed been in the Air Force and married her mom while stationed in the Philippines.  Later, their family had moved to our city when her dad was transferred to the local Air Force base.  Her dad had died here several years ago and her mom moved back to the Philippines, leaving Veronica in the care of an older sister and her husband who lived locally.  It was a story similar to how Cindy had ended up living in our local city, where the two of us met and married some twenty years earlier.A long silence ensued as the three of us sat or lay there, looking back and forth.“So, why did you come back home, Cindy?” I asked my wife at last.Cindy shook her head.  “Janet called my cell about the time I got to the Nebraska line,” she told me with a sigh.  “Her dad got kicked by a horse.  Broke his leg.  Compound fracture.  She was going up to Bozeman to be with him.  So I just turned around and came on back.”  She snorted in derision.  “And then I find you and…” She looked over at Veronica.  “What did you say your name was, again?”“Veronica,” the girl said in the same timid voice.  “I’m really sorry, Mrs…”“Yeah, yeah.  Sure you are,” Cindy said, sarcastically.  “Find you and Jerry…”  She shook her head again.“And just what were you and Janet going to be doing tonight?” I asked Cindy with irony.  “After you got there?  If she hadn’t had to leave?” Janet had been Cindy’s lover for a long time.Cindy looked over at me, sharply, then looked away.  She let out a snorting laugh.  “You know what we would have been doing,” she said.  She paused.  “Basically, the same thing you and… Veronica, here,” she looked at the girl in the bed, “…were doing when illegal bahis I walked in.” She shook her head yet again.  “Like I said, I guess I really can’t blame you.” Again she snorted. Then she sighed again and stood up.  “I just can’t believe this shit.  But if you’ll excuse me…”  She walked out the bedroom door and went into the bathroom next door off the hallway.“What’s she gonna do?” Veronica asked me in a panicky voice. She pushed the bedsheet away, stood up, and began gathering up her clothes.“I don’t know,” I told her. I reached down to the floor, grabbed my underwear and began putting them on. “But I guess I ought to take you on back over to your sister’s house.”About that time, we both could hear the sound of the toilet flushing in the bathroom. I next put on my jeans and was in the process of pulling on my t-shirt when the bathroom door opened again and Cindy came out. She was naked. She turned into the bedroom door and stood there.“And just where are you two going?” she asked, propping herself on the doorjamb by one hand, her hip pushed out to the side, effectively blocking the exit.Veronica and I both stopped dressing and looked at her.“Don’t you want to ask me to join you?” Cindy inquired. One thing you should know about my wife is that she still has one hell of a nice figure for a fifty-five-year-old woman. She’d been taking Premirin regularly since her hysterectomy and her breasts were still high and firm. Her tits had never been overly large, anyway, but had always been pert and suckable, and still were. And her belly was still fairly flat, without too much pooch to it above her lightly-haired pussy. So really, Cindy looked quite sexy standing in the doorway like that.Veronica stopped getting dressed and so did I. We both just looked at Cindy.“I thought you didn’t want to share,” I said to Cindy. “You never did before.” That was true. I’d never been able to talk Cindy into sharing her big-titted farm girl lover, Janet, with me. And I had also never been able to get her to join me if I was going to be with another guy.“Yeah, I know,” Cindy said. “But all the time I was driving going up the interstate, I was getting horny as hell. Anticipation of being with Janet tonight, I guess. Hell, I was rubbing my pussy through my clothes all the way. I was really disappointed when Janet called me.” She walked on into the bedroom and stood there at the foot of the bed. “Then, seeing you and Veronica here… Well, I guess it just made me hornier, still.”She looked over at Veronica. “What do you think of the idea, hon?” she asked. “Or don’t you go in for girls?”Veronica looked down and grinned, ruefully. “Well,” she said. “I’ve kind of been with other girls before… In photoshoots and stuff.”“You a model?”“Yeah,” Veronica said. “Kind of. Done a little soft-core photoshoots with other girls. But I’ve never really…” She shrugged. “You know…”

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